Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, ( ISI ), Year (2009-8) , Pages (386-396)

Title : ( Culture and the processes of virtual teaming for training )

Authors: Mohamad Reza Ahanchian ,

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Virtual teamwork is a growing mode of operation within organisations through the growing sophistication and accessibility of computer mediated communication. Organisational success depends at least in part on effective training and as training programs adapt to new technology and organisational forms, it is important they take account of socio-cultural contexts. The purpose of this paper was to develop a new conceptual framework and propositions to assist understanding of a new training phenomenon. The approach used was the integration of related, but distinct literatures and development of arguments for the important role of cultural factors in virtual training teaming. We conclude that delivery of training through teamwork in virtual spaces is potentially effective. However, cultural differences are likely to be critical for the effectiveness, or otherwise, of such programs. Many organisations in the twenty-first century utilize global networks.


, Computer, mediated communication; Collaborative learning; Cross, cultural projects; Virtual Training
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