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1 - Independence polynomial of the commuting and noncommuting graphs associated to the quasidihedral group (چکیده)
2 - Enhanced two-loop model predictive control design for linear uncertain systems (چکیده)
3 - Heavy metal removal by modified cellulose nano fibers (MCNF) (چکیده)
4 - A Comparison of eight weeks of resistance and endurance exercise programs on apelin plasma and LDL and HDL levels in obese postmenopausal women (چکیده)
5 - The Relationship Between Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), and Interpersonal Communication Skills: The Case of Cultural Tour Guides (چکیده)
6 - Study of Effective Parameters on Performance of Vortex Settling Basins Using Taguchi Method (چکیده)
7 - A bipartite graph associated to elements and cosets of subgroups of a finite group (چکیده)
8 - Impacts of physical activity and exercise on physical and mental health in older adults during covid-19 pandemic: a review of literatur (چکیده)
9 - The effects of an 8-week supervised versus unsupervised combined home balance-resistance exercise program on balance, functional mobility, and fear of falling in older adults with a history of falls (چکیده)
10 - Comparing the effects of Pilates exercise and home exercise on functional ability, knee joint range of motion and pain in women aged 50-65 years with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial (چکیده)
11 - Mindfulness-based schema therapy and forgiveness therapy among women affected by infidelity: A randomized clinical trial (چکیده)
12 - Emotion-focused group therapy among women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder: A randomized clinical trial (چکیده)
13 - Divide and Conquer Approach to Long Genomic Sequence Alignment (چکیده)
14 - Solving problems or seeing troubles? A day-level study on the consequences of thinking about work on recovery and well-being, and the moderating role of self-regulation (چکیده)
15 - Analyses of non-Fourier heat conduction in 1-D spherical biological tissue based on dual-phase-lag bio-heat model using the conservation element/solution element (CE/SE) method: A numerical study (چکیده)
16 - The Influence of Dense Planting System on the Technical Efficiency of Saffron Production and Land Use Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from Gonabad County, Iran (چکیده)
17 - Plant Growth-Promoting Activity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa FG106 and Its Ability to Act as a Biocontrol Agent against Potato, Tomato and Taro Pathogens (چکیده)
18 - Evaluation of Soil Temperature under Mulches and Garlic Extract on Yield of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) in Greenhouse Conditions (چکیده)
19 - Improvement the energy conversion efficiency of organic dye-based solar cells by pioneer solvents (چکیده)
20 - Three-Dimensional Graph Matching to Identify Secondary Structure Correspondence of Medium-Resolution Cryo-EM Density Maps (چکیده)
21 - The Process Of Multi-Class Fake News Dataset Generation (چکیده)
22 - Thermal shock-induced Moore-Gibson-Thompson generalized coupled thermoelasticity analysis based on the strain gradient Love-Bishop theory in a nanorod resonator (چکیده)
23 - Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a delivery system of Zataria multiflora Boiss. essential oil as a natural preservative for food applications (چکیده)
24 - Characterisation of rice-associated antagonistic pseudomonads and their application in combination with plant resistance inducer molecules for the control of sheath blight disease of rice (چکیده)
25 - Optimal operation of a multi-generation district energy hub based on electrical, heating, and cooling demands and hydrogen production (چکیده)
26 - Functionalization of beet waste by cross-linking to attach amine groups for efficient sorption of reactive black 5 anionic dye (چکیده)
27 - The effect of dietary supplementation of ensiled pomegranate by-products on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, haematology parameters and meat characteristics of fat-tail lambs (چکیده)
28 - Enhancing the biodesulphurization capacity of Rhodococcus sp. FUM94 in a biphasic system through optimization of operational factors (چکیده)
29 - Synthesis and Characterization of Various Novel Derivatives of Dipyrimido[4,5-b:4',5'-e][1,4]thiazepine and Their Theoretical Evaluation as 15-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor (چکیده)
30 - Identifying Influentials in Social Networks (چکیده)
31 - Differential quadrature technique for frequencies of the coupled circular arch–arch beam bridge system (چکیده)
32 - Genetic variation and cytological diversity in the Urar Brush-tailed Mouse, Calomyscus urartensis Vorontsov & Kartavseva, 1979 (Mammalia: Rodentia) in Lesser Caucasia (چکیده)
33 - Algal cultivation strategies for enhancing production of Chlorella sorokiniana IG-W-96 biomass and bioproducts (چکیده)
34 - The Effect of the Protein Synthesis Entropy Reduction on the Cell Size Regulation and Division Size of Unicellular Organisms (چکیده)
35 - Bentonite Mitigates the Adverse Effects of Drought Stress in Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) (چکیده)
36 - Biological fertilizers and superabsorbent polymer change biomass and volatile oil composition of Ocimum ciliatum Hornem (چکیده)
37 - Exacerbation of allergic asthma by somatic antigen of Echinococcus granulosus in allergic airway inflammation in BALB/c mice (چکیده)
38 - How does cloud computing help businesses to manage big data issues (چکیده)
39 - Effect of Fluid Flow on the Corrosion Performance of as-Cast and Heat-Treated Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy (UNS C95800) in Saline Solution (چکیده)
40 - Corrosion Performance of Steel Rebars in the Roof of a 65-Year-Old Underground Reinforced Concrete Water-Storage Tank (چکیده)
41 - Lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional Iranian butter with probiotic and cholesterol-lowering properties: In vitro and in situ activit (چکیده)
42 - A novel fuzzy sliding mode control approach for chaotic systems (چکیده)
43 - Associated primes of powers of cover ideals under graph operations (چکیده)
44 - Surface modification of electrospun wound dressing material by Fe2O3 nanoparticles incorporating Lactobacillus strains for enhanced antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity (چکیده)
45 - Study the effect of aeration on cathode overpotentials in a sediment microbial fuel cell using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (چکیده)
46 - Investigation of Species and Functional Diversity and Community Structure for Weeds in Wheat and Sugar Beet Fields Across the Provinces of Iran (چکیده)
47 - شاخص جهانی آسیب‌پذیری انرژی (چکیده)
48 - Improvement of wastewater sludge dewatering using ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate, and calcium oxide (experimental investigation and descriptive statistical analysis) (چکیده)
49 - Legal Analysis of the Exemption of Iranian Red Crescent Relief Workers from Compensation for Traffic Accident Injuries (چکیده)
50 - Preparation and modification of PVDF-HFP electrospun nanofiber membranes using fluorinated graphene oxide for membrane distillation (MD) application (چکیده)
51 - Investigating the properties and performance of 3A molecular sieves as an adsorbent to prevent coke formation in olefin dehydration process (چکیده)
52 - Influence of β-glucan extracted from hull-less barley on droplet characterization, stability and rheological properties of soy protein isolate stabilized oil-in-water emulsions (چکیده)
53 - Hierarchical access to the edible landscape: the Akbarieh Garden in Iran (چکیده)
54 - Applying a new systematic fuzzy FMEA technique for risk management in light steel frame systems (چکیده)
55 - Elucidation of steady shear flow properties of β‐glucan solutions under different thermal and environmental conditions by different rheological models (چکیده)
56 - Gas and dust structures in protoplanetary disks hosting multiple planets (چکیده)
57 - Scattered light images of spiral arms in marginally gravitationally unstable discs with an embedded planet (چکیده)
58 - A Multi-wavelength Analysis of Dust and Gas in the SR 24S Transition Disk (چکیده)
59 - How much does turbulence change the pebble isolation mass for planet formation? (چکیده)
60 - Metallicity effect and planet mass function in pebble-based planet formation models (چکیده)
61 - 1:1 orbital resonance of circumbinary planets (چکیده)
62 - Stability of the co-orbital resonance under dissipation (چکیده)
63 - The impact of planet wakes on the location and shape of the water ice line in a protoplanetary disk (چکیده)
64 - The role of disc torques in forming resonant planetary systems (چکیده)
65 - The pros and cons of using calcium lignosulfonate as a recycled anti-aging additive on engineering properties of bituminous mastics (چکیده)
66 - رابطه کنش های اجرایی مغز با کمال گرایی در بزرگسالان (چکیده)
67 - Mg.ATP-decorated ultrafine magnetic nanofibers: A bone scaffold with high osteogenic and antibacterial properties in the presence of an electromagnetic field (چکیده)
68 - The essential role of hippocampo-cortical connections in temporal coordination of spindles and ripples (چکیده)
69 - Olive oil-based quercetin nanoemulsion (QuNE)’s interactions with human serum proteins (HSA and HTF) and its anticancer activity (چکیده)
70 - NH Stretching Frequencies of Intramolecularly Hydrogen-Bonded Systems: An Experimental and Theoretical Study (چکیده)
71 - Thermal optimization for the tangential swirl burner at the rotary furnace of steel pipe industry to save energy and reduce emissions (چکیده)
72 - Numerical and Experimental Study of Cross-Sectional Effects on the Mixing Performance of the Spiral Microfluidics (چکیده)
73 - Correction to: A modified flux-wave formula for the solution of second order macroscopic traffic flow models (چکیده)
74 - Thermodynamic assessment and performance optimization of solid oxide fuel cell-Stirling heat engine–reverse osmosis desalination (چکیده)
75 - Use of mind mapping in search process to clarify information needs and improve search satisfaction (چکیده)
76 - Nutritive Composition, Growth, Biochemical Traits, Essential Oil Content and Compositions of Salvia officinalis L. Grown in Different Nitrogen Levels in Soilless Culture (چکیده)
77 - Phytochemical Variation within Aerial Parts of Ferula cupularis Populations, an Endangered Medicinal Plant from Iran (چکیده)
78 - Real-Time Littering Activity Monitoring Based on Image Classification Method (چکیده)
79 - !?Pure and Applied Mathematics: Confrontation or Interaction (چکیده)
80 - The effect of public space indicators on the rural district’s life quality in Kuhdasht county, Iran (چکیده)
81 - Robust Authentication and Session Key Agreement Protocol for Satellite Communications (چکیده)
82 - Formation of the Chah-Gaz iron oxide-apatite ore (IOA) deposit, Bafq District, Iran: Constraints from halogens, trace element concentrations, and Sr-Nd isotopes of fluorapatite (چکیده)
83 - A Cell-Based Subtractive Panning Strategy for Selection of Conformation-Specific Single-Chain Variable-Fragment (scFv) against Dimerization Domain of EGFR (چکیده)
84 - The effect of cartilage and bacteria-derived glycoproteins as a biological dressing on wound healing (چکیده)
85 - Analytical solution for optimum location of belt truss based on stability analysis (چکیده)
86 - A theoretical approach on the ability of functionalized gold nanoparticles for detection of Cd2+ (چکیده)
87 - Agglomerated impact of CNT vs. GNP nanofillers on hybridization of polymer matrix for vibration of coupled hemispherical-conical-conical shells (چکیده)
88 - Identification of hidden faults using determining velocity structure profile by spatial autocorrelation method in the west of Mashhad plain (Northeast of Iran) (چکیده)
89 - Detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase genes among Escherichia coli isolates from urinary tract infection in Mashhad (چکیده)
90 - Multifunctional trace of various reinforcements on vibrations of three-phase nanocomposite combined hemispherical-cylindrical shells (چکیده)
91 - Influence of shape memory alloy on seismic behaviour of hollow-section concrete columns (چکیده)
92 - Vibration of FG-CNT and FG-GNP sandwich composite coupled Conical-Cylindrical-Conical shell (چکیده)
93 - Natural frequency responses of hybrid polymer/carbon fiber/FG-GNP nanocomposites paraboloidal and hyperboloidal shells based on multiscale approaches (چکیده)
94 - Stability and convergence analysis of singular integral equations for unequal arms branch crack problems in plane elasticity (چکیده)
95 - A High-Dimensional Counterpart for the Ridge Estimator in Multicollinear Situations (چکیده)
96 - Human Reliability Analysis for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Process in Emergency Medicine Using a Modified Hybrid Method Based on the Markov Model and Fault Tree Analysis (چکیده)
97 - Tribological properties of duplex coatings of chromium-vanadium carbide produced by thermo-reactive diffusion (TRD) (چکیده)
98 - Eyetracking the impact of subtitle length and line number on viewers’ allocation of visual attention (چکیده)
99 - Predation functional response and demographic parameters of Orius albidipennis (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) on Schizaphis graminum (Hemiptera: Aphididae): effect of host plant morphological attributes (چکیده)
100 - A Novel Spike-Wave Discharge Detection Framework Based on the Morphological Characteristics of Brain Electrical Activity Phase Space in an Animal Model (چکیده)
101 - Charging control strategies for lithium‐ion battery packs: Review and recent developments (چکیده)
102 - Computational assessment of the cellular dosimetry and microdosimetry of the gadolinium electrons released during neutron capture therapy (چکیده)
103 - Experimental study of the influence of dental restorations on thermal and fast photo-neutron production in radiotherapy with a high-energy photon beam (چکیده)
104 - Optimization of an ultra-fast silicon detector for proton and carbon beams using GEANT4 Monte Carlo toolkit (چکیده)
105 - Existence of the Relatively Compact Fundamental Domain for Hypergroups (چکیده)
106 - Variation in the rate of land subsidence induced by groundwater extraction and its effect on the response pattern of soil microbial communities (چکیده)
107 - Electrochemical deposition of polyaniline on the stainless steel mesh for the extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (چکیده)
108 - Inspection interval optimization for complex equipment in automotive manufacturing under dependent failures (چکیده)
110 - Non-Newtonian nanofluid natural convective heat transfer in an inclined Half-annulus porous enclosure using FEM (چکیده)
111 - A two-stage location-sensitive and user preference-aware recommendation system (چکیده)
112 - A deep learning approach based on a data-driven tool for classification and prediction of thermoelastic wave’s band structures for phononic crystals (چکیده)
113 - Suggestion of active 3-chymotrypsin like protease (3CLPro) inhibitors as potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents using predictive QSAR model based on the combination of ALASSO with an ANN model (چکیده)
114 - Production of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Incorporating Bauxite Residue and Silica Fume (چکیده)
115 - Effective Parameters on Fabrication and Modification of Braid Hollow Fiber Membranes: A Review (چکیده)
116 - An Integrated Fuzzy Fault Tree Model with Bayesian Network-Based Maintenance Optimization of Complex Equipment in Automotive Manufacturing (چکیده)
117 - Evaluating the lifetime performance index of products based on progressively Type‐II censored Pareto samples: A new Bayesian approach (چکیده)
118 - Dynamical Friction in Nonlocal Gravity (چکیده)
119 - Effects of Single or Combined Administration of Dietary Synbiotic and Sodium Propionate on Humoral Immunity and Oxidative Defense, Digestive Enzymes and Growth Performances of African Cichlid (Labidochromis lividus) Challenged with Aeromonas hydrophila (چکیده)
121 - Coordination complexes of zinc and manganese based on pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylic acid N-oxide: DFT studies and antiproliferative activities consideration (چکیده)
122 - Coeval calc-alkaline and alkaline Cadomian magmatism in the Bafq, central Iran: Insights into their petrogenesis (چکیده)
123 - Evaluation of lubricant condition and engine health based on soft computing methods (چکیده)
124 - A cost-benefit analysis of applying urban agriculture in sustainable park design (چکیده)
125 - Optimization of nanocomposite films based on quinoa protein isolate incorporated with cellulose nanocrystal and starch (چکیده)
126 - Strengthening of aluminium alloy 7005 through imposition of severe plastic deformation supplemented by different ageing treatments (چکیده)
127 - Auto-regulatory progressive training compared to linear programming on muscular strength, endurance, and body composition in recreationally active males (چکیده)
128 - The Effect of Nitrogen and Moisture Superabsorbent on the Yield, Biological Traits, and Nitrogen Percentage in the Pumpkin seeds (چکیده)
129 - Effects of replacement different levels and sources of methionine with betaine on jejunal morphology, duodenal mitochondrial respiration, and lipid peroxidation in heat-stressed broiler chickens (چکیده)
130 - A precise splice-length model for reinforced concrete structures (چکیده)
131 - A Force-Based Rectangular Cracked Element (چکیده)
132 - An Efficient Weighted Residual Time Integration Family (چکیده)
133 - Critical buckling moment of functionally graded tapered mono-symmetric I-beam (چکیده)
134 - Nonlinear analysis of cable structures using the dynamic relaxation method (چکیده)
135 - On the damping influence on the dynamic analysis of functionally graded beams resting on elastic foundation by Green’s function method (چکیده)
136 - Propose new implement models to determine the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths of recycled coarse aggregate concrete via imperialist competitive algorithm (چکیده)
137 - Review of the strain-based formulation for analysis of plane structures Part II: Evaluation of the numerical performance (چکیده)
138 - Review of the strain-based formulation for analysis of plane structures Part I: Formulation of basics and the existing elements (چکیده)
139 - Minimizing the total tardiness and the total carbon emissions in the permutation flow shop scheduling problem (چکیده)
140 - Hierarchical framework for maintenance and production scheduling of continuous ball mills in tile industries under TOU electricity pricing (چکیده)
141 - Kinetic and thermodynamic insights into the interaction of Aβ1–42 with astaxanthin and aggregation behavior of Aβ1–42: Surface plasmon resonance, microscopic, and molecular docking studies (چکیده)
142 - The roles of bacterial products, lipopolysaccharides and bacteriocins, in obesity and its related complications (چکیده)
143 - Gaussian radial basis function and quadrature Sinc method for two-dimensional space-fractional diffusion equations (چکیده)
144 - Effect of Hydrothermal Synthesis Temperature on the Microstructural and Thermoelectric Characteristics of Thermally Deposited Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Thin Films (چکیده)
145 - Command-filtered backstepping robust adaptive emotional control of strict-feedback nonlinear systems with mismatched uncertainties (چکیده)
146 - Integrated Vapor Compression Chiller with Bottoming Organic Rankine Cycle and Onsite Low-Grade Renewable Energy (چکیده)
147 - ارزیابی و پیش بینی رشد فیزیکی و کالبدی شهر مشهد مقدس طی قرن چهاردهم با GIS (چکیده)
148 - Zoning The Risk of Landslide Using Entropy method Regions Under Study: Eastern Basin of Manjil Reservoir (Fullpaper) (چکیده)
149 - An allocation model based on Fuzzy logic and ANN for establishing recreational centers, case study: Hilla, Iraq (Fullpaper) (چکیده)
151 - Modeling the ionospheric gradient by using VSS base functions and GPS data over Iran (چکیده)
152 - Production of biodegradable pots from cattle manure and wood waste: effects of natural binders on mechanical performances and biodegradability (چکیده)
153 - Synthesis and Biological Properties of Silver Chloride Nanoparticles Using Cell-free Extracts of Aeromonas hydrophila and Antibacterial Activity against Drug-Resistant Bacteria (چکیده)
154 - Möbius Transformation-Induced Distributions Provide Better Modelling for Protein Architecture (چکیده)
155 - Development of Antibacterial Biocomposites Based on Poly(lactic acid) with Spice Essential Oil (Pimpinella anisum) for Food Applications (چکیده)
156 - Efficient removal of Triton X-100 from water samples by graphene oxide-humic acid nanocomposite (چکیده)
157 - TX-100 adsorption from aqueous solution using modified graphene oxide; optimization by response surface methodology and one factor at a time techniques (چکیده)
158 - New insights into microstructural changes during transient liquid phase bonding of GTD-111 superalloy (چکیده)
159 - Finite Element Method for Freezing and Thawing Industrial Food Processes (چکیده)
160 - Mastering the Body and Tail Shape of a Distribution (چکیده)
161 - Induction of insecticide tolerance in German cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) due to sublethal doses of imidacloprid, indoxacarb, and lambda-cyhalothrin (چکیده)
162 - Underwater Target Localization Using Opportunistic Ship Noise Recorded on a Compact Hydrophone Array (چکیده)
163 - A New Backup Protection Scheme for Transmission Lines with Limited Phasor Measurement Units (چکیده)
164 - Identification and Evaluation of Main Research Themes for Earthquake Studies in Material and Energy Fields by Science Maps and Scientometric Methods (چکیده)
165 - Beneficial worm allies warn plants of parasite attack below‐ground and reduce above‐ground herbivore preference and performance (چکیده)
166 - Agent-Based Approach to Configure Processes in Iran’s Banking Service Supply Chain (چکیده)
167 - Taxonomy of Production Systems with Combining K-Means and Evolutionary Algorithms (چکیده)
168 - Soil erosion progression under rill and gully erosion processes and its effect on variations of mechanisms controlling C mineralization ratio (چکیده)
169 - Buckling analysis of thick plates with cutouts by meshless method based on higher order shear deformation theory (چکیده)
170 - Determination of emergy and greenhouse gas as indexes for agro-ecosystems sustainability assessment in production (چکیده)
171 - Properties of Fibre-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete with Nano-Silica and Silica Fume (چکیده)
172 - Body Field: Structured Mean Field with Human Body Skeleton Model and Shifted Gaussian Edge Potentials (چکیده)
173 - Substituted pyrrolizine-bridged bipyrroles synthesis via ring annulation under green conditions (چکیده)
174 - Long-Term Variability of Dust Events in Southwestern Iran and Its Relationship with the Drought (چکیده)
175 - Kinetic study of the crystallization of ZSM-5 under organic template-free conditions (چکیده)
176 - The Emulsifier Carboxymethylcellulose Induces More Aggressive Colitis in Humanized Mice with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Microbiota Than Polysorbate-80 (چکیده)
177 - New Model for the Lap-Splice Length of Tensile Reinforcement in Concrete Elements (چکیده)
178 - Molecular dynamic simulation studies of adsorption and diffusion behaviors of methanol and ethanol through ZSM-5 zeolite (چکیده)
179 - روند یابی پس لرزه های بزرگ با هدف کاهش تلفات و مصدومین ناشی از زمین لرزه (مطالعه موردی، زمین لرزه 16 فروردین1396 سفیدسنگ در شمال شرق ایران) (چکیده)
180 - Cooperative adaptive emotional neuro-control for a class of higher-ordered heterogeneous uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems (چکیده)
181 - Brain emotional learning impedance control of uncertain nonlinear systems with time delay: Experiments on a hybrid elastic joint robot in telesurgery (چکیده)
182 - Distributed Probabilistic Fuzzy Rule Mining for Clinical Decision Making (چکیده)
183 - Compositional Data Modeling through Dirichlet Innovations (چکیده)
184 - Improving Formaldehyde Removal from Water and Wastewater by Fenton, Photo-Fenton and Ozonation/Fenton Processes through Optimization and Modeling (چکیده)
185 - Goodness of fit tests based on information criterion for randomly censored data (چکیده)
186 - Iterative Multivariate Peaks Fitting—A Robust Approach for The Analysis of Non-Baseline Resolved Chromatographic Peaks (چکیده)
187 - Effect of Organic Waste and Humic Acid on Some Growth Parameters and Nutrient Concentration of Pistachio Seedlings (چکیده)
188 - Density-oriented linear discriminant analysis (چکیده)
189 - Investigation of satellite-related precipitation products for modeling of rainfed wheat production systems (چکیده)
190 - Experimental analysis on tensile strengthening properties of steel and glass ber reinforced inorganic matrix composites (چکیده)
191 - The effect of salinity on microalgae nitrate assimilation in reused media (چکیده)
192 - Reliability and expectation bounds based on Hardy’s inequality (چکیده)
193 - Towards Constructing an Integrated Model for the Cognitive System: Revisiting Semantic Networks (چکیده)
194 - Investigating the effects of eleven key physicochemical factors on growth and lipid accumulation of Chlorella sp. as a feedstock for biodiesel production (چکیده)
195 - Optimization of slicing sugar beet for improving the purity of diffusion juice using response surface methodology and genetic algorithm (چکیده)
196 - Adaptive Self-Tuned Current Controller Design for an LCL-Filtered LC-Tuned Single-Phase Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter (چکیده)
198 - Biostratigraphical investigation of calcareous nannofossils: The middle Paleogene to early Neogene strata from the eastern parts of Iran (Median Tethys sea-way) (چکیده)
199 - Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles and Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses for Wound Management: From Skin Regeneration to Cancer Therapy (چکیده)
200 - Parasitological and pathological findings of coccidiosis in an experimental infection caused by Eimeria ahsata in lambs (چکیده)
201 - Inhibition of enzymes and Pseudomonas tolaasii growth on Agaricus bisporus following treatment with surface dielectric barrier discharge plasma (چکیده)
202 - Assessment of the age friendly city indicators in Mashhad focusing on urban managers and the elderly (چکیده)
203 - Identification of effective indicators in the economic valuation model for intangible assets of Iranian FUTSAL Premier League clubs with future research approach (چکیده)
204 - An in-depth understanding of complex karstic system evolutions of northwest Iran using stable isotopes (δ18O, δ2H, and δ13C) and hydrochemical techniques (چکیده)
205 - A Mechanically Flexible Superhydrophobic Rock Wool Modified with Reduced Graphene Oxide‐Chloroperene Rubber for Oil‐Spill Clean‐Up (چکیده)
206 - Experimental Investigation on the Shear Behaviour of Stud-Bolt Connectors of Steel-Concrete-Steel Fibre-Reinforced Recycled Aggregates Sandwich Panels (چکیده)
207 - Differences in EFL learners’ burnout levels and receptive language skills with regard to the mindfulness-based instruction (چکیده)
208 - Investigating the association between rs6983267 polymorphism and susceptibility to gastrointestinal cancers in Iranian population (چکیده)
209 - Residual lifetime prediction for sequential k-out-of-n systems with dependent component lifetimes (چکیده)
210 - Evaluation of hormonal treatments for different scenarios of cystic ovarian follicles in dairy cattle (چکیده)
211 - Biodegradable polycaprolactone/MXene nanocomposite nanofiltration membranes for the treatment of dye solutions (چکیده)
212 - Copula parameter estimation using nonlinear quantile regression (چکیده)
213 - Evaluating polyethyleneimine/DNA nanoparticles-mediated damage to cellular organelles using endoplasmic reticulum stress profile (چکیده)
214 - Star coloring under some graph operations (چکیده)
215 - A multi-data-driven procedure towards a comprehensive understanding of the activated carbon electrodes performance (using for supercapacitor) employing ANN technique (چکیده)
216 - معرفی یک شبیه ساز عامل محور برای بازار برق (چکیده)
217 - Numerical Analysis of the Heterogeneity Effect on Electroosmotic Micromixers Based on the Standard Deviation of Concentration and Mixing Entropy Index (چکیده)
218 - Classification of bananas during ripening using peel roughness analysis—An application of atomic force microscopy to food process (چکیده)
220 - Statistical analysis and optimization of photodegradation efficiency of methyl orange from aqueous solution using cellulose/zinc oxide hybrid aerogel by response surface methodology (RSM) (چکیده)
221 - Investigation of super-critical water-based nanofluid with different nanoparticles (shapes and types) used in the rectangular corrugated tube of reactors (چکیده)
222 - Effects of Different Geometric Parameters of Complex Bridge Piers on Maximum Scour Depth: Experimental Study (چکیده)
223 - Environmentally responsive design in the vernacular architecture of mountainous regions. The case of Kang village, Iran (چکیده)
224 - Non-technical loss detection in limited-data low-voltage distribution feeders (چکیده)
225 - Assessment of solar chimney combined with phase change materials (چکیده)
226 - Effects of water-aluminum oxide nanofluid on double pipe heat exchanger with gear disc turbulators: A numerical investigation (چکیده)
227 - Biological and taxonomic characterization of a superior infective isolate of Acrobeloides spp (چکیده)
228 - Effect of Landscape Design Elements on Promoting Neuropsychological Health of Children (چکیده)
229 - Experimental Study of Using Ethyl Ether-Acetaldehyde Solution in A Solar-Driven Absorption Chiller Integrated with A Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator (چکیده)
230 - Highly efficient solar desalination and wastewater treatment by economical wood-based double-layer photoabsorbers (چکیده)
231 - Review of Innovation and Expansion in Translation Process Research (چکیده)
232 - Microfacies analysis of Eocene Ziarat Formation (eastern Alborz zone, NE Iran) and paleoenvironmental implications (چکیده)
233 - Strain gradient and Green–Naghdi-based thermoelastic wave propagation with energy dissipation in a Love–Bishop nanorod resonator under thermal shock loading (چکیده)
234 - Preliminary Valorization of Climatic Conditions Effects on Curing of Air Lime-Based Mortars for Restorative Applications in the Pasargadae and Persepolis World Heritage Sites (چکیده)
235 - Extraction of cellulose nanocrystals and fabrication of high alumina refractory bricks using pencil chips as a waste biomass source (چکیده)
236 - Synthesis of novel trifluoro methylated imidazothiadiazole derivatives via one-pot isocyanide-based three-component reaction under catalyst and solvent-free conditions (چکیده)
237 - Establishment of a culture condition for strong proliferation and enrichment of chicken spermatogonial stem cells in vitro (چکیده)
238 - Heavy-ion fusion cross sections in the barrier and high-energy regions: Signature of energy dependence in the repulsive core potential (چکیده)
239 - Maximizing the Net Present Value in Project Scheduling Under Periodic Inflation (چکیده)
240 - Bioaugmentation and bioaugmentation–assisted phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil by a synergistic effect of cyanobacteria inoculation, biochar, and purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) (چکیده)
241 - Development of an analytical method to determine the propagation characteristics of microstrip line on artificial perforated substrates (چکیده)
242 - Roles of Organic Fragment in Redirecting Crystal Structure of Inorganic-Organic Hybrids Based on Lacunary Keggin-type polyoxometalates (چکیده)
243 - An Efficient Lightweight Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Patient Privacy (چکیده)
244 - The eect of fuzzy controller on damage of steel structure considering structural uncertainties (چکیده)
245 - Effects of government policies and the Nowruz holidays on confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iran: An intervention time series analysis (چکیده)
246 - Biological insights of a chiral hybrid-based γ-octamolybdate and proline (چکیده)
248 - Bispacer Multi-Stage Direct Contact Membrane Distillation System: Analytical and Experimental Study (چکیده)
249 - Antibacterial and antibiofilm efficacy of Ag NPs, Ni NPs and Al2O3 NPs singly and in combination against multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates (چکیده)
250 - A random model for the scale parameter in the Fréchet populations (چکیده)
251 - Macroeconomic Factors and Stock Price Crash Risk: Do Managers Withhold Bad News in the Crisis-Ridden Iran Market? (چکیده)
252 - LaCl3⋅7H2O as an Effective Catalyst for the Synthesis of α-Aminophosphonates under Solvent-Free Conditions and Docking Simulation of Ligand Bond Complexes of Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 (چکیده)
253 - Band structure analysis of Green-Naghdi-based thermoelastic wave propagation in cylindrical phononic crystals with energy dissipation using a meshless collocation method (چکیده)
254 - Coupling electrocoagulation and solar photocatalysis for electro- and photo-catalytic removal of carmoisine by Ag/graphitic carbon nitride: Optimization by process modeling and kinetic studies (چکیده)
255 - Methyl red biodegradation based on Taguchi method by two novel bacteria (چکیده)
256 - Post-earthquake fire resistance of tall steel concentrically braced frames (چکیده)
257 - Application of bacterial directed enzyme prodrug therapy as a targeted chemotherapy approach in a mouse model of breast cancer (چکیده)
258 - Nonlinear dynamic analysis of FG carbon nanotube/epoxy nanocomposite cylinder with large strains assuming particle/matrix interphase using MLPG method (چکیده)
259 - Enhanced Estimation of Root Zone Soil Moisture at 1 km Resolution Using SMAR Model and MODIS-Based Downscaled AMSR2 Soil Moisture Data (چکیده)
260 - Repellent Efficacy of Eucalyptus globulus and Syzygium aro-maticum Essential Oils against Malaria Vector, Anopheles ste-phensi (Diptera: Culicidae) (چکیده)
261 - An experimental and numerical study on the crush responses and energy absorption characteristics of single and bi layer cups under low velocity impact (چکیده)
262 - Bayesian analysis of the lifetime performance index on the basis of progressively censored Weibull observations (چکیده)
263 - Substituent effects and mechanism studies in CO 2 transformation to benzoxazinone derivatives as worthwhile N‐containing heterocycles: Insight from Density functional theory (چکیده)
264 - Influence of corn conditioning temperature and enzyme supplementation on growth performance, nutrient utilisation and intestine morphology of broilers fed mash corn-soy diets (چکیده)
265 - Evaluation of Integrating SWAT Model into a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis towards Reliable Rainwater Harvesting Systems (چکیده)
266 - A reversed-hazard-based nonlinear model for one-way classification (چکیده)
267 - Resampling in Fuzzy Regression via Jackknife-after-Bootstrap (JB) (چکیده)
268 - Simultaneous Optimization of Machining Parameters and Tool Geometry Specifications in Turning Operation of AISI1045 Steel (چکیده)
269 - Using FEM for Prediction of Thermal Post-Buckling Behavior of Thin Plates During Welding Process (چکیده)
270 - Modeling and characterization of an engineered microbial biosensor for high-throughput screening of arsenic in rural water (چکیده)
271 - Impacts of climate change on rangelands vegetation under different climate scenarios in Iran (چکیده)
272 - Cell-free extract assisted synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles using aquatic bacterial strains: Biological activities and toxicological evaluation (چکیده)
273 - Improving daily stochastic streamflow prediction: comparison of novel hybrid data-mining algorithms (چکیده)
274 - Water Intake and Ion Exchange in PEDOT:Tos Films upon Cyclic Voltammetry: Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Investigation (چکیده)
275 - Physical modification of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum using cold atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment (چکیده)
276 - Hot Corrosion Behavior of Micro- and Nanostructured Thermal Barrier Coatings: Conventional Bilayer and Compositionally Graded Layer YSZ (چکیده)
277 - Multiresolution simultaneous upscaling of two features of the reservoir using the bandwidth of the kernel function and wavelet transformation (چکیده)
278 - Study of structural, electronic, and mechanical properties of pure and hydrogenated multilayer penta-graphene nano-plates using density functional theory (چکیده)
279 - The role of religion and religious rituals in landscape conservation; tomb gardens of Iran (چکیده)
280 - The enhanced mechanical properties and strain-hardening capability of CNT/Al composites achieved by heterogeneous micro-laminated architecture (چکیده)
281 - Evaluation of Growth, Yield, and Biochemical Attributes of Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia L.) Cultivars under Karaj Conditions in Iran (چکیده)
282 - Modified-mean-shift-based noisy label detection for hyperspectral image classification (چکیده)
283 - Endophytic fungus Acrophialophora jodhpurensis induced resistance against tomato early blight via interplay of reactive oxygen species, iron and antioxidants (چکیده)
284 - Gamma-ray spectroscopy with anode pulses of NaI(Tl) detector using a low-cost digitizer system (چکیده)
285 - The Effect of Intellectual Capital and Board Characteristics on Value Creation and Growth (چکیده)
286 - Effect of the Pseudomonas Putida Inoculation in Alleviation of Saline Soil Cadmium Stress on Spinach Plant (چکیده)
287 - Gaussian thermal shock-induced thermoelastic wave propagation in an FG multilayer hybrid nanocomposite cylinder reinforced by GPLs and CNTs (چکیده)
288 - Investigation of the silica pore size effect on the performance of polysulfone (PSf) mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) for gas separation (چکیده)
289 - Road-Crossing Behavior in Complex Traffic Situations: A Comparison of Children With and Without ADHD (چکیده)
290 - Evaluation of Darrieus wind turbine for different highway settings using CFD simulation (چکیده)
291 - Time-Frequency Analysis and Transitional Boundary Layer Investigation over a Pitching Airfoil (چکیده)
292 - An efficient synthesis of novel spiro[indole-3,8′-pyrano[2,3-d][1,3,4]thiadiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidine derivatives via organobase-catalyzed three-component reaction of malononitrile, isatin and heterocyclic-1,3-diones (چکیده)
293 - Analysis of Separation Control Authority of DBD Plasma Actuator using Hot-Film Sensor Array (چکیده)
294 - Improvement of wind turbine aerodynamic performance by vanquishing stall with active multi air jet blowing (چکیده)
295 - Acute toxicity of silicon dioxide nanowires (SiO2NWs) in saltwater microcrustacean, Artemia franciscana (چکیده)
296 - Profiles and potential health risks of heavy metals in polluted soils in NE-Iran (چکیده)
297 - Exploring students’ misconceptions of the function concept through problem-posing tasks and their views thereon (چکیده)
298 - Encapsulation of curcumin using Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) protein isolate/Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum complex nanoparticles (چکیده)
299 - TENIS — ThErmal Neutron Imaging System for use in BNCT (چکیده)
300 - High-dose Irradiation Stimulated Breast Tumor Microenvironment to Enhance Tumor Cell Growth and Decrease Tumor Cell Motility (چکیده)
301 - Experimental study of low Reynolds number effects on aerodynamics of smooth and sinusoidal leading-edge wings in the vicinity of the ground (چکیده)
302 - New Data on Comparative Cytogenetics of the Mouse-Like Hamsters (Calomyscus Thomas, 1905) from Iran and Turkmenistan (چکیده)
303 - Application of a marine luminescent Vibrio sp. B4L for biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles with unique characteristics, biochemical properties, antibacterial and antibiofilm activities (چکیده)
304 - Expression and Function of C1orf132 Long-Noncoding RNA in Breast Cancer Cell Lines and Tissues (چکیده)
305 - Two-Dimensional Chromium Bismuthate: A Room-Temperature Ising Ferromagnet with Tunable Magneto-Optical Response (چکیده)
306 - Neutron yield and energy spectrum of 13C(alpha,n)16O reaction in liquid scintillator of KamLAND: A Nedis-2m simulation (چکیده)
307 - Using Hybrid Artificial Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Modeling and Optimization of Welding Process (چکیده)
308 - The effect of friction stir welding parameters on the microstructure, defects, and mechanical properties of AA7075-T651 joints (چکیده)
309 - Estimation of sediment load and erosion of different geological units: A case study from a basin of north-eastern Iran (چکیده)
310 - Legal conflicts among natural resources stakeholders in Iran (چکیده)
311 - Dynamic Pricing and Relocation of a Mixed Car-Sharing Flee (چکیده)
312 - Single‐molecule magnets within polyoxometalate-based frameworks (چکیده)
313 - In vivo antibacterial effect of non-thermal atmospheric plasma on pseudomonas tolaasii, a causative agent of Agaricus bisporus blotch disease (چکیده)
314 - Application of modeling techniques for energy analysis of fruit production systems (چکیده)
315 - Numerical investigation of a two-phase system on swallowing behavior in dysphagia: A case study on cress seed gum–xanthan gum thickened liquids (چکیده)
316 - Straightforward and simple synthesis of novel pyranodipyrimidine derivatives via reaction of aromatic aldehydes and heterocyclic-1,3-dicarbonyl compound (چکیده)
317 - Effect of Ca(NO3)2 coating on chemical and mechanical properties and bruise susceptibility of Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples during storage (چکیده)
318 - Construction of β-Cyclodextrin-phosphomolybdate grafted polypyrrole composite: Application as a disposable electrochemical sensor for detection of propylparaben (چکیده)
319 - Adsorption characteristics of amino acids on graphene and germanene using dispersion-corrected density functional theory (چکیده)
320 - Prevalence and Genetic Diversity of Avian Haemosporidian Parasites in Southern Iran (چکیده)
321 - Role of different types of nanomaterials against diagnosis, prevention and therapy of COVID-19 (چکیده)
322 - Dysregulation of Ovine Toll-Like Receptors 2 and 4 Expres-sion by Hydatid Cyst-Derived Antigens (چکیده)
323 - Synergistic effect of lacunary polyoxotungstates and carbon nanotubes for extraction of organophosphorus pesticides (چکیده)
324 - Optimal delivery and replenishment policies for perishable products considering lost sale cost: an efficient hybrid algorithm (چکیده)
325 - Perceptual-Motor Skills Reconstruction Program Improves Executive Functions in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (چکیده)
326 - Epileptic Seizures Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Review (چکیده)
327 - Oscillatory neuronal dynamics during L2 sentence comprehension: the effects of sensory enrichment and semantic incongruency (چکیده)
328 - Hydrogen-bond directionality and symmetry in [C(O)NH](N)2P(O)-based structures: a comparison between X-ray crystallography data and neutron-normalized values, and evaluation of reliability (چکیده)
329 - Transformations in the Mourning Rituals of Muharram among Afghans Residing in Iran (Mashhad) (چکیده)
330 - Projecting Land use change with neural network and GIS in northern Melbourne for 2014–2050 (چکیده)
331 - Ex-post favoring ranks: a fairness notion for the random assignment problem (چکیده)
332 - Synthesis, crystal and structural characterization, Hirshfeld surface analysis and DFT calculations of three symmetrical and asymmetrical phosphonium salts (چکیده)
333 - Spatial distribution of stable isotopes (18O and 2H) in precipitation and groundwater in Iran (چکیده)
334 - Numerical investigation of the effect of two-step injection (direct and port injection) of hydrogen blending and natural gas on engine performance and exhaust gas emissions (چکیده)
335 - Comment on: “Effect of particle size on the optical properties of lead zirconate titanate nanopowders” [J. Am. Cream. Soc. 2018;101:5335–5345] (چکیده)
336 - Adaptive Sliding Mode Impedance Control of Single-Link Flexible Manipulators interacting with the Environment at an Unknown Intermediate Point (چکیده)
337 - Optimizing tenogenic differentiation of equine adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (eq-ASC) using TGFB3 along with BMP antagonists (چکیده)
338 - Structural and hydrogen absorption/desorption properties of Zr2(Co0.5Fe0.2Ni0.2V0.1) intermetallic alloy (چکیده)
339 - Effect of Substrate Grain Size on Structural and Corrosion Properties of Electrodeposited Nickel Layer Protected with Self-Assembled Film of Stearic Acid (چکیده)
340 - Evaluation of Chemical Parameters of Urban Drinking Water Quality along with Health Risk Assessment: A Case Study of Ardabil Province, Iran (چکیده)
341 - Investigating the effect of cationic emulsified bitumen as an admixture of roller-compacted concrete pavement on the progress of alkali-silica reaction (چکیده)
342 - Nematodes Versus White Grubs: Long But Challenging Association (چکیده)
343 - The investigation of the effect of N-glycans on the structure of Trametes versicolor laccase by Molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
344 - Performance Investigation of Simple Low-dissipation AUSM ‎‎(SLAU) Scheme in Modeling of 2-D Inviscid Flow in Steam ‎Turbine Cascade Blades (چکیده)
345 - Molecular structure, intramolecular hydrogen bond strength, vibrational assignment, and spectroscopic insight of 4-phenylamino-3-penten-2-one and its derivatives: A theoretical and experimental study (چکیده)
346 - An Application of the Madelung Formalism for Dissipating and Decaying Systems (چکیده)
347 - Characterizations on the basis of cumulative residual entropy of sequential order statistics (چکیده)
348 - Mathematics of evidences in dynamic systems with exponential component lifetimes and optimal sample size determination (چکیده)
349 - Adaptive Transformed Unscented Simplex Cubature Kalman Filter for Target Tracking (چکیده)
350 - Effect of high pressure-treated wheat starch as a fat replacer on the physical and rheological properties of reduced-fat O/W emulsions (چکیده)
351 - Taxonomy of Manufacturing Firms’ Flexibility Under Influence of Dynamic Organizational Capabilities (چکیده)
352 - Kernel Search-Framework for Dynamic Controller Placement in Software-Defined Network (چکیده)
353 - Thermal analysis on a nanofluid-filled rectangular cavity with heated fins of different geometries under magnetic field effects (چکیده)
354 - Three-dimensional analysis of condensation nanofluid film on an inclined rotating disk by efficient analytical methods (چکیده)
355 - Nanofluid Condensation and MHD Flow Modeling over Rotating Plates Using Least Square Method (LSM) (چکیده)
356 - Enhanced efficiency in Concentrated Parabolic Solar Collector (CPSC) with a porous absorber tube filled with metal nanoparticle suspension (چکیده)
357 - Numerical study on polymer nanofibers with electrically charged jet of viscoelastic fluid in electrospinning process (چکیده)
358 - EFL student-teachers’ imaginations of English language and their motivation for learning and teaching (چکیده)
359 - MHD and Viscous Dissipation Effects in Marangoni Mixed Flow of a Nanofluid over an Inclined Plate in the Presence of Ohmic Heating (چکیده)
360 - Peristaltic Carreau-Yasuda nanofluid flow and mixed heat transfer analysis in an asymmetric vertical and tapered wavy wall channel (چکیده)
363 - Rotating Cylinder Turbulator Effect on the Heat Transfer of a ‎Nanofluid Flow in a Wavy Divergent Channel‎ (چکیده)
364 - Effect of Two Baffles on MHD Natural Convection in U-Shape ‎Superposed by Solid Nanoparticle having Different Shapes (چکیده)
365 - Taguchi parametric study on the radial and tangential cutting forces in Dry High Speed Machining (DHSM) (چکیده)
366 - Maximum entropy and empirical likelihood in length-biased setting: a comparison study (چکیده)
367 - Geometrically nonlinear thermohermo-mechanical analysis of grapheneraphene-reinforced moving polymer nanoplates (چکیده)
368 - A multi-moderator neutron spectrometer for use in BNCT studies of the Tehran research reactor (چکیده)
369 - Characterizing the coaxial HPGe detector using Monte Carlo simulations and evolutionary algorithms (چکیده)
370 - Solid-phase extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in human plasma and water samples using sol–gel-based metal-organic framework coating (چکیده)
371 - Anisotropy in Metal-Organic Framework Thin Films (چکیده)
372 - Optimization of plant growth regulators for in vitro shoot proliferation of apple cv. ʽAbbasiʼ using response surface method (چکیده)
373 - SLASSO: a scaled LASSO for multicollinear situations (چکیده)
374 - Mechanical and Durability Properties of Mortars Incorporating Red Mud, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, and Electric Arc Furnace Dust (چکیده)
375 - Empirical correlation between length of nail and system parameters for a vertical soil nailed wall (چکیده)
376 - Voltage–current behavior of 4-phenylamino-3-penten-2-one and its derivatives molecular switch: a first-principles study (چکیده)
377 - Orthogonality preserving property for pairs of operators on Hilbert $$C^*$$-modules (چکیده)
378 - Maximal inequalities in noncommutative probability spaces (چکیده)
379 - Layered manufacturing of a three-dimensional polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) scaffold used for bone regeneration (چکیده)
380 - Design and Analysis of Porous Functionally Graded Femoral Prostheses with Improved Stress Shielding (چکیده)
381 - Immediate and late systemic and lung effects of inhaled paraquat in rats (چکیده)
382 - Coronavirus and its effect on Pilgrimage in Iran (چکیده)
383 - A high-order algorithm for solving nonlinear algebraic equations (چکیده)
384 - Solving nonlinear Fredholm integral equations with PQWs in complex plane (چکیده)
385 - Ridge regression and its applications in genetic studies (چکیده)
386 - Sample preparation and extraction methods for pesticides in aquatic environments: A review (چکیده)
387 - Organophosphorus pesticides extraction with polyvinyl alcohol coated magnetic graphene oxide particles and analysis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: Application to apple juice and environmental water (چکیده)
388 - Psychosocial factors associated with the self-reported frequency of cell phone use while driving in Iran (چکیده)
389 - A novel organic-solvent and detergent resistant esterase from Bacillus sp. isolated from Bazangan Lake (چکیده)
390 - Fabrication and evaluation of polycaprolactone/olive oil scaffolds by phase inversion for tissue engineering (چکیده)
391 - Effect of Preconditioned Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Nisin Prebiotic on the Expression of Wound Healing Factors Such as TGF-β1, FGF-2, IL-1, IL-6, and IL-10 (چکیده)
392 - A measurement of community seismic resilience in sub-city districts of Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
393 - Frame-cyclic operators and their properties (چکیده)
394 - Effect of heat treatment on the structure and stability of Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) protein isolate/Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum nanoparticles (چکیده)
395 - Cress seed gum improves rheological, textural and physicochemical properties of native wheat starch-sucrose mixture (چکیده)
396 - Non-enzymatic voltammetric glucose sensor made of ternary NiO/Fe3O4-SH/para-amino hippuric acid nanocomposite (چکیده)
397 - A simple approach for simultaneous detection of cadmium(II) and lead(II) based on glutathione coated magnetic nanoparticles as a highly selective electrochemical probe (چکیده)
398 - Magnetic solid-phase extraction using Schiff base ligand supported on magnetic nanoparticles as sorbent combined with dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for the extraction of phenols from water samples (چکیده)
399 - Employment of Pd nanoparticles at the structure of poly aminohippuric acid as a nanocomposite for hydrogen peroxide detection (چکیده)
400 - Magnetic solid-phase extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs from environmental water samples using polyamidoamine dendrimer functionalized with magnetite nanoparticles as a sorbent (چکیده)
401 - Extraction and preconcentration of organophosphorus pesticides from water samples and fruit juices utilizing hydroxyapatite/Fe3O4 nanocomposite (چکیده)
402 - Polyamidoamine dendrimer functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles for simultaneous electrochemical detection of Pb2+ and Cd2+ ions in environmental waters (چکیده)
403 - Synthesis of a zinc-based metal-organic framework with histamine as an organic linker for the dispersive solid-phase extraction of organophosphorus pesticides in water and fruit juice samples (چکیده)
404 - One‐pot synthesis of dihydro-1H-indeno[1,2-b] pyridines and tetrahydrobenzo[b] pyran derivatives using a new and efficient nanocomposite catalyst based on N‐butylsulfonate‐functionalized MMWCNTs-D-NH2 (چکیده)
405 - The application of copolymer‐coated graphene oxide‐Fe3O4 in the highly efficient synthesis of 2′‐aminospiro[indeno[1,2‐b]quinoxaline‐11,4′‐[4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'H] pyran]‐3′‐carbonitrile and 2′‐aminospiro[indeno‐2,4′‐[4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'H]pyran]‐3′‐carbonitrile (چکیده)
406 - Electrochemical detection of bisphenol a on a MWCNTs/CuFe2O4 nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode (چکیده)
407 - An insight into the determination of trace levels of benzodiazepines in biometric systems: Use of crab shell powder as an environmentally friendly biosorbent (چکیده)
408 - On Nilpotent Multipliers of Pairs of Groups (چکیده)
409 - From self-sufficient provision of water and energy to regenerative urban development and sustainability: exploring the potentials in Mashhad City, Iran (چکیده)
410 - Morpho-species of the genus Leuciscus Cuvier, 1816 (Teleostei: Leuciscinae) from Iran revisited using molecular approaches (چکیده)
