Indian Journal of Physics, ( ISI ), Volume (83), No (12), Year (2009-6) , Pages (1691-1698)

Title : ( momentum specra of identified hadrons in )

Authors: Mohammad Ebrahim Zomorrodian , Tooraj Ghaffary , Alireza Sepehri , Maryam Hasheminia ,

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Charged particle momentum distributions are studied in the reaction e+e- → hadrons, using data collected with the AMY detector at center of mass energy of 58 GeV. The measured distributions and derived quantities in combination with the corresponding results obtained at both lower and higher center of mass energies are compared to QCD predictions in theoretical approach to study the energy dependence of the strong interaction, and to test QCD as the theory describing it. To achieve this, the mean charged particle multiplicity, the charged particle momentum spectrum and its peak position are compared to predictions of the modified-leading logarithmic approximation. In general, good agreement is observed between the data and the above approximation in the regions where the model is expected to be valid. In addition the strong coupling constant is determined from a fit of the QCD prediction to distribution of the Feynman scaling. When we leave as a free parameter in the fit we obtain =0.115± 0.008.


, momentum spectra, charged particle multiplicity, QCD models
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