Iranian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Volume (9), No (1), Year (2012-3) , Pages (23-32)

Title : ( CuO/water nanofluid heat transfer through triangular ducts )

Authors: Saeed Zeinali Heris , E. Talaii , Seyed Hossein Noie Baghban ,

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In the present paper laminar flow forced convective heat transfer of CuO/water nanofluid in a triangular duct under constant wall temperature condition is investigated numerically. Sometimes because of pressure drop limitations the need for noncircular ducts arises in many heat transfer applications. We used nanofluid instead of pure fluid because of its potential to increase heat transfer of system. in this paper, the effect of parameters such as nanoparticles diameter, nanoparticles concentration, type of nanoparticles and heat transfer comparison between nanofluid and pure fluid is studied. Comparison of convective heat transfer of nanofluid in isosceles triangular ducts with various apex angles is also presented. In this study, for the presence of nanoparticles, the dispersion model and for solving differential equations, the finite difference method is used. Numerical results indicate an enhancement of heat transfer of fluid with changing to the suspension of nanometer-sized particles in the triangular duct. Results also defined that equilateral triangular duct has a maximum heat transfer in comparison with other types of isosceles triangular duct.


, heat transfer enhancement, Triangular duct, CuO/water
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