411 - High Power Quality Maximum Power Point Tracking-based Islanding Detection Method for Grid-connected Photovoltaic Systems (چکیده)
412 - Emosensory Competence, as an Undisclosed Construct of Communicative Competence, Predicts L2 Speaking Ability (چکیده)
413 - Detecting degraded, prone and transition ecosystems by environmental thresholds and spectral functions (چکیده)
414 - Texture based blur estimation in a single defocused image (چکیده)
415 - Expansion Planning of Integrated Energy Systems with Flexible Demand-Side Resources (چکیده)
416 - An Analysis of the Areas Occupied by Vessels in the Ocular Surface of Diabetic Patients: An Application of a Nonparametric Tilted Additive Model (چکیده)
417 - A Kind of Graph Associated to a Fixed Element and a Subgroup of Group (چکیده)
418 - Iron (II and III) Oxides/Reduced Graphene Oxide/Polypyrrole Ternary Nanocomposite as Electrochemical Supercapacitor Electrode (چکیده)
419 - Structural differences/similarities of diastereotopic groups in three new chiral phosphoramides (چکیده)
420 - High count-rate digital gamma-ray spectroscopy using a low-cost COTS digitizer system (چکیده)
421 - l-metric generator in graphs and its application (چکیده)
422 - Designing and explaining a professional ethics model for the managers of the banking industry, using the grounded theory strategy (چکیده)
423 - Investigation the Effect of Low, Medium and High Dose of X-Radiation on the Expression of E-cadherin in Colorectal Cancer Cell Line (چکیده)
424 - Systematic study on $$\alpha $$-decay half-lives: a new dependency of effective sharp radius on $$\alpha $$-decay energy (چکیده)
425 - Assessment of a District Trigeneration Biomass Powered Double Organic Rankine Cycle as Primed Mover and Supported Cooling (چکیده)
426 - Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, and metals in olive: analysis and probabilistic risk assessment (چکیده)
427 - Neutron beam preparation for soil moisture measurements: Nedis-PHITS and artificial neural networks study (چکیده)
428 - Metal−organic framework-based sorbents in analytical sample preparation (چکیده)
429 - A study on the effects of piled-raft foundations on the seismic response of a high rise building resting on clayey soil (چکیده)
430 - Validation and Comparison of Instrumented Mouthguards for Measuring Head Kinematics and Assessing Brain Deformation in Football Impacts (چکیده)
431 - A Vibrational Technique for In Vitro Intraoperative Prosthesis Fixation Monitoring (چکیده)
432 - A three-dimensional micromechanical model of brain white matter with histology-informed probabilistic distribution of axonal fibers (چکیده)
433 - Micromechanics of brain white matter tissue: A fiber-reinforced hyperelastic model using embedded element technique (چکیده)
434 - A fresh insight into Kane's equations of motion (چکیده)
435 - Exploring the comparison between bilingual and monolingual students’ perception of classroom environment (چکیده)
436 - Determining optimum staged-evacuation schedule considering total evacuation time, congestion severity and fire threats (چکیده)
437 - WEB (water extract of banana): An efficient natural base for one-pot multi-component synthesis of 2-amino-3,5-dicarbonitrile-6-thio-pyridines (چکیده)
438 - Microstructure and thermoelectric performance evaluation of p-type (Bi, Sb)2Te3 materials synthesized using mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering process (چکیده)
439 - Simulation of Radiotherapy Effects on Destroying Cancer Cells and Cancer Stem Cells (چکیده)
440 - Design of a novel auxiliary system for power enhancement of a two-degree-of-freedom galloping-based piezoelectric energy harvesting system (چکیده)
441 - Aphid alarm pheromone alters larval behaviour of the predatory gall midge, Aphidoletes aphidimyza and decreases intraguild predation by anthocorid bug, Orius laevigatus (چکیده)
442 - Pectin/lignocellulose nanofibers/chitin nanofibers bionanocomposite as an efficient biosorbent of cholesterol and bile salts (چکیده)
443 - Therapeutic peptides of Mucuna pruriens L.: Anti‐genotoxic molecules against human hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatitis C virus (چکیده)
444 - Investigating the Impact of Temperature and pH on the Quantum Yield of Carbon Dots (چکیده)
445 - Co-doped of Carbon Quantum Dot with Nitrogen and Magnesium with High Quantum Yield (چکیده)
446 - Effect of Perforated Plates on the Relative Density of Uniformly Graded Reconstituted Sands Using Air Pluviation Method (چکیده)
447 - Dual filler functionally graded polymermaterials – manufacturing process and characteristics (چکیده)
448 - Globalization and the Outbreak of COVID-19: An Empirical Analysis (چکیده)
449 - Higher Education and The Economic Development in IRAN (چکیده)
450 - Effect of Social networks on entrepreneurship IN IRAN (چکیده)
451 - Health Monitoring of Large-Scale Civil Structures: An Approach Based on Data Partitioning and Classical Multidimensional Scaling (چکیده)
452 - Antioxidant enzyme and plant productivity changes in field-grown tomato under drought stress conditions using exogenous putrescine (چکیده)
453 - Conformational analysis of two new organotin(IV) structures completed with a CSD survey (چکیده)
454 - The Energy of Cayley Graphs for Symmetric Groups of Order 24 (چکیده)
455 - Hollywood Dubliners Becomes Personal: Joyce’s Gabriel Morphs to John Huston in The Dead (چکیده)
456 - The Impact of Electronic Health Care Record on Physicians\\\' Professional Authority (چکیده)
457 - The effect of purchasing strategy on the economic production quantity model subject to random machine breakdown (چکیده)
458 - Some Notes on Non-inner Nilpotent Groups (چکیده)
459 - Energy of Cayley Graphs for Alternating Groups (چکیده)
460 - The Harary Index of the Non-commuting Graph for Dihedral Groups (چکیده)
461 - End-regularity of generalized bicycle graph (چکیده)
462 - The effect of anti-saccade and prosaccade training on processing speed and spatial working memory in elderly: pilot study (چکیده)
463 - Hot corrosion of Inconel 625 wrought alloy and weld overlay on carbon steel by gas metal arc welding in 47 PbSO4-23 ZnO-13 Pb3O4-7 PbCl2-5 CdO-5 Fe2O3 molten salt mixture (چکیده)
464 - The effect of fluctuations in moisture on resistance to soil erosion in the production of dust Case study: Bazangan Lake (Iran) (چکیده)
465 - Optimum design of natural gas trunk line using simulated annealing algorithm (چکیده)
466 - Optimisation of broilers performance to different dietary levels of fibre and different levels and sources of fat from 0 to 14 days of age (چکیده)
467 - Investigation effects of roughness in wet steam flow with Buckingham Pi-theorem (چکیده)
468 - Green Synthesis of Biogenic Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Enhanced Adsorption of azo dyes (چکیده)
469 - The Effect of Microwave Irradiation on the Flotation of the Selected Polymers as a Potential Solution for Plastic Recycling (چکیده)
470 - Cyclic behaviour of geocell-reinforced backfill behind integral bridge abutment (چکیده)
471 - Effects of synthesis parameters on organic template-free preparation of zeolite Y (چکیده)
472 - Electrochemical performance and complex impedance properties of reduced-graphene oxide/polypyrrole nanofiber nanocomposite (چکیده)
473 - Effect of Fe and Co doping on structural and electrical properties of La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 layered-structure and the corresponding La0.5Sr0.5MnO3 perovskite (چکیده)
474 - Identification and Immunological Characterization of Somatic Proteins from Adults of Toxocara cati by Proteomics Technique (چکیده)
475 - Intelligent step-length adjustment for adaptive path-following in nonlinear structural mechanics based on group method of data handling neural network (چکیده)
476 - Estimating shear wave velocity of soil using standard penetration test (SPT) blow counts in Mashhad city (چکیده)
477 - Efficient dispersive micro solid-phase extraction of antidepressant drugs by a robust molybdenum-based coordination polymer (چکیده)
478 - An iron(II) complex of trans, trans, trans-bis(azido)bis(4-amino-3,5- bis(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole): insight into molecular and supramolecular structures using Hirshfeld surface analysis and DFT studies (چکیده)
479 - Particulate Modeling of Sand Production Using Coupled DEM-LBM (چکیده)
480 - A retrospective survey of liver flukes in livestock based on abattoir data in Kermanshah, west of Iran (چکیده)
481 - Optimization of biochar and nitrogen fertilizer in rice cultivation (چکیده)
482 - Biosensors Localization for Swarm Medical Delivery (چکیده)
483 - Highly improved biological and mechanical features of bioglass-ceramic/ gelatin composite scaffolds using a novel silica coverage (چکیده)
484 - Pharmacological upregulation of GLT-1 alleviates the cognitive impairments in the animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy (چکیده)
485 - On the effect of ozonated water on mortality of Tetranychus urticae (Trombidiformes: Tetranychidae) on Capsicum annuum (Solanaceae) in greenhouse conditions (چکیده)
486 - A Neonatal Mild Defect in Brain Insulin Signaling Predisposes a Subclinical Model of Sporadic Alzheimer's to Develop the Disease (چکیده)
487 - Modeling Opinion Formation in Social Networks: A Probabilistic Fuzzy Approach (چکیده)
488 - When a metal-organic framework mediated smart drug delivery meets gastrointestinal cancers (چکیده)
489 - The influences of personality and knowledge on safety-related behaviour among climbers (چکیده)
490 - Experiment-based affect heuristic using fuzzy rules and Taguchi statistical method for tuning complex systems (چکیده)
491 - New approach: Voluntary demarketing and its impact on the value chain of the tourism industry Religious tourism through health culture in the spiritual capital of Iran (Mashhad) (چکیده)
492 - Professor Mahmoud Shojaei (1925-2018): Memorial letter (چکیده)
493 - Optimization of A-TIG Welding Process Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm (چکیده)
494 - Induction of osteogenesis in bone tumour cells by purine-conjugated zinc-hydroxyapatite (چکیده)
495 - Biocontrol potential of native yeast strains against Aspergillus flavus and aflatoxin production in pistachio (چکیده)
496 - New approach to computing mean velocity and discharge (چکیده)
497 - A redetermination of the structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of catena-[(diaqua)di(μ-hydroxido)bis(μ-nicotinato-N-oxide)bis(μ-nicotinato-N-oxido)tricopper(II)] (چکیده)
498 - A new color index for vegetation segmentation and classification (چکیده)
499 - On the q-capability of groups (چکیده)
500 - Determination and evaluation components affecting the characteristics of synthesized of Au nanorods by the UV–vis spectrophotometer, dynamic light scattering, and scanner (چکیده)
501 - On the Effects of Structural Coupling on Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems Subject to Random Base Excitation (چکیده)
502 - A graph associated to centralizer of elements of a group (چکیده)
503 - Numerical analytic method for solving a large class of generalized non-homogeneous variable coefficients KdV problems based on lie symmetries (چکیده)
504 - تحلیل عوامل موثر بر مکان یابی پاسگاه های مرزی با استفاده از سیستم استنتاج فازی )نمونه موری مناطق مرزی استان خراسان رضوی و افغانستان( (چکیده)
505 - Counting short cycles of (c,d)-regular bipartite graphs (چکیده)
506 - Development of soy milk in the form of wet foam in the presences of whey protein concentrate and polysaccharides at different whipping temperatures: Study of physical, rheological and microstructural properties (چکیده)
507 - Using soft computing and leaf dimensions to determine sex in immature Pistacia vera genotypes (چکیده)
508 - An application of adaptive synchronization of uncertain chaotic system in secure communication systems (چکیده)
509 - Multilayered electrospinning strategy for increasing the bioaccessibility of lycopene in gelatin-based sub-micron fiber structures (چکیده)
510 - Effects of counseling based on Gamble’s approach on psychological birth trauma in primiparous women: a randomized clinical trial (چکیده)
511 - Intrinsic Viscosity and Molecular Parameters of Wheat Starch-Cess Seed Gum-Sucrose Mixture (چکیده)
512 - Multivariate t semiparametric mixed-effects model for longitudinal data with multiple characteristics (چکیده)
513 - An Investigation into Language Learners’ L2WTC by Casting a New Look at Feedback Through the Lenses of Life-Responsive Approach to Language Teaching (چکیده)
514 - Combining Consensus and Tracking Errors in Sliding Mode Control of Higher Order Uncertain Stochastic Multi-Agent Systems (چکیده)
515 - Identity vs. Interests: Turkey Looks East (چکیده)
516 - Tapping into the zeitgeist: Israel’s East-looking policy (چکیده)
517 - The kinetics of colour degradation, chlorophylls and xanthophylls loss in pistachio nuts during roasting process (چکیده)
518 - Estimation and prediction based on record statistics in the presence of an outlier (چکیده)
519 - Comparative infectivity and biocontrol potential of Acrobeloides k29 and entomopathogenic nematodes on the leopard moth borer, Zeuzera pyrina (چکیده)
520 - Comparison of thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 and Bi2Se0·3Te2.7 thin film materials synthesized by hydrothermal process and thermal evaporation (چکیده)
521 - بهینه سازی تولید آنزیم کراتیناز توسط سویه بومی Bacillus sp. FUM120 به روش تک متغیره (چکیده)
522 - The proarrhythmic features of pathological cardiac hypertrophy in neonatal rat ventricular cardiomyocyte cultures (چکیده)
523 - Effect of condensing cavity on the performance of a passive solar desalination system: an experimental study (چکیده)
524 - Characterizations of dissimilar S32205/316L welds using austenitic, super-austenitic and super-duplex filler metals (چکیده)
525 - Higher energy conversion efficiency in anaerobic degradation of bioplastic by response surface methodology (چکیده)
526 - Evaluation of lead-induced cardiac toxicity in mice by measurement of selected biochemical as well as oxidative indices (چکیده)
527 - Fortification of bread wheat with iron through soil and foliar application of iron-organic-complexes (چکیده)
528 - Recent advances in computational methods for biosensor design (چکیده)
529 - Predicting the Power of Famous Sport Endorser Indices on the Tendency to Purchase Sporting and Non-porting Goods: A Quasi-experimental Study (چکیده)
530 - Exploring undergraduate engineering students’ mathematical problem-posing: the case of integral-area relationships in integral calculus (چکیده)
531 - Effects of intraperitoneal administration of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) flowers and branches hydroalcoholic extract on neuropathic pain induced by chronic constriction injury on male Wistar Rat (چکیده)
532 - The effect of intraperitoneal administration of celery (Apium graveolens L.) seed hydroalcoholic extract on neuropathic pain induced by chronic constriction injury (CCI) model on male wistar rats (چکیده)
533 - The First Case of Short-Spiked Canarygrass (Phalaris brachystachys) with Cross-Resistance to ACCase-Inhibiting Herbicides in Iran (چکیده)
534 - Application of machine learning for solar radiation modeling (چکیده)
535 - Ypresian Alveolina and calcareous nannofossils from the south Sabzevar area (Central Iran): biostratigraphic, taxonomic and paleobiogeographic implications (چکیده)
536 - Adaptive Emotional Neuro Control for a Class of Uncertain Affine Nonlinear Systems (چکیده)
537 - Studies on knot placement techniques for the geometry construction and the accurate simulation of isogeometric spatial curved beams (چکیده)
538 - Kinematically smoothing trajectories by NURBS reparameterization – an innovative approach (چکیده)
539 - Variability in the essential oil of different wild populations of Prangos platychlaena collected from Southwestern Iran (چکیده)
540 - Seed germination, antioxidant enzymes activity and proline content in medicinal plant Tagetes minuta under salinity stress (چکیده)
541 - Changes in growth and essential oil composition of sweet basil in response of salinity stress and superabsorbents application (چکیده)
542 - Phytochemical and physiological response of Satureja hortensis L. to different irrigation regimes and chitosan application (چکیده)
543 - Landscape preferences of a children’s hospital by children and therapists (چکیده)
544 - Effects of Synthesis Parameters and Thickness on Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3 Fabricated Using Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering (چکیده)
545 - WSMN: An optimized multipurpose blind watermarking in Shearlet domain using MLP and NSGA-II (چکیده)
546 - Copper‐Functionalized Silica‐Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for an Efficient Suzuki Cross‐Coupling Reaction (چکیده)
547 - An Integrated Production-Inventory Model for a Dual-Channel Supply Chain (چکیده)
548 - Ultra-broadband, wide-angle, and polarization-insensitive metamaterial perfect absorber for solar energy harvesting (چکیده)
549 - Prevalence of Haemosporidian Parasite Infections in Raptors of Iran (چکیده)
550 - Diversity-based diffusion robust RLS using adaptive forgetting factor (چکیده)
551 - A 6-parameter triangular flat shell element for nonlinear analysis (چکیده)
552 - Experimental study of a nanofluid-based indirect solar cooker: Energy and exergy analyses (چکیده)
553 - Drought and Property Prices: Empirical Evidence from Provinces of Iran (چکیده)
554 - Selection of Agricultural Contract Sales Models to Wholesalers to Maximize Supply Chain Profit (an Experimental Study) (چکیده)
555 - The relationship between fearful facial expressions valences and resting-state SW/FW ratio (چکیده)
556 - Optimizing injection time of GFP plasmid into sheep zygote (چکیده)
557 - Analysis of Coexistence and Extinctio Analysis of Coexistence and Extinction in a Two-Species Competition Modeln in a Two-Species Competition Model (چکیده)
558 - Fatigue and fracture behavior of A516 steel used in thick-walled pressure vessels (چکیده)
559 - A divide and conquer approach to deadline constrained cost-optimization workflow scheduling for the cloud (چکیده)
560 - MTA Enhances the Potential of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Dentin–Pulp Complex Regeneration (چکیده)
561 - Vibration of buckled sandwich beam with self-deployable SMA core and heat treated SMA reinforced hybrid composite faces (چکیده)
562 - Aero-thermo-elastic analysis of nonlinear isotropic cracked plate in supersonic flow (چکیده)
563 - Shrinkage Ridge Estimators in Linear Regression (چکیده)
564 - A note on shrinkage wavelet estimation in Bayesian analysis (چکیده)
565 - Improved preliminary test and Stein-rule Liu estimators for the ill-conditioned elliptical linear regression model (چکیده)
566 - Feasible Ridge Estimator in Seemingly Unrelated Semiparametric Models (چکیده)
567 - Improved confidence intervals for the scale parameter of Burr XII model based on record values (چکیده)
568 - Bayesian analysis in multivariate regression models with conjugate priors (چکیده)
569 - A hybrid sensitivity function and Lanczos bidiagonalization-Tikhonov method for structural model updating: Application to a full-scale bridge structure (چکیده)
570 - Free vibration of a nanogrid based on Eringen’s stress gradient model (چکیده)
571 - A family of cylindrical elements (چکیده)
572 - Finding buckling points for nonlinear structures by dynamic relaxation scheme (چکیده)
573 - Strain-based plane element for fracture mechanics’ problems (چکیده)
574 - Using Higher-Order Strain Interpolation Function to Improve the Accuracy of Structural Responses (چکیده)
575 - A sensitivity‐based finite element model updating based on unconstrained optimization problem and regularized solution methods (چکیده)
577 - Hygro-thermo-elastic nonlinear analysis of functionally graded porous composite thin and moderately thick shallow panels (چکیده)
578 - Improved shell element for geometrically non-linear analysis of thin-walled structures (چکیده)
579 - Analytical Scheme for Solid Stress Analysis (چکیده)
580 - Crack Spacing Prediction of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Beams with Lap-Spliced Bars by Machine Learning Models (چکیده)
581 - A robust updated normal plane scheme for geometric non-linear structural analysis (چکیده)
582 - Free vibration analysis of functionally graded hybrid matrix/fiber nanocomposite conical shells using multiscale method (چکیده)
583 - Study on the seismic behaviour of steel shear plates (چکیده)
584 - Reanalysis of 2D and 3D truss structures considering simultaneous variations in topology, geometry and size (چکیده)
585 - Exact solution for thermal–mechanical post-buckling of functionally graded micro-beams (چکیده)
586 - Exact post-buckling analysis of planar and space trusses (چکیده)
587 - Semi-analytical vibrational analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotubes coupled conical-conical shells (چکیده)
588 - Supramolecular network of a framework material supported by the anion–π linkage of Keggin-type heteropolyoxotungstates: Experimental and theoretical insights (چکیده)
589 - Proposing an Integrated Multi Source Ontology Construction Methodology (چکیده)
590 - Evaluation radiation use efficiency and growth indicators on two mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) genotypes under the influence of biological fertilizers. (چکیده)
591 - Optimization of rapeseed production using exergy analysis methodology (چکیده)
592 - Effects of planting combinations and mulch types on soil moisture and temperature of xeric landscapes (چکیده)
593 - Adjustable robust balanced hub location problem with uncertain transportation cost (چکیده)
594 - Segmentation of Cardiac Chambers in 2D Echocardiographic Images by Using a New Atlas-Based Deformable Model (چکیده)
595 - Statistical Analysis of Brain Volume Changes in T1-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images of Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Based on Voxel-Based Morphometry (چکیده)
596 - An efficient approximate method for solving two-dimensional fractional optimal control problems using generalized fractional order of Bernstein functions (چکیده)
597 - A novel run rules based MEWMA scheme for monitoring general linear profiles (چکیده)
598 - Integral Representation of Quaternion Elliptical Density and its Applications (چکیده)
599 - Bayesian Statistical Inference For Laplacian Class of Matrix Variate Elliptically Contoured Models (چکیده)
600 - Singular Ridge Regression With Stochastic Constraints (چکیده)
601 - Subjective Bayesian Analysis of the Elliptical Model (چکیده)
602 - New Ridge Regression Estimator in Semiparametric Regression Models (چکیده)
603 - Objective Bayesian estimators for the right-censored Rayleigh distribution: evaluating the Al-Bayyati loss function (چکیده)
604 - Quasilocal conservation laws in cosmology: A first look (چکیده)
605 - Genomic Detection of Bovine Digital Dermatitis Treponemes in Sole Ulcers (چکیده)
606 - Effects of feeding rumen-protected amino acids on the performance of feedlot calves (چکیده)
607 - The effects of biocrusts on soil parameters in a semi-arid pediment at north-eastern Iran (چکیده)
608 - A comparison of CrossFit and concurrent training on myonectin, insulin resistance and physical performance in healthy young women (چکیده)
609 - ارزیابی توان رقابتی ارقام مختلف کلزا (Brasica napus) با خردل وحشی (Sinapis arvensis) و رابطه آن با میزان و نحوه توزیع سطح برگ در کانوپی (چکیده)
610 - تعیین مهم ترین جزء عملکرد دانه گندم در تاریخ های کاشت مختلف (چکیده)
611 - GFRP as an alternative for steel nails, development of a model for prediction of creep displacements using experimental tests (چکیده)
612 - Experimental study on the behavior of eccentrically loaded circular footing model resting on reinforced sand (چکیده)
613 - Rheological, physical, and sensory properties of non‐fat ice creams as affected by selected fat replacers (چکیده)
614 - Testing Porter and pollution haven hypothesis via economic variables and CO2 emissions: a cross-country review with panel quantile regression method (چکیده)
615 - Climate Change and Sustainability of Crop Yield in Dry Regions Food Insecurity (چکیده)
616 - Fast and Accurate Genomic Minisatellites Disclosure (چکیده)
617 - The effect of sub-lethal exposure to copper and the time course of recovery in clean water on biochemical changes in juvenile fish (Acipenser persicus) (چکیده)
618 - f-Biderivations and Jordan biderivations of unital algebras with idempotents (چکیده)
619 - The effects of mineral trioxide aggregate on osteo/odontogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells: a comprehensive and systematic literature review (چکیده)
620 - Recent Advances in Saffron Soil Remediation: Activated Carbon and Zeolites Effects on Allelopathic Potential (چکیده)
621 - Manipulating neural activity and sleep-dependent memory consolidation (چکیده)
622 - Mixed mode (I/II) fracture energy of cement emulsified asphalt mortar under intermediate temperature (چکیده)
623 - Development of contrastive-partitive in colloquial Persian (چکیده)
624 - Investigation of the Behaviour of Steel-Concrete-Steel Sandwich Slabs with Bi-Directional Corrugated-Strip Connectors (چکیده)
625 - In situ anodic dissolution–cathodic deposition route for preparation of the Pt–SiW11Co/SiW11Co–CNP/GC electrode: application as an efficient electrode for the hydrogen evolution reaction (چکیده)
626 - Novel Tricyclic 2-Alkoxy-8-methyl-6-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)-4H-[1,2,4]triazolo[5,1-f]purine Derivatives: Synthesis and Characterization (چکیده)
627 - Reliability modeling of two-unit cold standby systems: A periodic switching approach (چکیده)
628 - Solving a System of Nonlinear Fractional Partial Di?erential Equations Using the Sinc-Muntz Collocation Method (چکیده)
629 - Eruption of the Submissive: A Study of Neurosis in Peter Shaffer’s Equus (چکیده)
630 - Binary gas mixtures separation using microscale radiometric pumps (چکیده)
631 - Adsorption of Boron from a Simulated Soil Solution Using Zn–Al and Mn-Doped Zn–Al Layered Double Hydroxides (چکیده)
632 - Experimental investigation of ground effects on aerodynamics of sinusoidal leading-edge wings (چکیده)
633 - ethics of caring in the child-friendly projects: new challenges (چکیده)
634 - Vitality and well-being in nurses (چکیده)
635 - Limitations of DNA Interference in Targeted Drug Delivery (چکیده)
636 - When British and Arab Novelists Teach Feminism: A Comparative Reading of Wollstonecraft’s and El Saadawi’s Views (چکیده)
637 - Instructional leadership, and teacher’s collective efficacy, commitment, and professional learning in primary schools: a mediation model (چکیده)
639 - Inequalities for acceptable noncommutative random variables (چکیده)
640 - Edge metric dimensions via hierarchical product and integer linear programming (چکیده)
641 - Protein Electrophoresis of Serum and Heparinized Plasma in the Common Mynah (Acridotheres tristis) (چکیده)
642 - Application of cumulative exergy consumption approach to assess the sustainability of rapeseed production in two different farming systems (چکیده)
643 - Noble metals in polyoxometalates: Structural analysis and catalytic survey (چکیده)
644 - Chinese Jujube Physicochemical Characteristics, Storability And Marketing In Response To Preharvest Application Of Salicylic Acid And Calcium Nitrate (چکیده)
645 - Micropropagation of Sweet Cherry Dwarf Rootstock (PHL-C) (چکیده)
646 - Prediction of power generation and rotor angular speed of a small wind turbine equipped to a controllable duct using artificial neural network and multiple linear regression (چکیده)
647 - Minimum variance based-Bayes Combination for prediction of soil properties on Vis-NIR reflectance spectroscopy (چکیده)
648 - Effects of Allium sativum on IFN-γ and IL4 concentrations in mice with cystic echinococcosis (چکیده)
649 - Simulation of epoxy flow in Integrated Circuit Encapsulation Process and Optimization of Process Parameters with Taguchi method (چکیده)
650 - Exploring Students’ Metacognitive Knowledge: The Case of Integral Calculus (چکیده)
651 - Genetic diversity and biological characterization of watermelon mosaic virus isolates from Iran and Iraq (چکیده)
652 - Stepwise ordinal efficiency for the random assignment problem (چکیده)
653 - Synthesis and antiproliferative assessments of new derivatives of isothiazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine (چکیده)
654 - Adaptive prescribed performance neural network control for switched stochastic pure-feedback systems with unknown hysteresis (چکیده)
655 - Evaluation of trace elements concentration in surface sediments of Parishan International Wetland (Fars Province, SW Iran) by using geochemical and sedimentological analysis (چکیده)
656 - Numerical simulation of the Mexico wind turbine using the actuator disk model along with the 3D correction of aerodynamic coefficients in OpenFOAM (چکیده)
657 - An Overview of Hepatoprotective Effects of Thymoquinone (چکیده)
658 - Immunomodulatory and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Thymoquinone (چکیده)
659 - Two polyoxometalate-based hybrids constructed from trinuclear lanthanoid clusters with single‐molecule magnet behavior (چکیده)
660 - An approximate method based on Bernstein polynomials for solving fractional PDEs with proportional delays (چکیده)
661 - Nilpotent Lie algebras of class 4 with the derived subalgebra of dimension 3 (چکیده)
662 - Low temperature fracture resistance of cement emulsified asphalt mortar under mixed mode I/III loading (چکیده)
663 - Bacterial nanocellulose-pectin bionanocomposites as prebiotics against drying and gastrointestinal condition (چکیده)
664 - Pectin-non-starch nanofibers biocomposites as novel gastrointestinal-resistant prebiotics (چکیده)
665 - Starch- and carboxymethylcellulose-coated bacterial nanocellulose-pectin bionanocomposite as novel protective prebiotic matrices (چکیده)
666 - Crack Width and Propagation in Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete Beams Reinforced with Steel Fibres (چکیده)
667 - Schizophyllan production by newly isolated fungus Schizophyllum commune IBRC-M 30213: optimization of culture medium using response surface methodology (چکیده)
668 - Presenting employees' self-development behaviour pattern (چکیده)
669 - Co-microencapsulation of Lactobacillus plantarum and DHA fatty acid in alginate-pectin-gelatin biocomposites (چکیده)
670 - Intestinal adsorption of glucose, cholesterol and bile salt by simultaneous incorporation of edible microbiosorbent and intestinal bacteria (چکیده)
671 - Magnetic pectin-Chlorella vulgaris biosorbent for the adsorption of dyes (چکیده)
672 - A comparative study on schizophyllan and chitin nanoparticles for ellagic acid delivery in treating breast cancer (چکیده)
673 - Synthesis and characterization of antimicrobial wound dressing material based on silver nanoparticles loaded gum Arabic nanofibers (چکیده)
674 - Designing a Comprehensive Human Resources Model Based on ISO34000 Standard (چکیده)
675 - Comparative study on the role of gelatin, chitosan and their combination as tissue engineered scaffolds on healing and regeneration of critical sized bone defects: an in vivo study (چکیده)
676 - Role of platelet gel embedded within gelatin scaffold on healing of experimentally induced critical-sized radial bone defects in rats (چکیده)
677 - Comparative Study between Regression and Soft Computing Models to Maximize the Methane Storage Capacity of Anthracite-Based Adsorbents (چکیده)
678 - Black plum peel jam: physicochemical properties, sensory attributes, and antioxidant capacity (چکیده)
679 - Black plum peel torshak: physicochemical properties, sensory attributes, and antioxidant capacity (چکیده)
680 - Physicochemical properties, sensory attributes, and antioxidant activity of black plum peel sharbat as affected by pectin and puree concentrations (چکیده)
681 - Bilingualism, monoliteracy, and third language writing: A case from Turkish-Persian context in Iran (چکیده)
682 - Photovoltaic and spectroscopic properties of bacteriochlorin-based photosensitizer: molecular approach (چکیده)
683 - Prognostic and Clinical Value of CD44 and CD133 in Esophageal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (چکیده)
684 - Implementation of high-level biosecurity measures can reduce the baseline antibody titers of Newcastle disease in non-integrated layer flocks in northeast Iran (چکیده)
685 - Cardioprotective effects of resveratrol following myocardial ischemia and reperfusion (چکیده)
686 - Structural Health Monitoring for Condition Assessment Using Efficient Supervised Learning Techniques (چکیده)
687 - Relationships for prediction of backstay effect in tall buildings with core-wall system (چکیده)
688 - NNLO compatibility between pQCD theory and phenomenology in determination of the b-quark pole and MS¯ running masses (چکیده)
689 - An Introduction to Cultuling Analysis in Light of Variational Pragmatics: A Step Toward Euculturing (چکیده)
690 - Melatonin inhibits Benzo(a)pyrene-Induced apoptosis through activation of the Mir-34a/Sirt1/autophagy pathway in mouse liver (چکیده)
691 - Directly Anodized Sulfur-Doped TiO2 Nanotubes as Improved Anodes for Li-ion Batteries (چکیده)
692 - Maps preserving some spectral domains of operator products (چکیده)
693 - A composite ultrafiltration membrane for regeneration of used engine oil (چکیده)
694 - Pervaporation separation of isopropylbenzene from water using four different polymeric membranes: Membrane preparation, modification, characterization, and performance evaluation (چکیده)
695 - A kernel least mean square algorithm for fuzzy differential equations and its application in earth’s energy balance model and climate (چکیده)
696 - Recent Advances in the Scaffold Engineering of Protein Binders (چکیده)
698 - Sudden contraction effects in nanochannel cross section on the rarefied gas flow characteristics: LBM analysis (چکیده)
699 - Constraining the top quark effective field theory using the top quark pair production in association with a jet at future lepton colliders (چکیده)
700 - A variable neighborhood search algorithm for transshipment scheduling of multi products at a single station (چکیده)
701 - Polyoxometalate-Based Frameworks as Adsorbents for Drug of Abuse Extraction from Hair Samples (چکیده)
702 - Damage detection of cylindrical shells based on Sander's theory and model updating using incomplete modal data considering random noises (چکیده)
703 - Premature Failure of Grade-316Ti Stainless Steel Tubing in a Boiler Feed-Water Heat Exchanger in a Steel Complex (چکیده)
704 - Influence sandwich π–π stacking interactions in Benzaldoxime adsorption on the fullerene (چکیده)
705 - Fischer–Tropsch synthesis over a novel cobalt catalyst supported on UiO-66 (چکیده)
706 - Investigating the Destiny of Children in the Hereafter from Avicenna. Mullā Ṣadrā, and the Infallibles' Viewpoints (چکیده)
707 - Adaptive Neural Network Conformable Fractional-Order Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Second-Order Nonlinear Systems (چکیده)
708 - Communication-Critical Task Duplication for Cloud Workflow Scheduling with Time and Budget Concerns (چکیده)
709 - Cellulose acetate/nylon 66 blend membranes for pervaporation dehydration of isopropanol (چکیده)
710 - Equichordal Tight Fusion Frames (چکیده)
711 - Chaos in Iterated Function Systems (چکیده)
712 - Weighted-type Wishart distributions with application (چکیده)
713 - Investigation of the main and interactive effects of mix design factors on the properties of cement emulsified asphalt mortars using Mixture Design of experiment (چکیده)
714 - Effect of SiC particles on hot deformation behavior of closed-cell Al/SiCp composite foams (چکیده)
715 - Indexing the engineering properties of residual soils in the southern slopes of Mashhad, NE Iran (چکیده)
716 - The kinetics of charge transfer in triphenyamine-based Photosensitizers (چکیده)
717 - Simultaneous upscaling of two properties of reservoirs in one dimension using adaptive bandwidth in kernel function method (چکیده)
718 - الکتروریزپوشانی لیکوپن در ساختار میکروالیاف پروتئینی: بررسی خصوصیات فیزیکوشیمیایی و زیست‌دسترسی (چکیده)
719 - بررسی ویژگی‌های ساختاری و رهایش د-لیمونن نانوپوشانی‌شده با صمغ دانۀ قدومه‌شیرازی به روش الکترواسپری (چکیده)
720 - A comparative study of statistical and soft computing techniques for reliability prediction of automotive manufacturing (چکیده)
721 - A new model of the contact force for the collision between two solid bodies (چکیده)
722 - Proper efficiency, scalarization and transformation in multi-objective optimization: unified approaches (چکیده)
723 - From Symmetry to Asymmetry on the Disc Manifold: Modeling of Marion Island Data (چکیده)
724 - Creep properties of Ni-based superalloy GTD-111 joints produced by transient liquid phase method using BNi-3 filler (چکیده)
725 - Antibacterial and Synergistic Effects of Aqueous and Methanol Extracts of Artemisia annua Against Multidrug-resistant Isolates of Acinetobacter (چکیده)
726 - Assessment of Virtual Water Flows in Iran Using a Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis (چکیده)
727 - Development and validation of an Inventory on Teachers’ Beliefs about Action Research (ITBAR) in second language education (چکیده)
728 - نقش دمای هسته مادر در مشخصه‌های واپاشی‌ آلفازا: معرفی فرم دمایی جدید برای شعاع مؤثر هسته‌ها (چکیده)
729 - Three novel complexes of copper: synthesis, characterization, crystal structure, HSA-binding and docking studies, and antiproliferative activity (چکیده)
730 - Identification and Prioritization of the Factors Affecting the Disaster Preparedness of Schools in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
731 - Physicochemical properties of Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) protein nanoparticles fabricated by cold atmospheric-pressure plasma (چکیده)
732 - Using Lyapunov’s method for analysing of chaotic behaviour on financial time series data: a case study on Tehran stock exchange (چکیده)
733 - A theoretical framework for Landsat data modeling based on the matrix variate mean-mixture of normal model (چکیده)
734 - Shrinkage Estimation Strategies in Generalised Ridge Regression Models: Low/High‐Dimension Regime (چکیده)
735 - Joint Probabilistic Modeling of Wind Speed and Wind Direction for Wind Energy Analysis: A Case Study in Humansdorp and Noupoort (چکیده)
736 - Advances in Wishart-type modelling of channel capacity (چکیده)
737 - Investigation of the rheological, thermal, sensory properties, and particle size distribution of sesame paste white compound chocolate as influenced by the soy flour and emulsifier levels (چکیده)
738 - Advances in Multi-component Supramolecular Oleogels- a Review (چکیده)
739 - Children's Road-Crossing Behavior: Emotional Decision Making and Emotion-Based Temperamental Fear and Anger (چکیده)
740 - Design and synthesis of aptamer AS1411-conjugated EG@TiO2@Fe2O3nanoparticles as a drug delivery platform for tumor-targeted therapy (چکیده)
741 - Strontium- and Cobalt-Doped Multicomponent Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses (MBGs) for Potential Use in Bone Tissue Engineering Applications (چکیده)
742 - Uncloaking lncRNA-meditated gene expression as a potential regulator of CMS in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) (چکیده)
743 - Whey protein isolate-low acyl gellan gum Maillard-based conjugates with tailored technological functionality and antioxidant activity (چکیده)
744 - Comparison of characteristics of Bi2Te3 and Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 thermoelectric materials synthesized by hydrothermal process (چکیده)
745 - Terpyridine-metal complexes: Effects of different substituents on their physico-chemical properties and DFT studies (چکیده)
746 - Numerical analysis of sensor-based flood-floor ebb-and-flow subirrigation system with saline water (چکیده)
747 - Effectiveness of tissue engineered chitosan-gelatin composite scaffold loaded with human platelet gel in regeneration of critical sized radial bone defect in rat (چکیده)
748 - Reconstruction of radial bone defect in rat by calcium silicate biomaterials (چکیده)
749 - Assessment of the Neuroprotective Effects of Lavandula angustifolia Extract on the Contusive Model of Spinal Cord Injury in Wistar Rats (چکیده)
750 - Coadministration of Dexamethasone and Melissa officinalis Has Neuroprotective Effects in Rat Animal Model with Spinal Cord Injury (چکیده)
751 - Resource management in the federated cloud environment using Cournot and Bertrand competitions (چکیده)
752 - Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach to Enhance Automated Anchor Pixel Selection Algorithm for Arid and Semi-Arid Regions (چکیده)
753 - Using combined artificial neural network and particle swarm optimization algorithm for modeling and optimization of electrical discharge machining process (چکیده)
754 - 2D-fractional Muntz–Legendre polynomials for solving the fractional partial differential equations (چکیده)
755 - Effect of soil water management and different sowing dates on maize yield and water use efficiency under drip irrigation system (چکیده)
756 - Assessment of land suitability and the possibility and performance of a canola (Brassica napus L.) – soybean (Glycine max L.) rotation in four basins of Golestan province, Iran (چکیده)
757 - Corn yield response to crowding stress and cropping season (چکیده)
758 - Application of linear models for estimation of leaf area in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr] (چکیده)
759 - Physicochemical, rheological and functional properties of Nettle seed (Urtica pilulifera) gum (چکیده)
760 - Impact of sage seed gum and whey protein concentrate on the functional properties and retrogradation behavior of native wheat starch gel (چکیده)
761 - On numbers of observations in random regions determined by records (چکیده)
762 - Non-destructive estimation of maize leaf area, fresh weight, and dry weight using leaf length and leaf width (چکیده)
763 - Allocation of redundancies in systems: a general dependency-base framework (چکیده)
764 - Electronic transport properties of 2-nIiitro-4-(6-(4-nitrophenyl)-4-phenyl-1,3-diaza-bicyclo[3.1.0]hex-3-en-2-yl)phenol: A light-driven molecular switch (چکیده)
765 - Patient‐specific anatomical models for radioiodine dosimetry in treatment of hyperthyroidism: is it necessary? (چکیده)
766 - A New Feature Descriptor for Image Denoising (چکیده)
767 - Pointwise Weakly Mixing Property and Li-Yorke Sensitivity in Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems (چکیده)
768 - The Effects of Religious Orientations on Malevolent Creativity: Role of Positive Emotions and Spiritual Intelligence (چکیده)
769 - Does summer irrigation alter nitrogen uptake and utilisation efficiency of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) for different organic and chemical fertilisers? (چکیده)
770 - Study of the effects of shear piezoelectric actuators on the performance of laminated composite shells by an isogeometric approach (چکیده)
771 - Quantile estimation based on modified ranked set sampling schemes using Pitman closeness (چکیده)
772 - Validation of the SMOS Level 1C Brightness Temperature and Level 2 Soil Moisture Data over the West and Southwest of Iran (چکیده)
773 - Estimating Flood Characteristics Using Geomorphologic Flood Index with Regards to Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency-Area Curves and CADDIES-2D Model in Three Iranian Basins (چکیده)
774 - Some relations between Lp-spaces on locally compact group G and double coset K n G=H (چکیده)
775 - Role of silica mid-layer in thermal and chemical stability of hierarchical Fe3O4-SiO2-TiO2 nanoparticles for improvement of lead adsorption: Kinetics, thermodynamic and deep XPS investigation (چکیده)
776 - Current status and future prospects of metal–organic frameworks at the interface of dye-sensitized solar cells (چکیده)
777 - SARS-CoV-2-human protein-protein interaction network (چکیده)
778 - A novel turn-off fluorescent aptasensor for ampicillin detection based on perylenetetracarboxylic acid diimide and gold nanoparticles (چکیده)
779 - A parametric knot adaptation approach to isogeometric analysis of contact problems (چکیده)
780 - Comparison between two methods of the economic-statistical design of profile monitoring under the double sampling scheme (چکیده)
781 - A new approach for monitoring healthcare performance using generalized additive profiles (چکیده)
782 - Techno-economic analysis of power generation by turboexpanders in natural gas pressure reduction stations (چکیده)
783 - Analysis of supramolecular interactions directing crystal packing of a trans,trans,trans-[diaquabis(4-quinolin-3-yl)-4H-1,2,4-triazole)bis(tricyanomethanide)iron(II)] complex: A combination of XRD, MEP, NBO, QTAIM, and NCI analyses (چکیده)
784 - Response of broiler chickens to calcium and phosphorus restriction: Effects on growth performance, carcase traits, tibia characteristics and total tract retention of nutrients (چکیده)
785 - Predictive analysis for joint progressive censoring plans: a Bayesian approach (چکیده)
786 - Silica mesoporous structures: Effective nanocarriers in drug delivery and nanocatalysts (چکیده)
787 - Soft computing-based approach on prediction promising pistachio seedling base on leaf characteristics (چکیده)
788 - Effect of Adding Nano Size Silica on Setting Time and Porosity of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (چکیده)
789 - Physicochemical characterisation of Salvia macrosiphon gum based edible films incorporated with various fatty acids (چکیده)
790 - Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of Diclofenac by N-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Ultrasound (چکیده)
791 - Hormopriming instigates defense mechanisms in Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) seeds under cadmium stress (چکیده)
792 - The antioxidant activity and total phenol content of seeds from four species of Apiaceae family under different storage conditions (چکیده)
793 - Effects of smart flap on aerodynamic performance of sinusoidal leading-edge wings at low Reynolds numbers (چکیده)
794 - Development of three multiplex-PCR assays for virulence profiling of different iron acquisition systems in Escherichia coli (چکیده)
795 - A method for assessing subject-specific counting efficiency of whole-body monitoring systems for radioiodine measurements (چکیده)
796 - Synergistic effect of hybrid size ZrO2 and electroless nickel decoration on the mechanical and high temperature oxidation properties of NiCr–ZrO2 composites (چکیده)
797 - Microbial cell lysate supernatant (CLS) alteration impact on platinum nanoparticles fabrication, characterization, antioxidant and antibacterial activity (چکیده)
798 - Probiotic characterization of Pediococcus strains isolated from Iranian cereal-dairy fermented product: Interaction with pathogenic bacteria and the enteric cell line Caco-2 (چکیده)
799 - Exploring 3-Hydroxyflavone Scaffolds as Mushroom Tyrosinase Inhibitors: Synthesis, X-Ray Crystallography, Antimicrobial, Fluorescence Behaviour, Structure-Activity Relationship and Molecular Modelling Studies (چکیده)
800 - Drought, Climate Change, and Dryland Wheat Yield Response: An Econometric Approach (چکیده)
801 - Comparison of mono and dinuclear α–diimine Ni-based catalysts for synthesis of polynorbornene and its microstructure study (چکیده)
802 - Water distribution networks optimization using GA, SMPSO, and SHGAPSO algorithms based on engineering approach: a real case study (چکیده)
803 - Multipass Friction Stir Processing of Steel/SiC Nanocomposite: Assessment of Microstructure and Tribological Properties (چکیده)
804 - Effect of antimicrobial peptides and monoterpenes on control of fire blight (چکیده)
805 - Assessment of model fusion strategy for increasing the accuracy of autumn rainfall forecasting (چکیده)
806 - A Comparative Assessment of Artificial Neural Network, Generalized Regression Neural Network, Least-Square Support Vector Regression, and K-Nearest Neighbor Regression for Monthly Streamflow Forecasting in Linear and Nonlinear Conditions (چکیده)
807 - Infographic: Trunk exercise training improves muscle size, strength, and function in older adults: A randomized controlled trial (چکیده)
808 - Influence of thermosonication treatment on the average size of fat globules, emulsion stability, rheological properties and color of camel milk cream (چکیده)
809 - Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activity of Silver/Titanium Dioxide/Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Coated on Cotton Fabrics (چکیده)
810 - Biostratigraphy of Campanian—Maastrichtian sequences and facies analysis in Anaran and Samand Anticlines, Zagros, Iran (چکیده)
811 - Phylogeny ofAcanthophyllums.l. revisited: An update on generic concept and sectional classification (چکیده)
812 - Optimal extended warranty length with limited number of repairs in the warranty period (چکیده)
813 - AAAligner: Anchor-based Approach to Fast Genome Sequence Alignment (چکیده)
814 - Effect of Pipeline External Geometry on Local Scour and Self-Burial Time Scales in Current (چکیده)
815 - Aerodynamic investigation of twist angle variation based on wing smarting for a flying wing (چکیده)
816 - Process capability indices in normal distribution with the presence of outliers (چکیده)
817 - Cube distinguisher extraction using division property in block ciphers (چکیده)
818 - Sexual parameters, digestive enzyme activities, and growth performance of guppy ( Poecilia reticulata ) fed garlic ( Allium sativum ) extract supplemented diets (چکیده)
819 - Complexities in university students’ understanding of parametric equations and curves (چکیده)
820 - An Automated GUI Layout Refactoring Technique for Improving Monkey Testing of Android Applications (چکیده)
821 - Novel FMRP interaction networks linked to cellular stress (چکیده)
822 - Insights into the catalytic behaviors of different types of Polyoxo-noble-metalates (چکیده)
823 - Induction of microbial carbonate precipitation as a sustainable strategy for post-improvement and remediation of cold mix asphalt (چکیده)
824 - THE (△,□)-EDGE GRAPH G△,□ OF A GRAPH G (چکیده)
825 - An inorganic-organic hybrid material based on a Keggin-type polyoxometalate@Dysprosium as an effective and green catalyst in the synthesis of 2-amino-4H-chromenes via multicomponent reactions (چکیده)
826 - Chemical Composition and Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, and Antiproliferative Activities of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bark Essential Oil (چکیده)
827 - Geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis of FG graphene platelets-reinforced nanocomposite cylinder: MLPG method based on a modified nonlinear micromechanical model (چکیده)
828 - Comprehensive techno-economic and environmental sensitivity analysis and multi-objective optimization of a novel heat and power system for natural gas city gate stations (چکیده)
829 - Selecting best painting colour for crude oil storage tanks exterior surface (چکیده)
831 - Combined Effects of Water Deficit, Exogenous Ethylene Application and Root Symbioses on Trigonelline and ABA Accumulation in Fenugreek (چکیده)
832 - An investigation into the crystalline structure, and the rheological, thermal, textural and sensory properties of sugar-free milk chocolate: effect of inulin and maltodextrin (چکیده)
833 - An agent-based coupled heat and water transfer model for air frying of doughnut as a heterogeneous multiscale porous material (چکیده)
834 - A low-cost paper-based aptasensor for simultaneous trace-level monitoring of mercury (II) and silver (I) ions (چکیده)
835 - Multi-Trip Open Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: A Case Study (چکیده)
836 - Large scale mobility calculations in PEDOT (Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)): Backmapping the coarse-grained MARTINI morphology (چکیده)
837 - A Comparison between Static and Dynamic Stability in Postural Sway and Fall Risks (چکیده)
838 - Angular distribution of scattered neutrons as a tool for soil moisture measurement: A feasibility study (چکیده)
839 - The effects of several parameters on the storage stability of the melamine-formaldehyde (MF) polymers by using a traditional design of experiment (DOE) software (چکیده)
840 - In vitro cytotoxicity of polyphenols from Datura innoxia aqueous leaf-extract on human leukemia K562 cells: DNA and nuclear proteins as targets (چکیده)
841 - Investigating loading rate and fibre densities influence on SRG - concrete bond behaviour (چکیده)
842 - Computational modeling of the kinetics and mechanism of the new generation of glutathione peroxidase nanomimic: selenosubtilisin and tellurosubtilisin (چکیده)
843 - A multidimensional conceptualization of the sponsor-sponsee fit in sport (چکیده)
844 - A redetermination of the crystal structure of the mannitol complex NH4[Mo2O5(C6H11O6)]·H2O: hydrogen-bonding scheme and Hirshfeld surface analysis (چکیده)
845 - Marshallagia marshalli Antigen Strengthens Dendritic Cell Medi-ated T Lymphocyte Regulation on Asthmatic Patients (چکیده)
846 - Nedis-Serpent simulation of a neutron source assembly with complex internal heterogeneous structure (چکیده)
847 - Effect of Microstructure on Stress Dependence of Transformation Induced Plasticity in TRIP800 Low-Alloy Multiphase Steels (چکیده)
848 - A note on the strong consistency of nonparametric estimation of Shannon entropy in length-biased sampling (چکیده)
849 - Identification Of Bio-Components Influencing Wheat Yields: Application Of Spatial Regression Model (چکیده)
850 - طراحی کنترل فیدبک حالت قابل تنظیم برای سیستم های سینگولار چند متغیره با کاربرد در کنترل ربات تحت قید (چکیده)
851 - Compliance with OIE animal welfare standards in slaughterhouses in Tehran Province, Iran: An introductory survey (چکیده)
852 - Metaboreflex-mediated hemodynamic abnormalities in individuals with coronary artery disease without overt signs or symptoms of heart failure (چکیده)
853 - Ribose-induced Maillard Reaction as an Analytical Method for Detection of Adulteration and Differentiation of Chilled and Frozen-thawed Minced Veal (چکیده)
854 - Asymptotic properties of the estimator of cumulative residual entropy (چکیده)
855 - Use of a genetically engineered E. coli overexpressing β-glucuronidase accompanied by glycyrrhizic acid, a natural and anti-inflammatory agent, for directed treatment of colon carcinoma in a mouse model (چکیده)
