International Journal of Sport Studies, Volume (3), No (9), Year (2013-11) , Pages (992-998)

Title : ( The effect of attentional focus type on performing of a motor task on elderlies )

Authors: Homa Pouradeli , Alireza Saberi Kakhki , Mahshid Zarezade ,

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According to researches on young adults,the external focus of attention(the effect of movement in environment) leads to a more effective motor learning and more automation in movements control rather than internal focus of attention. The purpose of this study wasto compare between the effect of the externalattention focus instructions and internalattention focus ones on performing a motor skill (dart throwing) in elderlies.30 elderlies, seat at elderlies’ sanitarium between 60-85 years old were participated in research as samples. Beyond these people, two refuse to continue andtwenty-eight people finished the processes. After taking the pre-test, theywere divided in two random groups as internal focus of attention group and external focus of attention group. The participants of each group were received the related instructions and each one had 60 throws that is consumed as their operation. Then theywereparticipated in retention and transfertests, two days later. Each retention and transferphase included 12 throws for each participant. Dartboard was a standard board from bristle material and six darts with standard size were used in this study. Score recording papers were filled for each person individually.The results showed noticeable better performance for the external attentionfocusgroup in the efforts for exercise and the stages for retention and transfer than internal attentionfocus groupp>0.05). The results indicate the advantage of externalattention focus instructions in comparison with the internalattention focus for elderlies, while they are doing a motor skill.


, attentianal focus, performance, learning, motor task,
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