International Symposium in Nuclear Physics , 2009-12-08

Title : ( Effect of Nuclear vibrations on Shell Model parameters )

Authors: Elieh Hoseinian Azghadi , Seyyed Hashem Miri Hakimabad , Laleh Rafat Motavali ,

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Single-particle shell model is a microscopic approach to study nuclear structure. One expects Single-particle shell model to represent the best explanation of spherical nuclei. In the present work, single-particle energies obtained for double-magic nuclei 208Pb, 132Sn, 56Ni, 48Ca, 40Ca, 16O, 8He, 4He and magic-submagic nuclei 90Zr , 88Sr, 68Ni, 66Ni, 36S, 14C and 12C, which compared with experimental energies evaluated from stripping and pick-up reactions. The corresponding Schrödinger equation for phenomenological Woods-Saxon potential calculated numerically as an eigenvalue differential equation due to fourth order Rung- Kutta method. At the end, we studied the probability of getting better results among including the particle-core coupling model. Though single-particle shell model explains spherical nuclei the best, but it is far reaching from ideal model which predicts all experimental details.


, Nuclear vibrations, Shell Model, Single-particle energies
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%T Effect of Nuclear vibrations on Shell Model parameters
%A Hoseinian Azghadi, Elieh
%A Miri Hakimabad, Seyyed Hashem
%A Rafat Motavali, Laleh
%J International Symposium in Nuclear Physics
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