856 - Analysis of the essential oil composition of three cultivated Nepeta species from Iran (چکیده)
857 - Application of AG method and its improvement to nonlinear damped oscillators (چکیده)
858 - Discrete-time Terminal Sliding Mode Control of Chaotic Lorenz System (چکیده)
859 - Decentralised sliding mode control of RL-derivative based fractional-order large-scale nonlinear systems (چکیده)
860 - Robust fractional-order control of PMSG-based WECS (چکیده)
861 - Nonlinear fractional-order power system stabilizer for multi-machine power systems based on sliding mode technique (چکیده)
862 - Time scale separation in control of a single-link flexible-joint robot manipulator (چکیده)
863 - A hybrid model for online prediction of PM2.5 concentration: A case study (چکیده)
865 - Maximum Power Point Tracking Injection Method for Islanding Detection of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems in Microgrid (چکیده)
866 - Plant Growth Inhibitory Activities and Volatile Active Compounds of 53 Spices and Herbs (چکیده)
867 - Approximate n-idempotents and generalized Aluthge transform (چکیده)
868 - A GN-based modified model for size-dependent coupled thermoelasticity analysis in nano scale, considering nonlocality in heat conduction and elasticity: An analytical solution for a nano beam with energy dissipation (چکیده)
869 - The Coannihilator Graph of a Commutative Ring (چکیده)
870 - Some splitting theorems for local cohomology modules with respect to a pair of ideals (چکیده)
871 - Comparison of local cohomlogy modules of a ring and its amalgamated algebra along a given ideal (چکیده)
872 - بررسی تغییر شکل استاتیکی و ولتاژ ناپایداری میکروتیر منحنی ویسکوالاستیک (چکیده)
873 - Multi-spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies of interaction between two different angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from gluten hydrolysate and human serum albumin (چکیده)
874 - Extending BIM Interoperability for Real-Time Concrete Formwork Process Monitoring (چکیده)
875 - On ergodicity of Markovian mostly expanding semi-group actions (چکیده)
876 - Comparison of Different Signal Sequences to Use for Periplasmic Over-Expression of Buforin I in Escherichia coli: An In Silico Study (چکیده)
877 - Extension of Dunkl--Williams inequality and characterizations of inner product spaces (چکیده)
878 - Improving the Statistical Information Collection Overhead in Software Defined Networks (چکیده)
879 - Thermo-hydraulic analysis and optimization of CuO/water nanofluid inside helically dimpled heat exchangers (چکیده)
880 - A hybrid mathematical modeling strategy for controlling the mechanical performance of polyethylene/poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)/Nanoclay cast films (چکیده)
881 - Sonocatalyst efficiency of palladium-graphene oxide nanocomposite for ibuprofen degradation from aqueous solution (چکیده)
882 - SDN- and fog computing-based switchable routing using path stability estimation for vehicular ad hoc networks (چکیده)
883 - Insight into enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of Fe3O4–SiO2–TiO2 core-multishell nanoparticles on the elimination of Escherichia coli (چکیده)
884 - Feeding Complete Concentrate Pellets Containing Ground Grains or Blend of Steam-Flaked Grains and Other Concentrate Ingredients in Ruminant Nutrition – A Review (چکیده)
885 - Functionalization and Surface Modifications of Bioactive Glasses (BGs): Tailoring of the Biological Response Working on the Outermost Surface Layer (چکیده)
886 - Structure-rheology relationship of basil seed gum-whey protein isolate mixture: Effect of thermal treatment and biopolymer ratio (چکیده)
887 - Moving mesh version of wave propagation algorithm based on augmented Riemann solver (چکیده)
888 - Crystal and molecular structure of [Ni(2-H2NC(=O)C5H4N)2(H2O)2][Ni(2,6-(O2C)2C5H3N)2]·4.67H2O; DFT studies on hydrogen bonding energies in the crystal (چکیده)
889 - Scheduling Mixed-criticality Systems on Reconfigurable Platforms (چکیده)
890 - LDSFI: a Lightweight Dynamic Software-based Fault Injection (چکیده)
891 - Virtual calibration of whole-body counter using a library of statistical phantoms (چکیده)
892 - The first series of Iranian BREP phantoms (چکیده)
893 - Cognitive Knowledge Seeding Using Collective Uncertainty Shaping (چکیده)
894 - Water-Saving Scenarios Based on Input–Output Analysis and Virtual Water Concept: A Case in Iran (چکیده)
895 - Evaluating the Rearing condition of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) Using Fuzzy Inference System (چکیده)
896 - Viscous Evolution of Magnetized Clumps: A Source for X-Ray Flares in Gamma-Ray Bursts (چکیده)
897 - Enhanced oil recovery using silica nanoparticles in the presence of salts for wettability alteration (چکیده)
898 - Control of Elastic Joint Robot Based on Electromyogram Signal by Pre-Trained Multi-Layer Perceptron (چکیده)
899 - Bi2MoO6 nanofilms on the stainless steel mesh by PS-PED method: Photocatalytic degradation of diclofenac sodium as a pharmaceutical pollutant (چکیده)
900 - Production of high fiber ready-to-eat expanded snack from barley flour and carrot pomace using extrusion cooking technology (چکیده)
901 - The Effects of Moisture Sources and Local Parameters on the 18O and 2H Contents of Precipitation in the West of Iran and the East of Iraq (چکیده)
902 - A Probabilistic Fuzzy Table Lookup Scheme with Negation Logic (چکیده)
903 - Anomaly Detection in Smart Grid With Help of an Improved OPTICS Using Coefficient of Variation (چکیده)
904 - Runtime Optimization of a New Anomaly Detection Method for Smart Metering Data Using Hadoop Map-Reduce (چکیده)
905 - Investigating the Effect of Renewable Distributed Generation and Price Elasticity of Demand on Electric Utilities’ Death Spiral (چکیده)
906 - Entropy-based Consensus for Distributed Data Clustering (چکیده)
907 - Full genome characterization of Iranian H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus from Hooded Crow (Corvus cornix), 2017: The first report (چکیده)
908 - Robust Real-time Magnetic-based Object Localization to Sensor’s Fault using Recurrent Neural Networks (چکیده)
909 - Instability of saturated granular materials in biaxial loading with polygonal particles using discrete element Method (DEM) (چکیده)
910 - Algae Biotechnology (چکیده)
911 - Chemical cytometry and early disease diagnosis (چکیده)
912 - Three Different Methods for Approximate Analysis of Bar Structures (چکیده)
913 - An edge cracked frame finite element for analysis of cracked structures and inverse crack detection (چکیده)
914 - Calibration of bar-Concrete Bond Stress Relationships for Bond Stress Prediction of GFRP Soil Nails Using Experimental Pullout Tests (چکیده)
915 - Sonoprecipitation fabrication of enhanced electron transfer Cu(OH)2/g-C3N4 nanophotocatalyst with promoted H2-Production activity under visible light irradiation (چکیده)
916 - Study of camel lactoferrin derive peptide and DNA interaction using molecular dynamic simulation (چکیده)
917 - New stage-discharge relationship for cylindrical and semi-cylindrical edged sluice gates (چکیده)
918 - Sensitivity to sweetness correlates to elevated reward brain responses to sweet and high-fat food odors in young healthy volunteers (چکیده)
919 - Practical application of nonaqueous foam in the preparation of a novel aerated reduced-fat sauce (چکیده)
921 - Experimental investigation on the behavior of fine-grained soils containing waste rubber tires under repeated and static loading using direct shear apparatus (چکیده)
922 - Consolidation assessment using Multi Expression Programming (چکیده)
923 - Experimental Investigation of Bond Stress and Creep Displacements of GFRP Soil Nails Simulated in a Soil Box (چکیده)
924 - Power density ratio optimization of bimorph piezocomposite energy harvesters using a Multidisciplinary Design Feasible method (چکیده)
925 - Numerical Simulations of Low-Reynolds-Number Flow Past Finite Wings with Leading-Edge Protuberances (چکیده)
926 - Enhanced electrophoretic separation of proteins by tethered SiO2 nanoparticles in an SDS-polyacrylamide gel network (چکیده)
927 - The Effect of Vitamin C on Lead-induced Plasma BiochemicalAlterations in Fish, Cyprinus carpio (چکیده)
928 - An experimental study on the energy absorption characteristics of single- and bi-layer cups under quasi-static loading (چکیده)
929 - Study of Allelopathic Interaction of Essential Oils from Medicinal and Aromatic Plants on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Lettuce (چکیده)
930 - Studies on non-linear characteristics of reinforced concrete beams using frequency response data (چکیده)
932 - Contamination control in Iranian seedless barberry micropropagation (چکیده)
933 - A study on isolation and molecular identification of Bordetella avium from Iranian commercial and backyard broiler turkeys; 2016-2018 (چکیده)
934 - Price elasticity of residential water demand: a Meta analysis of studies on water demand, (case study: Iran) (چکیده)
935 - A Novel Method for Optimal Control of Piecewise Affine Systems Using Semi-Definite Programming (چکیده)
936 - Hybrid control of synchronization of fractional order nonlinear systems (چکیده)
937 - Extraction of algal chlorophyll(a+b) pigment using adsorption (چکیده)
938 - The effect of drying methods on simultaneous extraction of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins from Chlorella vulgaris microalgae (چکیده)
939 - The Study of the Effect of a 16-Week Program of Resistance-Aerobic Training on BDNF, Hba1c, Pain, and Michigan Neuropathy Score Among Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy (چکیده)
940 - The effect of mineralogy and textural characteristics on the strength of crystalline igneous rocks using image-based textural quantification (چکیده)
941 - The Effect of Sodium Alginate Coating Incorporated with Lactoperoxidase System and Zataria multiflora boiss Essential Oil on Shelf Life Extension of Rainbow Trout Fillets During Refrigeration (چکیده)
942 - Challenges with Verifying Microbial Degradation of Polyethylene (چکیده)
943 - Functional Cross-talk between Ras and Rho Pathways (چکیده)
944 - The Function of Embryonic Stem Cell-expressed RAS (E-RAS), a Unique RAS Family Member, Correlates with Its Additional Motifs and Its Structural Properties (چکیده)
946 - A novel approach to prevent decarburisation through electroless plating (چکیده)
947 - The Role of Embryonic Stem Cell-expressed RAS (ERAS) in the Maintenance of Quiescent Hepatic Stellate Cells (چکیده)
948 - Structural fingerprints, interactions, and signaling networks of RAS family proteins beyond RAS isoforms (چکیده)
949 - Structural snapshots of RAF kinase interactions (چکیده)
950 - bFGF-mediated pluripotency maintenance in human induced pluripotent stem cells is associated with NRAS-MAPK signaling (چکیده)
951 - Effects of exercise training on serum preptin, undercarboxylated osteocalcin and high molecular weight adiponectin in adults with metabolic syndrome (چکیده)
952 - p-angular distance orthogonality (چکیده)
953 - Effect of different conditions on pervaporation dehydration in CA/NYL66 blend membrane (چکیده)
954 - Menaquinone-4 effects on working memory impairment and anxiety behavior after transient cerebral ischemia/reperfusion in male wistar rat (چکیده)
955 - A one-pot route for the synthesis of Au@Pd/PMo12/rGO as a dual functional electrocatalyst for ethanol electro-oxidation and hydrogen evolution reaction (چکیده)
956 - Application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Image Processing for Prediction of Gravimetrical Properties of Roasted Pistachio Nuts and Kernels (چکیده)
957 - A safe and efficient method for encapsulation of ferrous sulfate in solid lipid nanoparticle for non-oxidation and sustained iron delivery (چکیده)
958 - Designing a Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem With the Earliness/Tardiness Penalty (چکیده)
959 - Non-linear positive maps between C*-algebras (چکیده)
960 - Norm-parallelism and the Davis–Wielandt radius of Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
961 - Sharp Inequalities for the Numerical Radii of Block Operator Matrices (چکیده)
962 - An energy balance method for seismic analysis of cable-stayed bridges (چکیده)
963 - Assessing the factors influencing clients’ impulsive information seeking behaviour in using information resources and services of the academic library (چکیده)
964 - Thermal Instability of Thin Accretion Disks in the Presence of Wind and a Toroidal Magnetic Field (چکیده)
965 - Effects of halloysite nanotubes on the morphology and CO 2 /CH 4 separation performance of Pebax/polyetherimide thin‐film composite membranes (چکیده)
966 - Role of microRNAs in osteogenesis of stem cells (چکیده)
967 - T-Box20 inhibits osteogenic differentiation in adipose-derived human mesenchymal stem cells: the role of T-Box20 on osteogenesis (چکیده)
968 - Overexpression of MicroRNA-148b-3p stimulates osteogenesis of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells: the role of MicroRNA-148b-3p in osteogenesis (چکیده)
969 - Conformations, molecular structure, and N–H⋯O hydrogen bond strength in 4-Alkylamino-3-penten-2-ones (چکیده)
970 - NE102A Plastic Scintillator Response to 3He Ions (چکیده)
971 - 3-Hydrogenkwadaphnine, a novel diterpene ester from Dendrostellera lessertii, its role in differentiation and apoptosis of KG1 cells (چکیده)
972 - Inference on skew-normal distribution based on Fisher information in order statistics (چکیده)
973 - Fabrication of micro–nano-roughened surface with superhydrophobic character on an aluminium alloy surface by a facile chemical etching process (چکیده)
974 - Conformational flexibility in amidophosphoesters: a CSD analysis completed with two new crystal structures of (C6H5O)2P(O)X [X = NHC7H13 and N(CH2C6H5)2] (چکیده)
975 - A Modified Dynamical Model of Cosmology I Theory (چکیده)
976 - Fuzzy process capability indices for simple linear profile (چکیده)
977 - Solar Mineralization of Hard‐Degradable Amphetamine Using TiO 2 /RGO Nanocomposite (چکیده)
978 - Comparison of coupling constant by using momentum spectra and event shape variables in different interactions (چکیده)
979 - Determination of imipenem efflux-mediated resistance in Acinetobacter spp., using an efflux pump inhibitor Ghazale (چکیده)
980 - Grape seed oil supplementation in lamb diet: effect on meat oxidation stability and muscle fatty acids (چکیده)
981 - Electron acoustic waves in atmospheric magnetized plasma (چکیده)
982 - Public preferences toward water-wise landscape design in a summer season (چکیده)
983 - A novel approach towards prediction of subsurface damage during machining metal matrix composites (چکیده)
984 - Prenatal stress promotes icv-STZ-induced sporadic Alzheimer's pathology through central insulin signaling change (چکیده)
985 - Applied improved RBF neural network model for predicting the broiler output energies (چکیده)
986 - The Role of Sensory Emotions in Increasing Willingness to Read in EFL Learners (چکیده)
987 - Iterated Function Systems with the Weak Average Contraction Conditions (چکیده)
988 - Online maximum torque per ampere control for induction motor drives considering iron loss using input–output feedback linearisation (چکیده)
989 - Assessment model for BPM maturity in the dimension of strategy (چکیده)
990 - Measuring business process maturity: is Hammer model validated in practice (چکیده)
991 - Improved bending behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced recycled aggregate concrete beams with a concrete jacket (چکیده)
992 - Stress in Written and Sight Translation in Training Setting (چکیده)
993 - Identification and Evaluation of Replaced Materials of Titanium Dioxide Pigment in Alkyd Resins and Investigation of their Properties (چکیده)
994 - Development of a risk-based maintenance decision making approach for automotive production line (چکیده)
995 - Numerical solution of nonlinear mixed Volterra-Fredholm integral equations in complex plane via PQWs (چکیده)
996 - Chemoselective synthesis of drug-like pyrrolo[2,3,4-kl]acridin-1-one using Polyoxometalate@Lanthanoid catalyst (چکیده)
997 - Novel Approach to Satisfying Stakeholders in Megaprojects: Balancing Mutual Values (چکیده)
998 - Semantic memory and multiple sclerosis: when names do not come easily (چکیده)
999 - Numerical simulation of Al2O3-water nanofluid heat transfer and entropy generation in a cavity using a novel TVD hybrid LB method under the influence of an external magnetic field source (چکیده)
1000 - 12-Tungstoboric acid (H5BW12O40) as an efficient Lewis acid catalyst for the synthesis of chromenopyrimidine-2,5-diones and thioxochromenopyrimidin-5-ones: Joint experimental and computational study (چکیده)
1001 - Effect of Compressor Emergency Shutdown in Various Compressor Station Configurations on Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline (چکیده)
1002 - Soft computing-based method for estimation of almond kernel mass from its shell features (چکیده)
1003 - Optimization and study of performance parameters in an engine fueled with hydrogen (چکیده)
1004 - On the Determination of Pinning Mechanisms and Regimes in Type-II Superconductors with Weak Thermal Fluctuations (چکیده)
1005 - Fluctuation Conductivity and Its Scaling Behavior in BaFe1.9Co0.1As2 Superconductor (چکیده)
1007 - تبیین و ارائه مدل بومی اخلاق حرفه‌ای مدیران در صنعت بانک داری (چکیده)
1008 - A robust approach for rating curves estimation in open channels using isovel contours (چکیده)
1009 - Probiotic potential comparison ofLactobacillusstrains isolated from Iranian traditional food products and human feces with standard probiotic strains (چکیده)
1010 - High-performance controller design and evaluation for active vibration control in boring (چکیده)
1011 - Machine learning methods for precise calculation of temperature drop during a throttling process (چکیده)
1012 - How Groundwater Level Fluctuations and Geotechnical Properties Lead to Asymmetric Subsidence: A PSInSAR Analysis of Land Deformation over a Transit Corridor in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (چکیده)
1013 - Post-anthesis Drought Stress Effects on Photosynthesis Rate and Chlorophyll Content of Wheat Genotypes (چکیده)
1015 - Numerical simulation of pressure pulsation effects of a snubber in a CNG station for increasing measurement accuracy (چکیده)
1016 - A numerical and experimental study on the energy efficiency of a regenerative Heat and Mass Exchanger utilizing the counter-flow Maisotsenko cycle (چکیده)
1017 - Optimizing chevron plate heat exchangers based on the second law of thermodynamics and genetic algorithm (چکیده)
1018 - Boron Phosphide van der Waals p-n Junction via Molecular Adsorption (چکیده)
1019 - A Nano-sized Nd–Ag@polyoxometalate Catalyst for Catalyzing the Multicomponent Hantzsch and Biginelli Reactions (چکیده)
1020 - Macromodel-based simulation of membrane action in reinforced concrete structural members (چکیده)
1021 - Physical modification of polymeric support layer for thin film composite forward osmosis membranes by metal–organic framework‐based porous matrix membrane strategy (چکیده)
1022 - A Case-Control Study of Relationship between Toxoplasma gondii Infection and Schizophrenia by Using Serological and Molecular Methods (چکیده)
1023 - A New Graphene Nanoribbon based Resonant Tunneling Diodes using BN Quantum Well (چکیده)
1024 - The effect of the surface coating of a strontium mono-aluminate europium dysprosium-based (SrAl2O4:Eu2+,Dy3+) phosphor by polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS) and their dual system on the photoluminescence properties of the pigment (چکیده)
1025 - Comparing Kinetics of Xylem Ion Loading and Its Regulation in Halophytes and Glycophytes (چکیده)
1026 - From basic researches to new achievements in therapeutic strategies of KRAS-driven cancers (چکیده)
1027 - On how environmental and experimental conditions affect the results of aquatic nanotoxicology on brine shrimp (Artemia salina): A case of silver nanoparticles toxicity (چکیده)
1028 - Economic evaluation of commercial grid-connected photovoltaic systems in the Middle East based on experimental data: A case study in Iran (چکیده)
1029 - Design Space Exploration of the AES Encryption Algorithm Implementation for Securing CAN Protocol (چکیده)
1030 - An improved fuzzy inference system-based risk analysis approach with application to automotive production line (چکیده)
1031 - Discerning expiration status of edible vegetable oils based on color changes during oxidation process: Using digital image and linear discriminant analysis in both primary and secondary oxidations (چکیده)
1032 - Protective effects of vitamin K2 on 6-OHDA-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells through modulation bax and caspase-3 activation (چکیده)
1033 - Sustainable manufacturing and its application in machining processes: a review (چکیده)
1034 - A comparison study of different decellularization treatments on bovine articular cartilage (چکیده)
1035 - A new electrochemical sensing platform for quantitative determination of diclofenac based on gold nanoparticles decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes/graphene oxide nanocomposite film (چکیده)
1036 - Anglophone allusions in Persian dubbing: the case study of Tarantino's films (چکیده)
1037 - Efficient Photoelectrocatalytic Water Oxidation by Palladium Doped g-C3N4 Electrodeposited Thin Film (چکیده)
1038 - Investigation of care needs, driving forces, and challenges in the caregiving system of orphan and vulnerable children in Iran (چکیده)
1039 - Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation of Distribution Function for Length-Biased Data (چکیده)
1040 - Behavior manipulation of mosquitoes by a mermithid nematode (چکیده)
1041 - The host range and impact of Aceria angustifoliae (Eriophyidae), a potential biological control agent against Russian olive, Elaeagnus angustifoliae (Elaeagnaceae) in North America (چکیده)
1042 - Shell instability analysis by using mixed interpolation (چکیده)
1043 - A formula for calculating fundamental natural frequency of partially-filled tanks (چکیده)
1044 - Ni–Cr matrix composites reinforced with nano- and micron-sized surface-modified zirconia: Synthesis, microstructure and mechanical properties (چکیده)
1045 - Software defect prediction using over-sampling and feature extraction based on Mahalanobis distance (چکیده)
1046 - The Resource-based Reflective Risk Assessment Model for Understanding the Quality of Work Life of Nurses (چکیده)
1047 - Geographical distribution of tick vectors of theilriosis and babesiosis in livestock in large Khorasan, Iran (چکیده)
1048 - Is Everything a Challenge for Multiple Sclerosis patients? Nonverbal Semantic Memory Performance in Iranian Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients (چکیده)
1049 - Experimental study on effect of EBRIG shear strengthening method on the behavior of RC beams (چکیده)
1050 - Atmospheric Dynamics from Synoptic to Local Scale During an Intense Frontal Dust Storm over the Sistan Basin in Winter 2019 (چکیده)
1051 - Estimation of water surface profiles using rating curves (چکیده)
1052 - Disease resistance and virulence screen in Solanum tuberosum–Alternaria tenuissima interaction: the role of pathogenicity factors (چکیده)
1053 - Enhanced modification technique for polyacrylonitrile UF membranes by direct hydrolysis in the immersion bath (چکیده)
1054 - Application of Superabsorbent and Mulch on Some Traits of African Marigold (Tagetes erecta) under Irrigation Intervals (چکیده)
1055 - The role of nanoparticles in the design of electrochemical biosensors for the measurement of diazinon (چکیده)
1056 - How different are children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at crossing the road? (چکیده)
1057 - An experimental investigation on effect of elevated temperatures on bond strength between externally bonded CFRP and concrete (چکیده)
1058 - Perishable Inventory Management Using GA-ANN and ICA-ANN (چکیده)
1059 - Effects of Ag+ Ions and Methyl Jasmonate on PAL and TAT Gene Expression and Activity and Phenolic Acids Content in Perovskia Abrotanoides Karel. (چکیده)
1060 - Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Using Various Higher Order Solution Methods: A Comparative Analysis for Large Deformation (چکیده)
1061 - Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder based on complex network features (چکیده)
1062 - China’s New Approach toward the Middle East: Eying to Become a Great Powerbroker (چکیده)
1063 - Exploration of relative π-electron localization in naphthalene aromatic rings by C–H⋯π interactions: experimental evidence, computational criteria, and database analysis (چکیده)
1064 - The synergistic co-operation of N—H...O=P hydrogen bonds and C—H...OX weak intermolecular interactions (X is =P or —C) in the (CH3O)2P(O)(NH–NHC6F5) amidophosphoester: a combined X-ray crystallographic and theoretical study (چکیده)
1065 - Evaluation of factors affecting dental esthetics in patients seeking orthodontic treatment (چکیده)
1066 - Assessment of land suitability and agricultural production sustainability using a combined approach (Fuzzy-AHP-GIS): A case study of Mazandaran province, Iran (چکیده)
1067 - Decolorization of dye solutions by tyrosinase in enzymatic membrane reactors (چکیده)
1068 - Application of Xylanase and β-Glucanase to Improve Nutrient Utilization in Poultry Fed Cereal Base Diets: Used of Enzymes in Poultry Diet (چکیده)
1069 - Output-only modal identification by in-operation modal appropriation for use with enhanced frequency domain decomposition method (چکیده)
1070 - Calcareous nannofossils from chalky limestone intervals of the Abderaz formation in the Kopet Dagh range, NE Iran (چکیده)
1071 - A novel approximate dynamic programming approach for constrained equipment replacement problems: A case study (چکیده)
1072 - Identification of sand dune sources in the east Sistan, Iran by using mineralogical and morphoscopic characterization of sediments (چکیده)
1073 - A new approach for silane curing polyolefin elastomer/linear low density polyethylene blends by Monosil and Sioplas processes (چکیده)
1074 - Multiscale asymptotic homogenization analysis of epoxy-based composites reinforced with different hexagonal nanosheets (چکیده)
1076 - Aron–Berner extensions of triple maps with application to the bidual of Jordan Banach triple systems (چکیده)
1077 - The effect of adding ethanolic saffron petal extract and vitamin E on growth performance, blood metabolites and antioxidant status in Baluchi male lambs (چکیده)
1078 - Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Analysis of relationships of third party logistics enablers using multi-criteria decision making technique DEMATEL-based on ANP (چکیده)
1079 - Identification of the experimental herbaceous host range of the Apscaviroids infecting citrus species (چکیده)
1080 - Improving Efficiency of Normative Interventions by Characteristic-Based Selection of Households: An Agent-Based Approach (چکیده)
1081 - Morphological and morphometric characterization of the new records of the East European vole (Microtus levis Miller, 1908) from northeast Iran (چکیده)
1082 - In memoriam Jamshid Darvish (چکیده)
1083 - Mitochondrial sequences retrieve an ancient lineage of Bicolored shrew in the Hyrcanian refugium (چکیده)
1084 - The Marriage Problem with Interdependent Preferences (چکیده)
1085 - Avoiding Social Disappointment in Elections (چکیده)
1086 - Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline layer Li(Li0.21Mn0.54Ni0.125Co0.125−x)AlxO2 for lithium-ion batteries application (چکیده)
1087 - An analysis of the semantic annotation task on the linked data cloud (چکیده)
1088 - Improved transesterification conditions for production of clean fuel from municipal wastewater microalgae feedstock (چکیده)
1089 - A syntactic analysis of Persian deverbal nominals: An exo-skeletal approach (چکیده)
1090 - Annotated checklist of fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera) and lice (Insecta: Anoplura) associated with rodents in Iran, with new reports of fleas and lice (چکیده)
1092 - Nonlocal coupled thermoelastic wave propagation band structures of nano-scale phononic crystal beams based on GN theory with energy dissipation: An analytical solution (چکیده)
1093 - بررسی بیان افتراقی ژنها، مسیرها و شبکه ژنی در بافت عضله جنین گوسفند در دو نژاد دنبهدار و بیدنبه (چکیده)
1094 - Modeling, stability and the activity assessment of glutathione reductase from Streptococcus Thermophilus; Insights from the in-silico simulation study (چکیده)
1095 - Pore-scale numerical modeling of coupled fluid flow and medium geometrical deformations in an unconsolidated porous medium (چکیده)
1096 - Oxygen isotope curves from the end-Permian mass extinction interval – influence of global warming on ostracod diversity (چکیده)
1097 - Ammonoid evolution and early warning signs for global warming during the end-Permian mass extinction (چکیده)
1098 - The Effect of Eight Weeks Selected Combined Training (Aerobic-Resistance) on Vascular Adhesion Molecules and Lipid Profile in Inactive Elderly Men (چکیده)
1099 - Classification of hydrocolloids based on small amplitude oscillatory shear, large amplitude oscillatory shear, and textural properties (چکیده)
1100 - Supramolecular assembly of a 2D coordination polymer bearing pyridine-N-oxide-2,5-dicarboxylic acid and copper ion: X-ray crystallography and DFT calculations (چکیده)
1101 - Development plan of the eternal fire based on urban sustainability (چکیده)
1102 - Modeling an HPGe detector response to gamma-rays using MCNP5 code (چکیده)
1103 - BN-SLIM: A Bayesian Network methodology for human reliability assessment based on Success Likelihood Index Method (SLIM) (چکیده)
1104 - Energy balance quantification using Landsat 8 images and SAFER algorithm in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran (چکیده)
1105 - Biochemical study of a laccase from microorganisms of gut extract of termite (چکیده)
1106 - Current–voltage characteristics of β-ketoenamines molecular switches induced by intramolecular hydrogen transfer (چکیده)
1107 - Recurrent Supramolecular Motifs in a Series of Acid–Base Adducts Based on Pyridine-2,5-Dicarboxylic Acid N-Oxide and Organic Bases: Inter- and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding (چکیده)
1108 - Heterogeneous Catalysis by Polyoxometalates in Metal-Organic Frameworks (چکیده)
1109 - Development of PES/polyaniline-modified TiO2 adsorptive membrane for copper removal (چکیده)
1110 - Application of MODFLOW with Boundary Conditions Analyses Based on Limited Available Observations: A Case Study of Birjand Plain in East Iran (چکیده)
1111 - POST herbicide programs utilizing tribenuron for cleavers (Galium aparine L.) control in winter wheat cultivars (چکیده)
1112 - Evolutionary history of water voles revisited: confronting a new phylogenetic model from molecular data with the fossil record (چکیده)
1113 - Manifestation of \\\'Self-lowering\\\' and \\\'Other-raising\\\' as Politeness Strategies in Persian Political Discourse (چکیده)
1114 - Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Antibacterial Evaluation of Novel 4-(1-(Pyrimidin-4-yl)Ethyl)-12H-Pyrimido[4′,5′:5,6][1,4]Thiazino[2,3-b]Quinoxaline Derivatives (چکیده)
1115 - Discrete Extended Kalman Filter for the Localization of Noisy Discrete Nonlinear Stochastic State-Space System (چکیده)
1116 - Calibration Optimization of DC Motor Parameters Using Nonlinear Optimization Techniques under Uncertainty (چکیده)
1117 - On the Role of Language Learners’ Psychological Reactance, Teacher Stroke, and Teacher Success in the Iranian Context (چکیده)
1118 - A novel approach to the uniformly distributed carbon nanotubes with intact structure in aluminum matrix composite (چکیده)
1119 - Effects of N-oxidation on the molecular and crystal structures and properties of isocinchomeronic acid, its metal complexes and their supramolecular architectures: experimental, CSD survey, solution and theoretical approaches (چکیده)
1120 - Grain size and mineralogical studies of sandy sediments in southwestern Iran (چکیده)
1121 - Efficient Removal of Organic Dyes from Water by Metal-Organic Frameworks: The Importance of Defects (چکیده)
1122 - A Zr-Metal-Organic Framework Catalyst for Oxidative Desulfurization and Its Improvement by Crystal Engineering Approach (چکیده)
1123 - Impact of MFUM-1(Cu) Crystal Morphology on the Gas Separation Performance of a Mixed- Matrix Membrane (چکیده)
1124 - The Integrative Chemistry of Polyoxometalates and Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Catalytic Approach (چکیده)
1125 - Precise evaluation the effect of microwave irradiation on the properties of palm kernel oil biodiesel used in a diesel engine (چکیده)
1126 - Impact of material characteristics on the general optical behavior of perforated surface plasmon system (چکیده)
1127 - Enhancement of efficiency of second-harmonic generation from MoS2 monolayers in 1D Fibonacci photonic crystals (چکیده)
1128 - H5BW12O40-Catalyzed syntheses of 1,4-dihydropyridines and polyhydroquinolines via Hantzsch reaction: Joint experimental and computational studies (چکیده)
1129 - Virtual Water Flow and Water Footprint Assessment of an Arid Region: A Case Study of South Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
1130 - Modified steady‐state modelling of brushless doubly‐fed induction generator taking core loss components into account (چکیده)
1131 - Stylistic Analysis of Characters in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House: Masculinity and Supremacy vs. Femininity and Helplessness (چکیده)
1132 - The design of Bayesian generalized likelihood ratio control chart for monitoring the normal process mean (چکیده)
1134 - A comprehensive study on dam-break flow over dry and wet beds (چکیده)
1135 - Stress-strength based on $m$-generalized order statistics and concomitant for dependent families (چکیده)
1136 - High antibacterial and photocatalytic activity of solution combustion synthesized Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles: Effect of fuel to oxidizer ratio and complex fuels (چکیده)
1137 - Surface‐grafted lanthanoid complexes of the Keggin-type heteropolyoxometallates: a hydrogen evolution reactivity, structural and computational investigation (چکیده)
1138 - Longitudinal response uniformity of a rectangular-shaped plastic scintillator when exposed to mono-energetic gamma-rays (چکیده)
1139 - Investigation of the uncommon basic properties of [Ln(W5O18)2]9– (Ln = La, Ce, Nd, Gd, Tb) by changing central lanthanoids in the syntheses of pyrazolopyranopyrimidines (چکیده)
1140 - Surface roughness effect on droplet impact characterization: Experimental and theoretical study (چکیده)
1141 - Absolute Minimum and Maximum of the Probability Mass Functions and Limit of Generalized Renyi Entropy (چکیده)
1142 - Has the targeted subsidy plan improved the life quality of rural households in Iran? (چکیده)
1143 - Assessment of Resilience to Drought of Rural Communities in Iran (چکیده)
1144 - Multifunctional CuO nanoparticles with cytotoxic effects on KYSE30 esophageal cancer cells, antimicrobial and heavy metal sensing activities (چکیده)
1145 - The relationship between shin splints with anthropometric characteristics and some indicators of body composition (چکیده)
1146 - سنتز، شناسایی و مطالعه ی ضد تکثیری برخی از کمپلکس های متشکل از پیریدین-۶،۲-دی کربوکسیلیک اسید اُکسید شده (چکیده)
1147 - Conformational variation of ligands in mercury halide complexes; high and low Z′ structures (چکیده)
1148 - Nonlocal geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis of nanobeam using a meshless method (چکیده)
1149 - Multivariate and geostatistical analyses of selected heavy metals in surface soils of Semnan industrial complex and surrounding areas (چکیده)
1150 - Evaluating the role of sensation seekingand brain-behavioral systems in internet addiction among college students (چکیده)
1151 - Potato response to silicone compounds (micro and nanoparticles) and potassium as affected by salinity stress (چکیده)
1152 - Effect of organic fertilizers on nutrients content and essential oil composition of savory (Satureja hortensis L.) (چکیده)
1153 - Lateral Spin Valve Based on the Two-Dimensional CrN / P / CrN Heterostructure (چکیده)
1154 - Cultivation Effect of Chitinase-Transgenic Cotton on Functional Bacteria and Fungi in Rhizosphere and Bulk Soil (چکیده)
1155 - When Literature and Religion Intertwine: Rostam as a Pre-Historic Iranian Hero or the Shi’itic Missionary? (چکیده)
1156 - A new higher-order strain-based plane element (چکیده)
1158 - The performance of collars on scour reduction at tandem piers aligned with different skew angles (چکیده)
1159 - The supplementary irrigation effects on drought tolerance and ornamental characteristics of safflower varieties (چکیده)
1160 - Effect of ultrasonic irradiation on the properties and performance of biodiesel produced from date seed oil used in the diesel engine (چکیده)
1161 - The impact of brand equity on customer equity (چکیده)
1162 - Tungsten-inert gas welding electrodes as low-cost, green and pH-universal electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (چکیده)
1163 - Investigating the effects of recycled PET particles, shredded recycled steel fibers and Metakaolin powder on the properties of RCCP (چکیده)
1164 - A 6-bit 100-MS/s Fully-Digital Time-Based Analog-to-Digital Converter (چکیده)
1165 - Conceptual design for a new heterogeneous 241Am-9Be neutron source assembly using SOURCES4C-MCNPX hybrid simulations (چکیده)
1166 - Ergodic shadowing of non-autonomous discrete-time dynamical systems (چکیده)
1167 - Comparing the Artificial Neural Networks and Multi Linear Regression Models to Predict the Energy Output of Fruit Production (چکیده)
1168 - Integration of Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks to Better Predict Agricultural Energy Flows (چکیده)
1169 - Linear and geometrically nonlinear analysis of plane structures by using a new locking free triangular element (چکیده)
1170 - A general fuzzy TOPSIS model in multiple criteria decision making (چکیده)
1171 - A reconfigurable multi-band, multi-bias THz absorber (چکیده)
1172 - An Efficient Eigen-Solver and Some of Its Applications (چکیده)
1173 - An efficient mixed interpolated curved beam element for geometrically nonlinear analysis (چکیده)
1174 - Nonlinear vibration analysis of carbon nanotube reinforced composite plane structures (چکیده)
1175 - Three stress-based triangular elements (چکیده)
1176 - Rolling contact fatigue analysis of rails under the in uence of residual stresses induced by manufacturing (چکیده)
1177 - The Effects of Regulated Deficit Irrigation in Growth Response to Büchloe dactyloides (Bowie and Cody) Compared with Festuca arundinacea (چکیده)
1178 - On the role of structural variables in magnetic properties of Co(1-x)NixFe2O4 nanoferrites (چکیده)
1179 - Efficacy of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Reducing Disappointment, Psychological Distress, and Psychasthenia among Systemic lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Patients (چکیده)
1180 - Assessing the Accuracy of Expert-Based Decisions in Dispatching Ready Mixed Concrete (چکیده)
1181 - A nanohybrid composed of polyoxotungstate and graphene oxide for dispersive micro solid-phase extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs prior to their quantitation by HPLC (چکیده)
1182 - The bidual of a Banach algebra associated with a bilinear map (چکیده)
1183 - An efficient solid phase extraction of Pb2+ using tannic acid-coated cerium oxide nanoparticles followed by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
1185 - Genomic, phylogenetic and catabolic re-assessment of the Pseudomonas putida clade supports the delineation of Pseudomonas alloputida sp. nov., Pseudomonas inefficax sp. nov., Pseudomonas persica sp. nov., and Pseudomonas shirazica sp. nov (چکیده)
1186 - Early Changhsingian (Late Permian) ammonoids from NW Iran (چکیده)
1187 - Paleopedology and magnetic properties of Sari loess-paleosol sequence in Caspian lowland, northern Iran (چکیده)
1188 - Irankuh lead-zinc mining district, southern Isfahan, Iran: Evidences of geology, fluid inclusion and isotope geochemistry (چکیده)
1189 - Variants of Ando–Hiai inequality for operator power means (چکیده)
1190 - Shear strengthening of RC beams using EBRIG CFRP strips: a comparative study (چکیده)
1191 - Application of nonlinear photonic crystal ring resonators in realizing all optical OR/NOT/AND gates (چکیده)
1192 - Mechanical Behavior of Dam Foundation with Vertical Sand Drain, Case Study: Sombar Dam (چکیده)
1193 - Application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Image Processing for Prediction of the Geometrical Properties of Roasted Pistachio Nuts and Kernels (چکیده)
1194 - On the material characteristics of a high carbon cast austenitic stainless steel after solution annealing followed by quenching in a CNT nanofluid (چکیده)
1195 - Some operator inequalities for Hermitian Banach $*$-algebras (چکیده)
1196 - A numerical method based on the moving mesh for the solving of a mathematical model of the avascular tumor growth (چکیده)
1197 - Effect of Age-Dependent Parasitism in Eggs of Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) on Intraguild Predation Between Nabis pseudoferus (Hemiptera: Nabidae) and Trichogramma brassicae (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) (چکیده)
1198 - محاسبه انتروپی کاهش حجم آمینو اسید ها در سنتز پروتئین و کران بالای ترمودینامیکی اندازه سلول (چکیده)
1199 - Psychological Consequences of Breast Cancer in Iran: A Meta-Analysis (چکیده)
1200 - Molecular Detection and Genotyping of Intestinal Microsporid-ia from Stray Dogs in Iran (چکیده)
1201 - Employ of magnetic polyaniline coated chitosan nanocomposite for extraction and determination of phthalate esters in diapers and wipes using gas chromatography (چکیده)
1202 - Cardinal temperatures for seed germination of wild barley, barley grass and hoary cress (چکیده)
1203 - Modelling Study on Internal Energy Loss Due to Entropy Generation for Non-Darcy Poiseuille Flow of Silver-Water Nanofluid: An Application of Purification (چکیده)
1204 - c-capability of Lie algebras with the derived subalgebra of dimension two (چکیده)
1205 - TWIST1, MMP‐21, and HLAG‐1 co‐overexpression is associated with ESCC aggressiveness (چکیده)
1206 - Textual Engagement of Native English Speakers in Doctoral Dissertation Discussion Sections (چکیده)
1207 - Fuzzy double variable sampling plan (چکیده)
1208 - Application of hetero junction CNTs as mass nanosensor using nonlocal strain gradient theory: An analytical solution (چکیده)
1209 - بررسی ارتباط بین تصویرسازی و موفقیت ورزشی با حافظه حس حرکت در دانشجویان مرد ورزشکار (چکیده)
1210 - A Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis process for the fabrication of Fe(Cr)–Al2O3 nanocomposite (چکیده)
1211 - Optimization of pulse processing parameters for digital neutron-gamma discrimination (چکیده)
1212 - An Operator Inequality for Bounded Linear Maps Between $$C^*$$-Algebras (چکیده)
1213 - Performance and structural features of LaNi0.5Co0.5O3 perovskite oxides for the dry reforming of methane: influence of the preparation method (چکیده)
1214 - The antigenicity performance of divalent recombinant B. melitensis vaccines versus univalent ones (چکیده)
1215 - Effects of dexamethasone and insulin alone or in combination on energy and protein metabolism, reproduction and milk production in dairy cows in early lactation (چکیده)
1216 - Oxidation behavior of a nanostructured compositionally graded layer (CGL) thermal barrier coating (TBC) deposited on IN-738LC (چکیده)
1217 - Predicting the relative density and hardness of 3YPSZ/316L composites using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system and support vector regression models (چکیده)
1218 - New Inner Bounds for the Gaussian Interference Channel with a Cognitive Relay (چکیده)
1219 - A wideband 45° inclined linear polarization travelling-wave slot array antenna with broadside radiation pattern (چکیده)
1220 - The Role of G-proteins in Biology and Physiology of Eukaryotes (چکیده)
1221 - Importance of GPCR Receptors in Fungi (چکیده)
1222 - Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment using biological anaerobic and coagulation-flocculation hybrid process (چکیده)
1223 - On c-capability and n-isoclinic families of a specific class of groups (چکیده)
1224 - Coping Strategies of Pregnant Women with Detected Fetal Anomalies in Iran: A Qualitative Study (چکیده)
1225 - Performance Evaluation of External and Mixed Compression Supersonic Air Intakes: Parametric Study (چکیده)
1226 - Prospective Effects of Regrouping, Number of Animals in Each Group and Concentrate Specificity on Profitability of Lactating Dairy Cows (چکیده)
1227 - Preparation and characterization of a novel hydrophilic PVDF/PVA/Al 2 O 3 nanocomposite membrane for removal of As(V) from aqueous solutions (چکیده)
1228 - Influence of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction on Bioavailibity of Bene Hull (Pistacia Atlantica Subsp. Mutica) Extract: Testing Optimal Conditions and Antioxidant Activity (چکیده)
1229 - Preconcentration of morphine in urine sample using a green and solvent-free microextraction method (چکیده)
1230 - Thin film composite membranes with desirable support layer for MeOH/MTBE pervaporation (چکیده)
1231 - Soil Moisture Monitoring in Iran by Implementing Satellite Data into the Root-Zone SMAR Model (چکیده)
1232 - Kernel density estimation under negative superadditive dependence and its application for real data (چکیده)
1233 - The effect of acoustic feedback in an auditory Posner paradigm: delay effect and bias in ERP (چکیده)
1234 - A New Method for Decolorization Study of Trypan Blue and Methylene Blue by Bacterial Laccase: Nonlinear Optic (چکیده)
1235 - Maps preserving quadratic product between positive cones of JBW-algebras (چکیده)
1236 - Systems analysis of implementing an electronic city in Bojnord, Iran (چکیده)
1237 - Hydrogen-bonded 3D network of d10-metal halide coordination polymer containing N-(3-pyridinyl) nicotinamide: influence of ligand conformation, halide anions and solvent (چکیده)
1238 - Characteristics evaluation of SiC/Si nanocomposites produced by spark plasma sintering (چکیده)
1239 - Investigation of the mechanical and physical properties of bio-modified cold asphalt emulsion mixtures by microbial carbonate precipitation (چکیده)
1240 - Pinless tool for FSSW of AA 6061-T6 aluminum alloy (چکیده)
1241 - A representation of noncommutative BMO spaces (چکیده)
1242 - Time-constrained maximal covering routing problem (چکیده)
1243 - Exploring Engineering Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes toward Mathematical Problem Posing (چکیده)
1244 - Performance intensification of turbulent flow through heat exchanger tube using double V-cut twisted tape inserts (چکیده)
1245 - The effectiveness of group reality therapy on personal identity crisis improvement with an emphasis on Life expectancy (چکیده)
1246 - Effect of prostaglandin F2α and GnRH at the time of artificial insemination on reproductive performance of dairy cows (چکیده)
1247 - Numerical and Experimental Study of Buckling of Rectangular Steel Plates with a Cutout (چکیده)
1248 - Investigation of Pre-buckling Stress Effect on Buckling Load Determination of Finite Rectangular Plates with Circular Cutout (چکیده)
1249 - Nano-sized ZnS functionalized with dioxa-dithio ligands for removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution (چکیده)
1250 - Aerodynamic Analysis of a Three-Bladed Pivoted Savonius Wind Turbine: Wind Tunnel Testing and Numerical Simulation (چکیده)
1251 - Trajectory modication of a transonic spherical projectile under hop-up mechanism (چکیده)
1252 - PEBA/PS blend pervaporation membranes: preparation, characterization and performance investigation (چکیده)
1253 - Z-scheme design of Ag@g-C3N4/ZnS photoanode device for efficient solar water oxidation: An organic-inorganic electronic interface (چکیده)
1254 - Semi Analytical Analysis of FGM Thick-Walled Cylindrical Pressure Vessel with Longitudinal Variation of Elastic Modulus under Internal Pressure (چکیده)
1255 - Relationship Between Depositional Facies and Reservoir Characteristics of the Oligo-Miocene Asmari Formation, Aghajari Oilfield, SW Iran (چکیده)
1256 - The effect of compression ratio and alternative fuels on performance and exhaust emission in a diesel engine by modelling engine (چکیده)
1257 - Investigation of injection timing and different fuels on the diesel engine performance and emissions (چکیده)
1258 - Non-abelian tensor absolute centre of a group (چکیده)
1259 - The Flotation by Selected Depressants as an Efficient Technique for Separation of a Mixed Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polycarbonate and Polyoxymethyleneplastics in Waste Streams (چکیده)
1260 - Protein-Protein Interaction Networks Alignment using Mathematical Model Approximation (چکیده)
1261 - Characterization, Release Profile and Antimicrobial Properties of Bioactive Polyvinyl Alcohol-Alyssum homolocarpum Seed Gum- Nisin Composite Film (چکیده)
1262 - Immunogenic evaluation of FMD virus immuno-dominant epitopes coupled with IL-2/FcIgG in BALB/c mice (چکیده)
1263 - Evaluation of Biological Response of Lettuce -Lactuca sativa L.- and Weeds to Safranal Allelochemical of Saffron -Crocus sativus- by Using Static Exposure Method (چکیده)
1264 - Optimization of Laser Power for Laser-Induced Hyperthermia in the Presence of Nanoparticles using MATLAB and COMSOL Multiphysics (چکیده)
1265 - Noncommutative versions of inequalities in quantum information theory (چکیده)
1266 - NH4+-K+ co-loaded clinoptilolite as a binary fertilizer (چکیده)
1267 - Variations of kidney, liver and spleen total sialic acid levels in immunized rainbow trout -Oncorhynchus mykiss- against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (چکیده)
1268 - Sandstone petrography and geochemistry of the Nayband Formation -Upper Triassic, Central Iran-: Implications for provenance and tectonic setting (چکیده)
1269 - Regioselective synthesis of new 5H,10H-dipyrimido[2,1-b:4′,5′-d][1,3]thiazine: a combined experimental and computational study (چکیده)
1270 - The Effect of Induced Positive and Negative Mood on Creativity (چکیده)
1271 - Dicyclohexylammonium O,O’-Diphenyl Phosphate, [(C6H11)2NH2][(C6H5O)2P(O)(O)]: Spectroscopic Study, Crystal Structure, and Hirshfeld Surface Analysis (چکیده)
1272 - Effect of Ignition Timing and Hydrogen Fraction in Natural Gas Blend on Performance and Exhaust Emissions in a DI Engine (چکیده)
1273 - Effective Leadership in Successful Implementation of Change Plans in Auto Part Manufacturers: A Content Analysis (چکیده)
1274 - SNHG15 is a bifunctional MYC-regulated noncoding locus encoding a lncRNA that promotes cell proliferation, invasion and drug resistance in colorectal cancer by interacting with AIF (چکیده)
1275 - Factors influencing beliefs for adoption of a learning analytics tool: An empirical study (چکیده)
1276 - Combining service-orientation and software product line engineering: A systematic mapping study (چکیده)
1277 - Validation of user intentions in process orchestration and choreography (چکیده)
1278 - Development and validation of customized process models (چکیده)
1279 - Farnesol altered morphogenesis and induced oxidative burst–related responses in Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IA (چکیده)
1280 - Investigation of zinc as a scale and corrosion inhibitor of carbon steel in artificial seawater (چکیده)
1281 - Effect of swim bladder matrix treated with hyaluronic acid on wound healing: an animal model evaluation (چکیده)
1282 - On the Groups with Trivial Frattini Subgroups (چکیده)
1283 - A novel low-cost microcontroller-based implementation of SVM algorithm for an indirect matrix converter (چکیده)
1284 - Survey the Effect of Insulin on Modulating Feed Intake Via NPY Receptors in 5-Day-Old Chickens (چکیده)
1287 - General Equation for Advance and Recession of Water in Border Irrigation (چکیده)
1288 - Evaluating the effect of superabsorbents on soil moisture and physiological characteristics of Lolium perenne L. ‘Chadegan’ and Festuca arundinacea (چکیده)
1289 - Plasmonic nano bow‐tie arrays with enhanced LSPR refractive index sensing (چکیده)
1291 - Dietary sources and levels of selenium supplements affect growth performance, carcass yield, meat quality and tissue selenium deposition in broilers (چکیده)
1292 - Two-step heating transient liquid phase bonding of Inconel 738LC (چکیده)
1293 - بررسی تکانه طولی و عرضی با استفاده از ویژگیهای جت گونه ذرات در برهمکنشهای پروتون پروتون (چکیده)
1294 - مطالعه ویژگیهای پارامتر C و محاسبه ثابت جفت شدگی در برهمکنشهای الکترون-پروتون و پروتون ـ پروتون (چکیده)
1295 - Renormalization scale and coupling constant on different flavors (چکیده)
1296 - A Comprehensive Stakeholder-Typology Model Based on Salience Attributes in Construction Projects (چکیده)
1297 - Analysis of intense dust storms over the eastern Mediterranean in March 2018: Impact on radiative forcing and Athens air quality (چکیده)
1298 - Modeling and Optimization of Creep Behavior of Ni-Based Superalloys GTD-111 and IN-738LC Using Central Composite Design (چکیده)
1299 - LiMn2O4 nanopowders synthesized via gelatin-assisted sol–gel method: Optimization of pH and calcination temperature (چکیده)
1300 - Anaerobic co-digestion of poultry slaughterhouse wastes with sewage sludge in batch-mode bioreactors (effect of inoculum-substrate ratio and total solids) (چکیده)
1301 - An economic analysis of industrial wastewater treatment systems using multi-attribute decision-making methods -case study: Toos Industrial Estate, Mashhad, Iran- (چکیده)
1302 - Concentration-Dependent Dual Effects of Ciprofloxacin on SB-590885-Resistant BRAFV600E A375 Melanoma Cells (چکیده)
1303 - بیان موقت فرم نوترکیب آنزیم اندونوکلئا PARSII ز با روش آگرواینفیلتراسیون در گیاه توتون (چکیده)
1304 - Improving the resistance to moisture damage of cold mix asphalt modified by eco-friendly Microbial Carbonate Precipitation (MCP) (چکیده)
1305 - The theoretical conceptual investigation of intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in the O-H…O=C systems (چکیده)
1306 - Estimating the intramolecular hydrogen bonds strength in the O-H…O=C systems using experimental 1H NMR results and QTAIM calculations (چکیده)
1307 - Direct product vs direct sum (چکیده)
1308 - Analytical layerwise solution of nonlinear thermal instability of SMA hybrid composite beam under nonuniform temperature condition (چکیده)
