TrAC- Trends in Analytical Chemistry, ( ISI ), Volume (29), No (1), Year (2010-1) , Pages (1-14)

Title : ( Liquid Phase Microextraction )

Authors: Ali Sarafraz Yazdi , Amir Hassan Amiri ,

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Abstract :The development of faster, simpler, inexpensive and more environmentally-friendly sample-preparation techniques is an impo-rtant issue in chemical analysis. Recent research trends involve miniaturization of the traditional liquid-liquid-extraction principle by greatly reducing the acceptor-to-donor ratio. The current trend is towards simplification and miniaturization of sample preparation and decreasing the quantities of organic solvents used. We discuss liquid-phase microextraction with the focus on extraction principles, historical development and performance.


, Keywords: Continuous, flow microextraction (CFME); Directly, suspended droplet microextraction DSDME); Dispersive liquid, liquid microextrac, tion (DLLME); Electrokinetic membrane extraction (EME); Extraction; Hollow, fiber liquid, phase microextraction (HF, LPME); Liquid, phase microextraction (LPME); Mini
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