Advanced Materials Research, Volume (83), No (86), Year (2010-1) , Pages (36-40)

Title : ( Production of nano leaded brass alloy by oxide materials )

Authors: I. Farahbakhsh , S. H. Tabaian , Jalil Vahdati Khaki ,

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Abstract: Mechanochemical process was applied for brass alloy production using chemical grade oxide powders. Alpha brass was produced when CuO, ZnO and PbO were milled under argon atmosphere in the presence of graphite (as reducing agent). Concurrent reduction of zinc, copper and lead oxides took place in the argon atmosphere, whereas the reactions of the reduction did not proceed well in the closed chamber that filled with air. These reactions were promoted by milling time up to 100 hours. The amount of reduction tends to decrease for longer times.


, Lead bearing brass, reduction reaction thermodynamic, mechanochemical process, graphite
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