1309 - A Current Observer based on Fourier Series in Model Predictive Control System for DVR (چکیده)
1310 - Comparison the Effect of Ferutinin and 17β-Estradiol on Bone Mineralization of Developing Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Larvae (چکیده)
1311 - Joint Slip Formulation Based on Experimental Results in Wind Turbine Lattice Towers (چکیده)
1312 - Evaluating the correlation between adrenal gland dimensions and aortic diameter in healthy dogs (چکیده)
1313 - Applicability of connectionist methods to predict dynamic viscosity of silver/water nanofluid by using ANN-MLP, MARS and MPR algorithms (چکیده)
1314 - The Relationship Between Iraqi EFL Teachers’ Creativity and Designing Multiple-Choice Questions: A Case Study of Najaf (چکیده)
1315 - Ultra-desulfurization of sulfur recovery unit wastewater using thin film nanocomposite membrane (چکیده)
1316 - Electrophoretic size fractionation of graphene oxide nanosheets (چکیده)
1317 - On the preferences of five-membered chelate rings in coordination chemistry: insights from the Cambridge Structural Database and theoretical calculations (چکیده)
1318 - Substantiation to structure-property of pyrazine-based compounds by undeniable impress of its different connectivities (چکیده)
1320 - Novel modeling of circular piezoelectric devices as vibration suppresser and energy harvester† (چکیده)
1321 - Compact Finite Difference Investigation of Pressure Field Governed by a Three Dimensional Wave Equation (چکیده)
1322 - Effects of Different Parameters on The Crack Growth of Rotary Disks with Eccentricity Hole Using Emulator and Finite Element Techniques (چکیده)
1323 - Characterization of nutrients uptake and enzymes activity in Khatouni melon -Cucumis melo var. inodorus- seedlings under different concentrations of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus of nutrient solution (چکیده)
1324 - An inorganic–organic hybrid supra­molecular framework based on the γ-[Mo8O26]4− cluster and cobalt complex of aspartic acid: X-ray structure and DFT study (چکیده)
1325 - Application of artificial intelligence for separation of live and dead rainbow trout fish eggs (چکیده)
1326 - A rapid method for separating and concentration of food-borne pathogenes using elution from ready-to-eat vegetables (چکیده)
1327 - Comparative evaluation of energy dissipation over short stepped gabion and rigid spillways (چکیده)
1328 - A heterodinuclear complex of s-d block containing sodium-I-, manganese-II- and the enrofloxacinate anion: Preparation, crystal structure and antibacterial activity (چکیده)
1329 - The effect of harmaline on seizures induced by amygdala kindling in rats (چکیده)
1330 - Hydrogen storage on graphitic carbon nitride and its palladium nanocomposites: A multiscale computational approach (چکیده)
1331 - Virtual Aging and Langerian Psychology of Possibility (Revisiting the Medical Disempowering Models of Aging) (چکیده)
1332 - The Indeterminacy of Sensual Expressiveness and the Fluidity of Mindfulness (چکیده)
1334 - Neutron–gamma discrimination based on quantum clustering technique (چکیده)
1335 - A fuel for generation IV nuclear energy system: Isotopic composition and radiation characteristics (چکیده)
1336 - A two-stage stochastic programming approach for a multi-objective course timetabling problem with courses cancelation risk (چکیده)
1337 - Entropy generation of turbulent Cu–water nanofluid flow in a heat exchanger tube fitted with perforated conical rings (چکیده)
1338 - Valorization of municipal solid wastes through biogas production in Iran (چکیده)
1339 - The effect of training on variability and accuracy of overhand throwing in children with Down syndrome (چکیده)
1340 - A new concept of MOF-based PMM by modification of conventional dense film casting method: Significant impact on the performance of FO process (چکیده)
1341 - Effect of low dose gamma ray on the plasmonic behavior of gold nanoparticle (چکیده)
1342 - Celecoxib, indomethacin and ibuprofen prevent 6-hydroxydopamine-induced PC12 cell death through the inhibition of NFκB and SAPK/JNK pathways (چکیده)
1343 - The Necessity of Inter-Religious Dialogue and Its Philosophical and Dogmatic Obstacles (چکیده)
1345 - Assessment of AgriculturalWater Resources Sustainability in Arid Regions Using VirtualWater Concept: Case of South Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
1346 - Extruded soy protein as a novel emulsifier: Structure, interfacial activity and emulsifying property (چکیده)
1347 - Evaluating the lifetime performance index of products based on generalized order statistics from two-parameter exponential model (چکیده)
1348 - Iranian Adult and Young EFL learners\\\' perceptions of learning strategies and effective teaching in English Language (چکیده)
1349 - A survey of interactions in crystal structures of pyrazine-based compounds (چکیده)
1350 - A New Two-Parameter Lifetime Distribution: Properties, Applications and Different Method of Estimations (چکیده)
1351 - Physiological impact of extracellular vesicles on female reproductive system; highlights to possible restorative effects on female age-related fertility (چکیده)
1352 - Highly accurate family of time integration method (چکیده)
1353 - Lateral-torsional buckling of functionally graded tapered I-beams considering lateral bracing (چکیده)
1354 - On the Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Axisymmetric Shells (چکیده)
1355 - Tapered beam–column analysis by analytical solution (چکیده)
1356 - Thermo-mechanical stability analysis of functionally graded shells (چکیده)
1357 - Deflection of axially functionally graded rectangular plates by Green’s function method (چکیده)
1358 - Geometrical nonlinear analysis of structures using residual variables (چکیده)
1359 - Size dependent buckling analysis of nano sandwich beams by two schemes (چکیده)
1360 - Two Triangular Membrane Element Based on Strain (چکیده)
1361 - Vibration and static analysis of cracked and non-cracked non-prismatic frames by force formulation (چکیده)
1362 - Using the red-near infrared spectral to estimate ground cover based on vegetative indices (چکیده)
1363 - Mycorrhiza inoculation effects on seedling establishment, survival and morphological properties of Ziziphora clinopodioides Lam. (چکیده)
1364 - An economic design of rectifying single sampling plans via maxima nomination sampling in the presence of inspection errors (چکیده)
1365 - Investigating The Effect Of Global Brand On Willingness To Pay More By Mediation Of Brand Perceived Quality, Brand Image, And Brand Prestige (چکیده)
1366 - A variable neighborhood search algorithm for solving fuzzy number linear programming problems using modified Kerre’s method (چکیده)
1367 - A resilient supply portfolio considering political and disruption risks (چکیده)
1368 - Outlier detection for support vector machine using minimum covariance determinant estimator (چکیده)
1369 - Impact of Heat Stress on Dairy Cattle Reproduction (چکیده)
1370 - The Effect of Explicit and Implicit Instructions and Sleep on Consolidation of the Accuracy of Elements of a Fine Motor Skill (چکیده)
1371 - Flow simulation over a triangular labyrinth side weir in a rectangular channel (چکیده)
1372 - Evaluating the impact of the transcranial direct current stimulation -tDCS- on internet addicts (چکیده)
1373 - A Conceptual Model for a Safety-Based Theory of Lean Construction (چکیده)
1374 - Smart Hybrid AC-DC Microgrid Test-bed for Power System Studies & Restructuring Laboratory - Part II (چکیده)
1375 - Smart Hybrid AC-DC Microgrid Test-bed for Power System Studies & Restructuring Laboratory - Part I (چکیده)
1376 - Synthesis and Characterization of Betti Bases Derivatives via Green Mannich Reaction by NS-PCS and FHS as the Catalyst (چکیده)
1377 - An improvement on feature extraction via time series modeling for structural health monitoring based on unsupervised learning methods (چکیده)
1378 - A New Benchmark for Evaluating Pattern Mining Methods Based on the Automatic Generation of Testbeds (چکیده)
1379 - Investigating the behavior factor of coupled concrete shear walls with steel coupling beam (چکیده)
1380 - Poly-L-arginine: Enhancing Cytotoxicity and Cellular Uptake of Doxorubicin and Necrotic Cell Death (چکیده)
1381 - Geochronological and geochemical characteristics of the Dehzaman intrusive and volcanic rocks -NE Iran-: Implication for a Cadomian magmatism (چکیده)
1382 - The haematological, proinflammatory cytokines and IgG changes during an ovine experimental theileriosis (چکیده)
1383 - Improving early growing stage of Festuca arundinacea Schreb. using media amendments under water stress conditions (چکیده)
1384 - Arabic Poetry through The Lens of Comparative Literature: The Literature of Iraq and Libya (چکیده)
1385 - Fuzzy classification as a decision making problem in hesitant environments (چکیده)
1386 - Synthesis and molecular docking of novel N-2 -chloroquinolin-3-yl-methylene-4-methylbenzenamine derivatives as anti -HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors nhibitorsnhibitors (چکیده)
1387 - An iterative method for damage identification of skeletal structures utilizing biconjugate gradient method and reduction of search space (چکیده)
1388 - Responses of Two Rangeland Noxious Plants Species to a Seasonal Drought (چکیده)
1389 - Investigation of the Protective Effect of β-carotene in the Prevention of Lipid and Protein Oxidation in Carp Meat during Different Storage Times (چکیده)
1390 - Proposing a Model for Work Meaningfulness Concept at Business and Technology Incubators (چکیده)
1391 - Estimating Heat Release due to Phase Change of High-Pressure Condensing Steam Using Buckingham Pi Theorem (چکیده)
1392 - A comparison between digital camera and spectrophotometer for sensitive and selective kinetic determination of brilliant green in wastewaters (چکیده)
1393 - Qualitative analysis of managerial challenges for Mashhad private swimming pools (چکیده)
1394 - Mass transfer estimation during friction stir welding of aluminum alloy using smoothed particle hydrodynamics method (چکیده)
1395 - As, Sb, and Fe removal from industrial copper electrolyte by solvent displacement crystallisation technique (چکیده)
1396 - Lineament mapping and fractal analysis using SPOT-ASTER satellite imagery for evaluating the severity of slope weathering process (چکیده)
1397 - Convolutional kernel networks based on a convex combination of cosine kernels (چکیده)
1398 - The effect of thymosin alpha-1 on the activity of catalase and glutathione peroxidase in a549 lung cancer (چکیده)
1399 - The antioxidant effect of thymosin alpha-1 on a549 lung cancer (چکیده)
1400 - Credibility of the Pattern of Educational Qualification of Faculty Members (چکیده)
1401 - Investigation of the Pitting Corrosion Behavior of 403 Martensitic Stainless Steel in Bromide and Iodide Solutions (چکیده)
1402 - Improvement of antibiofouling performance of a reverse osmosis membrane through biocide release and adhesion resistance (چکیده)
1403 - Enhancing the antibiofouling performance of RO membranes using Cu(OH)2 as an antibacterial agent (چکیده)
1404 - Biofouling resistance of reverse osmosis membrane modified with polydopamine (چکیده)
1405 - Improved antifouling of anion-exchange membrane by polydopamine coating in electrodialysis process (چکیده)
1406 - Multiple directorships and managerial ability (چکیده)
1407 - Dimensional analysis for estimating wetness terms of condensing steam using dry flow data (چکیده)
1408 - Ce–promoted Na2WO4/TiO2 catalysts for the oxidative coupling of methane (چکیده)
1409 - Enhanced antibiofouling of RO membranes via polydopamine coating and polyzwitterion immobilization (چکیده)
1410 - Surface modification of an anion exchange membrane to improve the selectivity for monovalent anions in electrodialysis - experimental verification of theoretical predictions (چکیده)
1411 - Effect of operating conditions on biofouling in reverse osmosis membrane processes: bacterial adhesion, biofilm formation, and permeate flux decrease (چکیده)
1412 - Effect of polydopamine coating and direct electric current application on anti-biofouling properties of anion exchange membranes in electrodialysis (چکیده)
1413 - Different types of theoretical methods for small beamcolumn mass guided energy harvesting system (چکیده)
1414 - Two single-enantiomer amidophosphoesters: a database study on the chirality of (O)2P(O)(N)-based structures (چکیده)
1415 - Sporadoceratid ammonoids from the Shotori Range -east-central Iran- – a case of putative gigantism caused by hydraulic sorting? (چکیده)
1416 - سازواری یا ناسازواری تربیت و سیاست؛ خوانش انتقادی نظریه‌های فضیلت‌گرایی، قدرت‌گرایی و انتقادی (چکیده)
1417 - Mouth advertising, an effective tool for loyalty of sport customers, case study: women's health clubs in Mashhad (چکیده)
1418 - Limited-stop bus service: A strategy to reduce the unused capacity of a transit network (چکیده)
1419 - Optimization of tillage and sowing operations using discrete event simulation (چکیده)
1420 - Preparation and characterization of ECTFE hollow fiber membranes via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) (چکیده)
1421 - Biofouling Phenomena on Anion Exchange Membranes under the Reverse Electrodialysis Process (چکیده)
1422 - A novel preparation and fundamental characterization of polyamide self-supporting hollow fiber membranes via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) (چکیده)
1423 - Electrochemical Sensor Based on TiO2 Nanoparticles/Nafion Biocompatible Film Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode for Carbamazepine Determination in Pharmaceutical and Urine Samples (چکیده)
1424 - Adaptive Iterating learning sliding mode control for output tracking of incommensurate fractional-order systems (چکیده)
1425 - Effect of four local anesthetics -tetracaine, proparacaine, lidocaine, and bupivacaine- on intraocular pressure in dogs. (چکیده)
1426 - Improved design of a SIW long slot leaky wave antenna with low SLL (چکیده)
1427 - Biodegradation of Phenol by Cold-Tolerant Bacteria Isolated from Alpine Soils of Binaloud Mountains in Iran (چکیده)
1428 - Effect of Cu 2+ ion on biological performance of nanostructured uorapatite doped with copper (چکیده)
1429 - Rheological and structural characteristics of whey protein-pectin complex coacervates (چکیده)
1430 - Study on single and binary catalytic systems of pyridine-imine catalysts based on nickel and iron in synthesis of reactor blends and low-density polyethylene nanocomposites (چکیده)
1431 - Cardiomyogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells transduced with Tbx20-encoding lentiviral vectors. (چکیده)
1432 - MicroRNA-499a-5p Promotes Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Cardiomyocytes (چکیده)
1433 - Preparation and characterization of polyvinylidenedifluoride-co-chlorotrifluoroethylene (PVDF-CTFE) hollow fiber membranes with high alkaline resistance (چکیده)
1434 - A Geometrically Non-linear Stochastic Analysis of Two-dimensional Structures made of Neo-hookean Hyperelastic Materials Uusing MLPG Method: Considering Uncertainty in Mechanical Properties (چکیده)
1435 - An inversion formula for the transport equation in ℝ3 using complex analysis in several variables (چکیده)
1436 - Comparative assessment of on-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from male-headed and female-headed rice farms in Mazandaran Province, Iran (چکیده)
1437 - Recycled Cobalt from Spent Li-ion Batteries as a Superhydrophobic Coating for Corrosion Protection of Plain Carbon Steel (چکیده)
1438 - Modeling and optimization of drying process of paddy in infrared and warm air fluidized bed dryer (چکیده)
1439 - Effects of different magnesium levels on some morphophysiological characteristics and nutrient elements uptake in Khatouni melons (cucumis melo var. inodorus) (چکیده)
1440 - Biochemical features of an alkaline protease for symbiotic bacterium of bacillus sp CH96 (چکیده)
1441 - Effects of Pre-processing on the ECG Signal Sparsity and Compression Quality (چکیده)
1442 - Effects of the Timing of Foliar Application and Concentrations of Growth Regulators on the Mineral Content of Pistachio Leaves (چکیده)
1443 - Applications of inorganic-organic hybrid architectures based on polyoxometalates in catalyzed and photocatalyzed chemical transformations (چکیده)
1444 - Chemical Characteristics, and Effect of Inulin Extracted from Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) Root on Biochemical Properties of Synbiotic Yogurt at the End of Fermentation (چکیده)
1445 - Effect of humic acid and mulches on some characteristics of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) (چکیده)
1446 - Morpho-physiological and biochemical responses of four ornamental herbaceous species to water stress (چکیده)
1447 - The Computational Complexity of and Approximation Algorithms for Variants of the Component Selection Problem (چکیده)
1448 - Nonparametric estimators for quantile density function under length-biased sampling (چکیده)
1450 - Optimal electric vehicle charging station placing with integration of renewable energy (چکیده)
1451 - The effect of vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-4) on the cognitive impairments and anxiety in transient cerebral global Ischemia (چکیده)
1452 - The effect of intraperitoneal administration of vitamin K2 on thermal and chemical pain following global cerebral ischemia in male Wistar rats (چکیده)
1453 - Altering undigested neutral detergent fiber through additives applied in corn, whole barley crop, and alfalfa silages, and its effect on performance of lactating Holstein dairy cows (چکیده)
1454 - Cornstarch nanocrystals as a potential fat replacer in reduced fat O/W emulsions: A rheological and physical study (چکیده)
1455 - Global analysis on determination of fracture functions considering sea quark asymmetries in the nucleon (چکیده)
1456 - ساخت و اعتبار یابی مقیاس شرم در دانشجویان دانشگاه های فردوسی و پیام نور مشهد (چکیده)
1457 - Theoretical and Experimental Study of Potato Shoot Gasification in Fluidized- and Fixed-Bed Gasifier (چکیده)
1458 - Semi-Federated Scheduling of Multiple Periodic Real-Time DAGs of Non-Preemptable Tasks (چکیده)
1459 - Fast Motif Discovery Using a New Motif Extension Algorithm (چکیده)
1460 - Comparative study on flexibility based methods for damage diagnosis of bridge structures (چکیده)
1461 - The Investigation of the T30695 Aptamer Selectivity toward Pb2+ Ion: A Molecular Dynamic Simulation Study (چکیده)
1462 - GPU Parallelization of Physical Optics on Parametric Surfaces-A MATLAB-Based Implementation (چکیده)
1463 - Role of Ribes khorasanicum in the biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles and their antibacterial properties (چکیده)
1464 - An entropic structure in capability indices (چکیده)
1465 - Connection of Generalized Failure Rate and Generalized Reversed Failure Rate with Inequality Curves (چکیده)
1466 - Evaluation of polymer injection, near-wellbore and in-depth gel treatments in a stratified porous medium (چکیده)
1467 - Adsorptive desulfurization of model gasoline by using modified bentonite (چکیده)
1468 - An ocean wave-based piezoelectric energy harvesting system using breaking wave force (چکیده)
1469 - Effects of bentonite application and urea fertilization time on growth, development and nitrate accumulation in spinach (Spinacia oleraceae L.) (چکیده)
1470 - Application and comparison of NSGA-II and MOPSO in multi-objective optimization of water resources systems (چکیده)
1471 - Microbial degradation of low-density polyethylene and synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers (چکیده)
1472 - Viscoelastic and textural properties of canary seed starch gels in comparison with wheat starch gel (چکیده)
1473 - A revised dosimetric characterization of 60Co BEBIG source: From single-source data to clinical dose distribution (چکیده)
1474 - A combined X-ray crystallography and theoretical study of N—H…OX (X is ═P and —C) hydrogen bonds in two new structures with a (C—O)2(N)P(═Y)(Y is O and S) skeleton (چکیده)
1475 - Reliability and sensitivity of magnetic particle nondestructive testing in detecting the surface cracks of welded components (چکیده)
1476 - Ferula hindukushensis (Apiaceae), a new record for the flora of Iran from Khorassan (چکیده)
1477 - Prioritising employee performance evaluation indicators based on a combined FAHP-TOPSIS approach to intellectu al capital development (چکیده)
1478 - شناسایی ویروس های فوق حاد بیماری بورس عفونی به روش RT-PCR بر روی ژن VP1 و بررسی حضور احتمال ویروس های بازآرایی شده (چکیده)
1479 - Identification of Bacterial Isolates of Pseudomonas fluorescens siderophore from Rhizosphere of Corn Fields and Evaluation of Iron Absorption by Corn (چکیده)
1480 - Investigation of utilizing hybrid fiber-reinforced concrete for pavement (چکیده)
1481 - The Charge Transport Mechanisms in Conducting Polymer Polypyrrole Films and Fibers (چکیده)
1482 - Isolation and Purification of the Schizont Stage of Theileria annulata from Host Leukocytes through Novel Biochemical Techniques (چکیده)
1483 - The modified permutation entropy-based independence test of time series (چکیده)
1484 - زیست چینه نگاری سازند آب تلخ در برش بهادرخان (کپه داغ مرکزی) بر مبنای روزن‌داران پلانکتونیک (چکیده)
1485 - تعیین سن عضو بیدستان (سازند نایبند) در شمال باختری فردوس براساس روزن داران (چکیده)
1486 - روزن‌داران کف‌زی و جلبک‌های آهکی سازند تیرگان در برش‌های طاهرآباد و اشلیر (خاور حوضه رسوبی کپه‌داق): محدودیت‌ها و کاربردهای آن‌ها در مطالعات زیست چینه‌ای (چکیده)
1487 - Optimal design of water distribution networks using simple modified particle swarm optimization approach (چکیده)
1488 - Interaction of neuropeptide Y receptors (NPY1, NPY2 and NPY5) with somatostatin on somatostatin-induced feeding behaviour in neonatal chicken (چکیده)
1489 - موسیقی عربی و قرائت قرآن (چکیده)
1490 - Selenium improves physiological responses and nutrient absorption in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grown under salinity (چکیده)
1491 - Effect of thermomechanical processing on hydrogen permeation in API X70 pipeline steel (چکیده)
1492 - Sustainability and determining the optimal population based on water resources in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
1493 - Electronic structure and optical properties of novel monolayer gallium nitride and boron phosphide heterobilayers (چکیده)
1494 - چیستی شناسی مهر در ازدواج دائم و موقت (چکیده)
1495 - مقایسه مدل های مختلف برای برآورد وراثت پذیری صفات کیفیت تخم مرغ در مرغان بومی استان خراسان رضوی (چکیده)
1496 - ForMatIon MechanISM oF Fe-Mo MaSter alloy By aluMInotherMIc reductIon oF MoS 2-Fe2o3 In the preSence oF lIMe (چکیده)
1497 - Nilpotent groups related to an automorphism (چکیده)
1498 - Goodness of fit test using Lin-Wong divergence based on Type-I censored data (چکیده)
1499 - The association of crop production and precipitation; a comparison of two methodologies (چکیده)
1501 - Partial Feedback Analysis on Achievable Rate in Relay Channels (چکیده)
1502 - Threonine stabilizer controlled well dispersed small palladium nanoparticles onto the modified magnetic nanocatalyst for Heck cross-coupling process in water (چکیده)
1503 - An Assistive Strategy for Compliantly Actuated Exoskeletons Using Non-Linear Model Predictive Control Method (چکیده)
1504 - Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC): Evaluating Scholarly Journals Based on Citation Analysis (چکیده)
1505 - The Art of Making Mutual Benefit through Saving Time. (چکیده)
1506 - Lie generalized derivations on trivial extension algebras (چکیده)
1507 - The effect of hydroalcoholic extract of angelica (Heracleum persicum) fruit on performance, immune response, small intestine histology, haematological parameters and carcass characteristic of broiler chickens (چکیده)
1508 - The effect of different dietary supplementation levels of nucleotide on performance, immune system, small intestine morphology and ileal microbial population of broiler chickens (چکیده)
1509 - Pre-cecal phosphorus digestibility for corn, wheat, soybean meal, and corn gluten meal in growing Japanese quails from 28 to 32 d of age (چکیده)
1510 - Dynamic Rheological and Textural Properties of Acorn (Quercus brantii Lindle.) Starch: Effect of Single and Dual Hydrothermal Modifications (چکیده)
1511 - Impact of mean velocity accuracy on the estimation of rating curves in compound channels (چکیده)
1512 - The Modified VIM for Certain Type of the Nonlinear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems (چکیده)
1513 - Responses of two common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes to deficit irrigation (چکیده)
1514 - Effect of silicon and manganese on the kinetics and morphology of the intermetallic layer growth during hot-dip aluminizing (چکیده)
1515 - A New Approach in Solid State Steelmaking from Thin Cast Iron Sheets through Decarburization in CaCO3 Pack (چکیده)
1516 - Quantum Fisher information matrix for unitary processes: closed relation for SU(2) (چکیده)
1517 - Maximizing the Utilization of Fog Computing in Internet of Vehicle using SDN (چکیده)
1518 - Zoophycos ichnogenus distribution and paleoenvironmental analysis: examples from the Mississippian Mobarak formation (Alborz Basin, Iran) (چکیده)
1519 - Single-phase magnetite with high saturation magnetization synthesized via modified solution combustion synthesis procedure (چکیده)
1520 - Handling startling circumstances with IRM scheduler of real-time systems (چکیده)
1521 - UV and IR cut-off filters based on plasmonic crossed-shaped nano-antennas for solar cell applications (چکیده)
1522 - A new effective nano-adsorbent and antibacterial material of hydroxyapatite (چکیده)
1523 - Shell concentrations analysis in the Lower Permian carbonate rocks (Khan Formation) in Central Iran (Kalmard area) (چکیده)
1524 - آیا نماتودهای بیمارگر حشرات می توانند نقشی در تغییر مولفه های مرتبط با القای مقاومت گیاه میزبان در برهمکنش گیاه خوار و دشمن طبیعی داشته باشند ؟ (چکیده)
1525 - Measurable functions approach for approximate solutions of Linear space-time-fractional diffusion problems (چکیده)
1526 - Performance of lentil and chickpea flour in deep-fried crust model (DFCM): oil barrier and crispy properties (چکیده)
1527 - Cu(II) Anchored on Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles: As a Green and Efficient Recyclable Nano Catalyst for One Pot Synthesis of 12-Aryl-8,9,10,12tetrahydrobenzo[a]xanthene-11-oneʺ (چکیده)
1528 - Physiological and anatomical responses of calendula (Calendula officinalis L.) cultivars to heat-stress duration (چکیده)
1529 - The involvement of Western Orientalists in cultural heritage affairs during the Pahlavi Era, Iran (1925–1979) (چکیده)
1530 - Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Crocin and Dimethylcrocetin Interactions with DNA (چکیده)
1531 - A generalized variable neighborhood search algorithm for the talent scheduling problem (چکیده)
1532 - Polynomial-time algorithm for weighted efficient domination problem on diameter three planar graphs (چکیده)
1533 - An Adaptive Spectral Parametric Method for Solving Nonlinear Initial Value Problems (چکیده)
1534 - بررسی نقش متغیرهای مؤثر بر شاخص رفاه مؤسسه لگاتیوم با رویکرد لاجیت ترتیبی (چکیده)
1535 - Experimental investigation of steel-concrete-steel slabs with stud bolt connectors subjected to punching loading (چکیده)
1536 - The Qur’anic monotheism and its opportunities for building empathy and peace (چکیده)
1537 - Pareto analysis for the lifetime performance index of products on the basis of progressively first-failure-censored batches under balanced symmetric and asymmetric loss functions (چکیده)
1538 - The impact of board’s human capital on the relationship between board’s characteristics and firm’s performance in Iran (چکیده)
1539 - Board compensation and disclosure quality: Corporate governance interference (چکیده)
1540 - Review Article: the Art of Making Mutual Benefit through Saving Time (چکیده)
1541 - Dynamic Fuzzy Rule-based Source Selection in Distributed Decision Fusion Systems (چکیده)
1542 - Investigation of operating conditions affecting electricity generation of a sediment microbial fuel cell with algae in cathode (چکیده)
1543 - بررسی صرفی و معنایی اصطلاحات و واژگان تخصصی حوزه علم اطلاعات و دانش‌شناسی (چکیده)
1544 - Noncommutative strong and weak symmetrization maximal inequalities (چکیده)
1547 - A new spectral element method for numerical solution of partial differential equations on annular-type regions (چکیده)
1548 - Synthesis and Characterization of Iron-based Metal-Organic Framework MIL-53 (چکیده)
1549 - Filter regular sequences and endomorphisms of local cohomology modules (چکیده)
1550 - Comparative studies on reproductive traits of natural populations of Eisenia andrei Bouché, 1972 from Zagros Mountain, Iran (Annelida: Oligochaeta) (چکیده)
1551 - آموزش ترجمۀ متون مطبوعاتی از روسی به فارسی و فارسی به روسی (چکیده)
1552 - Effects of Conceptions of Intelligence and Ambiguity Tolerance on Teacher Burnout: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers1 (چکیده)
1553 - بررسی فراسنجه های مرفولوژی گیاه، مرفومتری، کانی شناسی و دانه بندی رسوبات بادی نبکاهای منطقه سرخس (چکیده)
1554 - Optical photon transport and geometry contributions to time response of scintillation detectors (چکیده)
1555 - State Space Predictive Control System Design to Improve Power Quality Issues in Distributed Power System using DVR (چکیده)
1556 - Approximately dual frames in Banach spaces via semi-inner products (چکیده)
1557 - A novel cable element for nonlinear thermo-elastic analysis (چکیده)
1558 - Some Residual Subsets in Iterated Function Systems (چکیده)
1559 - Data on environmentally relevant level of aflatoxin B1-induced human dendritic cells' functional alteration (چکیده)
1560 - تأثیر هوش معنوی بر مثبت اندیشی دانشجویان (مورد مطالعه: دانشجویان دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد) (چکیده)
1561 - Capable Lie algebras with the derived subalgebra of dimension 2 over an arbitrary field (چکیده)
1562 - Comparative evaluation of the performance of an improved biomass cook stove and the traditional stoves of Iran (چکیده)
1563 - Performance of Concrete with Waste Granite Powder: The Effect of Superplasticizers (چکیده)
1564 - Leader-Follower Approach to Gas-Electricity Expansion Planning Problem (چکیده)
1565 - Integrated Expansion Planning of Gas-Electricity System: A Case Study in Iran (چکیده)
1566 - A Multi-Attribute Expansion Planning Model for Integrated Gas–Electricity System (چکیده)
1567 - A wavelet approach for the multi-term time fractional diffusion-wave equation (چکیده)
1568 - طراحی و بررسی عددی جریان سنج جرمی حرارتی لوله‬مویین به‌عنوان کنتور گاز خانگی (چکیده)
1569 - Toxocara sero-prevalence and its relationship with allergic asthma in asthmatic patients in north-eastern Iran. (چکیده)
1570 - Microstructure evolution of a recycled Al–Fe–Si–Cu alloy processed by tube channel pressing (چکیده)
1571 - Anisotropic transient thermoelasticity analysis in a two-dimensional decagonal quasicrystal using meshless local Petrov–Galerkin (MLPG) method (چکیده)
1572 - بهزیستی اجتماعی دانشجویان و عوامل مؤثر بر آن (چکیده)
1573 - Equine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells: optimization of cell density in primary culture (چکیده)
1574 - Aptasensors as the future of antibiotics test kits-a case study of the aptamer application in the chloramphenicol detection (چکیده)
1575 - Application of Hammett equation to intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in para-substituted phenyl ring of trifluorobenzoylacetone and 1-aryl-1,3-diketone malonates (چکیده)
1576 - A study on the efficiency of a Capped Hardening Elasto-plastic Model for soft clays (چکیده)
1577 - Modifications and Research Potentials of Acrylonitrile/ Butadiene/Styrene (ABS) Membranes: A Review (چکیده)
1578 - Estimation and prediction in the presence of an outlier under Type-II censoring (چکیده)
1579 - Drug-DNA interaction, A joint DFT-D3/MD study on the Safranal as an anticancer and DNA nanostructure model (چکیده)
1580 - In Vitro Evaluation of Antimold Activity of Annatto Natural Dye and Its Effects on Microbial, Physicochemical, and Sensory Properties of Bread (چکیده)
1581 - شبیه سازی جریان و رسوب حوزه آبخیز سد فریمان با استفاده از مدل SWAT و الگوریتم ژنتیک (چکیده)
1582 - Improving Hydro-formability of a Ferritic Stainless Steel Tube Through Severe Plastic Deformation (چکیده)
1583 - Insights into Galvanic Corrosion Behavior of Ti-Cu Dissimilar Joint: Effect of Microstructure and Volta Potential (چکیده)
1584 - Some Limit Theorems for Weighted Sums of Dependent Random Variables (چکیده)
1585 - اثیر قارچ مایکوریزا بر خصوصیات مورفوفیزیولوژیکی و تغذیه‌ای پایه فلائینگ دراگون تحت تنش شوری (چکیده)
1586 - Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon in a Small-Scale Loessial Hillslope Using Terrain Derivatives of Northern Iran (چکیده)
1587 - Improving application of galloping-based energy harvesters in realistic condition (چکیده)
1588 - Implementing the homotopy continuation method in a hybrid approach to solve the kinematics problem of spatial parallel robots (چکیده)
1589 - Compliance error modeling for manipulators considering the effects of the component weights and the body and joint flexibilities (چکیده)
1590 - Thresholds of land cover to control runoff and soil loss (چکیده)
1591 - Suppression of dsRNA response genes and innate immunity following Oct4, Stella, and Nanos2 overexpression in mouse embryonic fibroblasts (چکیده)
1592 - Isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius (MRSP) in pets, veterinarians and the environment (چکیده)
1593 - Geometrically nonlinear analysis of FG doubly-curved and hyperbolical shells via laminated by new element (چکیده)
1594 - Solving coupled beam-fluid interaction by DTM (چکیده)
1595 - Stability Analysis of Frame Having FG Tapered Beam–Column (چکیده)
1596 - Kernel Distribution Function Estimation Under Negative Superadditive Dependence (چکیده)
1597 - Impacts of changes in climate and land coverland use on flood characteristics in Gorganrood Watershed (Northeastern Iran) during recent decades (چکیده)
1598 - مطالعه خصوصیات خاک، عملکرد و اجزای عملکرد جو (Hordeum vulgare L.) تحت تأثیر روش‌های مختلف خاک‌ورزی و میزان بقایای گیاهی (چکیده)
1599 - Analytical Approaches for Determining Optimal Tilt Angle and Orientation of PV Modules Considering Regional Climate Conditions (چکیده)
1600 - عوامل مؤثر بر انتخاب استراتژی های ورود به بازار خارجی گیاهان دارویی مطالعه موردی: استان خراسان رضوی (چکیده)
1601 - One-way classification with random effects: A reversed-hazard-based approach (چکیده)
1602 - The effect of uniaxial and torsional strains on the density of states of single walled carbon nanotubes (چکیده)
1603 - Economic value of greenhouse gas emissions from crop production in Iran (چکیده)
1604 - Parameter Estimation of Gompertz Model with Fixed Covariate Under Type-II Progressive Censoring (چکیده)
1605 - Supportive properties of basement membrane layer of human amniotic membrane enable development of tissue engineering applications (چکیده)
1606 - Effects of various irrigation regimes on water use efficiency and visual quality of some ornamental herbaceous plants in the field (چکیده)
1607 - A new continuous time optimal control model for manpower planning with promotion from inside the system (چکیده)
1608 - درس‌نامه‌آموزش حروف‌اضافه با رویکرد معنی شناسی‌شناختی برای آموزش به غیر فارسی زبانان (مطالعه‌ موردی: حرف‌اضافه‌ «از» (چکیده)
1609 - Effect of Magnetized Water on the Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete Block Pavers (چکیده)
1610 - Robust position-based impedance control of lightweight single-link flexible robots interacting with the unknown environment via a fractional-order sliding mode controller (چکیده)
1611 - Trichopsomyia ochrozona (Stackelberg, 1952) (Diptera: Syrphidae) recorded from Iran for the first time with a key to the West Palaearctic Trichopsomyia Williston, 1888 species (چکیده)
1612 - An Extended Approach for Manufacturing Strategy Process base on Organization Performance through Fuzzy QFD (چکیده)
1613 - Antecedents of Pleasant and Unpleasant Emotions of EFL Teachers Using an Appraisal-theoretical Framework (چکیده)
1614 - Exponentiality test based on statistical evidence with Type II censored data (چکیده)
1615 - ?Coffee Drinks – Changing Patterns of Ingestion of Bioactive Compounds (چکیده)
1616 - Elasticity Function and Its Connection with Reliability and Lorenz Curve Criteria (چکیده)
1617 - Improving discriminating power in data envelopment models based on deviation variables framework (چکیده)
1618 - Effect of Water Deprivation and Drinking Saline Water on Performance, Blood Metabolites, Nutrient Digestibility, and Rumen Parameters in Baluchi Lambs (چکیده)
1619 - Rapid consolidation of Al2O3-TiO2-Co nanocermets via spark plasma sintering of Co-coated ceramic particles (چکیده)
1620 - Seawater desalination using pillared graphene as a novel nano-membrane in reverse osmosis process: nonequilibrium MD simulation study (چکیده)
1621 - Ballistic and Collisional Flow Contributions to Anti-Fourier Heat Transfer in Rarefied Cavity Flow (چکیده)
1622 - Experimental investigation on thermal performance and economic analysis of cosine wave tube structure in a shell and tube heat exchanger (چکیده)
1623 - A family of Chaplygin-type solvers for Itô stochastic differential equations (چکیده)
1624 - Augmented migration of mesenchymal stem cells correlates with the subsidiary CXCR4 variant (چکیده)
1625 - تأثیر کود سبز و مقادیر مختلف نیتروژن بر عملکرد و اجزای عملکرد خرفه (Portulaca oleracea L.) (چکیده)
1626 - بررسی کودهای آلی، شیمیایی، زیستی بر نیاز حرارتی، مراحل نموی و برخی شاخصهای فیزیولوژیک گیاه دارویی چای ترش (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) تحت تاثیر سطوح مختلف آب آبیاری (چکیده)
1627 - The effect of magnetic field on the stability of (18-crown-6) complexes with potassium ion (چکیده)
1628 - In silico cloning and bioinformatics study of Brucella melitensis Omp31 antigen in different mammalian expression vectors (چکیده)
1629 - Immunogenicity evaluation of plasmids encoding Brucella melitensis Omp25 and Omp31 antigens in BALB/c mice (چکیده)
1630 - Duality in bipolar triangular fuzzy number quadratic programming problems (چکیده)
1631 - Design of highly transmissive all-dielectric metasurface based on silicon nanodisks (چکیده)
1632 - Influence of Joints Flexibility on Overall Stiffness of a 3–PRUP compliant Parallel Manipulator (چکیده)
1633 - Halide, hybrid and perovskite functionalized light absorbing quantum materials of p-i-n heterojunction solar cells (چکیده)
1634 - Photochemical and electrochemical hydrogen evolution reactivity of lanthanide-functionalized polyoxotungstates (چکیده)
1635 - Developing a magnetic metal organic framework of copper bearing a mixed azido/butane-1,4-dicarboxylate bridge: magnetic and gas adsorption properties (چکیده)
1636 - A new multivariate process capability index (چکیده)
1637 - U–Pb geochronology, Sr–Nd isotopic compositions, geochemistry and petrogenesis of Shah Soltan Ali granitoids, Birjand, Eastern Iran (چکیده)
1638 - Path following techniques for geometrically nonlinear structures based on Multi-point methods (چکیده)
1639 - Comparison of Sleep Problems in Opioid-Dependent Patients under Methadone and Buprenorphine Treatment (چکیده)
1640 - Preparation and characterization of poly(Ether block amide)/graphene membrane for recovery of isopropanol from aqueous solution via pervaporation (چکیده)
1641 - Vitamin K2 protects PC12 cells against Aβ (1-42) and H2O2-induced apoptosis via p38 MAP kinase pathway (چکیده)
1642 - BFO thin film on the stainless steel mesh by anodic EPD: A visible light photocatalyst for degradation of Rhodamin B (چکیده)
1643 - Solution phase surface functionalization of PbS nanoparticles with organic ligands for single-step deposition of p-type layer of quantum dot solar cells (چکیده)
1644 - The effect of hydroalcoholic extract of angelica (Heracleum persicum) fruit on performance, immune responses, small intestine histology, haematological parameters and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens (چکیده)
1645 - Finite Element Analysis of Orthotropic Thin Plates Using Analytical Solution (چکیده)
1646 - Local ratcheting behavior in notched 1045 steel plates (چکیده)
1647 - Free Vibration of a Generalized Plane Frame (چکیده)
1648 - Analysis and Evaluation of Traffic Congestion Control Methods in Touristic Metropolis Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) (چکیده)
1649 - Non-Newtonian blood flow and coupled blood-wall oxygen mass transport in a 180° curved artery (چکیده)
1650 - The effects of misclassification errors on multiple deferred state attribute sampling plan (چکیده)
1651 - Natural convection and entropy generation analysis inside a channel with a porous plate mounted as a cooling system (چکیده)
1653 - Skin Artifact Removal Algorithms for Radar-based Microwave Breast Cancer Detection (چکیده)
1654 - ارزیابی رهایش وانیلین از ریزکپسول‌های چندلایه تحت ‌شرایط شبیه‌سازی‌ شدۀ دهان (چکیده)
1655 - Time-dependent properties and major electronic transitions in diphenylbacteriochlorin as a dye in DSSC: A quantum chemistry study (چکیده)
1656 - Electron-hole transfer in the dye-based solar cells: A computational study on indoloquinoxaline and triphenylamine derivatives (چکیده)
1658 - تاثیر سطوح مختلف اسانس گیاه سیر(Allium sativum) بر شاخص های رشد، بقاء و برخی شاخص های خونی و بیوشیمیایی ماهی گورامی سه خال (Trichogaster trichopterus) (چکیده)
1659 - Effect of deep fat and hot air frying on doughnuts physical properties and kinetic of crust formation (چکیده)
1660 - Rheological, physical and sensory characteristics of light ice cream as affected by selected fat replacers (چکیده)
1661 - Dynamic localization of light in squeezed-like photonic lattices (چکیده)
1662 - Effect of mulches on some characteristics of a drought tolerant flowering plant for urban landscaping (چکیده)
1663 - Solid and solution states studies of two Mn-II- complexes based on N-oxidized pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylic acid (چکیده)
1664 - Evaluation of Mastitis Impact on Lameness and Digital Lesions in Dairy Cows (چکیده)
1665 - The application of polyamines and self-incompatibility control substance on yield indices and qualitative traits of apple cv ‘Red Delicious’ (چکیده)
1666 - Purposeful molecular design of inorganic-organic hybrid architectures based Keggin-type polyoxometalates: luminescence properties and Monte Carlo simulation studies (چکیده)
1667 - Synthesis and characterization of cobalt complexes containing 1,10- phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid (چکیده)
1668 - Construction of two zinc and copper(II) coordination complexes containing pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid N-oxide based on mixed-ligand synthetic strategy (چکیده)
1669 - Mixed ligand coordination complex of Mn(II) containing oxidized pyridine-2,6- dicarboxylic acid and 1,10-phenanthroline: Synthesis and characterization (چکیده)
1670 - Synthesis and characterization of a manganese(II) coordination complex based on highly pre-organized ligand of 1,10 (چکیده)
1671 - In situ oxidation of 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline for synthesis of nickel(II) complexes containing highly preorganized acidic ligand (چکیده)
1672 - Clinical investigations of cobalt and copper complexes containing 1,10- phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid in some cancer therapy treatments (چکیده)
1673 - Using Spectral Representation to Classify Proteins’ Conformational States (چکیده)
1674 - Physicochemical and rheo-mechanical properties of titanium dioxide reinforced sage seed gum nanohybrid hydrogel (چکیده)
1675 - Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Rheology (LAOS): Theory and Applications in Food Science and Technology (چکیده)
1676 - Small and large deformation behaviors monitoring of sage seed gumLaponite nanocomposite hydrogels (چکیده)
1677 - Three-dimensional deformations of a curved circular beam subjected to thermo-mechanical loading using green’s function method (چکیده)
1678 - Static analysis of functionally graded non-prismatic sandwich beams (چکیده)
1679 - Stability and free vibration analysis of tapered sandwich columns with functionally graded core and flexible connections (چکیده)
1680 - On the shell thickness-stretching effects using seven-parameter triangular element (چکیده)
1681 - Force-based curved beam elements with open radial edge cracks (چکیده)
1682 - Application of Green’s function method to bending of stress gradient nanobeams (چکیده)
1683 - A fast and accurate dynamic relaxation scheme (چکیده)
1684 - Phylogeography of Walton’s Mudskipper, Periophthalmus waltoni Koumans, 1941 (Perciformes: Gobiidae), from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman (چکیده)
1685 - Deep Mitochondrial and Morphological Differentiation of Hemidactylus persicus Anderson, 1872 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) in Iran (چکیده)
1686 - Anti-angiogenic Properties of Coffee Diterpene Esters, Cafestol and Kahweol Palmitate (چکیده)
1687 - Effects of metallic cobalt crystal phase on catalytic activity of cobalt catalysts supported on carbon nanotubes in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (چکیده)
1688 - Solvability of the matrix inequality AXA^*+BX^*B^*\geq C (چکیده)
1689 - Analysis of Welding Residual Stresses in Box Columns (چکیده)
1690 - Assessment of in Vitro Radiosensitivity Parameters of Breast Cancer Cells Following Exposure to Radiotherapy Hospital-Based Facilities (چکیده)
1691 - Comparison of blood creatinine level in elderly men untrained and competitive trained in response to resistance training and melatonin supplements (چکیده)
1692 - Operator Ky Fan type inequalities (چکیده)
1693 - Effect of delat ferrite on the mechanical properties of dissimilar ferritic-austenitic stainless steel welds (چکیده)
1694 - Evaluation of N—H···S and N—H···π interactions in O,Oʹ-diethyl N-(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)thiophosphate: a combination of X-ray crystallographic and theoretical studies (چکیده)
1695 - Positive solutions of the system of operator equations $A_1X=C_1,XA_2=C_2‎, ‎A_3XA^*_3=C_3‎, ‎A_4XA^*_4=C_4$ in Hilbert $C^*$-modules (چکیده)
1696 - A test for exponentiality based on gamma-divergence (چکیده)
1697 - Developing some POMs-templated MOFs: Crystal structure, magnetic and gas adsorption properties (چکیده)
1698 - Identification of accident-prone sections in roadways with incomplete and uncertain inspection-based information: A distributed hazard index based on evidential reasoning approach (چکیده)
1699 - Behavior of exterior concrete beam-column joints reinforced with Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) bars (چکیده)
1700 - Low-temperature pressureless sintering of Al 2 O 3 -SiC-Ni nanocermets in air environment (چکیده)
1702 - Sequential order statistics from dependent random variables (چکیده)
1703 - Investigating Cellulase Producing Potential of Two Iranian Thermoascus aurantiacus Isolates in Submerged Fermentation (چکیده)
1704 - Preschool children with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder: Iranian fathers’ experiences (چکیده)
1705 - Constructing and validating a language teachers’ temporal intelligence scale and examining its relationship with teacher burnout (چکیده)
1706 - The first Fe(II) complex bearing end-to-end dicyanamide as a double bridging ligand: Crystallography study and Hirshfeld surface analysis; completed with a CSD survey (چکیده)
1707 - Morphology and ion diffusion in PEDOT:Tos. A coarse grained molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
1708 - Evaluation of Harmony Search Optimization to Predict Local Scour Depth around Complex Bridge Piers (چکیده)
1709 - The morphophysiological dormancy of Ferula ovina seeds is alleviated by low temperature and hydrogen peroxide (چکیده)
1710 - Attributional style of emotions and its relationship with users’ search behaviour (چکیده)
1711 - Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity Profile Using GMDH Type Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
1712 - Lin–Wong divergence and relations on type I censored data (چکیده)
1713 - Synthesis and DFT Study on Hantzsch Reaction to Produce Asymmetrical Compounds of 1,4-Dihydropyridine Derivatives for P-Glycoprotein Inhibition as Anticancer Agent (چکیده)
1714 - The effects of concentration and heating-cooling rate on rheological properties of Plantago lanceolata seed mucilage (چکیده)
1715 - Life cycle assessment to compare the environmental impacts of different wheat production systems (چکیده)
1716 - Investigating the Development of Kerman’s Soil Structure and its Effect on the Collapsibility index (چکیده)
1717 - Design of polarization splitting devices with ideal transmission and anisotropy considerations (چکیده)
1719 - Potential Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Accumulation of Polyphenols in Melissa officinalis L. (چکیده)
1720 - A Comparative Study on Phenolic Acid Profiles in Leaves and Roots of Eleven Wild Populations of Salvia leriifolia Benth. from Iran (چکیده)
1721 - Discrete Linear Quadratic Control of Uncertain Switched System (چکیده)
1722 - Characterizing the cellular structure of air and deep fat fried doughnut using image analysis techniques (چکیده)
1723 - Second-Order Statistical Texture Representation of Asphalt Pavement Distress Images Based on Local Binary Pattern in Spatial and Wavelet Domain (چکیده)
1724 - An eight-coordinate zinc complex containing the highly pre-organized ligand 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid: Solvothermal synthesis, supramolecular structure and CSD studies (چکیده)
1725 - Hypothesis testing for the lifetime performance index based on ranked set sampling (چکیده)
1726 - Interaction of Foramsulfuron or Nicosulfuron with 2,4-D + MCPA on Important Broadleaf Weeds in Corn (Zea mays L.) (چکیده)
1727 - The effect of Ferula szowitsiana extract on chemical pain in male Wistar rats (چکیده)
1728 - Origin of the Kaviro lead deposit in the Neyganan area, Lut Block, Eastern Iran: Constraints from geology, fluid inclusions, and isotope geochemistry (چکیده)
1729 - Enhanced corrosion protection of mild steel by the synergetic effect of zinc aluminum polyphosphate and 2-mercaptobenzimidazole inhibitors incorporated in epoxy-polyamide coatings (چکیده)
1730 - On the Alexander dual of the path ideals of rooted and unrooted trees (چکیده)
1731 - Positioning of a 2-D PEC Buried Object in an Unknown Host Medium Using Kirchhoff-Based Shape Reconstruction Algorithm (چکیده)
1732 - Improved Design of Quasi-Uniform Waveguide Leaky Wave Antennas (چکیده)
1733 - Multilevel Organizational Learning Mechanisms and their Implications for Organizational Performance (چکیده)
1734 - Effect of biochar on photosynthetic pigments and Na and K concentration of Summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) under NaCl salinity (چکیده)
1735 - Alleviating Negative Effects of Salinity Stress in Summer Savory (Satureja hortensisL.) by Biochar Application (چکیده)
1736 - Microstructural analysis and fatigue fracture behavior of rail steel (چکیده)
1737 - Two New Non-AFR Criteria for Depicting Strength Differential Effect (SDE) in Anisotropic Sheet Metals (چکیده)
1738 - Energy and drying time optimization of a coupled heat and mass transfer during convective drying: Taguchi and LBM methods (چکیده)
1739 - Centralizers in Lie agebras (چکیده)
1740 - Development a New Algorithm to Reduce SLL of an Equally Spaced Linear Array (چکیده)
1741 - بررسی تاثیر فاز کاربیدی ایجادشده در فصل مشترک نانولوله کربنی و زمینه آلومینیومی بر خواص مکانیکی کامپوزیت Al/CNT (چکیده)
1742 - Clinical prevalence, histopathological evaluation, antimicrobial susceptibility and molecular genotyping of staphylococci from canine pyoderma: The first prospective study of first-time cases in Iran (چکیده)
1743 - Wind tunnel tests for Assessment of wing flexibility effects on the aerodynamics of flapping micro aerial vehicle (چکیده)
1744 - اتّحاد عاقل و معقول از دیدگاه ملاصدرا و ابن سینا (چکیده)
1745 - Experimental simulation of flapping wings of the black-headed gull in hovering flight (چکیده)
1746 - Constructing two 1D–coordination polymers and one mononuclear complex by pyrazine- and pyridinedicarboxylic acids under mild and sonochemical conditions: Magnetic and CSD studies (چکیده)
1747 - Application of the Electromagnetic Dynamic Vibration Absorbers to Suppress Undesired Vibrations and Harvest Energy (چکیده)
1748 - Nondestructive examination of recovery stage during annealing of a cold-rolled low-carbon steel using eddy current testing technique (چکیده)
1749 - An incremental iterative solution procedure without predictor step (چکیده)
1750 - Core-shell structured Ni3S2 nanorods grown on interconnected Ni-graphene foam for symmetric supercapacitors (چکیده)
1751 - Kolmogorov-Smirnov two-sample test in fuzzy environment (چکیده)
1752 - Multiscale asymptotic homogenization analysis of epoxy-based composites reinforced with different hexagonal nanosheets (چکیده)
1753 - Production of phytase enzyme by a bioengineered probiotic for degrading of phytate phosphorus in the digestive tract of poultry (چکیده)
1754 - Untangling phylogenetic patterns and taxonomic confusion in tribe Caryophylleae (Caryophyllaceae) with special focus on generic boundaries (چکیده)
1755 - چگونگی مواجهه شیخ طوسی با گفتمان مفید و مرتضی در مسئله «حجیت خبر واحد» (چکیده)
1756 - Numerical and Experimental Study on Ratcheting Behavior of Plates with Circular Cutouts under Cyclic Axial Loading (چکیده)
1757 - Distribution Network Reconfiguration with the Application of DLMP using Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
1759 - Effects of concentrator type and encapsulated phase change material on the performance of different solar stills: an experimental approach (چکیده)
1760 - Fuzzy-CA Model for an In-silico Cancer Cell Line: A Journey from Simple Cellular Pattern to an Emergent Complex Behavior (چکیده)
1761 - Adaptive fuzzy formation control for a class of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems (چکیده)
1762 - Correlation between the histogram and power spectral density analysis of AFM and SKPFM images in an AA7023/AA5083 FSW joint (چکیده)
1763 - Swarm Fuzzy-Reinforcement Coordination using Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain (چکیده)
1764 - Cooperative adaptive fuzzy tracking control for a class of nonlinear multi-agent systems (چکیده)
1765 - Thermodynamic compatibility and interactions between Speckled Sugar bean protein and xanthan gum for production of multilayer O/W emulsion (چکیده)
