Title : English Textbook for students Economics

Mahmood Hoshmand (نویسنده اصلی), دکتر الهام یزدان مهر(نویسنده اصلی) ,
Book type: تالیف
Publish No: اول
Publishe Date: 2018-11-22

The current textbook was designed to teach the General English course for students of Economics at B.S. level of university. The design especially the size of the whole volume enjoys a realistic outlook as the number of units and their length pretty much corresponds to the credits allocated to this course throughout a semester. The present authors avoided the presentation of lengthy boring reading passages and instead added to the number of exercises that follow each text. The units follow a logical order of presentation in content beginning from an overall introduction to the realm of economics and ending in the global economic prospects. Each of the twelve units covered in this book opens with the pre-reading vocabulary which contains the key words along with the simplest English synonyms. Next, the reading passage is presented followed by two sections of reading comprehension exercises which again avoids the time-consuming full-answer format. The vocabulary exercises follow which practically test students’ understanding of the key terms in the passage. The collocation exercise is an advantage exclusive to the present course- book which distinguishes it from other similar counterparts in the market. Grammar is not to be taught explicitly and the teacher is required to teach any necessary grammatical point while teaching the reading or sample sentences in the exercises. Each unit ends with a translation exercise which is matched with the students’ need to become independent in their later studies on economic issues. These are recommended to be done as home assignment to be later on published in class. The other advantage of the present book is the glossary included at the end of the book which covers all the key vocabulary of the overall twelve units in an alphabetical order along with a simple Persian equivalent. The aim has been to ensure students of their understanding of the meanings of the words throughout the book. All attempts have been made in the design of this book to prepare it in an economical (void of any redundancy) and interesting way. Reader-friendliness has been another goal we hope the text can achieve. As this is the first edition of this volume, we hope to be soon enlightened by the practical feedback we receive when it is actually taught in the target context. Prospective editions will certainly be more satisfying.

English language, Readers, Economics, English language, Readers, Economics