Russian Journal of Nematology, ( ISI ), Year (2009-12) , Pages (83-85)

Title : ( Entomopathogenic nematode ,Steinernema glaseri from Iran )

Authors: Javad Karimi , A.Kharazi-pakdel , T.Yoshiga , M.Koohi-habibi ,

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Entomopathogenic nematodes are suitable biocontrol agent for using in management programs of different pest especially soil-inhabiting pest.Polyphylla olivieri is a serious scarabaeid pest in different agroecosystems of Iran.In first step for studying biocontrol possibility of this white grub, a survey conducted in different sites of Tehran province during 2004-2006.Three strain of of Steinernema sp. and a number of Heterorhabditis were found as natural pathogen in larval populations of the white grub, Polyphylla olivieri. Morphological characters, molecular data, and cross hybridization tests on the this isolate support the contention that this nematode is Steinernema glaseri. Phenotypic characters and DNA sequence of its symbiotic bacterium confirmed this .


, Characterization , Steinernema glaseri , Xenorhabdus poinari , Molecular , ITS ,
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