1766 - Petrography, Major and Trace Elemental Geochemistry of the Ordovician-Silurian Siliciclastics in North of Tabas Block, Central Iran: Implications for Provenance and Paleogeography (چکیده)
1767 - Synthesis of Nano Curcumin using Black Pepper Oil by O/W Nanoemulsion Technique and Investigation of Their Biological Activities (چکیده)
1768 - Jordan Generalized Derivations on Trivial Extension Algebras (چکیده)
1769 - Optimistic Initial Value Analysis in a Greedy Selection Approach to MAB Problems (چکیده)
1770 - Generalized Differential Evolution (چکیده)
1771 - Distribution Locational Marginal Price Analysis Considering Technical Constraints (چکیده)
1772 - From Stylistics to Narratology a Critical Reading of Charlotte Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” (چکیده)
1773 - Cycles in the Cozero-Divisor Graphs (چکیده)
1774 - Non-commutative Stein inequality and its applications (چکیده)
1775 - Investigating the Origin and Interaction between Karstic and Alluvial Aquifers in NW of Zagros Mountain Range, Iran, Using Isotopic and Geochemical Tools (چکیده)
1776 - Volume-of-Fluid Model for Simulating Vapor–Liquid Phase Change in a Solar Still (چکیده)
1777 - Safe Collaboration of Humans and SCARA Robots (چکیده)
1778 - Trackerbot: A Robotic Surveillance System based on Stereo-Vision and Artificial Neural Networks (چکیده)
1779 - Apply fixed point theorem for solving of nonlinear Volterra integral equation with Harr wavelet (چکیده)
1780 - Using of 2D RH wavelets for solving of 2D nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equations (چکیده)
1783 - Binding of Rhipicephalus ( Boophilus) annulatus tropomyosin and cathepsin like as vaccine candidate using OE-PCR (چکیده)
1784 - Scheduling Hybrid Workflows Using Extended Look-Ahead Approach in Utility Grid (چکیده)
1785 - Sewage sludge-based activated carbon: its application for hexavalent chromium from synthetic and electroplating wastewater in batch and fixed-bed column adsorption (چکیده)
1786 - Modeling Intra-label Dynamics and Analyzing the Role of Blank in Connectionist Temporal Classification (چکیده)
1787 - Potential of combined Water Sensitive Urban Design systems for salinity treatment in urban environments (چکیده)
1788 - شبیه‌سازی واداشت‌های تابشی گردوغبار در غرب ایران (چکیده)
1789 - Optimization of textural characteristics of analogue UF-Feta cheese made from dairy and non-dairy ingredients (چکیده)
1790 - Study on the effects of sucrose and lactose on the rheological properties of Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum in dilute solutions, Iranian Food Science & Technology Research Journal. (چکیده)
1791 - Multistage dolomitization in the Qal’eh Dokhtar Formation (Middle-Upper Jurassic), Central Iran: petrographic and geochemical evidence (چکیده)
1792 - Production and characterization of nanostructured lipid carriers and solid lipid nanoparticles containing lycopene for food fortification (چکیده)
1793 - Modeling Energy and Performance of Phoenix++ based Parallel Programs (چکیده)
1794 - Modeling of Dynamic Behavior and Estimation of Damage Incurred by Self-Centering Rocking Walls (چکیده)
1795 - Anaplasma spp. identification in hard ticks of Iran: First report of Anaplasma bovis in Haema physalis inermis (چکیده)
1799 - اثر کربوهیدرات های غیر الیافی بر قابلیت عملکرد و خصوصیات هضمی مواد مغذی در گاو های شیرده ی هولشتاین (چکیده)
1800 - اثر تغذیه روغن سویای اکسید شده در تقابل با نقش آنتی اکسیدانی هسته انار بر فیزیولوژی و متابولیسم بزهای سانن در دوره انتقال (چکیده)
1801 - اثر جایگزینی سیلوی ذرت با سطوح متفاوت کاه گندم عمل آوری شده با گاز آمونیاک برعملکرد، فراسنجه‌های تخمیر شکمبه ای و فراسنجه های خونی تلیسه های هلشتاین (چکیده)
1802 - Characterization of Truncated dsz Operon Responsible for Dibenzothiophene Biodesulfurization in Rhodococcus sp. FUM94 (چکیده)
1803 - Damage Identification of a Multi-Girder Bridge Super-structure by Mindilin Approach (چکیده)
1804 - بررسی اثر مقادیر مختلف ژلاتین و گوار بر ویژگی های حسی، بافتی و رنگ پاستیل بر پایه توت سفید (چکیده)
1805 - Experimental investigation of tensile mechanical strain influence on the dark current of organic solar cells (چکیده)
1806 - Systematic design of hybrid high power microwave amplifiers using large gate periphery GaN HEMTs (چکیده)
1807 - پیش‌بینی ضرایب انتقال حرارت سطحی و کینتیک های انتقال جرم نمونه های بادمجان طی فرایند سرخ کردن عمیق با استفاده از شبکه عصبی مصنوعی (چکیده)
1808 - The effects of small water surfaces on turbulent flow in the atmospheric boundary layer: URANS approach implemented in OpenFOAM (چکیده)
1809 - The Effectiveness of Dramatic Puppet and Therapeutic Play in Anxiety Reduction in Children Undergoing Surgery: A Randomized Clinical Trial (چکیده)
1810 - Conflict at work, Job Embeddedness and their Effects on Intention to Quit among Women Employed in Travel Agencies: Evidence from a Religious City in a Developing Country (چکیده)
1811 - Scientific Roots of Persian Architecture Revival in the 10th and 11th Centuries (چکیده)
1812 - Effects of Sodium Bentonite on Blood Parameters, Feed Digestibility and Rumen Fermentation Parameters of Male Balouchi Sheep Fed Diet Contaminated by Diazinon, an Organophosphate Pesticide (چکیده)
1813 - Effects of Two Sources of Tannins on Performance, Nitrogen Utilization and Efficiency of Microbial Nitrogen Synthesis in Dairy Goats (چکیده)
1814 - Determination of chemical composition, mineral content, antioxidant capacity and rumen degradability in various varieties of wasted date palm (چکیده)
1815 - The Effect of Paternal-Fetal Attachment Training on Marital Satisfaction during Pregnancy (چکیده)
1816 - Phrasal complexity in academic writing: A comparison of abstracts written by graduate students and expert writers in applied linguistics (چکیده)
1817 - The MRL function inference through empirical likelihood in length-biased sampling (چکیده)
1818 - Block censoring scheme with two-parameter exponential distribution (چکیده)
1819 - دکان های غذایی و غذاهای آماده در ایران دوره اسلامی (قرن دوم تا هفتم هجری) (چکیده)
1820 - تأثیر انواع روش‌های خاک‌ورزی و مدیریت بقایای گیاهی چغندرقند (Beta vulgaris) بر عملکرد و اجزای عملکرد گندم (Triticum aestivum) (چکیده)
1821 - Chemical composition and antifungal activity of thyme (Thymus vulgaris) essential oil (چکیده)
1822 - Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenolic Content of Fumaria vaillantii L. Extract at Different Phenological Stages Assayed by Various Methods (چکیده)
1823 - ZnS nanospheres/reduced graphene oxide photoanode for highly efficient solar water oxidation (چکیده)
1824 - A novel electrochemical imprinted sensor for acetylsalicylic acidbased on polypyrrole, sol-gel and SiO2@Au core-shell nanoparticles (چکیده)
1825 - حکم طواف از طبقات بالاتر از کعبه (چکیده)
1826 - A comparison of axial fatigue strength of coarse and ultrafine grain commercially pure titanium produced by ECAP (چکیده)
1827 - Performance analysis of sloped solar chimney power plants in the southwesternregion of Iran (چکیده)
1828 - Investigation of Temperature Dynamics in Small and Shallow Reservoirs, Case Study: Lake Binaba, Upper East Region of Ghana (چکیده)
1829 - Convective Heat Transfer and Particle Motion in an Obstructed Duct with Two Side by Side Obstacles by Means of DPM Model (چکیده)
1830 - تحلیـل رابطـه طایفـه گرایـی اجتماعات محلی با توسعـه سیاسـی در شرایط انتخاباتی (مطالعه موردی: شهرستان نورآباد ممسنی) (چکیده)
1831 - تدوین راهبردهای مدیریت فرآیند جهانی‌شدن در مناطق روستایی کشور (چکیده)
1832 - A framework to simulate small shallow inland water bodies in semi-arid regions (چکیده)
1833 - On the size-dependent nonlinear dynamic of beam-mass micro structures based on strain gradient elasticity (چکیده)
1834 - Reconstruction of Surface Curvature from the Triangular Flat Meshes for the Calculation Radar Cross Section of Electrically Large Objects (چکیده)
1835 - Numerical analysis of seismic stability of a high centerline tailings dam (چکیده)
1836 - Role of Mediating Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies and Goal Adjustment in Relationship between Personality Characteristics and Quality of Life of Patients with Cancer (چکیده)
1837 - Investigating the Effect of Mechanical Activation Parameters on Structural Changes and Leaching Rate of Molybdenite Concentrate (چکیده)
1838 - Mechanochemical Synthesis of Fe2O3 Nanoparticles (چکیده)
1839 - Relationship between the weighted distributions and some inequality measures (چکیده)
1840 - Mining user interests over active topics on social networks (چکیده)
1841 - A renewed approach to conservation policy of historical gardens in Iran (چکیده)
1842 - Coupled thermoelastic analysis of an FG multilayer graphene platelets-reinforced nanocomposite cylinder using meshless GFD method: A modified micromechanical model (چکیده)
1843 - Essential oil composition of seven populations belonging to two Nepeta species from northwestern Iran (چکیده)
1844 - Analytical solution for nonlocal coupled thermoelasticity analysis in a heat-affected MEMS/NEMS beam resonator based on Green-Naghdi theory (چکیده)
1845 - Understanding the thermodynamic and kinetic performances of the substituted phosphorus ylides as a new class of compounds in carbon dioxide activation (چکیده)
1846 - Detection of Anomalies in Smart Meter Data: A Density-Based Approach (چکیده)
1847 - The Effect of Cyber Attacks on the Demand Dispatch Application and Identify Them by OPTICS (چکیده)
1848 - Comparative genetic diversity of potato virus Y populations based on coat protein gene (چکیده)
1849 - Optimum Design for A Hybrid System with Respect to Cost and Reliability Based on Stochastic Methods (چکیده)
1850 - Accurate DFT studies on crystalline network formation of a new Co(II) complex bearing 8−aminoquinoline (چکیده)
1851 - Protein’s Number of Beta-Sheets Prediction using Structural Features (چکیده)
1852 - Deadline Constrained Load Balancing Level Based Workflow Scheduling for Cost Optimization (چکیده)
1853 - Boiling process ability in drinking water arsenic removing (چکیده)
1854 - GIS-based Groundwater Spring Potential Mapping Using Data Mining Boosted Regression Tree and Probabilistic Frequency Ratio Models in Iran (چکیده)
1855 - Pre-Training of an Artificial Neural Network for Software Fault Prediction (چکیده)
1856 - A Performance Counter-based Control Flow Checking Technique for Multi-core Processors (چکیده)
1857 - Design of a noninvasive and smart hand tremor attenuation system with active control: a simulation study (چکیده)
1858 - Cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of root extract and tanshinones isolated from Perovskia abrotanoides Kar. (چکیده)
1859 - Influence of barley grain treated with alkaline compounds or organic extracts on ex vivo site and extent of digestion of starch (چکیده)
1860 - Effect of Additives on In Vitro Intestinal Utilizable Crude Protein in Dairy Cows and Mobile Bag Nutrient Digestibility of Corn, Alfalfa and Whole Barley Silages (چکیده)
1861 - Conductometric study of complexation reactions between Benzyl bis semicarbazone and 3-Methylpyrazol-5-one with Cd+2 cation in pure and binary non-aqueous solvents (چکیده)
1862 - Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Submerged Zone of Qanat Hydraulics in Unsteady Conditions (چکیده)
1863 - Modification strategy of biodegradable poly (butylene succinate) (PBS) membrane by introducing Al2O3 nanoparticles: preparation, characterization and wastewater treatment (چکیده)
1864 - Using co-rotational method for cracked frame analysis (چکیده)
1865 - Functional effects of xanthan gum on quality attributes and microstructure of extruded sorghum-wheat composite dough and bread (چکیده)
1866 - An Efficient Synthesis of 1,3-Diphenyl-3-phenylamino-propan-1-one and its Derivatives by Mannich Reaction in the Presence of Doped Porous Carbon by Nitrogen and Sulfur (NS-PCS) as Catalyst (چکیده)
1867 - Resource Management Technique for IoT in Fog Computing Supported by Distributed SDN (چکیده)
1868 - Android malware detection based on overlapping of static features (چکیده)
1869 - بهبود کارایی ایمازتاپیر در کنترل تاتوره (Datura stramonium L.) (چکیده)
1870 - Effectiveness of Soil and Water Conservation Practices Under Climate Change in the Gorganroud Basin, Iran (چکیده)
1871 - Impacts of future land cover and climate change on the water balance in (چکیده)
1872 - Second law of thermodynamics analysis for nanofluid turbulent flow around a rotating cylinder (چکیده)
1873 - Exploring students' mathematical performance, metacognitive experiences and skills in relation to fundamental theorem of calculus (چکیده)
1874 - An Efficient Flat Shell Element (چکیده)
1875 - In-field Conductivity Fluctuations in Ba0.72K0.28Fe2As2Single Crystals (چکیده)
1876 - A triangular shell element for geometrically nonlinear analysis (چکیده)
1877 - میرایی متغیر در تحلیل ناخطی هندسی صفحه های خمشی به روش رهایی پویا (چکیده)
1878 - تأثیر سطوح مختلف آب آبیاری، تاریخ کاشت و مدیریت کودی بر عملکرد و اجرای عملکرد چای ترش (Hibiscus sabdariffa L..) در میناب (چکیده)
1879 - Revised Bloom's taxonomy and integral calculus: unpacking the knowledge dimension (چکیده)
1880 - Impact of heat shock protein 60KD in combination with outer membrane proteins on immune response against Brucella melitensis. (چکیده)
1881 - Cubic B-spline collocation method for a class of partial integro-differential equation (چکیده)
1882 - Time-dependent DFT study on the photovoltaic properties of the inorganic perovskite-based solar cells (چکیده)
1883 - A selective and sensitive optode for determination of Hg2+ ion based on covalent immobilization of thiazole yellow on triacetyl cellulose films (چکیده)
1884 - Improving efficiency of an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory peptide as multifunctional peptides (چکیده)
1885 - Biochemical characterization of purified lipoxygenase from sesame (Sesamum indicum) (چکیده)
1886 - Calcic soils as indicators of profound Quaternary climate change in eastern Isfahan, Iran (چکیده)
1887 - Nonlinear Pull-In Behavior of Deformable Micro-Electro-Mechanical Variable Loading Beam (چکیده)
1888 - Modified Sequential Sampling Plan Using Fuzzy SPRT (چکیده)
1889 - بررسی تحمل به شوری دانهال های ارقام تجاری و ژنوتیپ های محلی پسته (Pistacia vera L.) منطقه رفسنجان در شرایط کنترل شده (چکیده)
1890 - Selenium-methionine and chromium-methionine supplementation of sheep around parturition: impacts on dam and offspring performance (چکیده)
1891 - بررسی متغیرهای مؤثر بر قدرت علمی و فناوری و ارائه مدل ارزیابی قدرت علمی و فناوری کشورها (چکیده)
1892 - اثر منابع مورد استفاده در پروتئین خوراک بر بازده نیتروژن و بیان ژن ناقل اوره (نوع ب) در بره‌های نر بلوچی تغذیه شده با سطوح مختلف پروتئین ‌خام (چکیده)
1893 - Water Dynamics and Proton-Transport Mechanisms of Nafion 117/Phosphotungstic Acid Composite Membrane: A Molecular Dynamics Study (چکیده)
1894 - Optimal control model for finite capacity continuous MRP with deteriorating items (چکیده)
1895 - A heuristic method for combined optimization of layout design and cluster configuration in continuous productions (چکیده)
1896 - Detection of Hammondia spp., Toxoplasma gondii, Neospora caninum and Sarcocystis spp. by different methods in slaughtered sheep (چکیده)
1897 - An investigation into promotional methods of public library services and resources: users’ perspective (چکیده)
1898 - اثر همزیستی میکوریزای آرباسکولار و شبه‌میکوریزای داخلی بر عملکرد و جذب عناصر ماکرو و میکرو در ژنوتیپ‌های نخود (Cicer arietinum L.) XML (چکیده)
1899 - ارزیابی اثرات تغییراقلیم و تغییرکاربریاراضی بر پاسخ هیدرولوژیک حوزه آبخیز اسکندری (چکیده)
1900 - Response of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni root system to waterlogging and terminal drought stress (چکیده)
1901 - Prevalence and fertility of sheep and cattle hydatid cysts in the northeast of Iran, investigation of some epidemiological factors (چکیده)
1902 - تحلیل جغرافیایی پراکنش شاخص های کالبدی مسکن روستایی ایران با رویکرد عدالت فضایی (با استفاده از تکنیک ادغام) (چکیده)
1903 - Effect of the Casimir Force on Size-Dependent Dynamic Pull-In Instability in Micro-Bridge Gyroscopes with a Proof Mass (چکیده)
1904 - electronic and phononic modulation of mos2 under biaxial strain (چکیده)
1905 - Autonilpotent groups and their properties (چکیده)
1906 - Effect of drying methods on the structure, thermo and functional properties of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum ) protein isolate (چکیده)
1907 - A comparison of chemical, structural and functional properties offenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) protein isolates producedusing different defatting solvents (چکیده)
1908 - Assessment of Citizens’ Virtual Water Footprint (چکیده)
1909 - Some properties of central kernel and central autocommutator subgroups (چکیده)
1910 - Comparison of Stiffness and Failure Behavior of the Laminated Grid and Orthogrid Plates (چکیده)
1911 - A new electro-static micro-generator for energy harvesting from diaphragm muscle (چکیده)
1912 - اثرگذاری نگرش ها نسبت به محصولات دارای برند بر رفتار خرید مصرف کنندگان (مطالعه موردی: برنج) (چکیده)
1913 - نقش آگاهی محاوره ای بر عملکرد کودکان در تکالیف تئوری ذهن (چکیده)
1914 - Molecular characterization of two sugarcane streak mosaic virus isolates from Iran with emphasis on its population structure (چکیده)
1916 - بررسی رابطه علّیت و تأثیر نوآوری بر رشد اقتصادی در کشورهای منتخب مِنا (چکیده)
1917 - مطالعه عوامل اثرگذار بر ریسک اعتباری مشتریان بانکی با استفاده از مدل های ناپارامتریک و شبه پارامتریک تحلیل بقا (چکیده)
1918 - Predicting Depth and Path of Subsurface Crack Propagation at Gear Tooth Flank under Cyclic Contact Loading (چکیده)
1919 - Exponentiality test based on alpha-divergence and gamma-divergence (چکیده)
1920 - Assessment of energy consumption and modeling of output energy for wheat production by neural network (MLP and RBF) and Gaussian process regression (GPR) models (چکیده)
1922 - Study on Genetic Diversity of Terminal Fragment Sequence of Isolated Persian Tobacco Mosaic Virus (چکیده)
1923 - Optimizing application rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and cattle manure in wheat production: An approach to determine optimum scenario using Response -Surface Methodology (چکیده)
1924 - هرمنوتیک مدرن و نظریه تفسیری شهید مطهری (چکیده)
1925 - High-Order Filter Design for High-Power Voltage-Source Converters (چکیده)
1926 - Influence of Nickel Substitution on Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Strontium Ferrite Preparation Via sol- gel Auto- Combustion Route (چکیده)
1927 - An Economic Design of Rectifying Double Acceptance Sampling Plans via Maxima Nomination Sampling (چکیده)
1928 - The generalised maximum α entropy principle (چکیده)
1929 - In Vitro Yield of Microbial-N from Fermentation of Glucogenic and Lipogenic Diets Provided by Different Sources of Rumen Degradable Amino Acids (چکیده)
1930 - Numerical Study on Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Patient-Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm for Evaluating Wall Heterogeneity and Material Model Effects on its Rupture (چکیده)
1931 - Tooth Morphogenesis and FGF4 Expression During Development of Molar Tooth in Three Muroid Rodents: Calomyscus elburzensis (Calomyscidae), Mesocricetus auratus (Cricetidae) and Mus musculus (Muridae) (چکیده)
1932 - Genetic analyses of partial egg production in Japanese quail using multi-trait random regression models (چکیده)
1933 - Static mechanical properties and ductility of biomedical ultrafine-grained commercially pure titanium produced by ECAP process (چکیده)
1934 - Inhibition mechanism of nitrite on the corrosion of carbon steel in simulated cooling (چکیده)
1937 - Kinetic Modelling of Hydraulic Resistance in Colloidal System Ultrafiltration: Effect of Physiochemical and Hydrodynamic Parameters (چکیده)
1938 - نزاع دیوانیان و نظامیان در اندیشه سیاسی ملاحسین واعظ کاشفی (چکیده)
1939 - Results related to exponential entropy (چکیده)
1940 - Mathematical modeling of catalytic behavior of catalyst pellets in crude oils after blocking by liquid sulfur (چکیده)
1941 - On the consequences of successively repeated collisions in no-time-counter collision scheme in DSMC (چکیده)
1942 - Designing a Multiple Deferred State Attribute Sampling Plan in a Fuzzy Environment (چکیده)
1943 - Closed range and nonclosed range adjointable operators on Hilbert $C^*$-modules (چکیده)
1944 - Characterizations of Smooth Spaces by ρ Orthogonality (چکیده)
1945 - A data fusion approach for business partners selection (چکیده)
1946 - New insight into the management of the tomato leaf miner,Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) with entomopathogenic nematodes (چکیده)
1947 - Stress-Strength Model in Discrete Distributions (چکیده)
1948 - Use of solvent mixtures for total lipid extraction of Chlorella vulgaris and gas chromatography FAME analysis (چکیده)
1949 - Evaluation of the antagonistic potential of Bacillus strains against Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum and their role in the induction of resistance to potato soft rot infection (چکیده)
1950 - Cardioprotective Effects of Pomegranate (Punica granatum ) Juice in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (چکیده)
1951 - Synthesis of a novel fused tricyclic heterocycle, pyrimido[5,4- e ][1,4]thiazepine, and its derivatives (چکیده)
1952 - تاثیر کود‌های آلی، معدنی و زیستی بر عملکرد و اجزاء عملکرد دانه گیاه کاسنی پاکوتاه (Cichorium pumilum Jacq.) (چکیده)
1953 - تأثیر منابع تغذیه‌ای و سطوح آب آبیاری بر عملکرد، اجزای عملکرد، فعالیت آنتی‌اکسیدانی و میزان آنتوسیانین کاسبرگ گیاه دارویی چای ترش (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) در جیرفت (چکیده)
1954 - In-situ fabrication of Al(Zn)-Al2O3 graded composite using aluminothermic reaction during hot pressing (چکیده)
1955 - Pre-mass extinction decline of latest Permian Ammonoids (چکیده)
1956 - Impact of hydrothermal modifications on the physicochemical, morphology, crystallinity, pasting and thermal properties of acorn starch (چکیده)
1957 - Enhanced cutaneous wound healing by the leaf extract of Achillea eriophora D.C. using the in vitro scratch assay (چکیده)
1958 - Sign control chart based on ranked set sampling (چکیده)
1959 - Lifetime performance index based on ranked set sampling (چکیده)
1960 - Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza on Growth and Physiological Behavior of PHL-C Rootstock (چکیده)
1961 - Studying the Effect of Convergence Parameter of CUSP's Scheme in 2D Modelling of Novel Combination of Two Schemes in Nucleating Steam Flow in Cascade Blades (چکیده)
1962 - A New Algorithm for Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Based on the Surfacelet Transform (چکیده)
1963 - Estimation of meteorological drought indices based on AgMERRA precipitation data and station-observed precipitation data (چکیده)
1964 - Magnetic properties of crystalline nickel and low phosphorus amorphous Ni1-XPx nanoparticles (چکیده)
1965 - Homi Bhabha and Iranian-American Literature of Diaspora: Is Firoozeh Dumas’s Funny in Farsi Postcolonially Funny? (چکیده)
1966 - A contribution on rodents fauna ofthe Jaz Murian depression, southeast Iran (چکیده)
1967 - بهینه سازی عوامل موثر در ازدیاد درون شیشه ای پایه میروبالان c۲۹ (چکیده)
1968 - تعیین نیاز سرمایی و گرمایی چهار رقم زردآلو در استان خراسان (چکیده)
1969 - On J-class $C_0$-semigroups of operators (چکیده)
1970 - Influence of the V acancies on the B uckling B ehavior of a Single – Layered G raphene N anosheet (چکیده)
1971 - Pasting, rheological, and retrogradation properties of starches from dual-purpose sorghum lines (چکیده)
1972 - The role of different aversive stimuli on morphine seeking behavior in socially isolated male mice (چکیده)
1973 - Production of higher hydrocarbons from carbon dioxides over nanosized iron catalysts (چکیده)
1974 - Lie algebras with few centralizers (چکیده)
1975 - The Evaluation of Deferasirox on Hematological Parameters after Lead Administration (چکیده)
1976 - Mixture representation for the residual lifetime of a repairable system (چکیده)
1977 - Willingness to Receive Treatment for Hepatitis C among Injecting Drug Users on Methadone Program: Implications for Education and Treatment (چکیده)
1978 - Daily rhythms of locomotor and demand-feeding activities in Schizothorax pelzami (Kessler, 1870) (چکیده)
1979 - Additive Non-Gaussian Noise Channel Estimation by Using Minimum Error Entropy Criterion (چکیده)
1980 - Transient performance analysis of adaptive multitask network based on correntropy criterion (چکیده)
1981 - Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) on the Moisture and Sensory Property of Saffron (چکیده)
1982 - A novel red pigment from marine Arthrobacter sp. G20 with specific anticancer activity (چکیده)
1983 - Assessment of Compressive Strength and Hardness of Al-Gr Composites Produced Using Liquid Homogenization Followed by Cold-Press and SPS (چکیده)
1984 - A comparative evaluation of combined feature detectors and descriptors in different color spaces for stereo image matching of tree (چکیده)
1985 - کنترل خسارت سازه به کمک الگوریتم ژنتیک عصبی (چکیده)
1986 - Exponentiality test based on Renyi distance between equilibrium distributions (چکیده)
1987 - Fragmentation and Indeterminacy in Sam Shepard’s Buried Child (چکیده)
1988 - Enhancement of the Therapeutic Effect of Albendazole on Cystic Echinococcosis using a Herbal Product (چکیده)
1989 - A Calibration-Free 13-Bit 0.9 V Differential SAR-ADC with Hybrid DAC and Dithering (چکیده)
1990 - S-allyl dithiocarbazate: Cell viability and role of ligand on coordination (چکیده)
1991 - Control of Listeria Monocytogenes and Escherichia coli O157:H7 Inoculated on Fish Fillets Using Alginate Coating Containing Lactoperoxidase System and Zataria multiflora Boiss Essential Oil (چکیده)
1992 - Frequency response analysis (FRA) of transformers as a tool for fault detection and location: A review (چکیده)
1993 - تاثیر حلال های مختلف بر میزان ترکیبات فنلی و فعالیت آنتی اکسیدانی میوه عناب (چکیده)
1994 - Two-Photon Entanglement in a Two-Mode Supersymmetric Model (چکیده)
1995 - Entanglement Degree of Parasupersymmetric Coherent States of Harmonic Oscillator (چکیده)
1996 - BetaCon: Protein β-sheet Prediction Using Consensus of Predicted Superior Conformations (چکیده)
1997 - A quantile-based generalized dynamic cumulative measure of entropy (چکیده)
1998 - Inconsistency Repair to Improve the Performace of Ontology Matchers (چکیده)
1999 - TRLH: Fragile and blind dual watermarking for image tamper detection and self-recovery based on lifting wavelet transform and halftoning technique (چکیده)
2000 - Etemadi and Kolmogorov Inequalities in Noncommutative Probability Spaces (چکیده)
2002 - Ultra-trace determination of thallium by electrochemical hydride generation using efficient tungsten electrodes followed by in situ trapping on a graphite tube and detection by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
2003 - Variability in essential oil content and composition of Ocimum ciliatum accessions from Iran: Evidence for three chemotypes (چکیده)
2004 - Storage stability of essential oil of cumin (cuminum cyminum l.) as a function of temperature (چکیده)
2005 - Agro-morphological and phytochemical diversity of Iranian Cuminum cyminum accessions (چکیده)
2006 - پژوهشی تطبیقی در مورد قاعدة «علی الید» و «الخراج» و تبارشناسی سند روایی آن‌ها («علی الید ما أخذت حتی تؤدیه» و «الخراج بالضمان») (چکیده)
2008 - Emo-Sensory Expression at the Crossroads of Emotion, Sense, and Language: A Case of Color-Emotion Associations (چکیده)
2009 - Evolution of the digestive enzymes and bacterial changes of the gastrointestinal tract of the Artemia urmiana during growth period (چکیده)
2010 - Load-displacement behavior of fundamental flexure modules interconnected with compliant elements (چکیده)
2011 - Experimental Study on the Importance and Effectiveness of Monkey Testing for Android Applications (چکیده)
2012 - اثربخشی گروه درمانی شناختی- انسانگرایانه بر بهبود مهارتهای ارتباطی و حل مساله زنان متاهل (چکیده)
2013 - Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnant Patients: Assessing organ dose to pregnant phantom and its fetus during lung imaging (چکیده)
2014 - چرایی فقدان فدرالیسم در قانون اساسی 1382 افغانستان (چکیده)
2015 - Phylogenetic diversity and antagonistic traits of root and rhizosphere pseudomonads of bean from Iran for controlling Rhizoctonia solani (چکیده)
2016 - Synergy between Auraptene, Ionizing Radiation, and Anticancer Drugs in Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells (چکیده)
2018 - Gasification of potato shoots: An experimental and theoretical investigation (چکیده)
2019 - An extension of the Polya--Szego operator inequality (چکیده)
2020 - Relative entropy and Tsallis entropy of two accretive operators (چکیده)
2021 - Vibrational assignment and the effect of -methyl and ethyl substitutions on the Cu-O strength in bis-(3-alkylpentane-2,4-dionato)copper(II); An experimental and DFT study (چکیده)
2022 - The Impact of Sentiment Features on the Sentiment Polarity Classification in Persian Reviews (چکیده)
2023 - Removal of tetracycline antibiotic from aqueous environments using core-shell silica magnetic nanoparticles (چکیده)
2024 - Characterization of PVT systems equipped with nanofluids-based collector from entropy generation (چکیده)
2025 - Green synthesis and characterization of ANbO3 (A = Na, K) nanopowders fabricated using a biopolymer (چکیده)
2026 - Normal coordinate analysis of pyridine and its C2v 2H-isotopomers. A new approach (چکیده)
2027 - Performance evaluation of floating solarchimney power plant in Iran: estimation of technology progression and cost investigation (چکیده)
2028 - درجه تأثیرگذاری سهم بخش کشاورزی بر توزیع بودجه عمرانی استانی: کاربرد رگرسیون فضایی (چکیده)
2029 - The Surrealist Dialogue between Kafka and Hedayat: A Comparative Reading of Country Doctor and Three Drops of Blood (چکیده)
2030 - New Model for Simulating Hydraulic Performance of an Infiltration Trench with Finite-Volume One-Dimensional Richards’ Equation (چکیده)
2031 - Linear robust data envelopment analysis: CCR model with uncertain data (چکیده)
2032 - Streptozotocin-induced hippocampal astrogliosis and insulin signaling malfunction as experimental scales for subclinical sporadic Alzheimer model (چکیده)
2033 - Curcumin Nanoformulations: A Comparison Review of Their Antioxidant Properties (چکیده)
2034 - تأثیر دو نگرش متفاوت فاصله ی دو مجموعه بر روی ریزمقیاس نمایی فراکتالی درجه حرارت در مشهد (چکیده)
2035 - بررسی رابطۀ سرمایۀ اجتماعی و اثربخشی فردی کارمندان بانک ها (مورد مطالعه: کارمندان بانک های دولتی شهر سنندج) (چکیده)
2036 - Sample average approximation method for a new stochastic personnel assignment problem (چکیده)
2037 - Investigation of A I GaNIGaN HEMTs with step aluminum mole fraction and doping level in the barrier layer (چکیده)
2038 - Norm Inequalities Related to the Heron and Heinz Means (چکیده)
2039 - A Low-Power Time-Based Phase-Domain Analog-to- Digital Converter (چکیده)
2040 - A Highly-Linear Transconductor for Gm-C Tracking Filters Employed in Digital TV Tuners (چکیده)
2041 - How Doxorubicin Anticancer Drug Interacts with Folic Acid and APTES Functional Groups: A First Principle Study (چکیده)
2042 - Profiling and predicting performance of indoor rock climbers (چکیده)
2043 - بررسی وضعیت جذب و استفاده نور در کشت خالص و مخلوط سه گیاه دارویی سیاهدانه (Nigella sativa L.)، همیشه‌بهار (Calendula officinalis L.) و گاوزبان اروپایی (چکیده)
2044 - Mesophilic co-digestion of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge: Effect of mixing ratio, total solids, and alkaline pretreatment (چکیده)
2045 - تعیین آستانه تحمل به تنش خشکی درختچه زرشک زینتی (Berberis thunbergii cv. Atropurpurea) در شرایط آب و هوایی مشهد (چکیده)
2046 - Sequential ultrasound and transglutaminase treatments improve functional, rheological, and textural properties of whey protein concentrate (چکیده)
2047 - Maternal swimming exercise during pregnancy attenuates anxiety/depressive-like behaviors and voluntary morphine consumption in the pubertal male and female rat offspring born from morphine dependent mothers (چکیده)
2048 - Evaluation of Factors that Affect the synthesize of Au Nanorods by Camera and UV-Vis spectrophotometer and Determination of Aspect Ratio of Au by Camera (چکیده)
2049 - Intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in three stable conformers of 2-(((1-phenylethyl) imino) methyl)phenol and itshalogen substitutions, as a Schiff base with chiral carbon; A theoretical study (چکیده)
2050 - Conformational analysis of 2-(((1-phenylethyl)imino)methyl)phenol and its halogen substitutions, as a Schiff base with chiral carbon, A DFT study (چکیده)
2051 - نقد و بررسی دلایل دیدگاه مشهور در باب نجاست فرزندان نابالغ کفار (چکیده)
2052 - بازخوانی چگونگی تعاملات پیامبر‌ (ص) با غیرمسلمانان (چکیده)
2053 - خصوصیات ژنتیکی صفات رشد و تولید تخم مرغ در مرغان بومی استان خراسان رضوی به روش بیزی (چکیده)
2054 - Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Flowering and Fruit Properties of Pomegranate(Punica granatum cv. Shahvar) (چکیده)
2055 - A novel time integration formulation for nonlinear dynamic analysis (چکیده)
2056 - Destabilization of glucose oxidase by increasing concentration of ionic liquid: Insight from molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
2057 - Analyzing Free-Free Beams by Green's Functions and Fredholm Alternative Theorem (چکیده)
2058 - Geometrical nonlinear analysis based on optimization technique (چکیده)
2059 - Geometrical nonlinear analysis by plane quadrilateral element (چکیده)
2060 - Geometrically nonlinear analysis of shells by various dynamic relaxation methods (چکیده)
2061 - EMVille: A Gamification-Based Approach to Address the Equivalent Mutant Problem (چکیده)
2062 - Nonlocal static analysis of a functionally graded material curved nanobeam (چکیده)
2063 - Modified differential transformation method for solving nonlinear dynamic problems (چکیده)
2064 - A Novel Hybrid Approach for Numerical Modeling of the Nucleating Flow in Laval Nozzle and Transonic Steam Turbine Blades (چکیده)
2065 - A first-principles study of aryloxyanthraquinone-based optical molecular switch (چکیده)
2066 - An iterative order determination method for time-series modeling in structural health monitoring (چکیده)
2067 - Frame nonlinear analysis by force method (چکیده)
2068 - Molecular Dynamics Studies of Cation Aggregation in two Amino Acid Ionic Liquids (چکیده)
2069 - A Molecular Dynamics Study of SO2 Sorbed in Nonporous Silica Y Zeolite: Temperature and Loading Dependence (چکیده)
2070 - A novel soft computing model (Gaussian process regression with K-fold cross validation) for daily and monthly solar radiation forecasting (Part: I) (چکیده)
2071 - Temperature Effects on Particle Size in Nanocurcumin Formation by Spontaneous Emulsification Method (چکیده)
2072 - Mutual Strategic Ambiguity: A Cautious Iranian–Chinese Approach in Bilateral Relationship and Its Implications for the “One Belt, One Road” Policy (چکیده)
2073 - The effect of Ziziphora clinopodioides essential oil and Nisin on chemical and microbial characteristics of fish burger during refrigerated storage (چکیده)
2074 - Public Transport Fleet Scheduling for Minimizing Total Transfer Waiting Time (چکیده)
2075 - mismath between academic education and alumi's occupation (چکیده)
2076 - Low frequency vibrational spectra and the nature of metal-oxygen bond of alkaline earth metal acetylacetonates (چکیده)
2077 - Exact solution of thermal buckling and post buckling of composite and SMA hybrid composite beam by layerwise theory (چکیده)
2078 - Estimation of S20-Brittleness (An Input Parameter in Drilling Rate Index, Dri) Using Other Types of Brittleness (چکیده)
2079 - بررسی خواص ساختاری نانو ذرات سریا- زیرکونیا آلاییده با منگنز سنتز شده به روش هم رسوبی (چکیده)
2080 - Free vibration analysis of dissimilar connected CNTs with atomic imperfections and different locations of connecting region (چکیده)
2081 - Shock-induced stochastic dynamic analysis of cylinders made of saturated porous materials using MLPG method: considering uncertainty in mechanical properties (چکیده)
2082 - بهینه سازی شرایط استخراج پکتین به کمک امواج اولتراسونیک از تفاله شاه توت (چکیده)
2084 - Improvement of methane storage in nitrogen, boron and lithium doped pillared graphene: A hybrid molecular simulation (چکیده)
2085 - PDMS coating of used TFC-RO membranes for O2/N2 and CO2/N2 gas separation applications (چکیده)
2086 - بررسی اثر اندازۀ خرده‌لاستیک بر رفتار مکانیکی مخلوط ماسه و خرده‌لاستیک با دستگاه برش مستقیم (چکیده)
2087 - Bearing capacity of ring footings on cohesionless soil under eccentric load (چکیده)
2088 - Spatial variability analysis of subsurface soil in the city of Mashhad, northern-east Iran (چکیده)
2089 - Experimental and analytical study of steel slit shear wall (چکیده)
2090 - Application of Greens Functions for Constructing Influence Lines (چکیده)
2091 - Characterizations of continuous distributions through inequalities involving the expected values of selected functions (چکیده)
2092 - سنجش و ارزیابی جامع امنیت انرژیِ کشورهای عضو سازمان همکاری های اقتصادی و توسعه (OECD) بر‌اساس شاخص‌سازی ترکیبی (چکیده)
2093 - Structure sensitivity evaluation of catalytic CO2 hydrogenation to higher hydrocarbons by an iron catalyst (چکیده)
2094 - تعیین مدل پیش بینی عملکرد کلزا براساس شاخص های هواشناسی کشاورزی و پارامترهای اقلیمی در شهرستان مشهد (چکیده)
2095 - Effect of purine nucleosides on growth performance, gut morphology, digestive enzymes, serum profile and immune response in broiler chicken (چکیده)
2096 - New ways to symmetrise free vibration equations of fluid–structure interaction systems (چکیده)
2097 - The First C(O) NHP (O)- based Phosphoric Triamide Structure With an N–H ••• π Hydrogen Bonding: A Combination of X-ray Crystallography And Theoretical Study to Evaluate The Strength of Hydrogen Bonds (چکیده)
2098 - Greens function for uniform Euler Bernoulli beams at resonant condition Introduction of Fredholm Alternative Theorem (چکیده)
2099 - Investigating the determinants of maternal empowerment during pregnancy: A strategy for prenatal healthcare promotion (چکیده)
2100 - Long Term Scheduling for Optimal Sizing of Renewable Energy Sources for Hospitals (چکیده)
2101 - A delayed optimal control model for multi-stage production-inventory system with production lead-times (چکیده)
2102 - Investigating the relationship between the perceived thickness of the chocolate pudding in sensory and instrumental analysis (چکیده)
2103 - The open vehicle routing problem with decoupling points (چکیده)
2104 - Efficient multi-step differential transform method Theory and its application to nonlinear oscillators (چکیده)
2105 - Free vibration analysis of horizontal cylindrical shells including sloshing effect utilizing polar finite elements (چکیده)
2106 - A simple iterative method for water distribution network analysis (چکیده)
2107 - بررسی جدایش میکروسکوپی آلیاژهای آلومینیوم- مس بوسیله آنالیز حرارتی و مدل سازی عددی (چکیده)
2108 - Some results on information properties of coherent systems (چکیده)
2109 - Vibration of Beam with Elastically Restrained Ends and Rotational Spring-Lumped Rotary Inertia System at Mid-Span (چکیده)
2110 - An Effective Procedure for Seismic Analysis of Arch Dams including Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Interaction Effects (چکیده)
2111 - Linear dynamic analysis of arch dams utilizing modified efficient fluid hyper-element (چکیده)
2112 - Practical Arithmetic in Islamic Architecture: A Critical History and Survey (چکیده)
2113 - Effects of SiC Nanoparticles on the Properties of Titanium-Matrix Foams Processed by Powder Metallurgy (چکیده)
2114 - Hardness Prediction in the Ni-Based Superalloy GTD-111 Using Quench Factor Analysis (QFA) (چکیده)
2115 - Free Vibration Analysis of Rotating Euler–Bernoulli Beam with Exponentially Varying Cross-Section by Differential Transform Method (چکیده)
2116 - Improvement of amoxicillin removal from aqueous environment by applying functionalized carbon nanotube (چکیده)
2117 - Replacement of Bonner spheres with polyethylene cylinders for the unfolding of an 241Am–Be neutron energy spectrum (چکیده)
2118 - Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Ti-6Al-4V Welds Using α, Near-α And α+β Filler Alloys (چکیده)
2119 - Effect of extrusion cooking of sorghum flour on rheology, morphology and heating rate of sorghum–wheat composite dough (چکیده)
2120 - Development of a machine vision system for determination of mechanical properties of onions (چکیده)
2121 - The Effects of Governance Indicators on Per Capita Income, Investment and Employment in Selected Mena Countries (چکیده)
2122 - Prioritization of Expanded Marketing Mix in Different Stages of the Product Life Cycle: The Case of Food Industry (چکیده)
2123 - Photocathode non-uniformity contribution to the energy resolution of scintillators (چکیده)
2124 - A simple well-logging tool using boronlined sodium iodide scintillators and an 241Am-Be neutron source (چکیده)
2125 - Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of a dinuclear antiferromagnetically coupled iron(II) complex (چکیده)
2126 - Neutron-gamma discrimination with UGAB scintillator using zero-crossing method (چکیده)
2127 - A comparison study on three different radiation detectors used for liquid levelmetry (چکیده)
2128 - Modelling boron-lined proportional counter response to neutrons (چکیده)
2129 - Transport properties of graphene quantum dots in glycerol and distilled water (چکیده)
2130 - A Relative Study to Illustrate the Infection Control Practices Based on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices at a Tertiary University Hospital (چکیده)
2131 - Some operator inequalities involving operator means and positive linear maps (چکیده)
2132 - Heat transfer and sensitivity analysis in a double pipe heat exchanger filled with porous medium (چکیده)
2133 - The Second Peak Effect And Vortex Pinning Mechanisms in Ba(Fe,Ni)2As2 Superconductors (چکیده)
2134 - Functional properties and applications of basil seed gum: An overview (چکیده)
2135 - Design and Fabrication of a Data Acquisition System for Pulsed Neutron Flux Measurement of Plasma Focus Devices (چکیده)
2136 - A New Record of Silene L. (Caryophyllaceae) from Iran (چکیده)
2137 - Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) simulation for predicting overall acceptability of ice cream (چکیده)
2138 - Processing Map and Microstructure Evaluations of AA6061-Al2O3 Nanocomposite at Different Temperatures (چکیده)
2139 - An Evaluation of the Coverage Region for Downlink Non-orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) Based on Power Allocation Factor (چکیده)
2140 - Analytical solution for coupled non-Fickian diffusion-thermoelasticity and thermoelastic wave propagation analysis (چکیده)
2141 - More on operator monotone and operator convex functions of several variables (چکیده)
2142 - Modeling and control of inverted pendulum based on PWA-FUZZY approach (چکیده)
2143 - Home Care Services Planning With Time Windows and Periodic Demands Under Continuity of Care (چکیده)
2144 - اثر بخشی آموزش مهارتهای ارتباط زناشویی بر کیفیت زندگی و رضایتمندی زناشویی زوجهای متعارض (چکیده)
2145 - New polyvinyl chloride/thermoplastic polyurethane membranes with potential application in nanofiltration (چکیده)
2146 - U–Pb Geochronology, Sr–Nd Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting of Gandab Volcanic Rocks, Northeastern Iran (چکیده)
2147 - A contribution on rodents fauna of the Jaz Murian depression (چکیده)
2148 - Study of complex formation process between 4 0 -nitrobenzo-18-crown-6 and yttrium(III) cation in some binary mixed non-aqueous solvents using the conductometry method (چکیده)
2149 - Numerical simulation of Cu-water nanofluid magneto-hydro-dynamics and heat transfer cavity containing a circular cylinder of different size and positions (چکیده)
2150 - Health risk assessment of heavy metals via dietary intake of five pistachio ( Pistacia vera L.) cultivars collected from different geographical sites of Iran (چکیده)
2151 - Energy flow modeling and predicting the yield of Iranian paddy cultivars using artificial neural networks (چکیده)
2152 - A novel tubular hydrogen-bond pattern in a new diazaphosphole oxide: a combination of X-ray crystallography and theoretical study of hydrogen bonds (چکیده)
2153 - Matrix KGNS construction and a Radon-Nikodym type theorem (چکیده)
2154 - Mechanical (tensile, hardness and fatigue ) behavior of the Al-Al 2 O 3 p composites fabricated by stir casting method (چکیده)
2155 - QM/MM studies on the Zn(II)-DPA-protein as the biosensor of P-Tyr onion (چکیده)
2156 - Improved corrosion inhibition of 3-amino-1,2,4- triazole on mild steel electrode in HCl solution using surface nanocrystallization (چکیده)
2157 - Effect of solvents in mixed-ligand supramolecular self-assembly architectures (چکیده)
2158 - An Investigation of the Factor Structure and Validity of Responsible Participation of Couples in Childbearing Scale (چکیده)
2159 - Push-out test on the one end welded corrugated-strip connectors in steel-concrete-steel sandwich structure (چکیده)
2160 - Electromagnetic Modeling of an Enclosure with an Aperture Excited by an External Thin Wire (چکیده)
2161 - Fuzzy logic application to model caffeine release from hydrogel colloidosomes (چکیده)
2162 - Analyzing drying characteristics and modeling of thin layers of peppermint leaves under hot-air and infrared treatments (چکیده)
2163 - Estimate Human-Force from sEMG signals for a Lower-Limb Rehabilitation Robot (چکیده)
2164 - FLUKA simulation studies on in–phantom dosimetric parameters of a LINAC–based BNCT (چکیده)
2165 - Disparate Permian-Triassic carbonate-carbon isotope trends explained by a diagenetic model forced with spatially heterogeneous organic matter fluxes (چکیده)
2166 - The effect of pH and time on gravitational sedimentation of microalgae Chlorella sp (چکیده)
2167 - Canonical coset parametrization and the Bures metric of the three-level quantum systems (چکیده)
2168 - Sodium Silicate Behavior in Porous Media Applied for In-Depth Profile Modifications (چکیده)
2169 - Pre-proccesing log data for User Behavior Analysis (چکیده)
2170 - On the relationship between multiple intelligences and self-actualization among Iranian EFL learners (چکیده)
2171 - Carbodiimide for Covalent -Amylase Immobilization onto Magnetic Nanoparticles (چکیده)
2172 - Application of Genetic Programming as a Powerful Tool for Modeling of Cellulose Acetate Membrane Preparation (چکیده)
2173 - Super Resolution on The Centroid Reference Grid (چکیده)
2174 - Android application for mobile phones to communicate with Glove pattern and the FUM BIONIC HAND (چکیده)
2175 - Simplifying user interaction solutions for the FUM Bionic Hand-I (چکیده)
2176 - The spider genus Oecobius in Iran, with description of two new species (Araneae: Oecobiidae) (چکیده)
2177 - Closed form Formula for Longitudinal Slot of LWAs with Minimum Side Lobe Level (چکیده)
2178 - The effect of pH buffering on biomass and lipid production by Chlorella sp microalgae in a flat plate photobioreactor (چکیده)
2179 - Bandwidth Enhancement of the SIW Cavity Backed Slot Antennas Using Symmetric Circular Perturbation (چکیده)
2180 - Construction of Fuzzy Multiple Deferred State Sampling Plan (چکیده)
2181 - Shock-induced nonlocal coupled thermoelasticity analysis (with energy dissipation) in a MEMS/NEMS beam resonator based on Green–Naghdi theory: A meshless implementation considering small-scale effects (چکیده)
2182 - Effect of filler metal on microstructure and mechanical properties of manganese− aluminum bronze repair welds (چکیده)
2183 - Input Impedance of Rectangular Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Cavity Backed Slot Antennas (چکیده)
2184 - Assistive Control of a Compliantly Actuated Single Axis Stage (چکیده)
2185 - System identification of a linear series elastic actuator using a recursive taguchi-based algorithm (چکیده)
2186 - Digital neutron-gamma discrimination with scintillators: An innovative approach (چکیده)
2187 - Chemical Preparation of Beta Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Granules with a Special Particle Size as Bone Graft Material (چکیده)
2188 - ​ Evaluation of the effectiveness of Google Scholar in authors' information retrieval (چکیده)
2189 - Assessing and simulation of membrane technology for modifying starchy wastewater treatment (چکیده)
2190 - How inspection errors affect the performance of conditional sampling plan (چکیده)
2191 - Product of derivations on C*-algebras (چکیده)
2192 - An Ontology based Data Model for Iranian Research Information (چکیده)
2193 - Development of a new nanofiltration membrane for removal of kinetic hydrate inhibitor from water (چکیده)
2194 - Numerical Investigation of Contact Angle Effect on Counter-Current Spontaneous Imbibition (چکیده)
2195 - Abnormal audit fees and future restatements: evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
2196 - Effect of wheat-soy diet nutrient density and guanidine acetic acid supplementation on performance and energy metabolism in broiler chickens (چکیده)
2197 - Theoretical study of the effect of hydrogen addition to natural gas-fueled direct-injection engines (چکیده)
2198 - Biocontrol of Planococcus citri (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) by Lecanicillium longisporum and Lecanicillium lecanii under laboratory and greenhouse conditions (چکیده)
2199 - Molecular identification of Echinococcus granulosus strain in stray dogs from Northeastern Iran (چکیده)
2200 - Removal of free active chlorine from synthetic wastewater by MEUF process using polyethersulfone/titania nanocomposite membrane (چکیده)
2201 - Molecular dynamic simulation and DFT study on the Drug-DNA interaction; Crocetin as an anticancer and DNA nanostructure model (چکیده)
2202 - Impacts of geology and land use on magnetic susceptibility and selected heavy metals in surface soils of Mashhad plain, northeastern Iran (چکیده)
2203 - Classication in Non-linear Survival Models Using Cox Regression and Decision Tree (چکیده)
2204 - Some characterization results based on doubly truncated reversed residual lifetime random variable (چکیده)
2205 - An uranyl solid state PVC membrane potentiometric sensor based on 4,13-didecyl-1,7,10,16-tetraoxa-4,13- diazacyclooctadecane and its application for environmental samples (چکیده)
2206 - B-sheet Topology Prediction Using Probability-based Integer Programming (چکیده)
2207 - Mathematical modelling for computation goal oriented duties in the special economic zone (چکیده)
2208 - Characterizations of operator Birkhoff–-James orthogonality (چکیده)
2209 - A taxonomy of manufacturing strategies and production systems using self-organizing map (چکیده)
2210 - Inverse kinematics of a 7 DOF redundant robot manipulator using active set approach under joint physical limits (چکیده)
2211 - Conformational Analysis and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in 4-Butylmino-3-Penten-2-One (چکیده)
2212 - Structure and hydrogen bond strength of the enol form of Furoylacethylacetone (چکیده)
2213 - Tautomerization and intramolecular hydrogen bond strength of 1-(4- Chlorophenyl)-4,4,4-trifluorobutane-1,3-dione by quantum calculations and experimental spectroscopy (چکیده)
2214 - The effect of different Substitutions on the equilibrium constant of 1-Phenyl-1,3- butanedione (چکیده)
2215 - Isogeometric analysis of composite beams with arbitrary cross-section using dimensional reduction method (چکیده)
2216 - Antioxidant Effect of Ardeh and Honey Combination on Ethanol-induced Oxidative stress in Liver and Kidney of Rats (چکیده)
2217 - Separation of H2S from CH4 by polymeric membranes at different H2S concentrations (چکیده)
2218 - An in-silico expression assay of the MAGE family in malignances (چکیده)
2219 - Effects of curcumin and nanocurcumin on growth performance, blood gas indices and ascites mortalities of broiler chickens reared under normal and cold stress conditions (چکیده)
2220 - The magnetic characterization of Fe doped TiO2 semiconducting oxide nanoparticles synthesized by sol–gel method (چکیده)
2221 - Protective Effect of Diosgenin against H2O2-Induced Oxidative Stress on H9C2 Cells (چکیده)
2222 - Construction of the Recombinant Lentiviral Vector Containing Human GH1 Gene and Its Expression in HEK293T Cells (چکیده)
2223 - Fabrication and study of UV-shielding and photocatalytic performance of uniform TiO2/SiO2 core-shell nanofibers via single-nozzle co-electrospinning and interface sol-gel reaction (چکیده)
2224 - Effect of novel activation process on palladium/polyoxometalate/graphene nanocomposite for ethanol electrooxidation application (چکیده)
2225 - (Function Algebras on Locally Compact Quantum Groups (Invited Speaker (چکیده)
2226 - Detection of Mycoplasma capricolum capricolum from Goat Breeds Boer of Khorasan Razavi province, Iran (چکیده)
2227 - Scheduling of loading and unloading operations in a multi stations transshipment terminal with release date and inventory constraints (چکیده)
2228 - Automatic mineral identification using color tracking (چکیده)
2229 - Influence of combined impact and cyclic loading on the overall fatigue life of forged steel, EA4T (چکیده)
2230 - A preliminary study on the protein profile of Marshallagia marshalli (چکیده)
2231 - The effect of pile spacing and arrangement on bed formation and scour hole dimensions in pile groups (چکیده)
2232 - Optimization of Protein Extraction and Evaluation of Functional Properties of Tomato Waste and Seeds from Tomato Paste Plants (چکیده)
2233 - تأثیر سه ناقل الکترون بر کاهش زیستی آهن فریک در دو خاک اسیدی و آهکی (چکیده)
2234 - Dynamic Pull-In Behavior of Rotating Micro-Bridge Gyroscopes Considering Harmonic Base Excitations and Application of Instantaneous DC Voltage (چکیده)
2235 - Exact and approximate solution for optimal inventory control of two-stock with reworking and forecasting of demand (چکیده)
2236 - Experimental investigation of wet flue gas condensation using twisted tape insert (چکیده)
2237 - Formation mechanism of nano titanium carbide on multi-walled carbon nanotube and influence of the nanocarbides on the load-bearing contribution of the nanotubes inner-walls in aluminum-matrix composites (چکیده)
2238 - Direction of arrival accuracy improvement through estimation of spatial coherence loss function in non-homogeneous environments (چکیده)
2239 - Nonlinear transversely vibrating beams by the improved energy balance method and the global residue harmonic balance method (چکیده)
2240 - Hierarchical Cooperation of Experts in Learning from Crowds (چکیده)
2241 - Crossflow Filtration of Sodium Chloride Solution by A Polymeric Nanofilter: Minimization of Concentration Polarization by a Novel Backpulsing Method (چکیده)
