Comparative Clinical Pathology, ( ISI ), Volume (17), No (4), Year (2008-10) , Pages (271-273)

Title : ( Atypical bovine lymphosarcoma in a Holstein cow )

Authors: Ahmad Reza Movassaghi , Hesam A Seifi ,

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A 5-year-old Holstein cow presented with the clinical signs of heart failure. A complete blood cell count showed moderate lymphocytosis. The necropsy indicated replacement of normal myocardium by firm scirrhous tissue. Some affected areas in the endocardial surface showed irregular nodular appearance. Histological examination revealed dense sheets of lymphocytic and lymphoblastic neoplastic cells resulting in the complete obliteration of the normal architecture of the heart. The final diagnosis was intermediate-grade lymphosarcoma


Lymphosarcoma . Cow. Heart failure
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