ICECS 2008 , 2008-08-31

Title : ( A Low-Voltage Low-Noise Superharmonic Quadrature Oscillator )

Authors: Sasan Naseh , Malihe Zarre Dooghabadi , Mohammad Jamal Deen ,

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A qualitative analysis of the large-signal operation of cross-connected LC oscillators at steady state is presented. It provides a physically understandable picture of the amplitude stabilization in these oscillators. Based on the insights gained from the mechanism of operation, a new low-noise, low-voltage (Vdd as low as 0.6 V) quadrature oscillator utilizing the superharmonic coupling is proposed and verified with simulation. The same coupling scheme can be extended to multiphase signal generation.


, Low-noise, low-voltage, quadrature oscillators, multiphase oscillators, superharmonic coupling, negative resistance oscillators, describing functions
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