10th INPE Conference, Malta , 2006-08-03

Title : ( Democratic Educational Philosophy in the Islamic Republic of Iran )

Authors: Tahereh Javidi Kalateh Jafarabadi ,

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This paper analyses the relationship between democracy and education in Iran. Therefore, the major purpose of this study is to articulate foundations and principles of democratic education in Iran by using an analytical framework based on three democratic models, deliberative, communitarian and liberal. This purpose is what prompted the question forming the foundation of this study: Is there any differences between democracy in the I. R. of Iran and liberal democracy? To answer this question, the three substantial models of democracy served to conduct the comparison and analysis. This research has been done through descriptive-analytic method. So the following hierarchical steps had been considered: (1) Collecting the related data including the foundations of the anthropology of the advocates of democratic education among western philosophers and compare their point of view. (2) Analysis of the constitution of I. R. of Iran and compare it with the western philosophers perspectives. (3) Formulating principles of democratic education in the I. R. of Iran. (4) Discussing implications of the principles for the secondary level curriculum. Therefore, the methodology was dependent on analysis of literature, in the field of democracy and education and numerous authors on curriculum. This research offers an alternative democratic model after setting out the terms of the debate. The new democratic model identified as \"Deliberative- religious based Democracy\". Then, a significant difference between the principles of deliberative- religious based democracy and liberal democracy has been articulated. The new model of democracy put emphasize on individual, society and religion, at the same time. In other words, in the deliberative - religious based democracy, it is argued that the educational purposes should help individuals fully develop their potentialities. Since personal development can not be detached from his own cultural context, educative act should therefore begin with the reflect individuality and cultural and religious particularities. The concentration of individual particularities does not lead to the exclusion of social and religious parameters. This research concludes by suggesting \"negotiated curriculum\" to promote democratic ideals in the I.R. of Iran. The curriculum, based on the principles of the democratic education will consider the dignity of the human being as a central factor and a collaborative and participative approach to teaching and learning in schools


, Democratic Education, Socio-Political
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