Dialogue Among Civilizations, Year (2002-7)

Title : ( The Role of Islam in the Dialog of Civilizations )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Hashemi , Mohammad reza Javaheri ,

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Beginning with the discussion of the status and significance of Islam in establishing a world civilization during the Dark Ages of Europe, the writers argue that since the dilaogue among civilizations should be based on sound bases, it is of paramount significance to clarify these bases first. In this connection, three major intertwined characteristics of Islam, i.e. perfectness, timelessness, and universality, are drawn upon as bases of the dialogue. Moreover, the manners and means of dialogue in Islam are elaborated on through references to Quranic verses and to traditions of the Prophet and the Imams.


, Islamic Civilization, Islam & Western Civilization, the Crusades, Civilizational
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