International Journal of Horticultural Science, Volume (14), No (2), Year (2008-6) , Pages (65-78)

Title : ( Results of experimental storage of sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) fruit )

Authors: - Soltész M., , - ., Szabó T. , - , Nyéki J., , Gholam Hossein Davarynejad , - , Aryanpooya, Z., , - Szabó Z ,

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In utilisation of sour cherry varieties, the paradigm has gradually changed in the sense that fresh consumption gained much more attention than before on a worldwide scale. Consequently, much more attention is paid to the problems connected with the storage, i.e. preservation of fresh fruit for direct consumption. It is a genuine interest of growers, traders as well as of consumers to be informed about the possibilities of preserving economically the fresh status for a longer period after harvest during the warm summer weather in addition to the lengthening of the harvest season by choosing varieties of different dates of ripening. Recent results of purposeful experiments indicate that the storability of the fruit of 6 main Hungarian sour cherry varieties is on the same level (’Érdi bőtermő’, ’Debreceni bőtermő’, ’Újfehértói fürtös’, ’Kántorjánosi’, ’Éva’, ’Petri’). The traditional conditions facilitated the maintenance of freshness over a 5-week-long period, and the loss of volume was less than 7 %. During the first 2 weeks, there was no difference between the varieties regarding loss of volume and decay, moreover, the effect of time elapsed after harvest and of adversities of transport was not significant. It could be stated that 2 week of storing is safely feasible. We need only 2 0 C temperature and 90


, sour cherry, storability, shelf life, modified atmosphere packing
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