Mathematical Physics Analysis and Geometry, ( ISI ), No (12), Year (2009-4) , Pages (109-115)

Title : ( Ultraweak continuity of σ-derivations on von Neumann algebras )

Authors: Madjid Mirzavaziri , Mohammad Sal Moslehian ,

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Let σ be a surjective ultraweakly continuous ∗-linear mapping and d be a σ-derivation on a von Neumann algebra M. We show that there are a surjective ultraweakly continuous ∗-homomorphism  : M → M and a - derivation D : M → M such that D is ultraweakly continuous if and only if so is d. We use this fact to show that the σ-derivation d is automatically ultraweakly continuous. We also prove the converse in the sense that if σ is a linear mapping and d is an ultraweakly continuous ∗-σ-derivation on M, then there is an ultraweakly continuous linear mapping  : M → Msuch that d is a ∗--derivation.


, Derivation · ∗, homomorphism · ∗, IWnneaekr σ(o, dpeerriavtaotrio) nto·pvoolnogNyeumann algebra · Uσlt, rdaewrievaaktitoonp·ology
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