International Journal of Radiation Research, Volume (4), No (4), Year (2007-8) , Pages (183-186)

Title : ( The effect of source shield on landmine detection )

Authors: D. Rezaei Ochbelagh , Seyyed Hashem Miri Hakimabad , Reza Izadi Najafabadi ,

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Background: Several landmine detection methods, based on nuclear techniques, have been suggested during the recent years. Neutron energy moderation, neutron-induced gamma emission, neutron and gamma attenuation, and fast neutron backscattering are nuclear-based methods used for landmine detection. The aim of this study is to use backscattered neutron for landmine detection. Materials and Methods: MCNP code, a well-known Monte Carlo particle-transport code, was theoretically used for backscattered neutron counts. An Am-Be neutron source and a single thermal neutron detector were experimentally applied to detect the buried sample. Results: The experimental results obtained in this way have been in good agreement with the theoretical results obtained by MCNP. Therefore, the shield of neutron source plays an important role on landmine detection. Conclusion: Hydrogenous material such as polyethylene and boric acid can be used as suitable shields. They can increase neutron counts in detector and facilitate detection process.


, Landmine, Am-Be source, MCNP code, BF3 detector, polyethylene,
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