Bulletin of Australian Mathematical Society, ( ISI ), Year (2008-12) , Pages (1-17)

Title : ( Skew product dynamical systems, Ellis groups and topological centre )

Authors: Ali Jabbari shahzadehmohammadi , Hamid Reza Ebrahimi Vishki ,

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In this paper, a general construction of a skew product dynamical system, for which the skew product dynamical system studied by Hahn is a special case, is given. Then the ergodic and topological properties (of a special type) of our newly defined systems (called Milnes type systems) are investigated. It is shown that the Milnes type systems are actually natural extensions of dynamical systems corresponding to some special distal functions. Finally, the topological centre of the Ellis group of any skew product dynamical system is calculated.


, flow, minimal flow, distal flow, uniquely ergodic flow, Ellis group, compact right topological group, topological centre
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