Polskie Archiwum Medycyny Wewnetrznej, Volume (126), No (12), Year (2016-12) , Pages (1017-1018)

Title : ( Is retraction sufficient for medical papers )

Authors: Mehdi Dadkhah , Mohammad Lagzian , Glenn Borchardt ,

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Retraction is the term used to indicate published papers that have serious flaws in terms of being trustworthy, reliable, and correct. In other words, papers that do not present valid findings generally will be retracted to prevent the spread of erroneous conclusions and wasted effort. Retraction is not a punishment for authors. Its main goal is to inform others about mistakes in published papers. In recent years, the number of paper retractions has grown due to the lowering of barriers for publishing flawed papers.According to the Committee on Publication Ethics, papers that have one invalid and unreliable finding, cases of redundant publication, contain plagiarism, or do not respect ethical issues should be retracted.


, Retraction, Publication Ethics,
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