2242 - Fe3O4/ Bi2WO6 nanohybrid: Preparation and photocatalytic application for pharmaceutical degradation under solar light (چکیده)
2243 - Taxonomy of Manufacturing Flexibility at Manufacturing Companies Using Imperialist Competitive Algorithms, Support Vector Machines and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (چکیده)
2244 - Distinguishing Desert Landscapes Base on Eco-geomorphic Thresholds (چکیده)
2245 - A Quantitative Inference Approach for World Geopark Capability of Lut Desert by Geo-heritages Features (چکیده)
2246 - Descent Symmetrization of the Dai–Liao Conjugate Gradient Method (چکیده)
2247 - Photocatalytic degradation of nitrobenzene by gold nanoparticles decorated polyoxometalate immobilized TiO2 nanotubes (چکیده)
2248 - Preliminary Source Tracking of Male-Specific (F+) RNA Coliphage on Lettuce as a Surrogate of Enteric Viruses Using Reverse Transcription-PCR (چکیده)
2249 - Variable Impedance Control for Rehabilitation Robot using Interval type-2 fuzzy logic (چکیده)
2250 - بررسی تأثیر کیفیت مقررات‌گذاری بر توسعه صنعت بیمه (چکیده)
2251 - طراحی یک کنترلر فازی برای کنترل زاویة یک میکرومحرک پیچشیِ دو درجه آزاد در ورای محدوده ناپایداری آن (چکیده)
2252 - A Measurement Setup for Radiated EMI of Un-buffered DRAM Modules (چکیده)
2253 - امکان سنجی تعطیلی ایستگاه های آتش نشانی در طول شبانه روز (چکیده)
2254 - Tsallis Entropy Properties of Order Statistics and Some Stochastic Comparisons (چکیده)
2255 - Nonlinear free and forced vibrations of curved single-walled carbon nanotube on a Pasternak elastic foundation (چکیده)
2256 - Recent Advances in Crystal Engineering from Nanoscience Views: A Brief Review (چکیده)
2257 - A network of ports to estimate shielding effectiveness of an enclosure with apertures (چکیده)
2258 - خوانش جامعه شناختی مرگ قسطی لویی فردینان سلین (چکیده)
2259 - A new kinetic model for direct CO2 hydrogenation to higher hydrocarbons on a precipitated iron catalyst: Effect of catalyst particle size (چکیده)
2260 - Investigating Gray-Matter Volume Abnormalities in Autism Spectrum Disorder (چکیده)
2261 - A Novel Automated Method for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease by Using T1-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images (چکیده)
2262 - Evaluation of different statistical methods using SAS software: an in silico approach for analysis of real-time PCR data (چکیده)
2263 - ضرورت وجود انسان کامل در نظام هستی در عرفان نظری با تکیه بر آراء امام خمینی (چکیده)
2264 - A Comparative Modeling Study of Quince Infrared Drying and Evaluation of Quality Parameters (چکیده)
2265 - DSMC Investigation of Rarefied Gas Flow through Diverging Micro/Nano-channels (چکیده)
2266 - A Combinational Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm in Photovoltaic Systems Under Partial Shading Conditions (چکیده)
2267 - Smart Transmission Grid Roadmap in Khorasan Regional Electricity Company (چکیده)
2268 - Utilization of Financial Contracts by Wind Power Plants to Benefit Promotion and Risk Reduction (چکیده)
2269 - Development and validation of an Islamic religious orientation scale with pilgrims of Imam Reza Shrine (چکیده)
2270 - Shakespeare Tragedies Recontextualized as Comedies in Iran State TV Sitcom, Kolah Ghermezī (چکیده)
2271 - Reserve Procurement through Demand Response Markets in Wind Integrated Power Systems (چکیده)
2272 - Bidding strategy of demand response aggregators in DRX market (چکیده)
2273 - Three-dimensional thermo-elastic analysis of multi-directional functionally graded rectangular plates on elastic foundation (چکیده)
2274 - عوامل موثر بر قیمت طلا در ایران (چکیده)
2275 - A modified Burzynski criterion for anisotropic pressure-dependent materials (چکیده)
2276 - Da: The Honor of Popularity and Authenticity (چکیده)
2277 - انطباق سنجی نظری و مفهومی هماهنگی راهبرد اصلی دانشگاه ها با راهبرد فرهنگ سازمانی آن و راهبردهای نظام مدیریت دانش در کتابخانه های دانشگاهی (ارائه الگوی هماهنگی راهبردی) (چکیده)
2278 - Watershed Land Cover/Land Use Mapping Using Remote Sensing and Data Mining in Gorganrood, Iran (چکیده)
2279 - Improving Stateful Robustness Testing of Embedded Real-Time Operating System (چکیده)
2280 - MPI- and CUDA- implementations of modal finite difference method for P-SV wave propagation modeling (چکیده)
2281 - On estimating the distribution function and odds using ranked set sampling (چکیده)
2282 - Assessing the Lifetime Performance Index based on Ranked Set and Median Ranked Set Sampling (چکیده)
2283 - Advanced refinements of Young and Heinz inequalities (چکیده)
2284 - Operator equations AX+YB=C and AXA^*+BYB^*=C in Hilbert C^*-modules (چکیده)
2285 - What to do to have your paper rejected (چکیده)
2286 - Reverses of the Young inequality for matrices and operators (چکیده)
2287 - Automatic Graph-Based Method for Classification of Retinal Vascular Bifurcations and Crossovers (چکیده)
2288 - Estimation and Prediction in a Two-Parameter Exponential Distribution Based on k-Record Values under LINEX Loss Function (چکیده)
2289 - سرمایه اجتماعی و همزیستی اجتماعی (چکیده)
2290 - Estimation of the Root-Zone Soil Moisture Using Passive Microwave Remote Sensing and SMAR Model (چکیده)
2291 - Effect of Different N Fertilization Times on Post-Harvest Quality of Spinach (Spinacea oleracea L.) (چکیده)
2292 - Numerical Schemes for Fractional Optimal Control Problems (چکیده)
2293 - An Improvement on TCP Congestion Control Protocol for Next Generation Networks (چکیده)
2294 - Positive Compact Operators on Quaternionic Hilbert Spaces (چکیده)
2295 - A mathematical model for the municipal solid waste location-routing problem with intermediate transfer stations (چکیده)
2296 - Matching experts' decisions in concrete delivery dispatching centers by ensemble learning algorithms: Tactical level (چکیده)
2297 - Aminophosphine Palladium(0) Complex Supported on ZrO2 Nanoparticles (ZrO2@AEPH2-PPh2-Pd(0)) as an Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for Suzuki–Miyaura and Heck–Mizoroki Reactions in Green Media (چکیده)
2298 - Factors Affecting the Formation of Shadow Economy (Importation of Goods) in Rural Areas of Iran (چکیده)
2299 - Genetic modification of bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic cells with human coagulation factor IX-expressing plasmids (چکیده)
2300 - Stylistic Features of Holden Caulfield’s Language in J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye: A Corpus-Based Study (چکیده)
2301 - A low-power wide-range voltage level shifter using a modified Wilson current mirror (چکیده)
2302 - تحلیل هزینه سودمندی نظام‌های یکپارچه کتابخانه‌های دانشگاهی ایران (چکیده)
2303 - Aerodynamic and dynamic analyses of three common 4.5 mm-caliber pellets in a transonic flow (چکیده)
2304 - A Clustering Approach to Schedule Workflows to Run on the Cloud (چکیده)
2305 - A replication dilemma game for cooperative data replication in ad hoc networks (چکیده)
2306 - Early damage detection in structural health monitoring by a sensitivity method and DBSCAN clustering (چکیده)
2307 - Application of Hopfield neural network to structural health monitoring (چکیده)
2308 - Detectability of damage by a new modal sensitivity function (چکیده)
2309 - A Berry-Esseen type bound for the kernel density estimator based on a weakly dependent and randomly left truncated data (چکیده)
2310 - مدل‌سازی عددی دیوار خاک مسلح به‌ روش محیط دوفازی و مدل رفتاری هذلولی (چکیده)
2311 - Dilute solution properties of Prunus armeniaca gum exudates: Influence of temperature, salt, and sugar (چکیده)
2312 - Cloning, expression and molecular analysis of Iranian Brucella melitensis Omp25 gene for designing a subunit vaccine (چکیده)
2313 - A hybrid mathematical model for controlling particle size, particle size distribution, and color properties of toner particles (چکیده)
2314 - Adsorption of Speckled Sugar bean protein isolate at oil-water interface: Effect of ionic strength and pH (چکیده)
2315 - comparison of the ideas about saying amen from the perspective of imamiya and sunni jurists (چکیده)
2316 - Direct decoupled active and reactive power control of Doubly Fed Induction Machine without rotor position sensors and with robustness to saturation and parameter variation (چکیده)
2317 - The effect of intraperitoneal administration of aqueous extract of Melia azedirach leaves on pain in Wistar rats (چکیده)
2318 - The effect of intraperitoneal administration of aqueous extract of Melia azedirach leaves on rat paw inflammatory edema (چکیده)
2319 - Phenytoin intraperitoneal administration effects on neuropathic pain induced by chronic constriction injury in male rats (چکیده)
2320 - Establishment of an Artificial Tick Feeding System to Study Theileria lestoquardi Infection (چکیده)
2321 - Are Malaria mosquitocidal Cry toxins similar in features and power? In silico responds. (چکیده)
2322 - Analytical Calculation of the Resonant Frequencies for a Corner Cut Square SIW Cavity (چکیده)
2323 - Periodic Leaky-Wave Antenna with Transverse Slots Based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide (چکیده)
2324 - A variational iteration method for solving nonlinear Lane–Emden problems (چکیده)
2325 - آسیب شناسی کتابهای داستانی تصویری بازاری برای کودکان گروه سنی الف و ب (چکیده)
2326 - Improved design of a dual stator winding induction generator for wind power applications (چکیده)
2327 - An interleaved high-power two-switch flyback inverter with a fast and robust maximum power point tracker (چکیده)
2328 - Do You Ignore Information Security in Your Journal Website? (چکیده)
2329 - Comparative characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells derived from reamer-irrigator-aspirator, iliac crest bone marrow, and adipose tissue (چکیده)
2330 - PGA-incorporated collagen: Toward a biodegradable composite scaffold for bone-tissue engineering (چکیده)
2331 - A new droplet-based polymeric banana electrochemical biosensor for analysis of one microliter solution of paracetamol (چکیده)
2332 - Analysis of Chemokine Receptor Gene Expression in Esophageal Cancer Cells Compared with Breast Cancer with Insights into Metastasis (چکیده)
2333 - Hypoxia and laser enhance expression of SDF-1 in muscles cells (چکیده)
2334 - Synthesis of Surface Modified Nano Ferrite Nickel and Investigation on its Antibacterial and Antifungal activities (چکیده)
2335 - Berberine suppresses migration of MCF-7 breast cancer cells through down-regulation of chemokine receptors (چکیده)
2336 - Psychological Empowerment Model in Iranian Pregnant Women (چکیده)
2337 - CXCR4 and CCR7: Two eligible targets in targeted cancer therapy (چکیده)
2338 - Effects of Traditional and Descriptive Evaluation on Student Achievement Goals (چکیده)
2339 - Evaluating Psychological Disorders Based on DSM System and Adjust it with Jurisdictional Ideas of Naraghi; Researcher about Psychological Diseased (چکیده)
2340 - A Dynamic Special-Purpose Scheduler for Scheduling Concurrent Kernels on GPU (چکیده)
2341 - Ductile Failure and Safety Optimization of Gas Pipeline (چکیده)
2342 - Numerical simulations of turbulent flow around side -by-side circular piles with different spacing ratios (چکیده)
2343 - Dedifferentiation Effects of Rabbit Regenerating Tissue on Partially Differentiated Cells (چکیده)
2344 - Pluripotency induction in HEK293T cells by concurrent expression of STELLA, OCT4 and NANOS2 (چکیده)
2345 - Pseudoframe multiresolution structure on locally compact abelian groups (چکیده)
2346 - Synthesis, single crystal X-ray characterization, and solution studies of Zn(II)-, Cu(II)-, Ag(I) - and Ni(II)-pyridine-2,6-dipicolinate N-oxide complexes with different topologies and coordination modes (چکیده)
2347 - Investigation of the possibility of removing the grid side inductance from the LLCL filter circuit (چکیده)
2348 - Desertification risk assessment and management program (چکیده)
2349 - Static and dynamic analysis of circular beams using explicit stiffness matrix (چکیده)
2350 - Ultrasound- assisted extraction of β-d- glucan from hull- less barley: Assessment of physicochemical and functional properties (چکیده)
2351 - Exact-solution of entropy generation for MHD nanofluid flow induced by a stretching/shrinking sheet with transpiration: Dual solution (چکیده)
2352 - PEBA/PVDF blend pervaporation membranes: preparation and performance (چکیده)
2353 - A quadrilateral plate bending element based on deformation modes (چکیده)
2354 - Sono-incorporation of CuO nanoparticles on the surface and into the mesoporous hexatitanate layers: Enhanced Fenton-like activity in degradation of orange-G at its neutral pH (چکیده)
2355 - پذیرش ادبی گوستاو فلوبر در ایران (چکیده)
2356 - Agricultural Insurance and Intensification Investment: Case Study of Khorasan Razavi Province (چکیده)
2357 - Development of a novel ultrasonic-assisted magnetic dispersive solid-phase microextraction methodcoupled withhigh performance liquid chromatography for determination of mirtazapine and its metabolites in human urineand water samples employingexperimental design (چکیده)
2358 - Glycine functionalized multi wall carbon nanotubes as a novel hollow fiber solid phase microextraction sorbent for preconcentration of venlafaxine and o- desmethyl venlafaxinein biological and water samples prior to determination by high performance liquid chromatography (چکیده)
2359 - Design of a Noninvasive Hand Tremor Suppression System with Active Control (چکیده)
2360 - Energy-Aware Optimal Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network Using Integer/Linear Programming (چکیده)
2361 - Conditionally positive definite kernels in Hilbert $C^*$-modules (چکیده)
2362 - The effects of removal of manganese ions on the structure of the enzyme chloroperoxidase (چکیده)
2363 - Electrical Contact Failure Detection Based on Dynamic Resistance Principle Component Analysis and RBF Neural Network (چکیده)
2364 - Size-dependent dynamic pull-in analysis of geometric non-linear micro-plates based on the modified couple stress theory (چکیده)
2365 - Comparison of artificial neural networks and logistic regression as potential methods for predicting weed populations on dryland chickpea and winter wheat fields of Kurdistan province, Iran (چکیده)
2366 - Reliability of Semiarid Flash Flood Modeling Using Bayesian Framework (چکیده)
2367 - Effect of Self-etch Adhesives on Self-sealing Ability of High-Copper Amalgams (چکیده)
2368 - Application of the strut-and-tie method for steel fiber reinforced concrete deep beams (چکیده)
2369 - Rheological characterization of hydrocolloids interaction: A case study on sage seed gum-xanthan blends (چکیده)
2370 - Fabrication of basil seed gum nanoparticles as a novel oral delivery system of glutathione (چکیده)
2371 - Molecular dynamics simulation of amino acid ionic liquids near a graphene electrode: effects of alkyl side-chain length (چکیده)
2372 - Maximum entropy estimation of income share function from generalized Gini index (چکیده)
2373 - Experience of Iran’s e-society towards nature conservation management of the realm (چکیده)
2374 - ارزیابی عملکرد دو مدل LARS-WG و ClimGen در تولید سری های زمانی بارش و درجه حرارت در ایستگاه تحقیقات دیم سیساب، خراسان شمالی (چکیده)
2375 - Challenges to the future development of Iran’s protected areas system (چکیده)
2376 - Introduction of Participatory Conservation in Iran: Case Study of the Rural Communities’ Perspectives in Khojir National Park (چکیده)
2377 - بررسی ادراک اعضاء هیأت علمی در استفاده از خدمات کتابخانه‌های دانشگاهی از دیدگاه نظریه رفتار برنامه‌ریزی شده آجزن (چکیده)
2378 - From Paper Parks to Real Conservations: Case Study of Social Capital in Iran's Biodiversity Conservation (چکیده)
2379 - Transcritical bifurcation of an immunosuppressive infection model (چکیده)
2380 - The supramolecular effect of aromaticity on the crystal packing of furan/thiophene carboxamide compounds (چکیده)
2381 - واکاوی مؤلفه های اساسی خط مشی مجموعه سازی و مدیریت مجموعه مرکز اطلاع رسانی و کتابخانه مرکزی دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد (چکیده)
2382 - On the Percentile Residual Lifetime of Parallel Systems (چکیده)
2383 - Some reliability properties of the proportional hazard rate model with upside down bathtub shaped hazard rate (چکیده)
2385 - Evaluation of the effects of climate change on catchment scale surface and groundwater balance (چکیده)
2386 - Investigation of buckling behavior of functionally graded piezoelectric (FGP) rectangular plates under open and closed circuit conditions (چکیده)
2387 - اثربخشی آموزش مهارت های زندگی بر علائم بالینی شخصیت قربانیان سوءاستفاده جنسی (چکیده)
2388 - Effect of solid-state fermentation by oyster mushroom (Pleurotus florida) on nutritive value of some agro by-products (چکیده)
2389 - Numerical solution of time delay optimal control problems by hybrid of block-pulse functions and Bernstein polynomials (چکیده)
2390 - Comments on “ Photophysics of rhodamine B in the nanosized water droplets: A concentration dependence study (چکیده)
2391 - Application of Magnetohydrodynamic for suppressing the fluctuations in unsteady flow around two side-by-side circular obstacles (چکیده)
2392 - تحلیل شخصیّت شناسانه ابوالفضل بیهقی بر اساس تاریخ بیهقی (چکیده)
2393 - The state of the art on design patterns: A systematic mapping of the literature (چکیده)
2394 - Induction of a balanced Th1/Th2 immune responses by co-delivery of PLGA/ovalbumin nanospheres and CpG ODNs/PEI-SWCNT nanoparticles as TLR9 agonist in BALB/c mice (چکیده)
2395 - Characterization of dietary fiber from coffee silverskin: An optimization study using response surface methodology (چکیده)
2396 - Foraminiferal paleoecology of an upper Cenozoic synorogenic conglomeratic succession in the Zagros basin, Iran (چکیده)
2397 - Overload Control in SIP Networks: A Heuristic Approach Based on Mathematical Optimization (چکیده)
2398 - First report of Quaternary mammals from the Qalehjough area, Lut Desert, Eastern Iran (چکیده)
2399 - Effects of wavy surface characteristics on natural convection heat transfer in a cosine corrugated square cavity filled with nanofluid (چکیده)
2400 - Effect of temperature and pressure on the stractural (a-) and the true Johari-Goldstein (b-) relaxation in binary mixtures (چکیده)
2401 - Screening out accident-prone Iranian drivers: are their at-fault accidents related to driving behavior (چکیده)
2402 - A Multiple Model Predictive Control for Maximum Energy Extraction from Variable Speed Wind Power Systems (چکیده)
2403 - Homotopy simulation of micro-scale flow between rotating disks (چکیده)
2404 - Ranging in Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Received Signal Strength Approach (چکیده)
2405 - A new class of Cayley graphs (چکیده)
2406 - Transient Expression of CCL21Chemokine in Tobacco via Agroinfiltration (چکیده)
2407 - Rheological properties and bread quality of frozen sweet dough with added xanthan and different freezing rate (چکیده)
2408 - Permian Calcareous algae from the Khachik Formation at the Ali Bashi Mountains, NW of Iran (چکیده)
2409 - Synthesis of TiC coating on Ti substrate using pulsed laser deposition and mechanical milling techniques along with statistical modeling of the process by response surface methodology (چکیده)
2410 - Three dimensional simulation of J-shaped Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine (چکیده)
2411 - گرایش های متفاوت نسبت به سایت های همسریابی (چکیده)
2412 - سنتز و پراش پرتو X تک بلور دورگه ی معدنی-آلی بر پایه ی پرازودیمیم-دی پیکولینیک اسید و نانو ساختارهای سیلیکوتنگستات (چکیده)
2413 - Size‐Dependent Self‐Assembly of Lanthanide‐Based Coordination Frameworks with Phenanthroline‐2,9‐dicarboxylic Acid as a Preorganized Ligand in Hybrid Materials (چکیده)
2414 - The solar dimming/brightening effect over the Mediterranean Basin in the period 1979–2012 (چکیده)
2415 - Effects of computational phantoms on the effective dose and two-dosimeter algorithm for external photon beams (چکیده)
2416 - Peak shifted properties of the low background NaI(Tl) detectors: An experimental study of response function behavior in different temperature and acquisition time (چکیده)
2417 - بررسی نقش حفاظتی نیتریک اکسید در کاهش صدمات ناشی از تنش شوری در گیاه همیشه بهار (L. cv. Gitan Orange (Calendula officinalis (چکیده)
2418 - Separation study of some heavy metal cations through a bulk liquid membrane containing 1,13-bis(8-quinolyl)-1,4,7,10,13-pentaoxatridecane (چکیده)
2419 - Coded aperture solution for improving the performance of traffic enforcement cameras (چکیده)
2420 - Support vector regression with random output variable and probabilistic constraints (چکیده)
2421 - Solving differential equations of fractional order using an optimization technique based on training artificial neural network (چکیده)
2422 - Unitarily invariant norm inequalities for elementary operators involving G_{1} operators (چکیده)
2423 - Comparison of Multilayer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function in Predicting Success of New Product Development (چکیده)
2424 - Robust Crowdsourcing-based Linear Regression (چکیده)
2425 - Effects of dietary α- tocopherol acetate, pomegranate peel, and pomegranate peel extract on phenolic content, fatty acid composition, and meat quality of broiler chickens (چکیده)
2426 - The effect of steam or dry conditioning and sodium bentonite levels on pellet quality, performance and digestive tract development of growing broilers fed corn-soy based diet (چکیده)
2427 - Lp Distance for kernel density estimator in length-biased data (چکیده)
2428 - The influence of temperature, sucrose and lactose on dilute solution properties of basil (Ocimum basilicum) seed gum (چکیده)
2429 - Viscosity to entropy ratio of QGP in relativistic heavy ion collisions: The second-order viscose hydrodynamics (چکیده)
2430 - Optimization of the production conditions of the lipase produced by Bacillus cereus from rice flour through Plackett-Burman Design (PBD) and response surface methodology (RSM) (چکیده)
2431 - Enhancing Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells via N-doped Graphene: Crystal Modification and Surface Passivation (چکیده)
2432 - A new iterative model updating technique based on least squares minimal residual method using incomplete modal data (چکیده)
2433 - Economic Cost of Soil Nutrients Loss from Summer Rangelands of Nour-rud Watershed in North of IRAN (چکیده)
2434 - بررسی عوامل مؤثر بر تمایل به پرداخت بازدیدکنندگان از پارک‌های بزرگ شهر مشهد: کاربرد الگوی لاجیت چندسطحی (چکیده)
2435 - Evaluation of interactions of biopolymers using dynamic rheological measurements: Effect of temperature and blend ratios (چکیده)
2436 - Polymorphism in prolactin and PEPCK-C genes and its association with economic traits in native fowl of Yazd province (چکیده)
2437 - Association of Genetic Variants ofB-Lactoglobulin Gene with Milk Production in a Herd and a Superior Family of Holstein Cattle (چکیده)
2438 - A Life-Cycle Approach Based Evaluation of Environmental and Economic Impacts of saffron production Systems in two major provinces of Iran (چکیده)
2439 - Using PDMS coated TFC-RO membranes for CO2/N2 gas separation: Experimental study, modeling and optimization (چکیده)
2440 - Numerical simulation and sensitivity analysis of effective parameters on natural convection and entropy generation in a wavy surface cavity filled with a nanofluid using RSM (چکیده)
2441 - Real-time monitoring of color variations of apple slices and effects of pre-treatment and drying air temperature (چکیده)
2442 - Solving linear two-dimensional Fredholm integral equations system by triangular functions (چکیده)
2443 - Controlled grafting of vinylic monomers on polyolefins: a robust mathematical modeling approach (چکیده)
2444 - Home Care Services Planning With Time Windows and Periodic Demands Under Continuity of Care (چکیده)
2445 - Electrocardiographic parameters in clinically healthy Balouchi sheep (چکیده)
2446 - On the chaos game of iterated function systems (چکیده)
2447 - Growth promoting effects of a multi-strain probiotic on common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fingerlings (چکیده)
2448 - Synthesis and Docking Analysis of New Heterocyclic System N1, N4-bis ((2-chloroquinolin-3-yl) methylene) benzene-1, 4-diamine as Potential Human AKT1 Inhibitor (چکیده)
2449 - The Effect of Alpha Neurofeedback Training on Motor Skill Acquisition (چکیده)
2450 - Reconfigurable Quantum Circuits by Photonic Devices (چکیده)
2451 - Performance analysis of classification algorithms on early detection of liver disease (چکیده)
2452 - Preparation of Fe3O4@polypyrrole/carbon nanospheres and their application for solid-phase extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from environmental water samples (چکیده)
2453 - Weed Competition Periods Affect GrainYield and Nutrient Uptake of Black Seed (Nigella Sativa L.) (چکیده)
2454 - Economically efficient operation of CO2 capturing process part I: Self-optimizing procedure for selecting the best controlled variables (چکیده)
2455 - A Note on Group Authentication Schemes (چکیده)
2456 - Coverage improvement in femtocell networks via efficient utility pricing (چکیده)
2457 - Membrane processes used for removal of pharmaceuticals, hormones, endocrine disruptors and their metabolites from wastewaters: a review (چکیده)
2458 - Secondary dynamics in glass formers: relation with the structural process and the glass transition (چکیده)
2459 - Effect of thermodynamic history on secondary relaxation in the glassy state (چکیده)
2460 - Pseudomonas as a frequent and important quorum quenching bacterium with biocontrol capability against many phytopathogens (چکیده)
2461 - بررسی تأثیر خانواده و دوستان در خشونت دانش آموزان (چکیده)
2462 - A Bagging Approach to Customer Churn Prediction (چکیده)
2463 - Weighted Semi-Supervised Manifold Clustering via sparse representation (چکیده)
2464 - نگاهی به امثال‌وحکم در ادب خراسان (قرن ۴ و ۵) (چکیده)
2465 - Exact stress and deformation analysis in elastoplastic Ramberg-Osgood beam (چکیده)
2466 - An 80%-Efficiency Switched-Capacitor Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Switch-Width and Digital Capacitance Modulation (چکیده)
2467 - A Switching Buck Converter with Dual Loop Controller and Segmented Output Stage with Improved Start-up and Transient Response (چکیده)
2468 - Relief of edge effects in bi-adhesive composite joints (چکیده)
2469 - سنجش کیفیت خدمات الکترونیکی کتابخانه های دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد از دیدگاه کتابداران و دانشجویان تحصیلات تکمیلی بر پایه مدل تلفیقی لیب کوال، دیجی کوال و ای اس کوال (چکیده)
2470 - Microemulsion synthesis and magnetic properties of FexNi(1-x) alloy nanoparticles (چکیده)
2471 - A statistical framework for estimating air temperature using MODIS land surface temperature data (چکیده)
2472 - A novel electrochemical imprinted sensor for acetylsalicylic acid based on polypyrrole, sol-gel and SiO2@Au core-shell nanoparticles (چکیده)
2473 - A 5.3-9.3 fJ/Conversion-Step 4-32 MS/s 10 bit Asynchronous SAR ADC with Optimized DAC Timing Strategy in 0.13 μm CMOS (چکیده)
2474 - Analysis of respiratory events in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: Inter-relations and association to simple nocturnal features (چکیده)
2475 - Anxious Masculinity: A Comparative Study of Philip Dick’s Scanner Darkly and Richard Linklater’s Adaptation (چکیده)
2476 - The Effect of highly dispersed oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the performance of PVDF/PVC ultrafiltration membrane (چکیده)
2477 - Nonemergent Patients in the Emergency Department: An Ethnographic Study (چکیده)
2478 - Variable Pitch Blades: An Approach For Improving Performance Of Darrieus Wind Turbine (چکیده)
2479 - An Exploration Of The Interrelationships Among EFL learners’ English Self-efficacy, Metacognitive Awareness, And Their Test Performance (چکیده)
2480 - Dependence Structure And Test Of Independence For Some Well-known Bivariate Distributions (چکیده)
2481 - Analytical Approximation Of MHD Nano-fluid Flow Induced By A Stretching Permeable Surface Using Buongiorno’s Model (چکیده)
2482 - Fuzzy nonlinear predictive control of Stewart platform (چکیده)
2483 - Automated Diffuser Shape Optimization based on CFD Simulations and Surrogate Modeling (چکیده)
2484 - Evaluate of Head Loss, Sediment Value And Copper Removal in Sand Media (Rapid Sand Filter) (چکیده)
2485 - Large Deformation Hyper-Elastic Modeling for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Two Dimensional Functionally Graded Domains Using the Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Method (چکیده)
2486 - Optimal Pretreatment Determination of Kiwifruit Drying Via Online Monitoring (چکیده)
2487 - Uprising nano memories: Latest advances in monolithic three dimensional (3D) integrated Flash memories (چکیده)
2488 - Rotation-Based Design and Synthesis of Quantum Circuits (چکیده)
2489 - Introducing Prunus cerasus gum exudates: Chemical structure, molecular weight, and rheological properties (چکیده)
2490 - بررسی رابطه برخورداری از منابع نفتی و توسعه انسانی در کشورهای منتخب صادرکننده نفت (چکیده)
2491 - Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and its Inhibitory Effect on Growth and Virulence of Listeria monocytogenes (چکیده)
2492 - Development of a Forward-Wave Directional Coupler Loaded with a Periodic Shunt Structure (چکیده)
2493 - The effect of functionalized MWCNT and SDS on the characteristic and performance of PAN ultrafiltration membrane (چکیده)
2494 - Relationship of Attachment Styles and Emotional Intelligence With Marital Satisfaction (چکیده)
2495 - ارزیابی اثرات اقتصادی، اجتماعی و زیست محیطی احداث سد بار نیشابور (چکیده)
2496 - Experimental study of the effect of zeolite 4A treated with magnesium hydroxide on the characteristics and gas-permeation properties of polysulfone-based mixed-matrix membranes (چکیده)
2497 - Ultra-area-efficient reversible multiplier (چکیده)
2498 - The Effects of Physical Activity on Impulse Control, Attention, Decision-making and Motor Functions in Students with High and Low Impulsivity (چکیده)
2499 - Bayesian Two-sample Prediction with Progressively Censored Data for Generalized Exponential Distribution Under Symmetric and Asymmetric Loss Functions (چکیده)
2500 - Modification of Glucose biosensor using Pt/MWCNTs electrode and optimization by application of taguchi method (چکیده)
2501 - Particle shape effects on some of the transport properties of tungsten oxide nanofluids (چکیده)
2502 - پیش بینی روزهای کاری برای عملیات خاک ورزی ثانویه و کاشت پاییزه (چکیده)
2503 - بررسی آزمون زیست سنجی در تشخیص باقیمانده و تعیین ماندگاری علف کش تریفلورالین در خاک (چکیده)
2504 - Dilute solution, flow behavior, thixotropy and viscoelastic characterization of cress seed ( Lepidium sativum ) gum fractions (چکیده)
2505 - واکاوی مفهوم مدرنیسم در اندیشه احمد عبدالمعطی حجازی (چکیده)
2506 - The effect of the number of children on the attention of working mothers using covariance analysis (چکیده)
2507 - Global asymptotic stabilisation of rational dynamical systems based on solving BMI (چکیده)
2508 - A Potable Optical Chemical Probe for Rapid Bio-Monitoring of Trinitrotoluene (TNT) in Environmental Samples Based on Smartphone-Colorimetric Method (چکیده)
2509 - Spectrophotometric Exploration of False Trade Saffron Utilizing Second Order Measurements Assisted by Quantized Micelle Concentration Variation (چکیده)
2510 - Smartphone as the Sensing Device for Colorimetric Quantification of Azide Based on of Modified Gold Nanoparticles Aggregation (چکیده)
2511 - Multivariate Optimization of µ-Dynamic Headspace Extraction Assisted by Electrolytic Hydride Generation for Colorimetric Trace Analysis of Inorganic Arsenic (III) in Environmental Waters Using Response Surface Experimental Design (چکیده)
2512 - Evolution of MIA-QSPR integrated by two and three way regression models for Estimation of Degradation Rate Constants of Reaction between Different Aromatic Compounds and OH- Radical in Water (چکیده)
2513 - بررسی کارایی انواع الگو‌های ARCH در پیش‌بینی و الگوسازی فرآیند قیمت گوشت مرغ (چکیده)
2514 - Direct Analysis of Sunset Yellow in Commercial Saffron Using Gradual Solvatochromic Effect Followed by Rank Annihilation Factor Analysis (RAFA) (چکیده)
2515 - Electrocatalytic Electrooxidation of Methanol on a Pt/Au/polymer(Tyrasol)-carbon nanotube Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode (چکیده)
2516 - Simultaneous determination of dopamine and paracetamol using carbon nanotubes/graphene oxide nanocomposite capped gold nanoparticles modified Au electrode (چکیده)
2519 - Exergy analysis for a plate- fin triangular duct enhanced by a porous material (چکیده)
2520 - Inventory model with dynamic demand under the permissible delay in payments (چکیده)
2521 - تولید و تخلیص ایمونوگلوبین علیه اشرشیاکلای در زرده تخم مرغ (چکیده)
2522 - Scaling law, fractal analysis and rheological characteristics of physical gels cross-linked with sodium trimetaphosphate (چکیده)
2523 - Microstructure, mechanical analysis and optimal selection of 7075 aluminum alloy based composite reinforced with alumina nanoparticles (چکیده)
2524 - Application of meshless local integral equations for two-dimensional transient coupled hygrothermoelasticity analysis: Moisture and thermoelastic wave propagations under shock loading (چکیده)
2525 - Generalized coupled non-Fickian/non-Fourierian diffusion-thermoelasticity analysis subjected to shock loading using analytical method (چکیده)
2526 - A novel mutation operator based on the union of fitness and design spaces information for Differential Evolution (چکیده)
2527 - Modelling lifetime of sequential r-out-of-n systems with independent and heterogeneous components (چکیده)
2528 - Modeling SIP Normal Traffic to Detect and Prevent SIP-VoIP Flooding Attacks Using Fuzzy Logic (چکیده)
2529 - An Anomaly Based VoIP DoS Attack Detection and Prevention Method Using Fuzzy Logic (چکیده)
2530 - Excellent Electrocatalytic Activity of Gold DVD@Au Nanoparticles Towards Oxidation of Sulfite: Application to Electrochemical Detection of Sulfite in Environmental Samples (چکیده)
2531 - Surfactant Effects on Tautomeric and Microscopic Equilibria of Tryptophan: Experimental and Theoretical Studies (چکیده)
2532 - Computational Kinetic Modeling of the Selenol Catalytic Activity as the Glutathione Peroxidase (چکیده)
2533 - Gold nanoparticles linked to gold DVD platform via L-cysteine self-assembly monolayer: A novel voltammetric sensor for detection of hydrazine (چکیده)
2534 - Nonlinear bending analysis of variable cross-section laminated plates using the dynamic relaxation method (چکیده)
2535 - Dynamic Stability of Laminated Composite Plates with an External Smart Damper (چکیده)
2536 - Design of a Secure Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme Preserving User Privacy Usable in Telecare Medicine Information Systems (چکیده)
2537 - Modeling of specific fuel consumption and emission parameters of compression ignition engine using nanofluid combustion experimental data (چکیده)
2538 - Analytical and experimental investigation of the effect of SPS and hot rolling on the microstructure and flexural behavior of Ti6Al4V matrix reinforced with in-situ TiB and TiC (چکیده)
2539 - Gasterophilosis in Turkmen horses caused by Gasterophilus pecorum (Diptera, Oestridae) (چکیده)
2540 - Anti inflammatory potentials of Excretory/Secretory (ES) and somatic products of Marshallagia marshalli in allergic airway inflammation in BALB/C mice (چکیده)
2541 - Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum-polyvinyl alcohol biodegradable composite film: Physicochemical, mechanical, thermal and barrier properties (چکیده)
2542 - بررسی آمادگی الکترونیکی کتابخانه های دانشگاهی شهر اصفهان (چکیده)
2543 - Exploring the Rendition of Humor in Dubbed English Comedy Animations into Persian (چکیده)
2544 - Modeling and experimental validation of heat transfer and energy consumption in an innovative greenhouse structure (چکیده)
2545 - Enhancement of heat transfer and heat exchanger effectiveness in a double pipe heat exchanger filled with porous media: Numerical simulation and sensitivity analysis of turbulent fluid flow (چکیده)
2546 - Effects of swimming exercise on morphine-induced reward and behavioral sensitization in maternally-separated rat pups in the conditioned place preference procedure (چکیده)
2547 - Rheological behavior of starch–poly (vinyl alcohol) –TiO2 nanofluids and their main and interactive effects (چکیده)
2548 - Synthesis, characterization and UV-shielding performance of TiO2/SiO2 Nanofibers (چکیده)
2549 - Quality Assessment Based Coded Apertures for Defocus Deblurring (چکیده)
2550 - Elastodynamic Analysis of a Hollow Cylinder with Decagonal Quasicrystal Properties: Meshless Implementation of Local Integral Equations (چکیده)
2551 - Polymerization of ethylene using a series of binuclear and a mononuclear Ni (II)-based catalysts (چکیده)
2552 - Comprehensive evaluation of structural geometrical nonlinear solution techniques Part I: Formulation and characteristics of the methods (چکیده)
2553 - Prediction of oxidation parameters of purified Kilka fish oil including gallic acid and methyl gallate by adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and artificial neural network (چکیده)
2554 - Electrochemical Characterization of Natural Chalcopyrite Dissolution in Sulfuric Acid Solution in Presence of Peroxydisulfate (چکیده)
2555 - Application of Differential Transform Method to Free Vibration of Gabled Frames with Rotational Springs (چکیده)
2556 - Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis of Plane Problems by Corotational Formulation (چکیده)
2557 - Time Integration Method Based on Discrete Transfer Function (چکیده)
2558 - Rosa kokanica (Rosaceae) in Binalood mountains: a new record for the flora of Iran (چکیده)
2559 - Training LDCRF model on unsegmented sequences using Connectionist Temporal Classification (چکیده)
2560 - Evaluating the Pedagogic Value of Multi-Word Expressions Based on EFL Teachers’ and Advanced Learners’ Value Judgments (چکیده)
2561 - E-correlator: an entropy-based alert correlation system (چکیده)
2562 - Towards modeling soil texture-specific sensitivity of wheat yield and water balance to climatic changes (چکیده)
2563 - Yeats’s Redefinition of Poetic Self in Nature Symbolism (چکیده)
2564 - Textural characteristics of pasta enriched with full fat soy flour; An optimization study using Response Surface Methodology (چکیده)
2565 - Temperature and field dependence of the flux pinning mechanisms in Fe(1.06)Te(0.6)Se(0.4) single crystal (چکیده)
2566 - Semantic tagging and linking of software engineering social content (چکیده)
2567 - Thiol-incorporated activated carbon derived fromfir wood sawdust as an efficient adsorbent for theremoval of mercury ion: Batch and fixed-bedcolumn studi (چکیده)
2568 - Phylogeography of Calomyscus elburzensis (Calomyscidae, Rodentia) around the Central Iranian Desert with Description of a New Subspecies in Center of Iranian Plateau (چکیده)
2569 - Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used in Arjan - Parishan protected area in Fars Province of Iran. (چکیده)
2570 - Corrosion protection of the reinforcing steels in chloride-laden concrete environment through epoxy/polyaniline–camphorsulfonate nanocomposite coating (چکیده)
2571 - Adaptive analysis of three-dimensional structures using an isogeometric control net refinement approach (چکیده)
2572 - Some results on Kwong functions and related inequalities (چکیده)
2573 - Effect of mechanical alloying synthesis process on the dielectric properties of (Bi0.5Na0.5) 0.94Ba0.06TiO3 piezoceramics (چکیده)
2574 - A note on “Numerical solutions for linear system of first-order fuzzy differential equations with fuzzy constant coefficients” (چکیده)
2575 - A note on “A class of linear differential dynamical systems with fuzzy initial condition” (چکیده)
2576 - Management of Urban Drainage System Using Integrated MIKE SWMM and GIS (چکیده)
2577 - Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes of allyl N'-2-hydroxy-3-metho xybenzylidenecarbamohydrazonothioate: synthesis, spectral, and theoretical investigations (چکیده)
2578 - بررسی تطبیقی سیرالعباد سنایی غزنوی و رسالة الغفران ابوالعلاء معرّی از دیدگاه فرجام شناسی (چکیده)
2579 - Effect of process conditions on product yield and composition of fast pyrolysis of Eucalyptus grandis in fluidized bed reactor (چکیده)
2580 - Evaluation of CO2 adsorption with eucalyptus wood based activated carbon modified by ammonia solution through heat treatment (چکیده)
2581 - Adsorptive removal of CO2 on highly microporous activated carbons prepared from Eucalyptus camaldulensis wood: Effect of chemical activation (چکیده)
2582 - Removal of Ni(II), Cd(II), and Pb(II) from a ternary aqueous solution by amino functionalized mesoporous and nano mesoporous silica (چکیده)
2583 - Selective adsorption of Pb(II), Cd(II), and Ni(II) ions from aqueous solution using chitosan–MAA nanoparticles (چکیده)
2584 - Experimental Investigation of Arsenic (III, V) Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Synthesized α- Fe2O3 / MCM-41 Nanocomposite Adsorbent (چکیده)
2585 - A novel stiffness/flexibility-based method for Euler–Bernoulli/Timoshenko beams with multiple discontinuities and singularities (چکیده)
2586 - An empirical model for shear capacity of RC deep beams using genetic-simulated annealing (چکیده)
2587 - Design of LCL and LLCL filters for single‐phase grid connected converters (چکیده)
2588 - در جستجوی مشارکت: درک تجربه خیّران مدرسه ساز (مورد مطالعه: مشهد، ایران) (چکیده)
2589 - A two stage learning method for protein-protein interaction prediction (چکیده)
2590 - Protein-free cress seed ( Lepidium sativum ) gum: Physicochemical characterization and rheological properties (چکیده)
2591 - The influence of welding parameters on fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth rate in friction stir welded nugget of 2024-T351 aluminum alloy joints (چکیده)
2592 - Goodness-of-fit test under length-biased sampling (چکیده)
2593 - Optimal control of a class of non-linear time-delay systems via hybrid functions (چکیده)
2594 - An approximation method for numerical solution of multi-dimensional feedback delay fractional optimal control problems by Bernstein polynomials (چکیده)
2595 - Numerical simulation and sensitivity analysis of effective parameters on heat transfer and homogeneity of Al2O3 nanofluid in a channel using DPM and RSM (چکیده)
2596 - Effects of trap and reflect particle boundary conditions on particle transport and convective heat transfer for duct flow-A two-way coupling of Eulerian-Lagrangian Model (چکیده)
2597 - Vortex generators position effect on heat transfer and nanofluid homogeneity: A numerical investigation and sensitivity analysis (چکیده)
2598 - Relationships between trace elements, oxidative stress and subclinical ketosis during transition period in dairy cows (چکیده)
2599 - Steady shear flow behavior of sage seed gum affected by various salts and sugars: Time-independent properties (چکیده)
2600 - Some Structural Properties of Groups Having Trivial Intersection Between Their Frattini and Derived Subgroups (چکیده)
2601 - Capability of Some Finite p-Groups (چکیده)
2602 - Sexual Size Dimorphism in Eirenis collaris Ménétriés 1832 from Iran (چکیده)
2603 - سنجش نیازهای آموزشی کتابداران متخصص و غیرمتخصص کتابخانه‌های عمومی مشهد و بررسی نقش تجربه در این نیازها (چکیده)
2604 - Sensitivity Analysis for Entropy Generation in Porous Solar Heat Exchangers by RSM (چکیده)
2605 - A salient reduction of energy consumption and drying time in a novel PV-solar collector-assisted intermittent infrared dryer (چکیده)
2606 - Effects of sphere size on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ductile iron–steel hollow sphere syntactic foams (چکیده)
2607 - Inequalities for generalized Euclidean operator radius via Young's inequality (چکیده)
2608 - A statistical approach to synthesis of functionally modified silica nanoparticles (چکیده)
2609 - Optimization of mixed convection heat transfer with entropy generation in a wavy surface square lid-driven cavity by means of Taguchi approach (چکیده)
2610 - Results on Tsallis entropy of order statistics and record values (چکیده)
2611 - Estimating Height and Diameter Growth of Some Street Trees in Urban Green Spaces (چکیده)
2612 - Study of individual lactation patterns of Iranian dairy buffaloes (چکیده)
2613 - Structural scope of six new layered to pillar-layered hybrid inorganic-organic networks bearing [BW12O40]5- and lanthanoid-cluster; data base study toward ligand role in assemblies (چکیده)
2614 - External Factors Affecting Second Language Motivation: The Role of Teacher Burnout and Family Influence (چکیده)
2615 - Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae) from Iran (چکیده)
2616 - The evaluating of efficacy of McKenzie exercises, Massage and foot Reflexology on pain and disability of men with mechanical chronic low back pain (چکیده)
2617 - Testing a Model of Intercultural Willingness to Communicate based on Ethnocentrism, Ambiguity Tolerance and Sensation Seeking: The Role of Learning English in Iran (چکیده)
2618 - standardization and Moodification Techniques of Phatelet-Rich Plasma(PRP)Preparation in Rabbit (چکیده)
2619 - Subspecies differentiation of the house mouse Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758 in the center and east of the Iranian plateau and Afghanistan (چکیده)
2620 - Optimization of perforated composite plates under tensile stress using genetic algorithm (چکیده)
2621 - Effect of early administration of equine chorionic gonadotropin and prostaglandin F2α on reproductive performance of postpartum dairy cows (چکیده)
2622 - بررسی انتقادی ساقی نامه در فهرست های نسخ خطی و منابع تذکره ای و کتاب شناسی (چکیده)
2623 - Ichnology of a tide-influenced delta in the Ordovisian from the northeastern Alborz range of Iran (Kopet Dagh region) (چکیده)
2624 - The Caspian Sea–Hindu Kush Index (CasHKI): A regulatory factor for dust activity over southwest Asia (چکیده)
2625 - Introducing new cracked finite elements and a method for SIF calculation of cracks (چکیده)
2626 - Aerodynamic shape study of supersonic surface to surface missiles with continuous flexible nose (چکیده)
2627 - The Caspian Sea – Hindu Kush Index (CasHKI): definition, meteorological influences and Dust activities over southwest Asia (چکیده)
2628 - Computational study of edge configuration and the diameter effects on the electrical transport of graphdiyne nanotubes (چکیده)
2630 - Injectable hydrogel delivery plus preconditioning of mesenchymal stem cells: exploitation of SDF-1/CXCR4 axis toward enhancing the efficacy of stem cells’ homing (چکیده)
2631 - ممالیک قریش بررسی گفتمان قریش در برابرجریان رده (چکیده)
2632 - Minimization of Exergy Losses in a TrapezoidalDuct with Turbulator, Roughness and Beveled corners (چکیده)
2633 - Effect of nanoparticles on condensation of humid air in vertical channels (چکیده)
2634 - Sheet Electromagnetic Forming using convex punch instead of concave die (چکیده)
2635 - Size Dependence Adsorption of Hydrogen on Cobalt Clusters: A DFT Study (چکیده)
2636 - Screening different crested wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum(L.) Gaertner.) accessions for drought stress tolerance (چکیده)
2637 - Do Environmental Factors (Practice and Feedback) Moderate the Effect of the Val66met BDNF Polymorphism on Motor Learning? (چکیده)
2638 - Swimming exercise attenuates psychological dependence and voluntary methamphetamine consumption in methamphet- amine withdrawn rats (چکیده)
2639 - An Experimental Study of H2 And CO2 Adsorption Behavior of C-MOF-5 And T-MOF-5: A Complementary Study (چکیده)
2640 - A New Robust Correntropy Based Levenberg- Marquardt Algorithm (چکیده)
2641 - بررسی عملکرد، اجزای‌ عملکرد و شاخص‌های مختلف ارزیابی در کشت مخلوط درهم و ردیفی کنجد (Sesamum indicum) و لوبیا (.Phaseolus vulgaris L) (چکیده)
2642 - Generalized inferential procedures for generalized Lorenz curves under the Pareto distribution (چکیده)
2643 - Synthesis, Characterization and Application of [1-Methylpyrrolidin-2-one‐SO3H] Cl as an Efficient Catalyst for the Preparation of α- Aminophosphonate and Docking Simulation of Ligand Bond Complexes of Cyclin- Dependent Kinase 2 (چکیده)
2644 - Effects of Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide on Nitrate Leaching and Nitrogen Uptake by Maize in a Calcareous Soil (چکیده)
2645 - رابطه مذهب با سلامت روان: نقش میانجی احساس شرم و گناه (چکیده)
2646 - Detection of trends in days with extreme temperatures in Iran from 1961 to 2010 (چکیده)
2647 - أخباری کیست؟ (چکیده)
2648 - Analysing the solution of production-inventory optimal control systems by neural networks (چکیده)
2649 - An experimental ovine Theileriosis: The effect of Theileria lestoquardi infection on cardiovascular system in sheep (چکیده)
2650 - بررسی تاثیر شاخص پیچیدگی اقتصادی بر رشد اقتصادی در 42 کشور برتر در تولید علم (چکیده)
2651 - A Survey on the Effects of the Pender's Health Promotion Model on Prediction of the Employees' Physical Activity (چکیده)
2652 - Viscosity to entropy ratio of QGP in relativistic heavy ion collision: Hard thermal loop corrections (چکیده)
2653 - Response of sour cherry cultivar ‘Érdijubileum’ fruits to modified atmosphere packaging after ethephon spraying (چکیده)
2654 - Dietary replacement of fish meal by soy products (soybean meal and isolated soy protein) in silvery-black porgy juveniles (Sparidentex hasta) (چکیده)
2655 - Dipyridamole stress and rest gated 99mTc-sestamibi myocardial perfusion SPECT: left ventricular function indices and myocardial perfusion findings (چکیده)
2656 - A detailed study on adsorption isotherms of Hg(II) removal from aqueous solutions using nanostructured sorbent ZnCl2-MCM-41 (چکیده)
2657 - Blood biochemical and oxidant/antioxidant alterations following stanozolol treatment along with resistance training in rats (چکیده)
2658 - Gold digital versatile disc platform modified with nano-porous mercury/gold amalgam as a solid-state disposable electrochemical sensor for detection of para -nitrophenol (چکیده)
2659 - Vibration analysis of orthotropic circular and elliptical nano-plates embedded in elastic medium based on nonlocal Mindlin plate theory and using Galerkin method (چکیده)
2660 - Artificial Neural Network Modeling to Predict Complex Bridge Pier Scour Depth (چکیده)
2661 - Microstructure and corrosion characterization of the interfacial region in dissimilar friction stir welded AA5083 to AA7023 (چکیده)
2662 - Experimental Investigation of Damaged Exterior RC Beam–Column Joints Retrofittrd by FRP Jacketing Kind (چکیده)
2663 - Management of Urban Drainage System Using Integrated MIKE SWMM and GIS (چکیده)
2664 - Electrochemical corrosion behavior of Pb-Ca-Sn-Sm grid alloy in H2SO4solution (چکیده)
2665 - A Budget Constrained Scheduling Algorithm for Hybrid Cloud Computing Systems Under Data Privacy (چکیده)
2666 - Scheduling Data-Driven Workflows in Multi-cloud Environment (چکیده)
2667 - Nakhlak carbonate-hosted Pb- (Ag) deposit, Isfahan province, Iran: A geological, mineralogical, geochemical, fluid inclusion, and sulfur isotope study (چکیده)
2668 - Mass and performance optimization of an airplane wing leading edge structure against bird strike using Taguchi based grey relational analysis (چکیده)
2669 - اثربخشی آموزش مهارت های پیش از ازدواج و مهارت های زندگی بر ملاک های همسرگزینی و هوش هیجانی دانشجویان دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد (چکیده)
2670 - بررسی ترکیب خصوصیات شیمیایی ریزگردهای شهداد توسط آنالیز XRF (چکیده)
2671 - The effect of various quantum mechanically derived partial atomic charges on the bulk properties of chloride-based ionic liquids (چکیده)
2672 - Therapeutic effects of a combined antibiotic-enzyme treatment on subclinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows (چکیده)
2673 - Photo catalytic degradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid (چکیده)
2674 - زمین شناسی، کانی سازی، سن سنجی U-Pb و ژئوشیمی ایزوتوپ های Sr-Nd توده های نفوذی شمال شرق کاشمر (چکیده)
2675 - Improved lipid and biomass productivities in Chlorella vulgaris by differing the inoculation medium from the production medium (چکیده)
2676 - Yeats’s Archetypal Eternity in The Wild Swans At Coole (چکیده)
2677 - New studies on basil (Ocimum bacilicum L.) seed gum: Part III - Steady and dynamic shear rheology (چکیده)
2678 - Improved Hybrid Multilevel Converter to Achieve Appropriate Power Quality (چکیده)
2679 - تلفیق مبانی فازی و یادگیری تقویتی در کنترل سیستم‌های دینامیکی (چکیده)
2680 - Effects of copper content on the shell characteristics of hollow steel spheres manufactured using an advanced powder metallurgy technique (چکیده)
2681 - Purification of cress seed ( Lepidium sativum ) gum: A comprehensive rheological study (چکیده)
2682 - Revealing quantum correlation by negativity of the Wigner function (چکیده)
2683 - frames for operators on Hilbert modules-* (چکیده)
2684 - روش‏ های کنترل تولید و انتشار سولفید هیدروژن در شبکه ‏های جمع آوری فاضلاب (چکیده)
2685 - Exercise training increases anabolic and attenuates catabolic and apoptotic processes in aged skeletal muscle of male rats (چکیده)
2686 - A comparative theoretical study of methane adsorption on the nitrogen, boron and lithium doped graphene sheets including density functional dispersion correction (چکیده)
2687 - Study of Complexation Process between Kryptofix 5 with〖UO〗_2^(2+)and 〖ZrO〗^(2+ )Cations in Some Binary Mixed Solvents. (چکیده)
2688 - Optimization of partitioning inside a single slope solar still for performance improvement (چکیده)
2689 - Exploring the sensitivity of ZnO nanotubes to tyrosine nitration: ADFT approach (چکیده)
2690 - Site specific interaction of aromatic amino acids with ZnO nanotubes: A density functional approach (چکیده)
2691 - Transport, thermodynamic, and structural properties of rare earth zirconia-based electrolytes by molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
2692 - Poly (butylene succinate)/polyethersulfone/poly (ethylene glycol) membrane: influence of additive molecular weight and concentration on morphology, properties, and performance of the membrane (چکیده)
2693 - Hybrid Coagulation/ozonation Treatment of Pharmaceutical Wastewater Using Ferric Chloride, Poly-aluminum Chloride, and Ozon (چکیده)
2694 - On upper bounds for the variance of functions of the inactivity time (چکیده)
2695 - Investigating and modeling the cleaning-in-place process for retrieving the membrane permeate flux: Case study of hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES) (چکیده)
2696 - Hopf Bifurcation and hysteresis route in arid ecosystem; a tool to predict desertification (چکیده)
