Busqueret, Volume (1), No (3), Year (2015-10) , Pages (99-109)

Title : ( Big Five Personality Model and Organizational Citizenship Behavior )

Authors: Seyed Morteza Azimzadeh , Nasser Bai ,

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The objective of this research was to determine the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and the personality of experts working in sport organization of Tehran’s Municipality. Research method was descriptive and of correlation type. We used a sample of 75 individuals and data were gathered through a demographic, OCB (α=0.75) and personality, big five model, (α=0.71) questionnaire. For data analysis, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics (Person’s correlation coefficient, Spearman and Point-by-Serial, two-variable and multi-variable regressions) and SPSS13 software were used. Out of 75 samples, 57.3% were men and 42.7% were women. Most of the experts (54.7%) were young and between 25 and 30 years old and 68% had 1-3 years of record of service. Between OCB and personality, a positive and meaningful relationship was achieved (p<0.05). But the results of two-variable regression indicated that personality did not predict the variance of OCB. Out of the five dimensions of personality, only “openness to experience” and “conscientiousness” dimensions showed a positive and meaningful relationship with OCB (p<0.05) and “openness to experience” dimension explained about 9% of OCB variance. The findings also pointed out that there was no meaningful relationship between OCB and balancing variables (age, record of service and gender).


, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Personality, Big Five
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