economic issues , 2009-03-26

Title : ( Economic consequences of obesity )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Lotfalipour ,

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ABSTRACT Obesity is a new characteristic of all societies, developed or underdeveloped countries. It is obvious that the recent new lives are with the minimum of movement and activities. It is due to the innovation in technology and its results in the world. Every day people do less than the previous people, but they utilize more than the last generation. It consequently privilege a new modern type life, is called sedentary life. At the same time some factors are important in this regard. Education, race, sex, age the type of work and … affects on the obesity. In return obesity effects on the macro and micro problems. Some time we face with the reduction of GNP, and the level of productivity of the economy, at the same time it affects on the quality life of individuals. In this paper we compare the economic results of obesity in two countries, Iran and Australia.


, Obesity, productivity, Obesity, food prices, diet cost, economics
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