16th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry , 2009-07-28

Title : ( Electrochemical hydride generation of Se (IV),Se (VI )

Authors: Mohammad Hossein Arbab Zavar , Glamhossein Ronagi , hossein vatani ,

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An electrolytic hydride generation technique was developed for determination of Selenium by atomic absorption spectrometry. A laboratory-made electrolytic cell with graphite as cathode and platinum as anode is designed as electrolytic generator of molecular hydride. The essential parameter such as electric current, carrier gas flow rate, cathode surface area and catholyte concentration have been optimized using univariate method and analytical performance of the method under the optimized experimental condition was measured. The linear range was 0.2 - 5μg.ml-1 for Selenium and the relative standard deviation of methodwas 3.5% (RSD n = 6). The concentration detection limit (LOD) was found to be 5ng.ml-1.A cryogenic trap was used to increase the sensitivity and reproducity of method. Parameters that might effect on selenium hydride generation in present of cryogenic trap were investigated and under optimized condition the linear range was 0.05 – 1μg.ml-1 for selenium and relative standard deviation was 2.6% and detection limit was 2ng.ml-1. Speciationwas carried out with this method after a pre reduction step. It was shown that interference from major constituents at high concentrations was significant. The accuracy of method was verified using a real sample(spiked tap water) by standard addition calibration technique. Recovery of 96.5% for Se (IV) and 90% forSe (VI) in the spiked tap water sample was achieved.


, hydride generation, Se (IV), Se (VI)
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%T Electrochemical hydride generation of Se (IV),Se (VI
%A Arbab Zavar, Mohammad Hossein
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%J 16th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry
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