World Applied Sciences Journal, ( ISI ), Volume (7), No (5), Year (2009-11) , Pages (632-636)

Title : ( Separation of Sugar from Molasses by Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration )

Authors: Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi , M. Tousi Moghadam ,

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Molasses, the main material of this project was diluted and processed, according to the type of the used ultra and nano membranes (UF10kDa, UF5kDa, N30F). Permeate flux was determined at different times for membranes and steady time was registered. By changing transmembrane pressure, permeate flux, which is dependent on the pressure, was registered. Final permeate flux was registered in each transmembrane pressure and for each membrane and the results were compared finally. The comparison was completed by the rejection calculation for three membranes. The results show that both the ultra and nano membranes have clarified the permeate solution but the rejection for N30F membrane was the greatest, around 0.8 and after that UF5kDa membrane had higher rejection than UF10kDa membrane. For N30F membrane, Brix, viscosity and sucrose concentration in permeate flow decreased. So by evaluating used membranes on separation of sugar from molasses, it was resulted that N30F membrane has been more appropriate.


Molasses; Ultrafiltration; Nanofiltration; Membrane;
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