Applied Mathematics and Computation, ( ISI ), Year (2005-6)

Title : ( Measure theoretical approach for optimal shape design of a nozzel )

Authors: Mohammad Hadi Farahi , - - , - - , Ali Vahidian Kamyad ,

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Abstract. In this paper we present a new method for designing a nozzle. In fact the problem is to find the optimal domain for the solution of a linear or nonlinear boundary value PDE, where the boundary condition is defined over an unspecified domain. By an embedding process, the problem is first transformed to a new shape-measure problem, and then this new problem is replaced by another in which we seek to minimize a linear form over a subset of linear equalities. This minimization is global, and the theory allows us to develop a computational method to find the solution by a finite-dimensional linear programming problem. AMS Mathematics Subject Classification : 49M30, 49Q10, 93C95. .


, Key words and phrases : Optimal shape, nozzle problem, optimal control, approximation theory, measure theory, linear programming
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