Journal of Industrial Distribution and Business, Volume (4), No (2), Year (2013-11) , Pages (5-11)

Title : ( Reforming Accounting Education Content to Fulfill Business Environment Needs )

Authors: Mahdi Salehi , Farzaneh Nassir Zadeh , رستمی ,

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Purpose - Considering the importance of education as the base for countries’ development, the results of various studies show that accounting education is not reconciled to business environment changes with huge defects in methods of education and knowledge transition. Research design, data, and methodology – By reviewing current research and considering the effect of 12 factors, the study traces and detects why accounting education is far from the business environment from viewpoints of academic and practitioner bodies. After testing for validity and reliability, 225 questionnaires were administrated among representatives of three groups. Results - Respondents were not satisfied with lack of specification of various scientific areas of accounting, that less attention is paid to accounting software education, and about the rarity of workshops for performing accounting skills and discordance between accounting education and standard rules. Conclusion - These findings agreed with Albrecht and Sack (2001) who stated that the current style of accounting education is very cluttered and incomplete and needs major adjustments: subjects of accounting education must be based on the grounds of work needs not on willing academics.


, Education Content, Education Ways, Education Topic, Business Environment Needs, Expertise
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