Urban Transport XIII :Urban transport and the environment in the 21 St Century , 2007-09-12

Title : ( Bus Accessibiliy planning in Iran )

Authors: Mohammad Rahim Rahnama ,

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Accessibility planning because of integrating both land use and transportation system have a significant role in the process of urban planning and design .It s significance proposed since 1950s especially after the war among Israeli and Arab nations in1970 decade, that caused increasing in oil price and criticizing of auto city urban design pattern .This pattern Led to separation of living and working location and urban sprawl and highly use of car for work trips, more use of the fuel and finally air ,noise and environment pollution. One of the important methods for overcoming this problem is accessibility planning. “Accessibility means reducing distance between location of home and work” or “easy to reach to destination”. The purpose of the research was the investigating inequitable distribution of the bus accessibility index. For reaching to this purpose Hanson’s reformed model was implemented that based on population, employment and distance variables between local boundaries (12 zones) of Mashhad city. For calculating the distance between zones bus routes was used by using geographical information system (GIS). The result of this research showed that dominant transportation system is car usage (27.8% total trips), public transportation (bus usage) by 24% total of trips standing in the second stage. This city does not any rail routes (monorail or metro).Also result of this measuring showed that accessibility value oriented from northeast to southeast, i.e. toward the new zones of city development plan. Finally, Calculation shows that the direct accessibility to the bus is 88% of area and 86% of population (equivalent to 25.49 Sq km and 342987 people). Therefore, Appling of accessibility planning method is necessary for construction of new bus routes or changing of present bus routes for citizen (deprived areas are shown on map of Mashhad


, Bus, Accessibiliy, planning,
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