International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Volume (4), No (1), Year (2008-1) , Pages (13-21)

Title : ( The implementation of fog water collection systems in Northeast of Iran )

Authors: Mohammad Mousavi Baygi ,

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Asia may very well be one of the most beautiful places in the world, but after you get underneath all the beauty there is a sense of pain. Asia is home to many thirsty and starving men, women and children. A shocking 55.3 percent of the population of Southeast Asia doesnt even have the ability to drink safe water. Since 2004, a research has been carried out on the collection of water from fog in Khorassan - northeast of Iran. The study is the evaluation of the possibility of obtaining water for different uses of the local population (domestic, agricultural, cattle rising and forestry), by means of fog collectors. The instruments used during this study were fog collectors of different sizes and shapes, meteorological instruments and visual measurements of the fog. The experiments indicated fog water collection holds considerable potential as an alternative water source in the mountainous area. It is feasible to obtain an average water production of 0.53 l m-2 day-1. The maximum amount of water collected in a day was 3.3 lm-2 day-1.The numbers and size of the modules chosen will depend on local topography and the quality of the materials used in the panels. According to the research of that multiple nylon mesh system can absorb and collect more water than a comparable plain system, we may build a complex structures machine that can collect more water. Alternatively, the collectors may be more complex structures, made up of a series of such collection panels joined together. The complete system can be easily built or assembled on site. Installation and connection of panels is quick and simple.


, Fog, Fog Collector, Water
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