2697 - Synchrony strategies in voiced-over English nature documentaries into Persian: implications for research and training (چکیده)
2698 - Dynamic response of multiwall boron nitride nanotubes subjected to impact (چکیده)
2699 - Molecular structure, spectroscopic investigations and computational study on the potential molecular switch of (E)-1-(4-(2- hydroxybenzylideneamino)phenyl)ethanone (چکیده)
2700 - Optimization of several hydrodynamic and non-hydrodynamic operating parameters in treatment of synthetic wastewater containing wheat starch in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) using response surface methodology (چکیده)
2701 - Threshold gravel channels bank profile: a comparison among 13 models (چکیده)
2702 - Simulation of tumor induced angiogenesis using an analytical adaptive modeling including dynamic sprouting and blood flow modeling (چکیده)
2703 - Overhead Lines Maintenance Scheduling in Power Distribution System Considering Feeders Ranking (چکیده)
2704 - A comparative analysis of metadiscourse features in knowledge management research articles written in English and Persian (چکیده)
2705 - Physical stability, flow properties and droplets characteristics of Balangu(Lallemantia royleana) seed gum / whey protein stabilized submicron emulsions (چکیده)
2706 - Two phase simulation and sensitivity analysis of effective parameters on combined heat transfer and pressure drop in a solar heat exchanger filled with nanofluid by RSM (چکیده)
2707 - New studies on basil (Ocimum bacilicum L.) seed gum: Part II—Emulsifying and foaming characterization (چکیده)
2708 - Inorganic arsenic can be potent granulotoxin in mammalian neutrophils in vitro (چکیده)
2709 - An Empirical Study of Security of Voip System (چکیده)
2710 - Kalman filtering based on the maximum correntropy criterion in the presence of non-Gaussian noise (چکیده)
2711 - Electrochemical determination of carbamazepin in the presence of paracetamol using a carbon ionic liquid paste electrode modified with a three-dimensional graphene/MWCNTs hybrid composite film (چکیده)
2712 - Electrochemical Hydride Generation coupled with Automated Dynamic Headspace Liquid-phase Microextraction: A novel sample preparation method to improve spectrophotometrics ultramicro-analysis of Antimony(III) (چکیده)
2713 - Multivariate Data Analyses Intertwined with Electrochemical Hydride Generation Connected µ-Dynamic Extraction to Investigate Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Trace Assessment of As(III) and Sb(III) (چکیده)
2714 - Investigation of the interaction of polypeptide functionalized gold nanoparticles with a luminescent conjugated oligothiophene (چکیده)
2715 - Advanced mathematical treatment of dilatometry and calorimetry to discriminate and quantify multiple phase transformations (چکیده)
2716 - A new approach to quantifying steel response for welding procedure design (چکیده)
2717 - Design Investigation of a Dual-Mode Switchable Microstrip Bandpass Filter (چکیده)
2718 - Numerical Investigation of Al2O3/water Nanofluid Laminar Convective Heat Transfer through a Helical Pipe (چکیده)
2719 - Improving second language writing through small learner corpora (چکیده)
2720 - A Study on Pacificism of Roomi 's Thoughts (چکیده)
2721 - Frames for operators in Banach spaces via semi-inner products (چکیده)
2722 - Calcareous nannofossils from chalky limestone of upper Abderaz Formation and lower part of Abtalkh Formation in the Kopet-Dogh range NE Iran (چکیده)
2723 - A Review of the Effects of Ramadan fasting and regular physical activity on metabolic Syndrome indices (چکیده)
2724 - (Vibrational spectra, normal coordinate analysis, and conformation of bis(a-cyanoacetylacetonato) Cu(II (چکیده)
2725 - Development of new active packaging film made from a soluble soybean polysaccharide incorporating ZnO nanoparticles (چکیده)
2726 - Measurement of strong coupling αs in e+ e- annihilation using jet rate and event shape (چکیده)
2727 - Some theoretical results concerning non parametric estimation by using a judgment poststratification sample (چکیده)
2728 - Bayesian inference on multiply sequential order statistics from heterogeneous exponential populations with GLR test for homogeneity (چکیده)
2729 - A Comparison of Explanation Methods of Encapsulation Efficacy of Hydroquinone in a Liposomal System (چکیده)
2730 - Coupling Constant in Shape Function Model (چکیده)
2731 - Design and Synthesis of A Novel Bis - Benzimidazolyl Podand As a Responsive Chemosensors for Anions (چکیده)
2732 - Theoretical Design of a New Generation of the Cyclic Lipopeptide Nanotubes (چکیده)
2733 - A new class of operator monotone functions via operator means (چکیده)
2734 - Isolation and comparative investigation of vaginal mycoflora in feline population of urban and dairy cattle herds (چکیده)
2735 - Comparing the Effectiveness of Emotion-Oriented Couple Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Couple Therapy on Marital Conflict among Couples (چکیده)
2736 - Statistical evidences in sequential order statistics arising from a general family of lifetime distributions (چکیده)
2737 - An advanced criterion based on non-AFR for anisotropic sheet metals (چکیده)
2738 - Investigation of the interaction between sage seed gum and guar gum: Steady and dynamic shear rheology (چکیده)
2739 - The evaluation of changes in permeability and chemical composition of Gypseous soils through leaching in southern Mashhad (چکیده)
2740 - Isomerism and Hydrogen Bonding in the Cis-enol Forms of 1-(n-pyridyl)butane-1,3-diones: A Theoretical Study (چکیده)
2741 - New records of the William’s Jerboa, Paralactaga cf. williamsi (Thomas, 1897) (Rodentia: Dipodidae) from northeastern Iran with notes on its ecology (چکیده)
2742 - Adaptive predictive voltage control of three-phase PWM-VSCs in UPS applications (چکیده)
2743 - Population-based metaheuristics for R&D project scheduling problems under activity failure risk (چکیده)
2744 - Effects of drip irrigation regimes on potato tuber yield and quality (چکیده)
2745 - Lattice Boltzmann simulation of EGM and solid particle trajectory due to conjugate natural convection (چکیده)
2746 - Sensitivity Analysis of Entropy Generation in Nanofluid Flow inside a Channel by Response Surface Methodology (چکیده)
2747 - Predicting the velocity field in a 90° Open channel bend using a gene expression programming model (چکیده)
2748 - Phrasal verbs and their role in selecting music for teaching English as a foreign language (چکیده)
2749 - Churn Prediction in Telecommunication Industry: A Data Mining Approach (چکیده)
2750 - Vulnerability of maize production under future climate change: possible adaptation strategies (چکیده)
2751 - Photocatalytic Degradation and Mineralization of Reactive Textile Azo Dye Using Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles Prepared by Ultrasound (چکیده)
2752 - Dilute solution properties of canary seed (Phalaris canariensis) starch in comparison to wheat starch (چکیده)
2753 - Thermodynamic Properties of CO2 and 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol, an Efficient Absorbent for CO2, using GMA Equation of State (چکیده)
2754 - Highly Monodispersed Hematite Cubes for Water Remediation (چکیده)
2755 - Biochemical characterization of a novel antioxidant and angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptide from Struthio camelus egg white protein hydrolysis (چکیده)
2756 - Influence of variety, concentration and temperature on the steady shear flow behavior and thixotropy of canary seed (Phalaris canariensis) starch gels (چکیده)
2757 - Overload Mitigation Mechanism for VoIP Networks: A Transport Layer Approach Based on Resource Management (چکیده)
2758 - An efficient and convenient synthesis of N-substituted amides under heterogeneous condition using Al(HSO4)3 via Ritter reaction (چکیده)
2759 - Convergence behaviour of the SBT collision algorithm in nano Fourier flow (چکیده)
2760 - The first phosphoramide–mercury(II) complex with a Cl2Hg–OP[N(C)(C)]3 segment (چکیده)
2761 - Impacts of Synchronous Combustion of Small Amounts of Coal Particles with Natural Gas on Enhancing Radiative Characteristic and NOx Flame Pollutant Emission (چکیده)
2762 - Syntheses and structures of four new mixed-amide phosphoric triamides (چکیده)
2763 - Optimal Placement and Sizing the Multi-Criteria of Fault Current Limiters in Presence of Distributed Generation in Sub-transmission (چکیده)
2764 - variable Impedance Control for Rehabilitation Robot Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic (چکیده)
2765 - Growth and yield response of potato genotypes to deficit irrigation (چکیده)
2766 - A winner-take-all approach to emotional neural networks with universal approximation property (چکیده)
2767 - Relationship of Tensile Strength of Steel fiber reinforced Concrete Based on Genetic Programming (چکیده)
2768 - Exploring the Singability of Songs in A Monster in Paris Dubbed into Persian (چکیده)
2769 - Encapsulation of caffeine in hydrogel colloidosome: optimization of fabrication, characterization and release kinetics evaluation (چکیده)
2770 - A new nanostructured materials amino functionalized mesoporous silica synthesized via co-condensation method for Pb(II) and Ni(II) ions sorption from aqueous solution (چکیده)
2771 - Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar: a Mirror of American Fifties (چکیده)
2772 - Acute and chronic responses of metabolic myokine to different intensities of exercise in sedentary young women (چکیده)
2773 - Discrete particle model for convective AL2O3-water nanofluid around a triangular obstacle (چکیده)
2774 - Mathematical model for selection of renewable resources with budget and space constraint (case study: hospitals) (چکیده)
2775 - Ideological Considerations and Practice in Official Dubbing in Iran (چکیده)
2776 - Factorial experimental design for treatment of an industrial wastewater using micellar- enhanced ultrafiltration (چکیده)
2777 - New rodents' hosts of sucking lice, fleas (Insecta: Anoplura, Siphonaptera) and hard ticks (Acari: Ixodida) from Iran (چکیده)
2778 - Relationship between the sex and age of Mus musculus (Rodentia: Muridae) with ectoparasites prevalence in northeast of Iran (چکیده)
2779 - Microstructure and Residual Stress Distributions Under the Influence of Welding Speed in Friction Stir Welded 2024 Aluminum Alloy (چکیده)
2780 - Tautomeric stability, molecular structure, NBO, electronic and NMR analyses of salicylideneimino-ethylimino-pentan-2-one (چکیده)
2781 - Effects of foam-mat drying temperature on physico-chemical and microstructural properties of shrimp powder (چکیده)
2782 - Nanofiltration treatment of tomato paste processing wastewater: process modeling and optimization using response surface methodology (چکیده)
2783 - Effect of Fillet on the Resolution of a Four-Axis Force/Torque Sensor (چکیده)
2784 - Effect of Structural Design Parameters of a Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensor Using Full Factorial Design (چکیده)
2785 - مطالعه تأثیر کادمیم، روی و زئولیت بر خصوصیات فیزیومورفولوژیکی گل راعی(Hypericum perforatum L.) (چکیده)
2786 - Predicting Grip Strength based on Anthropometric Characteristics in Female Junior Volleyball Players (چکیده)
2787 - FEM Study of Vibrations of a Rotating Prismatic Joint (چکیده)
2788 - Performance of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum in deep-fried battered chicken nugget: effect of gum concentration and batter temperature (چکیده)
2789 - Prediction of Clenching Jaw Movements Based on EMG Signals Using Fast Orthogonal Search (چکیده)
2790 - Gyrostabilized Two Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Robot (چکیده)
2791 - Repeatability Analysis of a SCARA Robot with Planetary Gearbox (چکیده)
2792 - Design and Construction of a Linear-Rotary Joint for Robotics Applications (چکیده)
2793 - Microwave-assisted synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of new derivatives of 1,2-dihydro-3H-pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidin-3-one (چکیده)
2794 - Trust-based privacy-aware participant selection in social participatory sensing (چکیده)
2795 - Intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 5-nitrosalicylaldehyde: IR spectrum and quantum chemical calculations (چکیده)
2796 - On the fabrication of functional graded 3Y-PSZ/316L materials by SPS: Process optimization and characterization of the obtained products (چکیده)
2797 - A novel method for enhancing interface strength of TiC coated layer/Ti substrate (چکیده)
2798 - Removal of 2-propanol from water by pervaporation usingpoly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane filled with carbon black (چکیده)
2799 - Adhesion of clay to metal surface; Normal and tangential measurement (چکیده)
2800 - Increased species diversity of brush-tailed mice, genus Calomyscus (Calomyscidae, Rodentia), in the Zagros Mountains, western Iran (چکیده)
2801 - Pulsed current field assisted surface modification of carbon nanotubes with nanocrystalline titanium carbide (چکیده)
2803 - Development of multiple regression model to estimate the apple’s bruise depth using thermal maps (چکیده)
2804 - Effects of supplementation of active dried yeast and malate during sub-acute ruminal acidosis on rumen fermentation, microbial population, selected blood metabolites, and milk production in dairy cows (چکیده)
2805 - Hot deformation processing map and microstructural evaluation of the Ni-based superalloy IN-738LC (چکیده)
2806 - Investigation of Coherent Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access for Optical Access Networks (چکیده)
2807 - Superpixel Based RGB-D Image Segmentation Using Markov Random Field (چکیده)
2808 - PiSHi: click the images and I tell if you are a human (چکیده)
2809 - Geant4.10 simulation of geometric model for metaphase chromosome (چکیده)
2810 - Up-Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and Chemokine Production in Avian Influenza H9N2 Virus-Infected Human Lung Epithelial Cell Line (A549) (چکیده)
2811 - Clustering based on Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (چکیده)
2812 - (Various Derivations on Trivial Extensions and Matrix Algebras (Invited Speaker (چکیده)
2813 - A fast and efficient approach to prepare starch nanocrystals from normal corn starch (چکیده)
2814 - ¬¬Application of Tungsten Alloys as New Cathodic Materials for Detection of Thallium Using Electrochemical Hydride Generation - Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (چکیده)
2815 - A nature-inspired transition from Differential Evolution to Particle Swarm Optimization (چکیده)
2816 - Stigmergic cooperation of nanoparticles for swarm fuzzy control of low-density lipoprotein concentration in the arterial wall (چکیده)
2817 - Robust adaptive mixed H2/H interval type-2 fuzzy control of nonlinear uncertain systems with minimal control effort (چکیده)
2818 - Goodness-of-Fit test based on cumulative Kullback-Leibler information for progressively type-II censored data (چکیده)
2819 - شبیه سازی عملکرد گندم دیم با استفاده از مدل گیاهی آکواکراپ، مطالعه موردی ایستگاه تحقیقات کشاورزی دیم سیساب، خراسان شمالی (چکیده)
2820 - Study and Comparison Knowledge Management Implementation Based on the Key Success Factors in Mashhad Municipality of Region Samen (چکیده)
2821 - evaluating the role of date production corporations in occupational development of rural rigions in saravan using factorial analysis (چکیده)
2822 - Cloning, Sequencing, and Expression of FanC Antigen of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli (چکیده)
2823 - sociological analysis of the effectve factors in the development of urban tourism )a case of mashhad metropolition) (چکیده)
2824 - An iterative method for solving the continuous sylvester equation by emphasizing on the skew-hermitian parts of the coefficient matrices (چکیده)
2825 - A Modified Couple Stress Theory for Postbuckling Analysis of Timoshenko and Reddy-Levinson Single-Walled Carbon Nanobeams (چکیده)
2826 - Heat transfer and entropy generation in a microchannel with longitudinal vortex generators using nanofluids (چکیده)
2827 - Maximum torque per ampere control of brushless doubly fed induction machine using variable structure approach (چکیده)
2828 - Variable Structure Direct Torque Control of Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Turbine Applications (چکیده)
2829 - Interleaved Two- Switch Flyback Microinverter For Grid-tied Photovoltaic Applications (چکیده)
2830 - Optimal Placement and Sizing of Fault Current Limiter in Presence of Distributed Generation in Sub-transmission Networks (چکیده)
2831 - A dual of regular digraph of commutative rings (چکیده)
2832 - Non-commuting graphs of rings (چکیده)
2833 - Upper Oligocene to Lower Miocene foraminifera from the Qom Formation (Central Iran) (چکیده)
2834 - Supramolecular β-Cyclodextrin/ Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Paste Electrode for Amperometric Detection of Naproxen (چکیده)
2835 - Neuroscience of attentional processes for addiction medicine: from brain mechanisms to practical considerations (چکیده)
2836 - Electrochemical generation of thallium volatile species using a Lead-Tin alloy cathode material: Application to determination of Tl in environmental sample by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
2837 - Effect of Serum Calcium and Phosphorus Concentration on Obesity (Case study: Mashhad Population) (چکیده)
2838 - Optimum Routing and Scheduling for Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
2839 - Effect of annealing temperature on structural and magnetic properties of stontium hexaferrite nanoparticles synthesised by sol-gel auto- combustiom method (چکیده)
2840 - Numerical simulation of ambient vibration test based on dynamic analysis in time domain (چکیده)
2841 - Hrak otperoz and Spandaranperoz: Armenian Gawars and Sasanian Sahrs (چکیده)
2842 - Body size estimation of new born lambs using image processing and its effect on the genetic gain of a simulated population (چکیده)
2843 - Global least squares method (Gl-LSQR) for solving general linear systems with several right-hand sides (چکیده)
2844 - بررسی اثر متانول بر برخی ویژگی های فیزیولوژیک نخود (Cicer arietinum L) تحت تنش خشکی (چکیده)
2845 - Practical methods for evaluating the accuracy of the eigenelements of a symmetric matrix (چکیده)
2846 - The use of the CADNA library for validating the numerical results of the hybrid GMRES algorithm (چکیده)
2847 - The Emergence of Nature in Contemporary Iranian Architecture (چکیده)
2848 - A new computational approach for solving optimal control of linear PDEs problem (چکیده)
2849 - Structural Condition Assessment by Reliability Index (چکیده)
2850 - بررسی قاعده «یُغتفر فی الدوام ما لایُغتفر فی الابتداء» در فقه اسلامی (چکیده)
2851 - new application of random decerement technique (چکیده)
2852 - A New Similarity Measure Method based on Statistical Pattern Recognition for Structural Health Monitoring (چکیده)
2853 - Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) seed protein isolate: extraction optimization, amino acid composition, thermo and functional properties (چکیده)
2854 - Self-Reported Traffic Rule Compliance among a Sample of Iranian Preschoolers: Rule Knowledge, Danger Perception, Moral judgment & Self-Regulation (چکیده)
2855 - Nannostratigraphy Of Dalichai Formation in Naviya section of Kopet-Dagh (چکیده)
2856 - خالد بن یزید: نخسین کیمیاگر در تمدن اسلامی (چکیده)
2857 - داستان یک داستان: بررسی شکل گیری و تحول افسانه ارینب (چکیده)
2858 - Evaluation of dose conversion coefficients for an eight-year-old Iranian male phantom undergoing computed tomography (چکیده)
2859 - Modeling the adult female phantom in the supine and prone postures and initial dose assessment in breast cancer diagnosis with Neutron Stimulated Emission Computed Tomography (چکیده)
2860 - In vitro histological investigation of interactions between rat decellularized large intestine scaffold and human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (چکیده)
2861 - Investigating strategies for optimum water usage in green spaces covered with lawn (چکیده)
2862 - Numerical Investigation of the Unstart Suppression in a Supersonic Air Intake (چکیده)
2863 - راه های ایالات غرب خراسان به سوی نیشابور مقارن ورود امام رضا (ع) به خراسان (چکیده)
2864 - Discerning primary versus diagenetic signals in carbonate carbon and oxygen isotope records: An example from the Permian–Triassic boundary of Iran (چکیده)
2865 - Localized genetically optimized wavelet neural network for semiactive control of buildings subjected to earthquake (چکیده)
2866 - Distribution of coccolithophores as a potential proxy in paleoceanography: The case of the Oman Sea monsoonal pattern (چکیده)
2867 - ضمان عاقله از نگاهی دیگر (چکیده)
2868 - Enhancement of methane storage on activated carbons in the presence of water (چکیده)
2869 - Chromosome C-banding in Mus musculus L.1766 strains shows a fixed position for the centromere and variable amounts in different populations (چکیده)
2870 - اثرسنجی ترافیکی تغییرکاربری به تجاری (چکیده)
2871 - Task-Based Creative Writing through Visual Advertisement: AChange of Attitude (چکیده)
2872 - Analysis of biodesulfurization of model oil system by resting cells of Rhodococcus erythropolis IGTS8 (چکیده)
2873 - Comparative effects of ZnO nanoparticles, ZnO bulk particles, and Zn2+ on Brassica napus after long-term exposure: Changes in growth, biochemical compounds, antioxidant enzyme activities, and Zn bioaccumulation (چکیده)
2874 - Evolution of entropy in different types of non-Markovian three-level systems: Single reservoir vs. two independent reservoirs (چکیده)
2875 - Maximizing Service Level in a β-robust Job Shop Scheduling Model (چکیده)
2876 - Purification of cress seed ( Lepidium sativum ) gum: Physicochemical characterization and functional properties (چکیده)
2877 - The Study on the Growth Process and Phenol Biodegradation by Isolated Bacteria from Binalood Mountain (چکیده)
2878 - The block LSMR method: a novel efficient algorithm for solving non-symmetric linear systems with multiple right-hand sides (چکیده)
2879 - The block LSMR algorithm for solving linear systems with multiple right-hand sides (چکیده)
2880 - Toward automatic detection of brain responses to emotional music through analysis of EEG effective connectivity (چکیده)
2881 - A high-yielding, expeditious, and multicomponent synthesis of urea and carbamate derivatives by using triphenylphosphine/trichloroisocyanuric acid system (چکیده)
2882 - The ammonoids from the Late Permian Paratirolites Limestone of Julfa (East Azerbaijan, Iran) (چکیده)
2883 - Modeling Workflow of Tasks and Task Interaction Graphs to Schedule on the Cloud (چکیده)
2884 - رابطه باورهای معرفتی با رفتار اطلاعاتی دانشجویان (چکیده)
2885 - روابط کارمند-سازمان و رفتار شهروندی سازمانی (چکیده)
2886 - A Change Point Method for Monitoring Generalized Linear Profiles in Phase I (چکیده)
2887 - Estimating the change point of a normal process mean with a monotonic change (چکیده)
2888 - Scour Hole Influence on Turbulent Flow Field around Complex Bridge Piers (چکیده)
2889 - A Metric-driven Approach for Interlinking Assessment of RDF Graphs (چکیده)
2890 - A relaxation approach to computation of second-order wedgelet transform with application to image compression (چکیده)
2891 - Mechanical fabrication of AlN-C nano-composite through ball-milling of Al and melamine (چکیده)
2892 - A Collector-Up SiGe-HBT for High Frequency Applications (چکیده)
2893 - reconstruction of Iranian identity by means of the historical gardens (چکیده)
2894 - Desin Investigation of Dual Band-Reject Microwave Filter by C-Shaped DGS with Improved Q-Factor (چکیده)
2895 - An efficient tabu search for solving the uncapacitated single allocation hub location problem (چکیده)
2896 - The double negation of the intermediate value theorem (چکیده)
2897 - Implementing state distribution model in asterisk server (چکیده)
2898 - DRCP: A Dynamic Resource Control Protocol for alleviating congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
2899 - Network Security Risk Mitigation using Bayesian Decision Networks (چکیده)
2900 - Norm-parallelism in the geometry of Hilbert C^*-modules (چکیده)
2901 - Squaring operator Polya--Szego and Diaz--Metcalf type inequalities (چکیده)
2902 - CGSR Features: Toward RGBD Image Matching using Color Gradient Description of Geometrically Stable Regions (چکیده)
2903 - In situ rheological characterisation of wastewater sludge: Comparison of stirred bioreactor and pipe flow configurations (چکیده)
2904 - Preparation and characterization of tragacanth–locust bean gumedible blend films (چکیده)
2905 - Effect of natural land covers on runoff and soil loss at the hill-slope scale (چکیده)
2906 - Activity Recognition In Smart Home Using Weighted Dempster - Shafer Theory (چکیده)
2907 - شناسایی پهنه‌های آسیب پذیر شهرک شهید باهنر مشهد از منظر پدافند غیر عامل (چکیده)
2908 - Synthesis of new derivatives of 10H-benzo[b] pyridazino[3,4-e][1,4]thiazines (چکیده)
2909 - Deriving relativistic Bohmian potential using variational method and conformal transformations (چکیده)
2910 - Evaluating the effects of statistical changes on internal dosimetry (چکیده)
2911 - Molecular dynamics simulation of doxorubicin adsorption on a bundle of functionalized CNT (چکیده)
2912 - Electrospun nanofibrous composite membranes of chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol-polyacrylonitrile: preparation, characterization, and performance (چکیده)
2913 - Thermodynamic analysis of the carbothermic reduction of electric arc furnace dust in the presence of ferrosilicon (چکیده)
2914 - Nonlinear control of structure using neuro-predictive algorithm (چکیده)
2915 - Homotopical properties of wild spaces (چکیده)
2916 - The effect of functionalized SiO2 nanoparticles on the morphology and triazines separation properties of cellulose acetate membranes (چکیده)
2917 - Executive Management and Construction Cost of Collection and Disposal of Surface Water Projects Using Visual Basic Programming Language Geographic Information System (چکیده)
2918 - Cost Management of Urban Street Lighting Using GIS and VB.NET (Case Study: City Sultanabad) (چکیده)
2919 - Robust Control of Inverted Pendulum Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control and Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
2920 - stable invariant graphs and and their ergodic properties for weakly contractive skew products (چکیده)
2921 - Homosynthon Robustness in the Stabilization of New 1D Polymeric Mercury(II) Complex With Anthranilic Acid Ligand and Generation of 3D Supramolecular Network: Experimental and DFT Studies (چکیده)
2922 - Connexin-43: A possible mediator of heat stress effects on ram Sertoli cells (چکیده)
2923 - Microstructural and mechanical properties of Al-SiO2 nanocomposite foams produced by ultrasonic technique (چکیده)
2924 - Topological Fundamental Groups and Small Generated Coverings (چکیده)
2925 - Pareto-based robust optimization of water-flooding using multiple realizations (چکیده)
2926 - Preparation and characterization of Al doped ZnO NPs/graphene nanocomposites synthesized by a facile one-step solvothermal method (چکیده)
2927 - Analysis and Comparison of Regional Development Indicators in Mashhad and Chenaran Using Sustainable Development Approach (چکیده)
2928 - G-CSF Administration Attenuates Brain Injury in Rats Following Carbon Monoxide Poisoning via Different Mechanisms (چکیده)
2929 - Efficient data collecting and target parameter estimation in wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
2930 - BetaProbe: A Probability Based Method for Predicting Beta Sheet Topology Using Integer Programming (چکیده)
2932 - Genotype imputation using support vector machine in parent-offspring trios (چکیده)
2933 - Analyses and comparison of K-nearest neighbour and AdaBoost algorithms for genotype imputation (چکیده)
2934 - Cloning and Expression of Iranian Turkmen-thoroughbred Horse Follicle Stimulating Hormone in Pichia pastoris (چکیده)
2935 - Full dynamics and control of a quadrotor using quantitative feedback theory (چکیده)
2936 - Evidential inference for diffusion-type processes (چکیده)
2937 - Investigation on effect of magnetic field on mixed convection heat transfer in a ventilated square cavity (چکیده)
2938 - Effects of New Amino Acids as Green Inhibitors on CO2 Hydrate Formation Kinetics (چکیده)
2939 - Assessment of energy use pattern for tomato production in Iran: A case study from the Marand region (چکیده)
2940 - A New Record of The Genus Vitis (Vitaceae) for The Flora of Iran (چکیده)
2941 - Comparative Evaluation of Crystallization Behavior, Micro Structure Properties and Biocompatibility of Fluorapatite-Mullite Glass-Ceramics (چکیده)
2942 - A load scheduler for SIP proxy servers: design, implementation and evaluation of a history weighted window approach (چکیده)
2943 - Semi-partitioned scheduling for fixed-priority real-time tasks based on intelligent rate monotonic algorithm (چکیده)
2944 - Three- dimensional atom probe analysis and magnetic properties of Fe85Cu1Si2B8P4 melt spun ribbons (چکیده)
2945 - The effect of aqueous media on the mechanicalproperties of fluorapatite–mullite glass–ceramics (چکیده)
2946 - DARTS: DynAmic Real-time Task Scheduling (چکیده)
2947 - A Novel Deadline-Constrained Scheduling to Preserve Data Privacy in Hybrid Cloud (چکیده)
2948 - Photocatalytic activity performance of novel cross-linked PEBAX copolymer nanocomposite on azo dye degradation (چکیده)
2949 - A Field Study on the Behaviour of Calomyscus elburzensis Goodwin, 1938 (Rodentia: Calomyscidae): Sexual and Seasonal Variations in the Trapping Success (چکیده)
2950 - An efficient strategy oF Enhancing herbicide performance with adjuvant application (چکیده)
2951 - A New Explicit Time Integration Scheme for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis (چکیده)
2952 - Using More Accurate Strain For Three-Dimensional Truss Analysis (چکیده)
2953 - بررسی تاثیر Pseudomonas putida و Glomus intraradices بر برخی صفات مورفولوژی و بیوشیمیایی گیاه شنبلیله Trigonella foenum-graecum (چکیده)
2954 - TDOA Based Target Localization in Inhomogenous Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (چکیده)
2955 - MIMO Filter-Bank Multicarrier System Using Unique Word OFDM (چکیده)
2956 - Two Dimensional Mathematical Model of Tumor Angiogenesis: Coupling of Avascular Growth and Vascularization (چکیده)
2957 - Numerical Simulation of Solid Tumor Invasion and Metastasis with a Continuum-Discrete Model (چکیده)
2958 - Comparison of virulence factors and capsular types of Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from human and bovine infections (چکیده)
2959 - A semantic metrics suite for evaluating modular ontologies. (چکیده)
2960 - General thermo-elastic solution of radially heterogeneous, spherically isotropic rotating sphere (چکیده)
2961 - Effect of smoking on serum calcium and phosphorus concentration in 34-45 years old people in Mashhad (چکیده)
2962 - Genetic diversity and interspecific relationships of some Allium L. species using inter simple sequence repeat markers (چکیده)
2963 - The Study on Application of TiO2/water Nanofluid in Plate Heat Exchanger of Milk Pasteurization Industries (چکیده)
2964 - Some physico-chemical properties of Prunus armeniaca L. gum exudates (چکیده)
2965 - Identification of the coke deposited on 13X industrial zeolite molecular sieves during mercaptan removal process (چکیده)
2966 - Neural network and neuro-fuzzy modeling to investigate the power density and Columbic efficiency of microbial fuel cell (چکیده)
2967 - An Eco-friendly Three Component Manifold for the Synthesis of -Aminophosphonates under Catalyst and Solvent-free Conditions, X-ray Characterization and Their Evaluation as Anticancer Agents (چکیده)
2968 - Opposition of Magnetohydrodynamicand AL2O3-waternanofluidflow around a vertex facing triangular obstacle (چکیده)
2969 - Application of statistical techniques in modeling and optimization of a snake robot (چکیده)
2970 - Acetone Extract of Almond Hulls Provides Protection against Oxidative Damage and Membrane Protein Degradation (چکیده)
2971 - Stochastic Optimization of Demand Response Aggregators in Wholesale Electricity Markets (چکیده)
2972 - Chance‐constrained programming approach to stochastic congestion management considering system uncertainties (چکیده)
2973 - اثربخشی بازی‌درمانی خانواده محور بر تعامل مادر- فرزند و میزان پرخاشگری کودکان پیش‌دبستانی (چکیده)
2974 - An Investigation on Stiffness Analysis of a 3-PSP Spatial Parallel Mechanism with Flexible Moving Platform Using Invariant Form (چکیده)
2975 - Modeling of waste brine nanofiltration process using artificial neural network and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (چکیده)
2976 - Structural and physicochemical characteristics of a novel water-soluble gum from Lallemantia royleana seed (چکیده)
2977 - KSGNS type constructions for α-completely positive maps on Krein C-modules (چکیده)
2978 - Fauna Iranica: I. Annotated checklist of the spiders of Iran (Arachnida: Araneae) (چکیده)
2979 - بنیادهای اعتقادی فرقه ذکری و خاستگاههای آن (چکیده)
2980 - Self cleaning superhydrophobic iron surface with environmental contamination reduction effect (چکیده)
2981 - Reduction of corrosion products as environmental pollutants by using superhydrophobic surfaces (چکیده)
2982 - Investigation of graphene oxide nanosheets dispersion in water based on solubility parameters: a molecular dynamics simulation study (چکیده)
2983 - Synthesis of 2,4,5-triaryl-1H-imidazoles using a potent, green and reusable nano catalyst (FHS/SiO2) (چکیده)
2984 - Capturing Non-equilibrium Effects of Micro/Nano Scale Gaseous Flow Using a Novel Lattice Boltzmann Model (چکیده)
2985 - On the relationship between cognitive style (field-dependence/independence) and translation achievement of Iranian translation students (چکیده)
2986 - Designing and validating a language teacher attribution scale: a structural equation modeling approach (چکیده)
2987 - On the relationship between locus of control and translation achievement of Iranian translation students (چکیده)
2988 - اثر فوتوکاتالیستی نانوذرات¬پیریت سنتز شده روی تخریب استامینوفن (چکیده)
2989 - Investigation on the mutualistic interactions of ant species and the aphids, Cinara spp. (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on Pinus mugo trees in urban green space of Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran (چکیده)
2990 - Analysis of Privacy of Private Browsing Mode through Memory Forensics (چکیده)
2991 - بررسی تنوع گونه‌ای، ساختاری و کارکردی علف‌های‌هرز بوم‌نظام‌های ارگانیک و رایج برنج (Oryza sativa) (چکیده)
2992 - ارزیابی اثر دوگونه‌ میکوریزا و کود زیستی نیتروکسین بر عملکرد و اجزای عملکرد سیر (Allium sativum L.) در یک نظام زراعی اکولوژیک (چکیده)
2993 - Biosystematic study of Calomyscus mystax (Rodentia, Calomyscidae) from northeastern Iran (چکیده)
2994 - An Investigation into the Non-Linear Dynamic Pull-In Instability of Beam-Type MEMS Structures under Distributed Electrostatic Force Considering SQFD Phenomenon (چکیده)
2995 - New LHHW kinetic model for CO2 hydrogenation over iron catalyst (چکیده)
2996 - An analytical study of controlling chaotic dynamics in a spur gear system (چکیده)
2997 - Nested validation of AquaCrop model for simulation of winter wheat grain yield, soil moisture and salinity profiles under simultaneous salinity and water stress (چکیده)
2998 - Strategies to improve homing of mesenchymal stem cells for greater efficacy in stem cell therapy. (چکیده)
2999 - A multi-attribute congestion-driven approach for evaluation of power generation plans (چکیده)
3000 - Perfect ranking test in moving extreme ranked set sampling (چکیده)
3001 - A survey of Hersiliidae (Arachnida: Araneae) of Iran with description of one new genus and two new species (چکیده)
3002 - Fast Highlight Detection and Scoring for Broadcast Soccer Video Summarization using On-Demand Feature Extraction and Fuzzy Inference (چکیده)
3003 - The Motivational Model of Alcohol Abuse: Implications for Prognosis, Prevention and Treatment Programs (چکیده)
3004 - Synchronization in oscillator networks with time delay and limited non-homogeneous coupling strength (چکیده)
3005 - Pomegranate seed pulp, pistachio hulls, and tomato pomace as replacement of wheat bran increased milk conjugated linoleic acid concentrations without adverse effects on ruminal fermentation and performance of Saanen dairy goats (چکیده)
3006 - Philosophy of Teacher Education in Iran (چکیده)
3007 - Tuning the topology of hybrid inorganic–organic materials based on the study of flexible ligands and negative charge of polyoxometalates: A crystal engineering perspective (چکیده)
3008 - Pull-In Instability of Electrically Actuated FGM Micro-Beam Under the Mechanical Shock Based on Modified Couple Stress Theory (چکیده)
3009 - Arens regularity of certain weighted semigroup algebras and countability (چکیده)
3010 - ٍAn Investigation on the fabrication of Al2O3-Co-TiO2 Nanocermets via metal coated ceramic particles (چکیده)
3011 - A new switching strategy design for uncertain switched linear systems based on min-projection strategy in guaranteed cost control problem (چکیده)
3012 - Parallel RANSAC: Speeding up plane extraction in RGBD image sequences using GPU (چکیده)
3013 - نحوه انعکاس آورده های بزه دیده شناسی درمجازات قصاص (رویکرد فقهی- حقوقی) (چکیده)
3014 - Hydration kinetics and physical properties of split chickpea as affected by soaking temperature and time (چکیده)
3015 - A framework for dynamic restructuring of semantic video analysis systems based on learning attention control (چکیده)
3016 - Retinal Image Quality Assessment Using Shearlet Transform (چکیده)
3017 - New faunistic records of spiders (Araneae) from Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
3018 - Synthesis and characterization of a new microemulsion form based on sesame oil (چکیده)
3019 - Tetracycline Antibiotic Removal From Aqueous Solution Using Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles (چکیده)
3020 - Quantitative Evaluation of Software Usability with a Fuzzy Expert System (چکیده)
3021 - On the formation of Mo2C nanocrystals by a novel system through microwave assisted combustion synthesis (چکیده)
3022 - Low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanorods: Effects of zinc salt concentration, various solvents and alkaline mineralizers (چکیده)
3023 - نگرشی جدید بر روش واکنش سیل واحد در اولویت‌بندی عملیات کنترل سیل زیرحوضه‌ها (چکیده)
3024 - بررسی اثر میدان مغناطیسی بر رشد و عملکرد نخود (Cicer arietinum.L.) در شرایط آب و هوایی مشهد (چکیده)
3025 - Two-Sample Prediction for Progressively Type-II Censored Weibull Lifetimes (چکیده)
3026 - Hydrophilicity improvement in polyphenylsulfone nanofibrous filtration membranes through addition of polyethylene glycol (چکیده)
3027 - Heat transfer and MLP neural network models to predict inside environment variables and energy lost in a semi-solar greenhouse (چکیده)
3028 - Differentiating the Role of Ex-ante and Ex-post Relational Governance Mechanisms in Regulating Client-Contractor Relationships (چکیده)
3029 - مطالعه اثر ریزساختار و اندازه دانه فولاد AISI1045 بر میزان سخت شدگی سطح طی فرآیند سنگ زنی عمیق با راندمان بالا (چکیده)
3030 - Numerical Study of Entropy Generation in the Flameless Oxidation Using Large Eddy Simulation Model and OpenFOAM Software (چکیده)
3031 - Prediction of Above-elbow Motions in Amputees, based on Electromyographic (EMG) Signals, Using Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous (NARX) Model (چکیده)
3032 - A Programmable Ultra Low Power Analog Band-Pass Filter for Cochlear Implants (چکیده)
3033 - بررسی خواص الکترونی و اپتیکی ژرمنن با استفاده از محاسبات اصول اولیه (چکیده)
3034 - Verification of an Evolutionary-based Wavelet Neural Network Model for Nonlinear Function Approximation (چکیده)
3035 - Physical and mechanical properties of porous copper nanocomposite produced by powder metallurgy (چکیده)
3036 - Experimental investigation of pressure drop and heat transfer performance of amino acid-functionalized MWCNT in the circular tube (چکیده)
3037 - استفاده از بقایای ریز مهره‌داران در بازسازی اقلیم دیرینه اواخر کواترنر (هولوسن)، شرق ایران (چکیده)
3038 - Investigation the effect of time-passing on the properties of commercial TMC in thin film composite membrane preparation (چکیده)
3039 - Impact of support material and hydrophilicity on performance of thin film composite membrane in brackish water desalination (چکیده)
3040 - Rheological properties of the nanofluids of tungsten oxide nanoparticles in ethylene glycol and glycerol (چکیده)
3041 - Interactions between Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum e Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) protein isolate in composite biodegradable film (چکیده)
3042 - Physicochemical and Rheological Properties of White-Cheek Shark (Carcharhinus dussumieri) Skin Gelatin (چکیده)
3043 - Desperate Housewives in Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (چکیده)
3044 - Effects of neonatal exposure to zearalenone and tamoxifen on the onset of puberty, estrous cycle and lordosis behavior in female mice (چکیده)
3045 - Prediction of energy contents and potential nutrient supply of raisin byproducts for ruminants using National Research Council feeding system and in vitro gas production method (چکیده)
3046 - Nutritive value of several raisin by-products for ruminants evaluated by chemical analysis and in situ ruminal degradability (چکیده)
3047 - In vitro acaricidal effects of Thyme essential oil, Tobacco extract and Carbaryl against Dermanyssus gallinae (Acari: Dermanyssidae) (چکیده)
3048 - Gastrointestinal helminths of the Caspian snowcock (Tetraogallus caspius) partridge from the North Khorasan province, Iran (چکیده)
3049 - An analytical solution for thermoelastic damping in a micro-beam based on generalized theory of thermoelasticity and modified couple stress theory (چکیده)
3050 - The relationship of ectoparasite prevalence to the capturing season, locality and species of the murine rodent hosts in Iran (چکیده)
3051 - Etiological Diagnosis of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Adult Patients: A Prospective Hospital-Based Study in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
3052 - Can Procalcitonin Add to the Prognostic Power of the Severity Scoring System in Adults with Pneumonia? (چکیده)
3053 - بررسی آزمایشگاهی احتراق کم پیچش پیش آمیخته و اثر تغییر پارامترهای هندسی بر عملکرد آن (چکیده)
3054 - A Berry-Esseen Type Bound for the Kernel Density Estimator of Length-Biased Data (چکیده)
3055 - On C0-Group of Linear Operators (چکیده)
3056 - On the range of a derivation (چکیده)
3057 - Some results on generalized σ -derivations (چکیده)
3058 - Population of whole-body statistical adult phantoms and assessing the uncertainty of organ doses in hyperthyroid treatment with 131I (چکیده)
3059 - Comparison of flux pinning in Si- and SiCl4-doped MgB2 superconductors: Evidence for coexistence of different pinning mechanisms (چکیده)
3060 - New (F/G)-Expansion Method and Its Applications to Nonlinear Pdes in Mathematical Physics (چکیده)
3061 - Solving mixed Fredholm–Volterra integral equations by using the operational matrix of RH wavelets (چکیده)
3062 - An optimised back propagation neural networkapproach and simulated annealing algorithm towards optimisation of EDM process parameteroptimisation of EDM process parameters (چکیده)
3063 - A New Construction of Multiwavelets With Composite Dilations (چکیده)
3064 - Geotechnical Properties of Problematic Soils Emphasis on Collapsible Cases (چکیده)
3065 - RETRACTED: Synthesis and characterization of composite polymer, polyethylene glycol grafted flower-like cupric nano oxide for solid phase microextraction of ultra-trace levels of benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and o-xylene in human hair and water samples (چکیده)
3066 - Thermal conductivity and heat transport properties of nitrogen-doped graphene (چکیده)
3067 - بررسی تطبیقی ساختار ترامتنی نمایشنامه های «لیلی و مجنون» و «مجنون لیلی» (چکیده)
3068 - Dynamic soil properties of some deep trenches in Mashhad city, NE Iran (چکیده)
3069 - Improvement of heat dissipation in agarose gel electrophoresis by metal oxide nanoparticles (چکیده)
3070 - Stress Analysis of Free-Edge Laminated Composite Plates by Two Bending Elements (چکیده)
3071 - ارزیابی تأثیر متقابل منبع تغذیه ای و تنوع گیاهان زراعی بر کارآیی مصرف نهاده ها در الگوهای مختلف کشت (چکیده)
3072 - تأثیر تراکم بوته و کودهای نیتروژن و بیولوژیک بر عملکرد کیفی چغندرقند (Beta vulgaris L.) در دو منطقه مشهد و تربت جام (چکیده)
3073 - اثر ریزوباکترهای محرک رشد گیاه بر عملکرد و اجزای عملکرد کنجد (Sesamum indicum L.) (چکیده)
3074 - بررسی عملکرد و اجزاء عملکرد دو رقم گندم در الگوهای مختلف کشت توام ردیفی (چکیده)
3075 - The effect of massage therapy on depression, anxiety and stress in adolescent wrestlers (چکیده)
3076 - Investigating the Seed Germination Characteristics of Milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.) Affected by Magnetic Field, Sodium chloride and Hydro-priming (چکیده)
3077 - Customer lifetime valuation using real options analysis (چکیده)
3078 - Thermally activated flux flow in Fe1.06Te0.6Se0.4 single crystal (چکیده)
3079 - Ion acoustic solitary waves in electron-positron-ion plasmas with q-nonextensive electrons and high relativistic ions (چکیده)
3080 - Microwave-assisted direct coupling of graphene nanoplatelets with poly ethylene glycol and 4-phenylazophenol molecules for preparing stable-colloidal system (چکیده)
3081 - Steric Effect in Ancillary Ligand on Cyclometalated Ruthenium (II) Sensitizers in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (چکیده)
3082 - Evaluation of DNA- targeted Anticancer Interaction by Molecular Dynamic Simulation; Ethyl Butyryl Triphenyl Phosphonium Chloride (چکیده)
3083 - Cyclometalated Ruthenium (II) Electronic Structure Influence on dye-sensitized solar cell performance: A Density Functional Theory (چکیده)
3084 - Activation Energies for Chain Growth Propagation and Termination in Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis on Iron Catalyst as a Function of Catalyst Particle Size (چکیده)
3085 - Carbon monoxide adsorption on cubic cobalt surface:A DFT study (چکیده)
3086 - Effects of heparin, citrate, and EDTA on plasma biochemistry of cat: comparison with serum (چکیده)
3087 - بررسی اثر رقابتی برهم کنش هایπ-π و پیوند هالوژنی در حضور ترکیب های کئوردیناسیون :مطالعات تئوری DFT (چکیده)
3088 - سنتز، شناسایی و بررسی ساختار کمپلکس جدید جیوه شامل لیگاند کربوکسامیدی حاوی حلقه ی تترا هیدروفوران (چکیده)
3089 - A note on the inverse spectral problem for symmetric doubly stochastic matrices (چکیده)
3090 - Approximate Roberts orthogonality sets and (δ,ε)-(a, b)-isosceles-orthogonality preserving mappings (چکیده)
3091 - Exact and Approximate Operator Parallelism (چکیده)
3092 - Synthesis and characterization of new mercury (II) iodide complexes containing carboxamide ligand based on thiazole ring with two different synthetic methods (چکیده)
3093 - Structure determination from powder diffraction data (SDPD): X-ray polycrystallography of some organic and inorganic compounds (چکیده)
3094 - Synthesis and Characterization of a Cobalt (II) Complex with N, N/, N// -Tris ( 2-pyrimidinyl) Dimethylentriamine (چکیده)
3095 - Dynamic Stall Analysis of S809 Pitching Airfoil in Unsteady Free Stream Velocity (چکیده)
3096 - First record ofKarnyothripsWatson (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) from Iran (چکیده)
3097 - A new tree-based approach for evaluating rule antecedent constraint in confabulation based association rule mining (چکیده)
3098 - The Effect of Training on Communication Skills of Child’s Nurse through Role-playing (چکیده)
3099 - Peritoneal fluid analysis in dairy cows suffering from peritonitis (چکیده)
3100 - Effect of the environmental enrichment on the severity of psychological dependence and voluntary methamphetamine consumption in methamphetamine withdrawn rats (چکیده)
3101 - Effects of environmental enrichment during induction of methamphetamine dependence on the behavioral withdrawal symptoms in rats (چکیده)
3102 - The spatial learning and memory performance in methamphetamine–sensitized and withdrawn rats (چکیده)
3103 - A novel neural network based on NCP function for solving constrained nonconvex optimization problems (چکیده)
3104 - Stereoelectronic effects: a powerful concept in explaning kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of retro cheletropic reactions (چکیده)
3105 - افزایش میزان بیان ژن Sox2 در سلول های فیبروبلاست گاوی با استفاده از TALE-TFs (چکیده)
3106 - Molecular investigation of Y chromosome microdeletions in AZF regions of the non-obstructive azoospermic and oligospermic patients referred to Montaseriyeh infertility center in Mashhad (چکیده)
3107 - Entomopathogenic fungi as promising biocontrol agents for the rosaceous longhorn beetle, Osphranteria coerulescens (چکیده)
3108 - اثر دگرآسیبی اندام های مختلف کرچک (Rricinus communis L.) در کاهش جوانه‌زنی بذر‌‌ها و رشد گیاهچه های سس (Cuscuta campestris Yuncker) (چکیده)
3109 - Suppressing forced vibrations of structures using smart vibro-impact systems (چکیده)
3110 - Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Japanese and English White Quail Populations Using Microsatellite Markers (چکیده)
3111 - Genetic Polymorphism in Prolactin Gene and its Association with Reproductive Traits in Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica) (چکیده)
3112 - Effect of ß-lactoglobulin and κ-casein genes polymorphism on milk composition in indigenous Zel sheep (چکیده)
3113 - Paleozoic-aged microbial methane in an Ordovician shale and carbonate aquiclude of the Michigan Basin, southwestern Ontario (چکیده)
3114 - راهبردهای مدیریت مخاطره سیل در مناطق روستایی با مدل SWOC-TOPSIS (مطالعه موردی حوضه آبریز قره چای رامیان) (چکیده)
3115 - The efficacy of well-being therapy on depression in infertile women (چکیده)
3116 - Phosphoramides and thiophosphoramides: some different structural aspects investigated based on the structures deposited in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) completed with new diffraction studies (چکیده)
3117 - Determination of the best model for estimating heritability of economic traits and their genetic and phenotypic trends in Iranian native fowl (چکیده)
3118 - GreenDPA: Thermal-Aware Execution of Data Parallel Applications (چکیده)
3119 - LTS: Linear Task Scheduling on Multiprocessor Through Equation of the Line (چکیده)
3120 - تغییر فتوا و زمینه های آن در فقه اهل سنت (چکیده)
3121 - رجم در ترازو (چکیده)
3122 - Homotopy properties of subsets of Euclidean spaces (چکیده)
3123 - Occurrence of ectoparasitic arthropods (Siphonaptera, Acarina, and Anoplura) on rodents of Khorasan Razavi Province, northeast of Iran (چکیده)
3124 - Effect of layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte method on encapsulation of vanillin (چکیده)
3125 - Anticorrosion properties of PVP-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles in epoxy resin (چکیده)
3126 - Facies, depositional sequences, and biostratigraphy of the Oligo-Miocene Asmari Formation in Marun oilfield, North Dezful Embayment, Zagros Basin, SW Iran (چکیده)
3127 - Emulsion Copolymerization of Silicone Oil Modified Vinyl Acetate-Butyl Acrylate Nanocomposite with Aid of Ultrasonic Technic for Use in Paint (چکیده)
3128 - Synthesis and application of diethanolamine-functionalized polystyrene as a new sorbent for the removal of p-toluenesulfonic acid from aqueous solution (چکیده)
3129 - Macroscopic study of the effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Urtica dioica on wound healing in diabetic rats (چکیده)
3130 - Effect of ICV administration of OX2 antagonist on anxiety behavior in PTZinduced kindled rats (چکیده)
3131 - Effect of hydroalcoholic extract of cannabis flowers on PTZ inducedconvulsions on capsaicin treated rats (چکیده)
3132 - Effect of ICV administration of ox1 antagonist on anxiety behavior in PTZinduced kindled Wistar rats (چکیده)
3133 - Effect of electrical stimulation of the lumbar spinal cord on induced spinal lesion in Wistar rat (چکیده)
3134 - An investigation on systemic administration of CuCl2 on the thermal pain in male Wistar rat (چکیده)
3135 - Structural View of Hydrophobic Ionic Liquid on Graphene: Comparing Static and Ab Initio Computer Simulations (چکیده)
3136 - Hormonal manipulation to improve reproductive management of dairy cattle: On the right track (چکیده)
3137 - Optimal redundancy allocation problems in engineering systems with dependent component lifetimes (چکیده)
3138 - Effectiveness of sliding isolators with variable curvature in near-fault ground motions (چکیده)
3139 - Petrogenesis of subvolcanic rocks from the Khunik prospecting area, south of Birjand, Iran: Geochemical, Sr–Nd isotopic and U–Pb zircon constraints (چکیده)
3140 - Autonomous Drug-Encapsulated Nanoparticles: Towards a Novel Non-Invasive Approach to Prevent Atherosclerosis (چکیده)
3141 - Thermal stability and non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of Ti41.5Cu42.5Ni7.5Zr2.5Hf5Si1 bulk metallic glass (چکیده)
3142 - Comparing Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Annatto Dye Extracted by Conventional and Ultrasound-Assisted Methods (چکیده)
3143 - Pushover analysis of gabled frames with semi-rigid connections (چکیده)
3144 - A new two-dimensional cracked finite element for fracture mechanics (چکیده)
3145 - بررسی تأثیر بقایای علف‌کش تریفلورالین در خاک بر رشد و گره‌زایی ژنوتیپ‌های نخود (Cicer arietinum L.) (چکیده)
3146 - Removal of arsenate and arsenite from aqueous solution by adsorption on clay minerals (چکیده)
3147 - The effect of Al2O3-nanoparticles as the reinforcement additive on the hot deformation behavior of 7075 aluminum alloy (چکیده)
3148 - Optimal operation of a divided-wall column with local operating condition changes (چکیده)
3149 - Exp-Kumaraswamy Distributions: Some Properties and Applications (چکیده)
3150 - Deadbeat Direct Power Control for Grid Connected Inverters using a Full-Order Observer (چکیده)
3151 - Influence of environmental and genetic factors on resin yield, essential oil content and chemical composition of Ferula assa-foetida L. populations (چکیده)
3152 - Copper immobilized on aminated ferrite nanoparticles by 2-aminoethyl dihydrogen phosphate (Fe3O4@AEPH2-CuII) catalyses the conversion of aldoximes to nitriles (چکیده)
3153 - Modeling forage production by using climatic factors and drought indices in humid and arid regions of Iran (چکیده)
3154 - U–Pb zircon geochronology, petrochemical and Sr–Nd isotopic characteristic of Late Neoproterozoic granitoid of the Bornaward Complex (Bardaskan-NE Iran) (چکیده)
