Emerging urban trasformation multilayered cities and urban system , 2009-07-29

Title : ( Spatial Autocorrelation of urban facilities in city of Mashhad )

Authors: Mohammad Rahim Rahnama ,

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Nowadays, development of ungovernable cities is depended on dispersal of urban public facilities, appearance of new and varied requirements. Suitable and square distribution of public facilities in throughout city can be decrease problem of access in throughout city. Statistics are the most important of description tools and analysis of properties phenomena’s in favorite zone. The spatial patterns have three:1) Clustered 2)Dispersed 3)Random. You can focus on discipline of spatial unites of favorite zone in division of spatial patterns such as clustered, dispersed or random. Also you can measure similarity or dissimilarity of each twin of neighbor zone units and this purposes, this similarity will be showed for spatial patterns then Autocorrelation will be made. For access to these purposes, this research has been analyzed 51 urban areas of Mashhad by ARCGIS tool, Geo Da software, introduction of Moran’s I ,Gary, General statistics G ,LISA Indexes and public facilities spatial transmittal. Results of this research based on Moran’s I index are displayed spatial distribution of zones that have centralization of facilities are neighbor with each other. There upon spatial correlation of public facilities is positive. Also value of general statistic G, equal 0 and value of z equal 79.74.Clustered spatial patterns of points with high centralization in level 0.05 explanatory spaces with high access are neighbor each other. Value of Moran’s I coefficient receptacle two variable equals 0.08 gradient of regression line between density of population and number of public facilities in zones of Mashhad city is explained positive relation and weak between this tow indexes, and it is explained that zones with high facilities are lied beside of zones with high density of population. Although value of Moran’s I is little but almost is accepted this fact


, Spatial equity, urban public facility, accessibility, Autocorrelation,
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