International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, ( ISI ), Volume (48), No (48), Year (2008-11) , Pages (1387-1394)

Title : ( The prediction of cutting force for boring process )

Authors: Nima Zarif Yussefian , Behnam Moetakef Imani , H. El-Mounayri ,

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This article presents a methodology to predict the cutting force of boring process. The cutting force is represented by tangential Ft, thrust Fh and lateral Fl components. Cutting force is correlated to chip area and cutting edge contact length with mechanistic cutting force coefficients. B-spline parametric curves are used to model the process geometry. The chip load boundary is first modeled using analytical parametric curve intersection approach. The chip area is then segmented into elements for which feed and approach angle can be considered constant. A method to predict the effective chip flow angle on the rake face of the tool is proposed and verified over a wide range of cutting conditions. Elemental tangential and thrust components of the cutting force are evaluated using an orthogonal cutting database. These values are summed up along the cutting edge to obtain the resultant tangential and thrust components. The third component, Fl, is determined using the predicted value of the effective chip flow angle. To verify the proposed method, experimental tests have been conducted. Comparison between the predicted results and experimental observations confirms the validity of the proposed model within 10% deviation.


, Boring Cutting force B, spline Oblique cutting Chip flow angle
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