XXVIIIth Congress of the European Association of Veterinary Anatomists , 2010-07-28

Title : ( Morphological study of auditory ossicles in the hamster )

Authors: Ahmad Ali Mohammadpour ,

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Introduction: The chain of auditory ossicles of the middle ear has a fundamental role in the transmission of sound, and therefore in animal behaviour. Rodents are one of the most diversified and successful mammalian orders. Not only are they widespread geographically, but they also inhabit many different ecological niches. They have been the subject of many anatomical, physiological, ethological, and ecological studies, and some species have become important models in biomedical research. Methods: Twenty temporal bones derived from 10 adult hamsters, weighing 275 – 300g were used for the study. The animal were obtained from the Razi institute in Mashhad, Iran and were not deliberately deprived of life, but rather routinely euthanised after scientific experiments, and so it was not necessary to acquire permission from the Bioethics Committee. After dissecting them, the features of the ossicles were measured with an ocular micrometer and photographed by stereomicroscope. Finally, data were evaluated and analysed using the Sigma Statt statistics software. Results: The auditory ossicles were three bones: the malleus, the incus, and the stapes. The lenticular bone was a distinct bone and articulated with the tip of the long crus of incus. The average of morphometric parameters showed that the total length of malleus , incus and stapes were 2.87 mm, 1.18mm and 0.77mm respectively. The malleus had two distinct process; lateral and muscular. The rostral process was unclear and no developed. The stapes had a large stapedial base with anterior and posterior cruses. The posterior crus was larger than anterior crus. Conclusions: As there was lack of detailed data on the auditory ossicles of the hamster, this study made an effort to obtain detailed features of the ossicles of the hamster for experimental otologic studies.


, Morphology, Hamster, Ear bones
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