10th Asean Food Conference , 2007-08-21

Title : ( The effects of ultrasound on the stimulation barley seed and alpha-amylase )

Authors: Maryam Yaldagard , Sayed Ali Mortazavi , Farideh Tabatabaei yazdi ,

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Alpha amylase is one of the important enzymes found in barley grain which is activated in the malting stages. This enzyme, because of its stability against heat and specific ability in starch liquefying and formation it to simple sugars is very important in industry & medicine. Different methods including adding growth hormones and or genetic altering to increase the activity of this enzyme during the germination stages have been reported. In this study , the effects of ultrasound as emerging technology on germination stimulation, amount of activity before steeping grains in the dry state, by using on the ultrasonic generator in 20KHz operating frequency by considering the three effective factors, temperature and time in different intensity was investigated. About determining these effects the Enzymatic activates measured by DNS method due to determination of the reducing sugar equivalents released. The results of this assays analyzed by Qualitek4 software using Taguchi method to evaluate the factor’s effects on enzyme extraction yield and enzyme activity. Consequently the results of this analysis were increasing activity of this enzyme as result of the increasing germination rate in the sonicated of dry grains comparing to the blank.


, Keywords: Ultrasound, enzyme activity, stimulation, alpha-amylase, Taguchi method
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