Journal of Mathematical Physics, ( ISI ), No (49), Year (2008-2) , Pages (335191-335198)

Title : ( Perturbation of the Wigner equation in inner product C*-modules )

Authors: Jacek Chmieliński , Dijana Ilišević , Mohammad Sal Moslehian , Ghadir Sadeghi ,

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Let A be a C*-algebra and B be a von Neumann algebra that both act on a Hilbert space H. Let M and N be inner product modules over A and B, respectively. Under certain assumptions, we show that for each mapping f :M→N satisfying fx , fy−x, y x, y x, yM, where  is a control function, there exists a solution I :M→N of the Wigner equation Ix , Iy=x, y x, y M such that fx−Ixx,x xM.


, perturbation, Wigner equation, inner product C*-modules, stability of functional equations.
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