Geophysical Research Abstract, Volume (199), No (7), Year (2005-7) , Pages (1-5)

Title : ( Electrical resistivity survey for predicting Samsor aquifer properties, southeast Iran )

Authors: Gholam Reza Lashkaripour , Mohammad Ghafoori , A. Dehghani ,

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This research deals with the assessment of the aquifer conditions and to obtain adequate knowledge of the groundwater resource to protect groundwater supplies as a unique source of water for the region. An electrical resistivity survey which involving vertical electrical soundings (VES) was carried out for evaluating hydrogeological conditions of subsurface sequences. The aquifer conditions such as depth, thickness, and aquifer boundaries investigated. Vertical electrical soundings by Schlumberger array were conducted in the study area. The resistivity Schlumberger soundings which have a maximum current electrode spacing (AB) ranging from 600 m to 800 m were carried out at 301 positions in 31 profiles. Interpretation of these soundings indicates the presence of an unconfined alluvial aquifer with noticeable extent. The average permeability coefficient and resistivity in the southern part, especially southeast is higher than the northern part of the aquifer. The high resistivity of southern part is due to the water quality and the existence of alluvial fan with coarse grain materials. Low aquifer resistivities in the north are associated with finer materials and brackish water. In addition, zones with high yield potential have been determined as best locations for drilling and groundwater exploitations based on the resistivity data.


, Geoelectrical method. sounding, groundwater, resistivity
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