Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, ( ISI ), Volume (123), No (2), Year (2001-5) , Pages (177-184)

Title : ( Geometric Simulation of Ball-End Milling Operations )

Authors: Behnam Moetakef Imani ,

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In this paper, B-rep solid modeling techniques are used to deal with geometric modeling issues encountered in ball-end milling simulation. The precise B-rep model of the cutter swept volume is developed using advanced sweeping/skinning techniques. Semi-finishing operations are simulated by performing consecutive Boolean operations between the updated part and swept volume. The instantaneous chip geometry is accurately and reliably extracted from the B-rep model of the updated part. Also, the material removal in ball-end milling is precisely simulated for finishing operations, in order to construct the feed-mark and scallop geometries. The validity of the final model is confirmed by comparing the predicted feed-mark profile with experimental measurements. The system developed can be used to verify and optimize NC codes, thus contributing to improving reliability, accuracy, and productivity in CNC machining


ball end milling geometric simulations
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