Outlooks on Pest Management, Volume (16), No (2), Year (2005-4) , Pages (52-55)

Title : The importance of microorganisms in organic agriculture. ( The importance of microorganisms in organic agriculture )

Authors: Zarb J , Reza Ghorbani , Alireza Koocheki , Leifert C ,

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While conventional agriculture relies on synthetic fertiliser, chemical pesticides or other technological inputs for crop production, organic agriculture aims to make optimal use of the natural capital of the soil and its microbial population through methods such as the selection of indigenous crop varieties, and the production of crops appropriate to soil conditions. A number of different soil microorganisms are involved in these processes. Many show potential biocontrol activities against weeds, crop diseases and pests, while Rhizobacteria and mycorrhizal species can play an important role in sustainable fertility management. Microorganisms are currently being used as a replacement for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers for many different crops.


, Antagonists, Biodiversity, Compost, Mycorrhiza, Rhizobium
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