FIUSU Conference 25th Universide , 2009-07-02

Title : ( Physical activity and healthy quality of live in students )

Authors: Mahdi Talebpour ,

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Living in modern industrial societies with advanced scientific facilities resulted in many physical and psychological problems for human being .Nowadays, these problems influence on people s social activities and finally lead to social problems in future that delay its development. Recently researchers found 4 main factors which have important role in precocious mortality (lifestyle% 58.5, environment %21.8, human biology %16.4, health care system % 9.8).So, most mortality is the result of unhealthy lifestyle .Consequently, by modifying inactive lifestyle, people can postpone or even prevent many physical and mental problems in future i.e. by this way many risk factors can be controlled. Researchers recommend for having a healthy living people should be physically active, eat properly, manage stress, adopt good personal health habits, avoid destructive habits, adopt good safety practices, seek and follow appropriate medical advices. Young people, specially university students relative to other people , confront with specific problems like separating from family ,academic and economic problems , cultural differences when they departure to another city for studding , occupational problems and so on. Regarding to these problems, it seems students undertake many stresses .So, exploring helpful solutions for promoting life quality of the students is necessary. According to World Health Organization (WHO) records one s idea is defined by his life conditions regarding to the culture, values system which he lives and its relation to his aims, expectations, standards and priorities. Different dimensions of life quality related to health including poor physical activities, physical and psychological problems, vivacity, pain, mental health, social performance and general health. Most researchers agree that one s life quality have 3 characteristics :a) multidimensionality (intellectual ,social , emotional , physical , spiritual, health),b)mentality (persons view about his health conditions that has more influence on his life quality that his objective evaluation),c)dynamism(i.e. it changes with time passing and depends on persons environment changes). Lokeakre et al. (2006), Brown et al.(2004)found that active people have better values in life quality elements relative to inactive people. In this study we tried to show that if there is relationship between student s physical activities, sport participation and their life quality related to health. More than 1000 students of different Iranian universities with different fields were participated in this study and filled SF 36 questionnaire. The results shown that most of life quality elements correlate significantly with active life of university students.


, Life style, physical activity, healthy
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