Iran-Us workshop on water resources management , 2008-08-07

Title : ( Overview of Issues in Agricultural Water Management in Iran )

Authors: Amin Alizadeh ,

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The simple productivity equation shows that in order in increase productivity we should decrease water application or increase the yield. A common perception is that irrigation waste tremendous amount of water in Iran. It is always said that if we could just be more efficient with irrigation, water would be made available for more agriculture to produce food. This perception may be true in one farm or more, but country wide it may not be true. Water productivity is the multiplication of water use efficiency and crop water productivity. Water use efficiency is also a combination of crop water efficiency which is a biological element and irrigation efficiency that is a physical factor. Therefore, the menu of options for improving water productivity is a combination of four different measures for increasing yield, these measures are: • Technical, such as land leveling for uniform distribution of water on land. • Institutional, such as establishing water user organization, reducing irrigation subsidies, and fostering rural infrastructure for private – sector dissemination of efficient appropriate technology. • Agronomic practices like; Crop varietals improvement and developing varieties that yield more mass per unit transpiration. Crop substitution and switching from a more to less water consuming crop. Intercropping to maximize use of soil moisture and selecting drought tolerant crops where water is scarce. • Managerial practices including better irrigation schedule, recycling drainage and tail water, and precision irrigation.


, Water, irrigation, productivity, effeciency, rainfed
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