Title : Fuzzy Statistical Decision-Making Theory and Applications

Bahram Sadeghpour Gildeh (نویسنده اصلی), عباس پرچمی(نویسنده اصلی) , ماشاالله ماشین چی(نویسنده اصلی) , سید محمود طاهری(نویسنده اصلی) ,
Book type: تالیف
Publish No: اول
Publishe Date: 2016-10-17

In this paper, on the basis of Zadeh’s probability measure of fuzzy events, the p-value concept is generalized for testing fuzzy hypotheses. We prove that the introduced p-value has uniform distribution over (0, 1) when the null fuzzy hypothesis is true. Then, based on such a p-value, a procedure is illustrated to test various types of fuzzy hypotheses. Several applied examples are given to show the performance of the method.

Fuzzy statistics Testing hypothesis Fuzzy hypothesis p-value, Fuzzy statistics Testing hypothesis Fuzzy hypothesis p-value