Journal of Statistical Research, Volume (42), No (1), Year (2008-4) , Pages (75-83)

Title : ( A note on double K-class estimators under elliptical symmetry )

Authors: Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabaey Mashhadi , Mohammad Arashi ,

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in this paper estimation of the regression vector parameter in the multiple regression model y=Xbeta+e is considered, when the error term belongs to the class of elliptically contoured distribution (ECD) say, e~EC(mu,sigma^2V,psi) where sigma^2 is unknown and V is a symmetric p.d. known matrix with the characteristic generator psi. It is well-known that UMVU estimator of beta has the form (X\\\\\\\'V^{-1}X)^{-1}X\\\\\\\'V^{-1}y. In this paper using integral sereis representation of ECDs, the dominance condition of the double k-class estimators over UMVUE have been derived under weighted quadratic loss function.


, Double k-class, Elliptically contoured distributions, Inverse Laplace transform, Wight function, Quadratic loss function.
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