Water resource Managemen , 2008-09-08

Title : ( Dynamical assessment of fog harwesting based on fractal theory )

Authors: Mohammad Mousavi Baygi , Mohammad Sadegh Ghazanfari Moghaddam , Mahyar Naseri Moghaddam ,

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The limitation of water sources in most places all over the world, especially in arid and semi-arid lands is an important Issue for those who live in these areas. Many governments have dedicated their efforts toward finding new water resources to obtain water. Fog and cap clouds harvesting are one of the candidate methods to produce pure water. Many countries including Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Canada, Namibia and Nepal Have yet invested on fog harvesting. On the other hand, no significant calculation studies have been yet carried out on quantifying fog harvesting. In this work, we examined the Physical and dynamic relationship between cloud physics and atmosphere humidity; factors such as distribution of particle amounts, collection efficiency, water including base cloud and vapour flux were all considered. We also presented a new method to estimate fog harvesting, based on fractal theory and concerning the characteristics of collecting devices. Finally, we successfully evaluated the theories for fractal dimension of particle distribution, using the real data of fog harvesting. The incremental fractal dimension reliability was found to be 83% acceptable


, Fog, fractal theory, Cap cloud, Fog harvesting, Water resources
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