International Conference on Migration, Citizenship and Globalisation , 2009-11-19

Title : ( inter-ethnic relationship and its effect on universalism in Iran )

Authors: Ali Yousofi , mozhgan azimi hashemi ,

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Social relationship encompasses an integrated collection of meaningful human actions in a certain context. A major form of social relationship is cultural or discoursive relationship according which thought is interchanged. In multicultural and/or multiethnic societies with different subcultures, cultural relationship and thought exchange among various ethnic groups gradually lead to forming of universal values, norms and broadening intellectual viewpoint. Those values go beyond of especial values of subculture and ethnicity and assume a universalistic (versus particularistic) character. In such a conditions, a mental context exists for the members of subcultures and ethnic groups engagement in the area of collective and convergent actions. The results of a comparative study of eight ethnic groups in Iran (Persian, Turkish, Baluch, Turkman, Talesh, Arab, Kurd and Lour, 2000-1) illustrates that cultural relationship between ethnic groups enhances universalism in different ethnic minorities. In that research, ethnic cultural relationship meaning exchange of ideas was examined on the basis of three characters including: symmetry, intensity and generality of relationship. Correlation analysis of two variables of ethnic cultural relationship and universalism in ethnic groups indicates positive effect of cultural relationship on enhancement of universalism. Therefore, we can concluded that universalism improvement is conditioned to stronger cultural relations among ethnic groups and different subcultures, and enforcement of these two also is a prerequisite for social integration in these societies.


, universalism, inter-ethnic relationships, ethnicity, ethnoocentrism
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