BIOCICON 2009 , 2009-11-27

Title : ( Status of entomopathogenic nematode research in Iran )

Authors: Javad Karimi , T. Safari , A. Kharazi-pakdel ,

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Entomopathogenic nematodes(EPNs) in the genera Steinernema and Heterorhabditis have emerged as excellent candidates for biological control of insect pests. Attributes making the nematodes ideal biological insecticides include their broad host range, high virulence, safety for nontarget organisms and high efficacy in favourable habitats. Identification and characterization of entomopathogenic nematodes in Iran has started since 1994. Several species of Steinernema and Heterorhabditis were isolated in this years. Isolated species from Steinernema are S.carpocapsa, S.feltiae, S.glaseri, S.monticolum, S .bicornutum. From Heterorhabditis genus, only H.bacteriophora has identified so far. Based on few studies phylogenetic position of native EPNs species/isolates was investigated. In adition to EPNs, their symbionts identified and characterizied. In laboratory, infectivity of several isolates assayed against different soil inhabiting pest. This accompanied by field evaluation of few numbers. Many of the following indigenous EPNs were used in laboratory and field trials to evaluate their potential in control some dangerous insect pests of crop, fruit and forest trees: Those insect host were Polyphylla olivieri (Coleoptera :Scarabaeidae), Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Lepidoptera: Thaumetopoeidae), Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Col.,Chrysomelidae) and Spodoptera exigua (Lep.Pyralidae). Increasing information about EPNs potential will provide suitable candidate for using in pest management programs. There is no any history and background about commercial use of EPNs in Iran. Comparing to other microbial biopesticides , EPNs have generated some interest for future use. We consider here research history of insect pathogenic nematodes. Finally, we identify steps that should be taken for growing of microbiological pesticides market.


, Entomopathogen , Steinernema , Heterorhabditis , Iran
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