3155 - Beeswax-Colophony Blend: A Novel Green Organic Coating for Protection of Steel Drinking Water Storage Tanks (چکیده)
3156 - Dynamics of non-Markovianity in the presence of a driving field (چکیده)
3157 - Comparison of Oncologic Short Term Results of Laparoscopic Versus Open Surgery of Rectal Cancer (چکیده)
3158 - The alpha-beta skew normal distribution: Properties and applications (چکیده)
3159 - اثر باقیمانده علف‌کش نیکوسولفورون در خاک بر رشد، گره‌زایی و تثبیت نیتروژن در نخود (چکیده)
3160 - Solubility Parameter of Graphene: A MD Simulation Study (چکیده)
3161 - Vibrational spectra of a-bromo and a-chloro derivatives of tris(acetylacetonato)chromium(III (چکیده)
3162 - Novel synthesized binuclear Ni-based catalysts for ethylene polymerization (چکیده)
3163 - Finite element method for solving of linear two-dimensional integral equations on irregular domains (چکیده)
3164 - A One-Pot, Fast, and Efficient Amidation of Carboxylic Acids, α-Amino Acids and Sulfonic Acids Using PPh3/N-chlorobenzotriazole System (چکیده)
3165 - The chemistry of polyoxometalates based hybrids and polycarboxylic acid complexes in view of crystal engineering concepts (چکیده)
3166 - Coordination complexes of copper and cobalt metal ions containing pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylic acid N-oxide: Synthesis and characterization (چکیده)
3167 - Heteropolymolybdate- amino acid hybrid materials: Synthesis and characterization (چکیده)
3168 - New complex of zinc metal ion including pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylicacid N-oxid through proton transfer (چکیده)
3169 - Synthesis and characterization of coordination complexes of chrome and mercury metal ionscontaining pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylic acid N-oxide (چکیده)
3170 - Tuning the dimensionality of hybrid inorganic-organic materials based on polyoxometalates (چکیده)
3171 - Analysis of Non-Linear Dynamic Pull-In Instability Response of an Electrically Actuated Double-Clamped Micro-Beam Due to Squeeze-Film Damping Effects (چکیده)
3172 - Truly Absorbed Microbial Protein Synthesis, Rumen Bypass Protein, Endogenous Protein, and Total Metabolizable Protein from Starchy and Protein-Rich Raw Materials: Model Comparison and Predictions (چکیده)
3173 - Influence of different drying methods on drying period, essential oil content and composition of Lippia citriodora Kunth (چکیده)
3174 - Synthesis of quinolones derivatives in the presence of CsI as a catalyst (چکیده)
3175 - Effects of Different Water Stress on Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Content of Elaeagnus rhamnoides (چکیده)
3176 - مطالعه برخی شاخص‌های مورفو فیزیولوژیک گیاه دارویی نوروزک در شرایط تنش کمبود آب (چکیده)
3177 - New Nonlinear Formulation for Modeling the Vortex- Induced Vibrations of Flexibly Supported Cylinders (چکیده)
3178 - A Numerical Method to Material and Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Cable Structures (چکیده)
3179 - A survey of the effect of trade openness size on inflation rate in Iran using ARDL (چکیده)
3180 - Analysis of Radio Frequency and Stability Performance on Double-Gate Extended Source Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors (چکیده)
3181 - RF Modeling of p-n-p-n Double-Gate Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors (چکیده)
3182 - Design and construction of ion-selective membrane electrode based on kryptofix-22DD for determination of uranyl ions in environmental samples (چکیده)
3183 - A Novel Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor with 9 mV/dec Average Subthreshold Slope (چکیده)
3184 - اثرات سطوح آبیاری و نیتروژن بر عملکرد و اجزای عملکرد ذرت، کنجد و چغندرقند در شرایط آب و هوایی مشهد (چکیده)
3185 - بررسی شاخص‌های فیزیولوژیکی رشد در کشت مخلوط نواری ذرت (Zea mays L.) و لوبیا (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) (چکیده)
3186 - ساخت و ارزیابی سامانه کودکاری نرخ متغیر (چکیده)
3187 - Benzimidazolium Dicationic Ionic Liquid as an Efficient and Reusable Catalyst for the Synthesis of α-aminophosphonates and Bis (α-aminophosphonates) under Solvent-free Condition (چکیده)
3188 - Exploring the Influence of Varied Coordination Mode on the Geometry and Crystal Structures of pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylic Acid Complexes (چکیده)
3189 - Improving antifouling performance of PAN hollow fiber membrane using surface modification method (چکیده)
3190 - Identification and optimization of key parameters in preparation of thin film composite membrane for water desalination using multi-step statistical method (چکیده)
3191 - A potentiometric membrane sensor based on kryptofix 21 for determination of uranyl ions in environmental samples and optimization by miture design method (چکیده)
3192 - بررسی انتشار گازهای گلخانه‌ای، تحلیل انرژی و هزینه‌های تولید پنبه در استان گلستان (چکیده)
3193 - Preconcentration of trace amount of cadmium using silica nanoparticles coated with sodium dodecyl sulfate and its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
3194 - پیش‌بینی حجم، سطح جانبی و ضریب کرویت انار با استفاده از شبکه عصبی مصنوعی MLP (چکیده)
3195 - The influence of basil seed gum, guar gum and their blend on the rheological, physical and sensory properties of low fat ice cream (چکیده)
3196 - Simple control scheme for single‐phase uninterruptible power supply inverters with Kalman filter‐based estimation of the output voltage (چکیده)
3197 - Generalised single-phase N-level voltage-source inverter with coupled inductors (چکیده)
3198 - Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum: Dilute solution and somephysicochemical properties (چکیده)
3199 - Life Cycle Assessment modeling of milk production in Iran (چکیده)
3200 - Effect of wear on rolling contact fatigue crack growth in rails (چکیده)
3201 - Hirshfeld surface analysis of two new phosphorothioic triamide structures (چکیده)
3202 - The Evaluation of Drillability and Support System Type in Western to Southern Part of Mashhad Rock Mass Based on Rmi Classification (چکیده)
3203 - Shock-induced two dimensional coupled non-Fickian diffusion–elasticity analysis using meshless generalized finite difference (GFD) method (چکیده)
3204 - Construction of some accelerated methods for solving scalar stochastic differential equations (چکیده)
3205 - Evaluation of Antimicrobial and Healing Activities of Frog Skin on Guinea Pigs Wounds (چکیده)
3206 - Reliability and validity of Farsi version of Parsian and Dunning spirituality questionnaire (چکیده)
3207 - Analysis of radio frequency and stability performance on double-gate extended source tunneling field-effect transistors (چکیده)
3208 - Acoustic Noise Cancellation Based on MCC Adaptive Algorithm (چکیده)
3209 - طراحی الگوریتم بینایی رایانه ای برای تشخیص فلفل دلمه جهت برداشت روباتیک در شرایط نور طبیعی (چکیده)
3210 - Comparison of virulence factors and biofilm formation among Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from human and bovine infections (چکیده)
3211 - Importance of polarization assisted/resonance assisted hydrogen bonding interactions and unconventional interactions in crystal formations of five new complexes bearing chelidamic acid through proton transfer mechanism (چکیده)
3212 - General templates for n-noded bar elements based on reduced representations and numerical dispersion reduction by optimized finite elements (چکیده)
3213 - Prediction of cobalt particle size during of catalyst deactivation in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (چکیده)
3214 - FE modelling of the compressive behavior of porous copper-matrix nanocomposites (چکیده)
3215 - Determining optimum sowing date of wheat using CSM-CERES-Wheat model (چکیده)
3216 - Locate Urban Landfill Using Analytical Hierarchy Process and Geographic Information System (Case Study: City Sultanabad) (چکیده)
3217 - Tsallis Maximum Entropy Lorenz Curves (چکیده)
3218 - What should be taken into account during study on immunoregulatory effects of helminths: a critical analyzing on “Downregulation of immune responses in asthmatic patients by ES products of Marshallagia marshalli” (چکیده)
3219 - Design, Synthesis, Characterization and in vivo Immunological Properties of a Novel Nano-Adjuvant based Vaccine Delivery System based on Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNT) loaded with Polyethylenimine (PEI) and Toll like receptors( TLRs) Agonists Conjugated with Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) (چکیده)
3220 - An Energy-Efficient Level Shifter for Low-Power Applications (چکیده)
3221 - Economic order and production quantities in an integrated vendor-buyer supply chain (چکیده)
3222 - Flourishing ocean drives the end-Permian marine mass extinction (چکیده)
3223 - The Impacts of Governance on Agricultural Efficiency (چکیده)
3224 - Buckling analysis of semi-rigid gabled frames (چکیده)
3225 - Dp,q-Distance and the Strong Law of ‎Large Number for Negatively ‎Dependent Fuzzy Random Variables (چکیده)
3227 - A multi-criteria inference approach for anti-desertification management (چکیده)
3228 - Comparison of Cp, Cpk and Cp-‎tilde process capability indices in ‎the case of measurement error ‎occurrence (چکیده)
3229 - Measurement Error Effect On the Performance of the Fuzzy Process Capability (چکیده)
3230 - Management Cost Collected Urban Runoff Projects Using Gis-Shirvan Study Area (چکیده)
3231 - Cooperation Tuning in MANETs: A Fuzzy Approach Fuzzy Behaviors of Node in the Presence of Conflict (چکیده)
3232 - DFT investigation and molecular dynamic simulation on the selectivecomplexation of cis-cyclic nanopeptides with alkaline earth metalions (چکیده)
3233 - An efficient projection neural network for solving bilinear programming problems (چکیده)
3234 - Correlation between some environmental condition and virulence of entomopathogenic nematodes on tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta, (چکیده)
3235 - Two dimensional analysis of coupled non-Fick diffusion-elastodynamics problems in functionally graded materials using meshless local Petrov–Galerkin (MLPG) method (چکیده)
3236 - Methane Formation in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Role of Nanosized Catalyst Particles (چکیده)
3237 - Functionalized magnetite / silica nanocomposite for oily wastewater treatment (چکیده)
3238 - On preservation under univariate weighted distributions (چکیده)
3239 - Transparent microstrip antenna made of fluorine doped tin oxide: a comprehensive study (چکیده)
3240 - New data on spider fauna of Iran (Arachnida: Araneae), Part II (چکیده)
3241 - Bending of Moderately Thick Annular Sector Plates with Variable Thickness and General Boundary Conditions Using Extended Knatorovich Method (چکیده)
3243 - Goodness-of-fit tests for weibull populations on the basis of records (چکیده)
3244 - ‌بررسی‌ تطبیقی دو قاعده ‌جبّ و عفو عمومی از منظر ‌فقه ‌و ‌حقوق (چکیده)
3245 - صدور کثرت از وحدت از دیدگاه حکمت متعالیه (بر اساس وحدت تشکیکی و شخصی) (چکیده)
3246 - The Effects of Aerobic Exercise during Ramadan on the Levels of Leptin and Adiponectin in Overweight Women (چکیده)
3247 - Histopathological and Immunohistochemical Rat brain tissue after exposure to mobile phone radiation (چکیده)
3248 - A quantum chemistry study on the performance of porphyrin-based solar cell sensitisers; Zinc and anchor group position effects (چکیده)
3249 - Analyzing Contrastive Features in English and Persian Argumentative Writing (چکیده)
3250 - A Cache-based Method for SPARQL Query Processing (چکیده)
3251 - Non-Newtonian effects of blood on LDL transport inside the arterial lumen and across multi-layered arterial wall with and without stenosis (چکیده)
3252 - Evaluation and comparison of the early outcomes of open and laparoscopic surgery of liver hydatid cyst (چکیده)
3253 - Cultural Orientations of Iranian English Translation Students: Do Gender and Translation Quality Matter (چکیده)
3254 - Testing a long-standing hypothesis on the relation between the auditory bulla size and environmental conditions: a case study in two bird species (Muridae: Meriones libycus and M. crassus ) (چکیده)
3255 - روش إبن بابویه در نقد حدیث (بررسی مهم‌ترین شاخصه‌های رویکرد نقادانه شیخ صدوق به حدیث) (چکیده)
3256 - بررسی ارتباط ساختار انگیزشی و اهمال‌کاری تحصیلی در دانشجویان کارشناسی شاهد دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد (چکیده)
3257 - Vibrational spectra of tris(acetylacetonato)chromium(III) (چکیده)
3258 - میانکنش‌پذیری نظام‌های فراداده‌ای و موتورهای کاوش وب: تحولات و رویکردهای جاری (چکیده)
3259 - تأثیر عمق سازماندهی منو در وب‎سایت کتابخانه‎ها بر میزان پیش‎بینی‎پذیری و گم شدگی کاربران (چکیده)
3260 - Effects of nano iron oxide powder and urban solid waste compost coated sulfur on chemical properties of a saline-sodic soil (چکیده)
3261 - State-Dependent Multiple Access Channels with Feedback (چکیده)
3262 - A Novel Approach to Mathematical Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methods Based on Information Theoretic Measures (چکیده)
3263 - تأثیر افزایش طول مؤثر بر مشخصات هیدرولیکی و ضریب تخلیه سرریز جانبی (چکیده)
3264 - An improved sensitivity-free probability analysis in variation assessment of sheet metal assemblies (چکیده)
3265 - رویکرد جدید در کاهش طعم و بو از آب سدکارده با استفاده از سامانه‌ی ترکیبی فراصوت، سوپرهواده و جذب سطحی (مطالعه موردی: تصفیه‌خانه‌ی آب شماره‌ی 1 مشهد) (چکیده)
3266 - Using electrofacies cluster analysis to evaluate shale-gas potential: Carynginia Formation, Perth Basin, Western Australia (چکیده)
3267 - برسی تأثیر متغیرهای کلان اقتصادی بر شاخص Q توبین شرکت های وابسته صنایع غذایی (مطالعه موردی: صنعت قند و شکر) (چکیده)
3268 - Analysis of the enzyme network involved in cattle milk production using graph theory (چکیده)
3269 - Geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis of functionally graded thick hollow cylinders using total Lagrangian MLPG method (چکیده)
3270 - Cesaro Supermodular Order and Archimedean Copulas (چکیده)
3271 - Inference under random maintenance policies with a polynomial form as the repair alert function (چکیده)
3272 - Some Results on Dynamic Generalized Survival Entropy (چکیده)
3273 - Giant enhancement in critical current density, up to a hundredfold, in superconducting NaFe0.97Co0.03As single crystals under hydrostatic pressure (چکیده)
3274 - Isolation and molecular characterization of partial FSH and LH receptor genes in Arabian camels (Camelus dromedarius) (چکیده)
3275 - Traveling Wave Solutions For Some Nonlinear (N + 1)-Dimensional Evolution Equations by Using (G ′ /G) and (1/G ′ )-Expansion Methods (چکیده)
3276 - بررسی فقهی حقوقی حاجبیت یا عدم حاجبیت «حمل» در حجب اخوه نسبت به مادر (چکیده)
3277 - Germination of Spotted Spurge (Chamaesyce maculata) Seeds in Response to Different Environmental Factors (چکیده)
3278 - Embedded ceria nanoparticles in gel improve electrophoretic separation: a preliminary demonstration (چکیده)
3279 - Microencapsulation of vanillin by spray drying using soy protein iisolate– maltodextrin as wall material (چکیده)
3280 - پتروژنز و سن‌سنجی زیرکن-اورانیم-سرب سنگهای دیوریتی پیروکسن‌دار اسکارنی شده منطقه بیشه (جنوب بیرجند- شرق ایران) (چکیده)
3281 - Estimation of convective heat transfer coefficient and water-productivity in a tubular solar still – CFD simulation and theoretical analysis (چکیده)
3282 - Adsorption of hexavalent chromium ions from aqueous solution by graphene nanosheets: kinetic and thermodynamic studies (چکیده)
3283 - Redescription ofRhagodes eylandti(Walter, 1889) (Arachnida: Solifugae) with notes on its morphological variation and geographic distribution (چکیده)
3284 - A bi-level programming formulation and a hybrid K-means algorithm for identifying the optimal customer satisfaction scheme under attack (چکیده)
3285 - Thermal Decomposition Mechanisms of the Ionic Liquids Based on a-Amino Acid Anion and N7,N9- Dimethyladeninium Cation; Quantum Chemistry Approach (چکیده)
3286 - A Novel Relay Selection Scheme for Multi-user Cooperation Communications Using Fuzzy Logic (چکیده)
3287 - Microstructure and mechanical properties of an Al–Mg–Si tube processed by severe plastic deformation and subsequent annealing (چکیده)
3288 - Adaptive Predictive-DPC for a Grid Connected Low-Cost PV Generator (چکیده)
3289 - Extraction of β-glucan from hulless barley cultivar Lut Using high intensity ultrasound (چکیده)
3290 - Study of Lactic Acid Bacteria Community From Raw Milk of Iranian One Humped Camel and Evaluation of Their Probiotic Properties (چکیده)
3291 - Operator inequalities related to Q-class functions (چکیده)
3292 - Rationalized Haar wavelet bases to approximate solution of nonlinear Fredholm integral equations with error analysis (چکیده)
3293 - Downregulation of immune responses in asthmatic humans by ES products of Marshallagia marshalli (چکیده)
3294 - Comparative cytogenetics analysis in the populations of house mouse group, Mus musculus L.1766 (cytotype 2n = 40) (Rodentia: Muridae) in Iran (چکیده)
3295 - Preparation and characterization of absorbing tubes with spectrally selective coatings using economical methods for low- to mid-temperature solar thermal collectors (چکیده)
3296 - Equivalent dynamic thermoviscoelastic modeling of ionic polymers (چکیده)
3297 - Z-interference channel with side information at the transmitters (چکیده)
3298 - Effects of pH and temperature on antibacterial activity of zinc oxide nanofluid against Escherichia coli O157: H7 and Staphylococcus aureus (چکیده)
3299 - Dynamic Task Priority Scaling for Thermal Management of Multi-core Processors with Heavy Workload (چکیده)
3300 - Microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of Al-2024 alloy processed via a rheocasting route (چکیده)
3301 - A two-phase variable neighborhood search for solving nonlinear optimal control problems (چکیده)
3302 - Solutions of fuzzy LR algebraic linear systems using linear programs (چکیده)
3303 - GAS Antisolvent Crystallization of Aspirin Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Experimental Study and Characterization (چکیده)
3304 - Analytical, experimental and numerical study of a graded honeycomb structure under in-plane impact load with low velocity (چکیده)
3305 - Induction of Localized Hyperthermia by Millisecond Laser Pulses in the Presence of Gold-Gold Sulphide Nanoparticles in a Phantom (چکیده)
3307 - The effect of bromination and media on the hydrogen bond strength of pyridinium perchlorate (چکیده)
3308 - نقد و توسعه‌ دلالت‌های تربیتی در- جهان- هستن از نظر هایدگر (چکیده)
3309 - A Novel Ionic Liquid Based on Imidazolium Cation as an Efficient and Reusable Catalyst for the One-pot Synthesis of Benzoxazoles, Benzthiazoles, Benzimidazoles and 2-Arylsubstituted Benzimidazoles (چکیده)
3310 - Co-precipitation synthesis of CaF2:Er nanocomposites and photoluminescence characterizations of electrospun polyvinyl alcohol/CaF2:Er nanofibers (چکیده)
3311 - Removal of triazines from water using a novel OA modified SiO2/PA/PSf nanocomposite membrane (چکیده)
3312 - Numerical study of flow patterns and heat transfer in mini twisted oval tubes (چکیده)
3313 - Fabrication of Cress Seed Gum Nanoparticles, an Anionic Polysaccharide, Using Desolvation Technique: an Optimization Study (چکیده)
3314 - A semi-automated approach to adapt activity diagrams for new use cases (چکیده)
3315 - Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Heated Tube Caused by Wire-Coil and Rings (چکیده)
3316 - The effect of anisotropy of Hc2 on transport current in silicone oil- doped MgB2 superconductor (چکیده)
3317 - A framework for assessment and development of innovation capability through system dynamics approach (چکیده)
3318 - Real-time RTPCR expression analysis of chitinase and endoglucanase genes in the (چکیده)
3319 - Effect of Calcination Temperature on the Structural and Optical Properties of Zirconia Nanoparticles (چکیده)
3320 - Functions of control mechanisms in mitigating workplace loafing; evidence from an Islamic society (چکیده)
3321 - Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution by mesoporous silica MCM-41 modified by ZnCl2: kinetics, thermodynamics, and isotherms (چکیده)
3322 - Low computational burden grid voltage estimation for grid connected voltage source converter‐based power applications (چکیده)
3323 - Transient heat conduction in multiwall carbon nanotubes (چکیده)
3324 - Analytical determination of size-dependent natural frequencies of fully clamped rectangular microplates based on the modified couple stress theory (چکیده)
3325 - Application of Response Surface Methodology to Assess the Combined Effect of Operating Variables on the Direct Reduction of Fe2O3 by Coal Volatiles (چکیده)
3326 - Constructing T–S fuzzy model from imprecise and uncertain knowledge represented as fuzzy belief functions (چکیده)
3327 - Biophysical probing of the binding properties of a Cu(II) complex with G-quadruplex DNA: an experimental and computational study (چکیده)
3328 - Fourth-order dual mode substrate integrated waveguide filter (چکیده)
3329 - Screening of Actinomycetes From Lipar Area of Oman Sea to Investigate the Antibacterial Compounds (چکیده)
3330 - Three-dimensional analytical solution for transport problem during convection drying using Green's function method (GFM) (چکیده)
3331 - A Study on the Effect of Nano Alumina Particles on Fracture Behavior of PMMA (چکیده)
3332 - Damage mechanisms in aluminum-matrix composites reinforced with nano-alumina particles (چکیده)
3333 - (2-Aminopyrimidine- κ N 1 )aqua(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato- κ 3 O 2 , N,O 6 )copper(II): X-ray and DFT calculated structure (چکیده)
3334 - Application of multi-criterion robust optimization in water-flooding of oil reservoir (چکیده)
3335 - Tautomerism, conformational analysis, and spectroscopy studies of 3-bromo-pentane-2,4-dione (چکیده)
3336 - On the short-horned grasshopper (Orthoptera: Caelifera) fauna of northeastern Iran with some information on sweep sampling capture rates (چکیده)
3337 - A time-delay parallel cascade identification system for predicting jaw movements (چکیده)
3338 - SEMG-based prediction of masticatory kinematics in rhythmic clenching movements (چکیده)
3339 - تأثیر تنش کمبود آب بر روابط آب، فتوسنتز و تجمع اسمولایتها در گیاه دارویی نوروزک (.Salvia leriifolia Benth (چکیده)
3340 - A Novel Multi-Criteria Relay Selection Scheme in Cooperation Communication Networks (چکیده)
3341 - node to node error sensitivity analysis usimg a graph based approach for vlsi logic circuits (چکیده)
3342 - On the Importance of CH/π and CH⋅⋅⋅HC Interactions in the Solid State Structure of 15-Lipoxygenase Inhibitors Based on Eugenol Derivatives (چکیده)
3343 - Entropy Analysis for an Unsteady Flow over a Stretching Permeable Surface in the Presence of Velocity Slip and Temperature Jump Effects (چکیده)
3344 - واکاوی حدیث «اَلغِیبَهُ اَشَدُ مِنَ الزِنا...» (چکیده)
3345 - مکان یابی بهینه ایستگاههای آتش نشانی در شهر مشهد (چکیده)
3346 - Elastic settlement of ring foundations (چکیده)
3347 - New size-dependent kinetic equations for hydrocarbon production rates of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on iron based catalyst (چکیده)
3348 - اثر زمان اعمال سطوح مختلف تنش شوری بر برخی ویژگی‌های کمی و کیفی علوفه کوشیا (Kochia scoparia) (چکیده)
3349 - اثر سن مزرعه و منطقه بر عملکرد و فراوانی بنه در گروه های مختلف وزنی زعفران زراعی (Crocus sativus L.) (چکیده)
3350 - بررسی رقابت اندام‌های هوایی و زمینی علف‌هرز تاجریزی (Solanum nigrum ) بر رشد و عملکرد گیاه زراعی ماش (Vigna radiate L. ) (چکیده)
3351 - بررسی تأثیر مدیریت‌های مختلف کودی بر برخی خصوصیات کمی و کیفی گیاه دارویی گشنیز (L. Coriandrum sativum) (چکیده)
3352 - اثرات کود های آلی و بیولوژیک بر عملکرد و اجزای عملکرد سیاهدانه (Nigella sativa L.) (چکیده)
3353 - ارزیابی تاثیر متقابل منبع تغذیه ای و تنوع گیاهی بر کارایی مصرف نور در الگوهای مختلف کشت (چکیده)
3354 - ارزیابی تاثیرکودهای آلی، بیولوژیکی و شیمیایی بر صفات مورفولوژیکی، عملکرد و اجزاء عملکرد بذر گیاه دارویی ریحان (Ocimum basilicum L.) (چکیده)
3355 - Dissociative hydrogen adsorption on the cubic cobalt surfaces: A DFT study (چکیده)
3356 - Mineralogic, fluid inclusion, and sulfur isotope evidence for the genesis of Sechangi lead–zinc (–copper) deposit, Eastern Iran (چکیده)
3357 - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems security and risk management (چکیده)
3358 - Different Aspects of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Functionalization by Aniline Adsorption; Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Study (چکیده)
3359 - Stochastic Properties of the Weighted Hazard Rate Order (چکیده)
3360 - Sol–gel combustion synthesis of Zr-doped BaTiO3 nanopowders and ceramics: Dielectric and ferroelectr ic studies (چکیده)
3361 - Expressions for moments of order statistics and records from the skew-normal distribution in terms of multivariate normal orthant probabilities (چکیده)
3362 - Record-based inference and associated cost analysis for the Weibull distribution (چکیده)
3363 - A new phosphorothioic triamide structure: P(S)[NHCH2C6H5]3 (چکیده)
3364 - Marker based Human Pose Estimation Using Annealed Particle Swarm Optimization with Search Space Partitioning (چکیده)
3365 - Identification of a Specific Pseudo attP Site for Phage PhiC31 Integrase in Bovine Genome (چکیده)
3366 - Jordan derivations on trivial extension algebras (چکیده)
3367 - Gradual Growth of Gold Nanoseeds on Silica for Silica@Gold Core–Shell Nano Applications by Two Different Methods: A Comparison on Structural Properties (چکیده)
3368 - An investigation into the applicability of Barkhausen noise technique in evaluation of machining properties of high carbon steel parts with different degrees of spheroidization (چکیده)
3369 - The Impact of Illustrations on Recall of Short Stories (چکیده)
3370 - Control of wake and vortex shedding behind solid circular obstacle by Magnetohydrodynamics (چکیده)
3371 - Prediction of solid volume fraction and mean density distribution isograms in slurry flow in a pipe, using ASM model (چکیده)
3372 - Hydrogen storage by N-ethylcarbazol as a new liquid organic hydrogen carrier: A DFT study on the mechanism (چکیده)
3373 - Quantum chemistry study on the mechanism of oxidation of cysteine to cystine using hydrogen peroxide (چکیده)
3374 - UV Spectrophotometric Determination and Validation of Hydroquinone in Liposome (چکیده)
3375 - A new copper(II) Schiff base complex containing asymmetrical tetradentate N2O2 Schiff base ligand: Synthesis, characterization, crystal structure and DFT study (چکیده)
3376 - Simulation of 2003 Bam (Iran) earthquake using empirical Green’s function method via very small and near-fault events (چکیده)
3377 - Improving the physical and moisture barrier properties of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum biodegradable film with stearic and palmitic acids (چکیده)
3378 - Hydrothermal synthesis, X-ray structure and DFT and magnetic studies of a (H2SiW12O40)2− based one-dimensional linear coordination polymer (چکیده)
3379 - Publishing Persian Linked Data; Challenges and Lessons Learned (چکیده)
3380 - A Combined Molecular Dynamic and Quantum Mechanic Study of the Solvent and Guest Molecule Effect on the Stability and Length of Heterocyclic Peptide Nanotube (چکیده)
3381 - Extending FUM-LD Framework by Including an Academic Data Model (چکیده)
3382 - Size-dependent free vibration analysis of electrostatically pre-deformed rectangular micro-plates based on the modified couple stress theory (چکیده)
3383 - A new technique to evaluate the effect of chitosan on properties of deep-fried Kurdish cheese nuggets by TOPSIS (چکیده)
3384 - Electrical conductivity of water-based palladium nanofluids (چکیده)
3385 - Variation in essential oil composition and antioxidant activity ofcumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) fruits during stages of maturit (چکیده)
3386 - Structural Sensitivity of Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenation by Nano-Structured Iron Catalyst (چکیده)
3387 - Particle size effects in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis by cobalt catalyst supported on carbon nanotubes (چکیده)
3388 - Maximal Invariant and Weakly Equivariant Estimators (چکیده)
3389 - An investigation of the most Flow Inducing Genres (چکیده)
3390 - Effect of Temperature on Young's Modulus of Graphene (چکیده)
3391 - An exploration of EFL teachers’ attributions (چکیده)
3392 - Investigating the Doxorubicin Adsorption Properties on a Magnetic Nanocomposite Containing Nonporous and Mesoporous silica Layers (چکیده)
3393 - The effects of Spirulina on nitric oxide production in peritoneal macrophages of Balb/C mice with systemic candidiasis (چکیده)
3394 - A Numerical Approach to the Prediction of Hardness at Different Points of a Heat-Treated Steel (چکیده)
3395 - A Modified Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems (چکیده)
3396 - N-Ethylcarbazole Doped in Fullerene Nano-cage as a New Hydrogen Carrier (چکیده)
3397 - Is Heterocyclic Peptide Nanotube of 1,4-Disubstituted-1,2,3-Triazole Amino Acid Suitable for ION and Drug Delivery? (چکیده)
3398 - The Orbit Graph of Finite p-Groups and Groups of Order pq (چکیده)
3399 - On power graphs of finite groups with forbidden induced subgraphs (چکیده)
3401 - A Kind of Non-commuting Graph of Finite Groups (چکیده)
3402 - Mesenchymal stem cell based therapy for osteo-diseases (چکیده)
3403 - Diphenyl (p-tolylamido)phosphate (چکیده)
3404 - A mixed methods analysis of EFL teachers' self-regulated strategies and burnout (چکیده)
3405 - The impact of vocabulary knowledge on reading comprehension ability of Iranian English learners receiving reciprocal teaching and cooperative grouping intervention program (چکیده)
3406 - Iranian EFL teachers' major personality types and teaching attitudes (چکیده)
3407 - Enhancement of heat transfer by nanofluids and orientations of the equilateral triangular obstacle (چکیده)
3408 - Effect of blend ratio and coagulation bath temperature on the morphology, tensile strength and performance of cellulose acetate/poly(butylene succinate) membranes (چکیده)
3409 - الگوی رشد یکپارچه در تعلیم و تربیت افراد آسیب دیده شنوایی (چکیده)
3410 - The Impacts of Open/closed Body Positions and Postures on Learners’ Moods (چکیده)
3411 - Effect of corn replacement with graded levels of wheat screening and enzyme supplementation on performance, blood lipids, viscosity and jejunal histomorphology of finisher broilers (چکیده)
3412 - Probing of local dissolution of Al-alloys in chloride solutions by AFM and SECM (چکیده)
3413 - An investigation of the fatigue of CK45 steel in the as-received state and after pre-fatigue deformation (چکیده)
3414 - Assessing manufacturing process capability with imprecise data based on fuzzy Cpi (چکیده)
3415 - Developing an AFM-Based SECM System; Instrumental Setup, SECM Simulation, Characterization, and Calibration (چکیده)
3416 - An Analytical Fault Location Method based on Minimum Number of Installed PMUs (چکیده)
3417 - کاربرد مدل برنامه‎ریزی خطی فازی چند هدفه دو مرحله‎ای جهت تدوین الگوی بهینه کشت (مطالعه‌ی موردی بخش مرکزی شهرستان مشهد) (چکیده)
3418 - A study of contextual precursors of burnout among EFL teachers (چکیده)
3419 - کاربرد الگوهای چندسطحی در تحلیل‌ داده- ستانده (چکیده)
3420 - Development of a Linearly Polarized Circular Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed 2 × 2-Slot Antenna Array (چکیده)
3421 - Optimization of the Performance of ADouble-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell Through Factorial Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology (چکیده)
3422 - Numerical simulation of Lithium-Titanium gas-solid fluidized beds with MFIX and assessing the effects of pressure, particle size and inlet gas velocity on its performance (چکیده)
3423 - A rate-based model approach for the absorption of acid gases by aqueous solution of MDEA, using Aspen plus simulator plus simulator (چکیده)
3424 - Opportunistic Medium Access in Multi-session Networks based on Cooperative ARQ (چکیده)
3425 - Integrated AFM and SECM for in situ studies of localized corrosion of Al alloys (چکیده)
3426 - RBFs meshless method of lines based on adaptive nodes for Burgers' equations (چکیده)
3427 - Exploring Efficiency of Ring Oscillator- Based Temperature Sensor Networks on FPGAs (چکیده)
3428 - A GRASP algorithm for a humanitarian relief transportation problem (چکیده)
3429 - Combining ant colony optimization algorithm and dynamic programming technique for solving the covering salesman problem (چکیده)
3430 - Preparation and electrocatalytic application of novel Pd nanoparticle/polyoxometalate/Graphene nanohybrid (چکیده)
3431 - First-principles study of the superconductivity in MgB2 bulk and in its bilayer thin film based on electron–phonon coupling (چکیده)
3432 - Effect of external strain on electronic structure of stanene (چکیده)
3433 - Spin-dependent transport properties of an armchair boron-phosphide nanoribbon embedded between two graphene nanoribbon electrodes (چکیده)
3434 - Some generalized numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
3435 - Cartesian decomposition and numerical radius inequalities (چکیده)
3436 - Genetic diversity and phylogenetic analysis of light chain of immunoglobulin Y in Khorasan native chickens (چکیده)
3437 - Simple digital current control strategy for single‐phase grid‐connected converters (چکیده)
3438 - Azuma inequality for noncommutative martingales (چکیده)
3439 - Some inequalities involving positive maps (چکیده)
3440 - Operator P-class functions (چکیده)
3441 - Optimal operation of a three-product dividing-wall column with self-optimizing control structure design (چکیده)
3442 - The annihilator graph of a commutative semigroup (چکیده)
3443 - Minimal path cover sets and monomial ideals (چکیده)
3444 - A generalization of commuting graphs (چکیده)
3445 - Evaluation of pH, carbon source and temperature effect on the pigments production by Monascus purpureus in a liquid culture using response surface methodology (چکیده)
3446 - Characterizations of higher and ternary higher derivations (چکیده)
3447 - An Interdiction Median Model for Hierarchical Capacitated Facilities (چکیده)
3448 - Hydrostatic pressure: A very effective approach to significantly enhance critical current density in granular iron pnictide superconductors (چکیده)
3449 - The intersection graph of ideals of a poset (چکیده)
3450 - A generalization of noncommutating graph via automorphisms of a group (چکیده)
3451 - On cyclic graphs of finite semigroups (چکیده)
3452 - Achieving the concept of unity in future planning of cities in Iran (چکیده)
3453 - On the Stable Set of Associated Prime Ideals of Monomial Ideals and Square-Free Monomial Ideals (چکیده)
3454 - Modeling of rheological behavior of honey using genetic algorithm–artificial neural network and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (چکیده)
3455 - On the Nearness of Records to Population Quantiles with Respect Order Statistics in the Sense of Pitma Closenessn (چکیده)
3456 - A new filterbank-based complex CDMA system for transmission in underwater acoustic channels (چکیده)
3457 - Characterization of Iranian Nonaflatoxigenic Strains ofAspergillus flavus Based on Microsatellite-primed PCR (چکیده)
3458 - Some Results Based on a Version of the Generalized Dynamic Entropies (چکیده)
3459 - Socio-Cultural and Technical Issues in Non-Expert Dubbing: A Case Study (چکیده)
3460 - Evaluation of a constant rate of lidocaine on oxidative stress parametere in dogs undergoing ovariohystrectomy (چکیده)
3461 - Distributed Sparse Adaptive Algorithm for NonGaussian Noise Applications (چکیده)
3462 - برآورد میزان تابش خورشیدی با استفاده از محصولات دمای سطح زمین سنجنده MODIS و مدل شبکه عصبی (چکیده)
3463 - The influence of steam treated sugarcane pith on digestibility, rumen passage rate and fermentation of Iranian Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
3464 - Chemical Composition, DM and NDF Degradation Kinetics in Rumen of Eleven Different Date Pits (چکیده)
3465 - Effect of Addition Molasses on the Degradability Kinetics, Net Energy for Lactation, In Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy of Potato Plant Silage in Ruminant Animals (چکیده)
3466 - Mathematical modelling and dynamic simulation of multi-effect falling-film evaporator for milk powder production (چکیده)
3467 - Extraction of Phenolic Compounds and Tannins from Pistachio By-products (چکیده)
3468 - Aspects of the mean residual life order for weighted distributions (چکیده)
3469 - A Computational Study of Solvent Effects on Polymer Photovoltaics Considering the Field Dependendent Series Resistance (چکیده)
3470 - Effects of endemic hydrocolloids and xanthan gum on foaming properties of white button mushroom puree studied by cluster analysis: A comparative study (چکیده)
3471 - Investigation of encapsulated diacetyl colloidosome release profile as a function of sintering process and release media properties (چکیده)
3472 - Vegetative growth, compatible solute accumulation, ion partitioning and chlorophyll fluorescence of ‘Malas-e-Saveh’ and ‘Shishe-Kab’ pomegranates in response to salinity stress (چکیده)
3473 - A revisit of stochastic theta method with some improvements (چکیده)
3474 - A Focused Linked Data Crawler based on HTML Link Analysis (چکیده)
3475 - Improvement of An Abstractive Summarization Evaluation Tool using Lexical-Semantic Relations and Weighted Syntax Tags in Farsi Language (چکیده)
3476 - An Entity Based RDF Indexing Schema Using Hadoop And HBase (چکیده)
3477 - Green synthesis of Pt nanoparticles using Keggin and Dawson heteropolyacids and preparation of their composites with carbon nanotubes (چکیده)
3478 - Synthesis of robust PID controller for controlling a single input single output system using quantitative feedback theory technique (چکیده)
3479 - Application of Artificial Intelligent Modeling for Predicting Activated Carbons Properties Used for Methane Storage (چکیده)
3480 - Novel Au NPs/Preyssler Acid/TiO2 Nanocomposite for the Photocatalytic Removal of Azo Dye (چکیده)
3481 - اولویت بندی عوامل موثر بر افزایش تاب آوری کشاورزان در برابر مخاطرات طبیعی (با تاکید بر خشکسالی) منطقه مورد مطالعه: کشاورزان روستاهای شهرستان ایجرود (چکیده)
3482 - Exploring the influence of crystal environment on the geometry of bis(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato) chromium (III) anionic complexes containing various cationic moieties: Synthesis, structures and Hirshfeld surface analysis (چکیده)
3483 - Dynamics and vibration of a 3-PSP parallel robot with flexible moving platform (چکیده)
3484 - Design of an Economical SCARA Robot for Industrial Applications (چکیده)
3485 - Low Speed Control of AC Servo Motors in No-Load Condition (چکیده)
3486 - Approximate analytical solution for vibration of a 3-PRP planar parallel robot with flexible moving platform (چکیده)
3487 - Experimental Comparison between Thermal Characteristics of 3 Metal Oxide (چکیده)
3488 - بازکاوی ملاک تقسیم فقها به اخباریان و اصولیان (چکیده)
3489 - A genetic fuzzy linguistic rule based approach for dynamic classifier selection in distributed data enviroments (چکیده)
3490 - A Hierarchical Fuzzy Approach for Adaptation of Pre-given Parameters in an Interval Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Neural Structure (چکیده)
3491 - Evaluation of broiler chicks responses to protein, methionine and tryptophan using neural network models (چکیده)
3492 - Wind power forecasting using emotional neural networks (چکیده)
3493 - Conductometric Study of Complexation Reaction of 4'-Nitrobenzo-15-crown-5 with Mn+2, Co+2, Y+3, and ZrO+2 Cations in Acetonitrile, Methanol and Their Binary Solvent Solutions (چکیده)
3494 - Gasification of sugarcane bagasse in supercritical water; evaluation of alkali catalysts for maximum hydrogen production (چکیده)
3495 - Microwave assisted the synthesis of ZnO and CuO promoted alumina for esterification reaction (چکیده)
3496 - Cloning, molecular analysis and epitopics prediction of a new chaperon GroEL B.melitensis antigen (چکیده)
3497 - A Novel Dual Mode Dual Band SIW Filter (چکیده)
3498 - Genetic Properties of Productive Traits in Iranian Native Fowl: Genetic Relationship between Performance and Egg Quality Traits (چکیده)
3499 - In vitro Effect of Garlic Oil and Turmeric Extract on Methane Production from Gas Test Medium (چکیده)
3500 - Modeling of Glycolysis of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Wastes by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Methodology (چکیده)
3501 - Optimal modeling of urban ambient air ozone concentration based on its precursors’ concentrations and temperature, employing genetic programming and genetic algorithm (چکیده)
3502 - Modeling and simulation of road traffic noise using artificial neural network and regression (چکیده)
3503 - Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method to MHD Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid Aver a Stretching Sheet (چکیده)
3504 - Remediation of cyanide from the gold mine tailing pond by a novel bacterial co-culture (چکیده)
3505 - On the Coverage Region of MIMO Two-Hop Amplify-and-Forward Relay Network (چکیده)
3506 - Coverage Region Analysis for MIMO Amplify-and-Forward Relay Channel with the Source to Destination Link (چکیده)
3507 - Rheological and Textural Aspects of Transglutaminase Applications in Dairy Product (چکیده)
3508 - The fission yeast Map4 protein is a novel adhesin required for mating (چکیده)
3509 - Different steps of sexual development are differentially regulated by the Sec8p and Exo70p exocyst subunits (چکیده)
3510 - Transient Expression of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) Coat Protein in Tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacom ) via Agroinfiltration (چکیده)
3511 - Determination of Genetic diversity of cultivated chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L.) using Medicago truncatula EST - SSRs (چکیده)
3512 - Discovery of triploidy in Palearctic green toads (Anura: Bufonidae) from Iran with indications for a reproductive system involving diploids and triploids (چکیده)
3513 - Investigating binucleateRhizoctoniainduced defence responses in kidney bean againstRhizoctonia solani (چکیده)
3514 - Feasibility of solar thermal collectors usage in dwelling apartments in Mashhad, the second megacity of Iran (چکیده)
3515 - Silver Nanocomposite and its Antimicrobial Effect in Reducing Microbial Load of Cakes (چکیده)
3516 - First record of the Caucasus field mouse Apodemus ponticus Sviridenko, 1936 (Rodentia Muridae) from Iran (چکیده)
3517 - The effect of Ramadan fasting and physical activity on homocysteine and fibrinogen concentrations in overweight women (چکیده)
3518 - Design and Evaluation of a Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System for Pressure Ulcer Prevention (چکیده)
3519 - In vitro investigation of heat transfer phenomenon in human immature teeth. (چکیده)
3520 - Speciation and determination of iron using dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction based on solidification of organic drop followed by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
3522 - Morphological, physicochemical, and viscoelastic properties of sonicated corn starch (چکیده)
3523 - Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Based on Solidification of Floating Organic Drop Combined with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry for Preconcentration and Determination of Thallium(III) in Water Samples (چکیده)
3524 - Using Fuzzy Regression Approach in Prediction Municipal Solid Waste Generation: A Case Study of Mashhad (چکیده)
3525 - Thermal Bending Analysis of Doubly-Curved Composite Laminated Shell Panels with General Boundary Conditions and Laminations (چکیده)
3526 - Prevalence and distribution of gastrointestinal helminths in free range chickens in Mashhad, northeast of Iran (چکیده)
3527 - Investigating the possible role of Berberine on the metastatic behavior of esophageal cancer cells (چکیده)
3528 - شناسایی و خالص‌‌سازی مونتموریلونیت از بنتونیت معدن قائن (چکیده)
3529 - اثر تنش کم آبی بر رشد درخت هلو در شرایط مدیریتی باغ تجاری (چکیده)
3530 - Mineralogy, metamorphism and geothermobarometry of the Ghandab metamorphic Complex, S E Fariman, NE Iran (چکیده)
3531 - Novel edible coating based on Aloe vera Gel to Maintain pistachio Quality (چکیده)
3532 - The role of prophylactic cefazolin in the prevention of infection after various types of abdominal wall hernia repair with mesh (چکیده)
3533 - استفاده از مدل رقابتی واکنش سطح به‌منظور بررسی رقابت در تراکم‌ها و ترکیب‌های مختلف کشت مخلوط کنجد (Sesamum indicum) و لوبیا (Phaseolus vulgaris) (چکیده)
3534 - اثر کابرد منفرد و تلفیقی کودهای زیستی، شیمیایی و آلی بر خصوصیات کمی و کیفی گیاه دارویی ماریتیغال (Silybum marianum L.) (چکیده)
3535 - ارزیابی اثرات کاربرد کودهای آلی، زیستی و شیمیایی بر شاخص های رویشی و میزان اسانس گیاه دارویی گشنیز (L. Coriandrum sativum) (چکیده)
3536 - A Practical Approach towards Modeling and Optimization of EDM Process Parameters Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm (چکیده)
3537 - Effect of fungicidal essential oils against Botrytis cinerea and (چکیده)
3538 - Investigating the influence of pH, temperature and agitation speed on yellow pigment production byPenicillium aculeatumATCC 10409 (چکیده)
3539 - Widespread Differential Maternal and Paternal Genome Effects on Fetal Bone Phenotype at Mid-Gestation (چکیده)
3541 - Study of Microglial Differentiation in Organotypic Brain Slice Culture by Lycopersicon esculentum tomato and Sambucus nigra (چکیده)
3542 - Fe(HSO4)3: An efficient, heterogeneous and reusable catalyst for C-alkylation of β-dicar bonyl compounds (چکیده)
3543 - Frequency dependence of Néel temperature in CaMnO3-δ ceramics: Synthesized by two different methods (چکیده)
3544 - The effects of different polymerization agents on structural and optical properties of (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3nanopowders synthesized by a facile green route (چکیده)
3545 - Structural and optical properties of KNN nanocubes synthesized by a green route using gelatin (چکیده)
3546 - Expansion of the Exp-function method for solving systems of two-dimensional Navier–Stokes equations (چکیده)
3547 - The role of microbial anaerobic respiration in the end-Permian mass extinction (چکیده)
3548 - High-resolution of the Changhsingian succession in Iran and correlation with China (چکیده)
3549 - The Lilliput Effect in the latest Permian ammonoids from Iran (چکیده)
3550 - Effects of shielding the radiosensitive superficial organs of ORNL pediatric phantoms on dose reduction in computed tomography (چکیده)
3551 - Thermoelastic damping in a nonlocal nano-beam resonator as NEMS based on the type III of Green–Naghdi theory (with energy dissipation) (چکیده)
3552 - بهبود عملکرد قارچ دکمه‌ای سفید با استفاده از روش گزینش تک‌اسپوری به کمک نشانگر AFLP (چکیده)
3553 - Interaction of SiO2 nanoparticles and seed prechilling on germination and early seedling growth of tall wheatgrass (Agropyron elongatum L.) (چکیده)
3554 - A Look at Oil Revenues Effect on Agriculture Section in Iran (چکیده)
3555 - Analytical modeling of entropy generation for Casson nano-fluid flow induced by a stretching surface (چکیده)
3556 - Modeling allocation pattern in vulnerable systems as a capacitated clustering problem (چکیده)
3557 - Comparative phytotoxicity of ZnO nanoparticles, ZnO microparticles, and Zn2C on rapeseed (Brassica napus L.): investigating a wide range of concentrations (چکیده)
3558 - Theoretical evaluation of the geometric structure, stability and spectroscopic properties of mixed cobalt-rhodium tetranuclear carbonyl clusters of Co2Rh2(CO)10L2 (L=P(OMe)3 and PF3) (چکیده)
3559 - Design, synthesis and structural characterizations of new mercury (II) complexes containing carboxamide ligand based on thiazole ring (چکیده)
3560 - Computational Studies on the Polymorphism of Thiazole Carboxamide Compound (چکیده)
3561 - Computational Study on a New Heterocyclic Compound: Structural and Electronic Properties (چکیده)
3562 - Effects of autologous keratinocyte cell spray with and without Chitosan on 3rd degree burn healing; Animal experiment (چکیده)
3563 - Gruss inequality for some types of positive linear maps (چکیده)
3564 - Vibrational assignments and proton tunneling studies of pyrimidine-pyrimidinium complex (چکیده)
3565 - A New Iterative Method for Finding Approximate Inverses of Complex Matrices (چکیده)
3566 - Morphology and micromorphology of the genus Fraxinus L. in Iran (چکیده)
3567 - Rosa freitagii Ziel. (Rosaceae), a new record for the flora of Iran (چکیده)
3568 - Spectroscopic studies on tungstoheteropolyanions functionalized by amino acids (چکیده)
3569 - Low Mach number slip flow through diverging microchannel (چکیده)
3570 - Rationalization of noncovalent interactions within six new MII/8-aminoquinoline supramolecular complexes (MII = Mn, Cu, and Cd): A combined experimental and theoretical DFT study (چکیده)
3571 - Development and validation of a questionnaire on EFL teachers’ attitudes towards classroom observation (چکیده)
3572 - Numerical solution of time-dependent diffusion equations with nonlocal boundary conditions via a fast matrix approach (چکیده)
3573 - Numerical solution of weakly singular Fredholm integral equations via generalization of the Euler–Maclaurin summation formula (چکیده)
3574 - Convergence analysis of Bernoulli matrix aproach for one-dimensional matrix hyperbolic equations of the first order (چکیده)
3575 - Membrane Organization and Cell Fusion During Mating in Fission Yeast Requires Multipass Membrane Protein Prm1 (چکیده)
3576 - A Review of the Distributed Methods for Large-Scale Social Network Analysis (چکیده)
3577 - Investigation of Theory of Mind in ADHD and Normal Children and i ts Relationship with Response Inhibition (چکیده)
3578 - Numerical simulation of a flat electroosmotic driven flow in the presence of a charged mid-plate (چکیده)
3579 - The effect of in ovo injection of grape seed extract and vitamin C on hatchability, antioxidant activity, yolk sac weight, performance and ileal micro flora of broiler chickens (چکیده)
3580 - Secondary Structure Effects on the Acidity of Histidine and Lysine-Based Peptides Model; A Theoretical Study (چکیده)
3581 - Evaluating effect of downscaling methods; change-factor and LARS-WG on surface runoff (A case study of Azam-Harat River basin, Iran) (چکیده)
3582 - Bayesian prediction of order statistics with fixed and random sample sizes based on k-record values from Pareto distribution‎ (چکیده)
3583 - Identification of Anti-microbial Producing Enterococci Isolated from Iranian Raw Milk Cheeses Using Polyphasic Approach (چکیده)
3584 - Novel grid voltage estimation by means of the Newton–Raphson optimisation for three-phase grid connected voltage source converters (چکیده)
3585 - Application of smart collocation method for solving strongly nonlinear boundary value ordinary differential equations (چکیده)
3586 - Solving nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equation by using Legendre polynomial approximations (چکیده)
3587 - Mixture data-driven Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model (چکیده)
3588 - Effects of Turmeric Rhizome Powder and Oil Sources on Performance, Immune System and Bone Characteristics in Pre and Post Heat Stressed Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
3589 - Size-Dependent Flexural Wave Propagation and Free Vibration of Functionally Graded Rayleigh's Micro- Beams Based on the Modified Couple Stress Theory (چکیده)
3590 - Properties of two-dimensional resonant reflectors with zero-contrast gratings (چکیده)
3591 - Structural geometrical nonlinear analysis by displacement increment (چکیده)
3592 - Damage identification of 2D and 3D trusses by using complete and incomplete noisy measurements (چکیده)
3593 - Crack detection in concrete gravity dams by using new cracked element and genetic algorithm (چکیده)
3594 - Numerical study of liquid flow and heat transfer in rectangular microchannel with longitudinal vortex generators (چکیده)
3595 - The motivational basis of cognitive determinants of addictive behaviors (چکیده)
3596 - A new solvated complex of the uranyl ion (UO22+) with 8-hydroxyquinoline (چکیده)
3597 - A robust triangular membrane element (چکیده)
3598 - Rarefied gas flow behavior in micro/nanochannels under specified wall heat flux (چکیده)
3599 - Can Naphthalene Exposure Stress Alter Brain Biogenic Amine Levels Before and during Vitellogenesis in Liza klunzingeri Fish? (چکیده)
3600 - In vitro Rumen Fermentation and Gas Production: Influence of Different by-productFeedstuffs (چکیده)
3601 - Evaluation of Raw Bitter Vetch (Vicia Ervilia) Nutritive Value Using Chemical Composition, in Sacco and in Vitro Techniques in Ruminant (چکیده)
3602 - Removal of chromium [Cr(VI)] from contaminated solutions by using biogenic ferrous iron in bioreduced minerals (چکیده)
3603 - A new family of distributions: the Kumaraswamy odd log-logistic, properties and applications (چکیده)
3604 - Synthesis of the new heterocyclic system 7,8-dihydro-6H-benzotetrazolothiadiazine and derivatives (چکیده)
3605 - A New Method to Improve Directivity Bandwidth of Directiional Coupler (چکیده)
3606 - Electronically Switchable Microwave Bandpass Filter With Wide Stopband Using Parallel Loaded Stepped-Impedance Resonators (چکیده)
3607 - Non- equilibrium numerical simulation to investigate the thermal contact resistance effect on the adsorption chiller performance (چکیده)
3608 - Analysis of Coverage Region for MIMO Relay Network with Multiple Cooperative DF-Relays (چکیده)
3609 - تاثیر عوامل غیرزنده روی بیماریزایی نماتود های بیمارگر حشرات روی مینوز گوجه فرنگی Tuta absouleta (چکیده)
3610 - Phenological response of milk thistle (Silybum marianum [L.] Gaertn.) to different nutrition systems (چکیده)
3611 - A Fast, Robust, Automatic Blink Detector (چکیده)
3612 - Two new thiophosphoramide structures: N,N',N"-tricyclohexylphosphorothioic triamide and O,O'-diethyl (2-phenylhydrazin-1-yl)thiophosphonate (چکیده)
3613 - Effect of partition coefficient on microsegregation during solidification of aluminium alloys (چکیده)
3614 - Optimization of photocatalytic degradation of naphthalene using nano-TiO2/UV system: statistical analysis by a response surface methodology (چکیده)
3615 - A Species-Level of Morphological and Nut Micromorphology Study of the Cyperus Complex (Cyperaceae) in Northeast of Iran (چکیده)
3616 - Ecological risk of heavy metal hotspots in topsoils in the Province of Golestan, Iran (چکیده)
3617 - Antifungal potential of mangrove extracts against Aspergillus flavus and Penicillium italicum (چکیده)
3618 - Conformation, molecular structure, and vibrational assignment of bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethylheptane-3,5-dionato)copper(II) (چکیده)