Computers and Fluids, ( ISI ), Volume (36), No (7), Year (2007-2) , Pages (1224-1234)

Title : ( Application of normalized flux in pressure-based algorithm )

Authors: Mohammad Hassan Djavareshkian , صغرا رضا زاده ,

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The paper describes an implementation of normalized flux diagram (NFD) scheme into a pressure-based implicit finite volume procedure to solve the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations on a nonorthogonal mesh with collocated finite volume formulation. The newly developed algorithm has two new features: (i) the use of the normalized flux and space formulation (NFSF) methodology to bound the convective fluxes and (ii) the use of a high-resolution scheme in calculating interface density values to enhance the shock-capturing property of the algorithm. The procedure incorporates the eddy-viscosity turbulence model. The algorithm is first tested for inviscid flows at different Mach numbers ranging from subsonic to supersonic on a bump in channel geometry and inside a planar convergent-divergent nozzle. The results have been compared with those using the same scheme in conjunction with primitive variable limiter (NVD). Also, there has been comparison between the results and predicted data using TVD scheme on the basis of characteristic variable. After these comparison, it was found that the limiter on flux, predicted a sharper shock and there was better boundedness here than limiter on primitive variables in coarse mesh. The method is then validated against experimental data for the case of turbulent transonic flow passing via a gas turbine rotor blade cascade for which wind-tunnel experimental data exist. Findings show a remarkable quality of resolution when NFD scheme is used.


, : High-Resolution Scheme, Normalized Flux Formulation, Pressure-Based
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