Iranian Journal of Biotechnology, ( ISI ), Year (2007-10)

Title : ( biosafety issues in biotechnology and engineering of microorganisms )

Authors: Mansour Mashreghi ,

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Nowadays more debate and attention has been concerned to using or not using genetically modified plants or animals. But, what about microorganisms, we all aware of the place of microorganisms in the circle of life, their abundance and diversity. There are many examples for application of genetically engineered microorganisms (GEMs) however, like other higher creatures, any modification in natural properties of microorganisms has to be justified and follow certain roles and orders. Proposal of construction of “Iranian Genetically Engineered Microorganisms Bank” is another way of preventing unlimited manipulation on microorganisms. Also establishing “Iran Microbe Zoo” will help government and environmental protection organization to bring up the public knowledge and understanding about the role of microorganisms and important of their protection.


, genetically engineered microorganisms, microbial release, risk assessment, monitoring
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