Engineering Geology, ( ISI ), Volume (68), No (2), Year (2003-2) , Pages (225-236)

Title : ( Determination of silica sand stiffness )

Authors: Gholam Reza Lashkaripour , R. Ajalloeian ,

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Site investigation and evaluation of properties of soil or rock are important aspects of geotechnical design. Determination of the ground stiffness is one of the important parameters in geotechnical engineering. Since the measurement of shear modulus is very sensitive to soil disturbance, especially for sand, determination of the stiffness of soil in the field is more reliable than in laboratory tests on sampled specimens. Measurement of shear modulus is one of the most common applications of self-boring pressuremeter testing. As an in situ device, the pressuremeter provides a unique method for assessing directly the in situ shear modulus of a soil. This paper describes a laboratory study of silica sand stiffness, which varies with stress level and strain amplitude. The results show that the elastic shear modulus value is mainly dependent on the value of the mean effective stress and relative density.


Shear modulus; Pressuremeter; Silica sand; Stiffness
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