Journal of Molecular Liquids, ( ISI ), Volume (113), Year (2004-8) , Pages (125-132)

Title : ( Estimation of solubility parameter using equations of state )

Authors: Elaheh Kafshdare Goharshadi , - - ,

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Starting from the definition of cohesive energy d. and the soly. parameter, the latter can be estd. using equations of state. We have used the linear isotherm regularity (LIR), Ihm-Song-Mason (ISM), and Peng-Robinson (PR) equations of state to predict the soly. parameter. The soly. parameter of various liqs. has been computed at different temps. and pressures and compared with the exptl. values. We have generated the exptl. values of soly. parameter using the relation between internal pressure and soly. parameter, the latter is the root of former. The equation of state character of the approach permits us the computation of soly. parameters over extended ranges of temps. and pressures.


, Solubility parameter, Choesive energy density, Liquids; Equation of state
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