Metron-International Journal of Statistics, Volume (72), No (3), Year (2014-9) , Pages (351-365)

Title : ( Record ranked set sampling scheme )

Authors: Seyed Mahdi Salehi , Jafar Ahmadi ,

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‎A new sampling scheme for generating record-breaking data is introduced and called‎ ‎record ranked set sampling (RRSS). ‎A distribution-free two-sided prediction interval‎ ‎for future order statistics based on RRSS is derived‎. ‎Numerical computations are obtained for comparing the results‎ ‎with the case based on usual record‎. ‎Also‎, ‎confidence intervals for quantiles of the‎ ‎parent distribution and prediction intervals for usual record are given‎.


, Coverage probability, Distribution-free, Prediction interval, Record
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