IUST International Journal Of Engineering Science, Volume (12), No (3), Year (2001-5) , Pages (165-188)

Title : ( Shape optimization of plate bending structures )

Authors: Mohaamad Rezaiee Pajand , - - ,

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Three basic goals are followed in this paper. At first, shape optimal design of structures is considered with emphasis on bending plates using finite element analysis. The developments in this branch of optimization during recent years are described briefly. The second goal is to present the required equations for computing derivatives of element stiffness matrix with respect to coordinates of master nodes of design element. The required components of these derivatives which depend on the element properties can be computed during the optimization process. Finally, the eight-node quadrilateral isoparametric element is used for shape optimization of the plate-bending problem. The computational steps and numerical examples are presented too.


, shape optimization, plate bending, finite element, sensitivity analysis, optimal design
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