Comparative Clinical Pathology, ( ISI ), Volume (18), No (2), Year (2009-5) , Pages (207-208)

Title : ( An unusual cutaneous fibroma in a heifer )

Authors: Ahmad Reza Movassaghi , Gholam Reza Mohammadi ,

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Abstract Fibromas and fibrosarcomas are uncommon neoplasms in large animals and arise from dermal or subcutaneous fibroblasts. A 22-month-old freemartin Holstein heifer was presented to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The animal had a large subcutaneous mass measuring 32× 45 cm at the level of left pectoral region. Histopathological examination revealed mature fusiform fibrocytes with oval normochromatic nuclei and abundant collagen arranged in whorls. Based on histopathological findings and special staining, the tumor was diagnosed as cutaneous fibroma.


Fibroma . Cutaneous . Heifer
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