Nordic Journal of Botany, Volume (26), Year (2008-1) , Pages (10-20)

Title : ( A key and four new species of Hedysarum (Fabaceae) in Iran )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Joharchi ,

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A key, descriptions and new findings are given for some species from of the short-stemmed group Hedysarum sect. Multicaulia, which occur within the area covered by the flora of the north-eastern part of Iran (Khorassan Province). They have short stem, becoming woody at base, standard as long as keel and pods, glabrous or densely covered with grey appressed hairs. In addition, H. longepedunculatum, H. bojnordense, H. paucifoliolatum and H. glabrifoliolatum are described and illustrated as new species. The relationships between the new species and their closest relatives are discussed. Hedysarum fallacinum Rech. f. & Aellen is reduced to a synonym of H. kopetdaghi Boriss. on the basis of their common characters such as arrangement of branches and flowers, shape of leaflet and size of calyx and corolla.


, Hedysarum , new species , Iran
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